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Guo Fusheng (2010) Geochemistry and Genesis of Bedded Siliceous Rocks in Carboniferous in Jiangshan, Zhejiang, China
Guo F, Liu F, Hou Z & Guo G

Guo G. (2020) Characteristics and Implications of Podiform-Chromite Hosted Silicate Inclusions in the Zedang Ophiolite, Southern Tibet
Guo G, Mao WL, Zhang RY, Liou JG, Ernst WG, Liu X, Zhang Y & Wu B
(2011) Characteristic and the Formation Conditions of Chlorite in Granite-Type Uranium Ore-Field, South China
Zhang Z & Guo G
(2010) Geochemistry and Genesis of Bedded Siliceous Rocks in Carboniferous in Jiangshan, Zhejiang, China
Guo F, Liu F, Hou Z & Guo G
(2010) Characteristic of Tourmaline in Xiazhuang Uranium Ore-Field, South China
Zhang Z, Jiang Z & Guo G
(2009) The Characteristics of the Selenium-Bearing Minerals in the Tamusu Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposit, Inner Mongolia, China
Pan J, Liu X, Xia F & Guo G

Guo Haihao (2020) Experimental Determination of Barium Partitioning and Isotope Fractionation between Aqueous Fluid and Silicate Melt
Li W-Y, Guo H, Nan X-Y & Huang F
(2019) An Essential Role for Sulfur in Sulfide-Silicate Melt Partitioning of Au and Magmatic Au Transport at Subduction Settings
Li Y, Feng L, Kiseeva K, Gao Z, Guo H, Du Z, Wang F & Shi L
(2019) F, REE, Zr, Hf, Nb, Ta, Sn, Mo and W Partitioning between Titanite and Felsic Melt
Guo H & van Hinsberg V

Guo Hao-Bo (2012) Neutron Scattering Reveals Conformations of the Transcriptional Regulator MerR in Complex with its Operator DNA
Johs A, Tomanicek SJ, Guo H-B, Summers AO & Liang L

Guo Hong (2010) Catalytic Mechanism of Hg-C Bond Cleavage by the Organomercurial Lyase MerB
Parks J, Guo H, Momany C, Liang L, Miller S, Summers A & Smith J

Guo Hongguang (2020) Microbial Community Changes in the Production of Secondary Biogenic Coalbed Methane with Bioaugmentation Coupled with H2O2 Pretreatment to Australian Lignite
Huang Z, Urynowicz M, Haider R, Strapoc D, Guo H & He H

Guo Hongyu (2018) On the Acidity of Ambient Particles and its Implications
Weber R, Guo H & Nenes A
(2014) Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions during SOAS Through Multiphase Chemistry
Carlton A, Weber R, Petters M, Ng NL, Nenes A, Nguyen TK, Xu L, Guo H & Suda S
(2014) Chemical Characterization of Organic Aerosols in the SE US by High Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometry
Ng NL, Xu L, Weber R, Guo H, King L, Cerully K, Bougiatioti A, Nenes A, Carlton A & Nguyen K

Guo Hua (2009) Zircon U-Pb Ages of Devonian Molasse from the North Qilian Orogenic Belt, China: Provenance and Tectonic Affinity
Xu Y, Du Y, Yang J, Guo H & Huang H

Guo Hua (2013) Physico-Chemical Evolution of Fe-Si-Rich Interfacial Layers during Olivine Carbonation Reactions
Saldi G, Guo H, Daval D, Davis J & Knauss K

Guo Hua (2014) Two Mechanisms for the Production of Mass-Independent Fractionation during the Photochemistry of SO2
Whitehill A, Xie C, Hu X, Xie D, Guo H & Ono S

Guo Huaming (2020) Cation Exchange-Driven Li Isotope Fractionation during Water-Rock Interaction: A Case Study of Groundwater in the Ordos Basin, China
Ji T-T, Jiang X-W, Gou L-F, Jin Z, Zhang H, Li W, Han G, Guo H & Wang X-S
(2019) Arsenic Speciation and Distribution in Peat Deposits of the Hetao Basin, China
Wang H, Byrne J, Perez J, Thomas A, Benning L, Mayanna S, Hoefer H, Kontny A, Eiche E, Guo H, Kappler A & Norra S
(2019) Model-Based Interpretation of Arsenic Release during in situ Exposure of Iron Oxides
Stolze L, Zhang D, Guo H & Rolle M
(2019) Arsenic Variations Induced by Groundwater Extraction in the Hetao Basin, Inner Mongolia
Guo H, Zhang Z, Gao Z & Zhao B
(2018) Transformation of Iron-Mineral Adsorbed Arsenic Under Natural Groundwater Conditions
Guo H, Zhang D, Xiu W & Shen M
(2017) Reactivity of Organic Matter in Mobilizing Arsenic from Aquifers of the Hetao Basin, Inner Mongolia
Guo H, Li X & Cao Y
(2017) Modeling Rare Earth Elements Uptake by Hydrous Manganese Oxides: Implication for REE Mobilization in a Groundwater System
Liu H, Pourret O & Guo H
(2016) Geochemistry of U-Th Series Radionuclides in Groundwater of the Hetao Basin, Inner Mongolia (China)
Zhao W & Guo H
(2015) Spatial Distributions of Groundwater Arsenic and Uranium in the Hetao Basin, Inner Mongolia
Guo H, Jia Y & Zhao W
(2010) Arsenic Distribution in Colloidal Size Fractions of High As Groundwaters in the Hetao Basin, Inner Mongolia
Guo H, Zhang B & Zhang Y
(2009) Fluoride Removal by Activated Iron-Manganese Nodules
Liu Q & Guo H
(2009) Rare Earth Elements and Arsenic along a Groundwater Flow Path in the Hetao Basin, Inner Mongolia
Guo H, Zhang B, Li Y & Wang G

Guo Huirong (2019) Co-injection of Alcohols and Carbonated Water to Reduce the Risk of Downward Migration of DNAPLs during the Remediation
Guo H, Yang P & Lu W
(2018) Quantitative Raman Spectroscopic Measurements of SO2 Solubility in Water from 263.15 to 393.15 K and from 5 to 30 MPa
Zhou Q, Guo H & Wang Z
(2015) Quantitative Raman Spectroscopic Measurements of the Solubility and Diffusivity of Water in CO2 Under Reservoir Condition
Guo H, Lin L & Lu W

Guo J (2005) Petrogenesis and Geochemical Characteristics of Autochthonous-Parautochthonous Granitic Batholithes in Eastern Qinling Caledonian Orogenic Belt, Central China
Guo J
(2004) Early Paleozoic Magmatism in the Baoshan-Tengchong Block of the Tethyan Yunnan, China
Chen F, Siebel W & Guo J

Guo Jia (2018) Genesis of Tin-Dominant Deposits in the Dachang District, South China: Insights from Cassiterite U–Pb Ages and Trace Elements
Guo J, Zhang R & Sun W

Guo Jian (2014) Sequence Analysis and Gene Expression of Potential Components of Copper Transport and Homeostasis in Thalassiosira pseudonana
Guo J, Green BR & Maldonado MT

Guo Jiangtao (2010) Biomarker Study of Depositional Environment during the Sedimentation of Organic-Rich Source Rocks of Nenjiang Formation, Songliao Basin of China
Guo J, Song Z & Wang L
(2010) The Paleosalinity for Lacustrine Massive Source Rocks Deposition during the Upper Cretaceous in Songliao Basin, China
Wang L, Song Z & Guo J

Guo Jianqiang (2010) Arsenic Mitigation and Safe Water Provisions in Sedimentary Basins of Northern China: Utilization of Deep Aquifer and Piped Water System
Wen D, Zhang F, Guo J, Li X, Zhang E & Zheng Y

Guo Jianying (2020) Geochemical Characteristics of Jurassic Coal Derived Gas in Northwest China
Hao A, Guo J, Li J, Ran Q & Qi X
(2019) Source Correlation and Forming Model of Natural Gas in Devonian-Middle Permian Fornatiom in Sichuan Basin, China
Xie Z, Yang C, Dong C, Zhang L, Guo J, Li Z, Li J & Qi X
(2019) Geochemical Characteristics of Jurassic Coal-Formed Gas in Northwest China
Li J, Hao A, Guo J, Ran Q & Qi X
(2018) Gas Accumulation Process of Anyue Gas Field in Sichuan Basin in China
Xie Z, Wei G, Li J, Wang Z, Dong C, Hao A, Zhang L, Guo J & Yang C

Guo Jilong (2015) Experimental Studies on CO2-Water-Shale and CO2-Water-Olivine Interactions Related to Geological CO2 Storage
Chen J, Guo J & Li Z

Guo Jing (2020) Diel Variation of Marine Group I Archaea Decoupled with Algae in the Pearl River Estuary
Yao W, Guo J, He W, Zhou J, Zou X & Zhang C

Guo Jing Liang (2010) Evaluation of Permian Marine Source Rocks Using Paleoproductivity and Paleoredox Proxy Coefficients
Chen H, Xie XN, Li HJ, Hu CY & Guo JL
(2010) Multiple Growth of Titanite in Response to Lower Crustal Thickening and Recycling
Guo J, Gao S, Xu W, Hu Z, Yuan H, Liu Y & Zong K

Guo Jing-Hui (2020) Coeval Mantle-Derived Shoshonitic and Calc-Alkaline Plutons from the North China Craton: The 1.96 Ga Continental Arc Magmatism?
Wang D & Guo J-H
(2020) Gold Contents of Precambrian Metamorphic Crustal Basement in Jiaodong, China and the Contribution to Giant Gold Deposits
Xu Z, Wang Z, Cheng H, He T, Zong K, Hu Z & Guo J
(2020) The Timing and Duration of HT-UHT Metamorphism Constrained by Zircon U-Pb-Hf and Trace Element Signatures
Jiao S, Guo J, Evans NJ, Mcdonald BJ, Liu P, Ouyang D & Fitzsimons ICW
(2019) Origin of 2.49-2.45Ga Dioritic-Granitic Gneisses in the Daqingshan Area, North China Craton
Ouyang D & Guo J
(2019) Li and B Isotopic Fingerprint of Archean Subduction
Wang D, Romer RL, Guo J-H & Glodny J
(2019) The Heat Source for Rapid Ultra-High Temperature Metamorphism: An Example from East Khondalite Belt, North China Craton
Huang G, Guo J & Jiao S
(2016) The Origin of Suwan Basalts: Constraints from Re-Os and PGE Geochemistry
Chu Z, Yan Y, Guo J, Yang Y & Zhang Y
(2015) High-Temperature Prograde Metamorphism: Newly-Discovered Spr-Bearing Gneiss in the Khondalite Belt, North China Craton (NCC)
Jiao S-J, Guo J-H & Wang L-J
(2014) Liquid Immiscibility and Fractional Crystallization in the 1780 Ma Taihang Dykes: Implications for the Genesis of the Bimodal Xiong’er Volcanics
Peng P, Wang X, Zhai M & Guo J
(2013) A Comprehensive Separation Procedure for Precise Determination of Re, Ir, Ru, Pt and Pd in Geological Samples
Chu Z, Walker R, Guo J, Yan Y, Yang Y & Zhang Y
(2013) Metamorphism and P-T Evolution of High Pressure Mafic Granulite in Chicheng, Northern Part of the Paleoproterozoic Central Zone of the North China Craton
Zhang D & Guo J
(2012) Os-Hf-Nd-Sr Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Highly Potassic Basalts in Northeast China
Chu Z, Wu F, Guo J, Yang Y, Zhang Y & Liu C
(2009) Growth and Reworking of the Late Archean Continental Crust in the North China Craton
Jiang N, Guo J, Zhai M & Zhang S
(2008) Major Magmatic and Metamorphic Events in the Trans-North China Orogen: A Geochemical and Geochronological Synthesis
Zhao G, Li S & Guo J
(2007) ~2.5Ga Sanukitoids from Guyang Greenstone Belt, North China
Chen L, Guo J, Liu F & Sun Y
(2002) Provenance of Low-Grade Metamorphic Terrains of the Dabie UHP Collisional Zone, Central China
Chen F, Guo J-H, Siebel W & Satir M

Guo Jing-Liang (2020) Internal Zr Isotope Zoning in Magmatic Zircons Revealing Magmatic Thermal History
Guo J-L, Wang Z, Moynier F, Zhang W, Hu Z & Ducea M
(2011) Hf-Nd Isotope Decoupling during Partial Melting of Thickend Eclogitic Lower Continental Crust
Meng F-X, Gao S, Xu W-L, Guo J-L & Zong C-L
(2011) Geochemical and U-Pb Age Constraints on the Occurrence of Polygenetic Titanites in UHP Metagranite in the Dabie Orogen
Gao X-Y, Zheng Y-F, Chen Y-X & Guo J-L

Guo Jinghui (2020) Low δ18O Zircon Grains in Deep-Seated magmas:An Indicator of Mantle Heterogeneity
Ouyang D & Guo J
(2017) High Precision Tungsten Isotopic Measurement by NTIMS with In-Run Measured 18O/16O for Isobaric Oxide Corrections
Chu Z, Xu J, Mei Q, Liu J, Li C & Guo J
(2017) High δ7Li Peridotite Xenoliths from ca. 2.52 Ga High-Mg Diorites: Metasomatism Above an Archean Subduction Zone
Wang D, Romer RL, Guo J & Glodny J
(2017) P-T-t-D Path Constraints of the Barrovian-Type Metamorphic Series in the Khondalite Belt of the North China Craton
Huang G, Guo J, Jiao S & Peng P
(2017) Metamorphism and P-T Evolution of Pelitic High Pressure Granulite in Chicheng, Northern Part of the Paleoproterozoic Trans-North China Orogen
Zhang D, Guo J, Ma X & Huang G

Guo Jingliang (2019) Exhumed Sub-Continental Arc Lithospheric Mantle and Implication for Continental Subduction during Arc-Continent Collision in the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Zong K, Wang Z, Yuan Y, Guo J, Cheng H & Yu Y
(2016) Formation and Destruction of a Thickened Lower Continental Crust: Evidence from the Southeastern North China Craton
Guo J, Gao S, Xu W, Han P & Zou Z
(2012) A Mixing Model for Crustal Growth in Northeastern China as Revealed by U-Pb Age and Hf Isotopes of Detrital Zircons from Modern Rivers
Li M, Gao S, Guo J, Chen K & Geng X

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