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Ca L. (2020) Geochemical Comparison of REY-Rich Deep-Sea Deposit from Central Indian Ocean Basin with the Pacific Based on Elemental Measurements of Fish Teeth
Ca L, Zhang X & Zhu K

Caballero M. (2010) Lacustrine Sedimentary Evidence of Millennial Scale Variability in North America and Africa Revealed by XRF Core Scanning
Brown E, Werne J, Rubesch M, Fawcett P, Ortega B, Caballero M & Lozano S

Caballero R. (2016) Climate Sensitivity from the Greenhouse to the Icehouse
Caballero R

Caballero-Gill R. (2020) Northern Hemisphere Timing of Pliocene/late Miocene Climate Variations
Herbert T, Tzanova A, Novak J, Caballero-Gill R & Caruso A

Cabane M. (2004) Amino and Carboxylic Acids in a Mars Soil Analogue from the Atacama Desert
Buch A, Glavin D, Szopa C, Cabane M, Sternberg R, Raulin F, Navarro-Gonzalez R & Mahaffy P

Cabaniss K. (2012) Metagenome-Enabled Investigation of Microbial Sulfur Precipitation in a Carbonate Aquifer
Macalady J, Jones D, Schaperdoth I, Chan C & Cabaniss K
(2012) Challenges of Cell-Mineral Contact during Mineral Formation and Dissolution by Fe and S-Oxidizing Bacteria
Chan C, Hanson T, Cabaniss K, Hiras J & Brodzinski J

Cabaniss S.E. (2005) Stochastic Synthesis of DOM: Predicting Cu(II) Complexation from Precursor Structures
Cabaniss S
(2001) Hydrologic and Geochemical Controls on the Chemical Characteristics of Natural Organic Matter at a Small Freshwater Wetland
Maurice PA, Drummond J & Cabaniss SE
(2001) Molecular Weight Fractionation of Fulvic Acid Upon Adsorption to Goethite
Zhou Q, Maurice PA & Cabaniss SE

Cabaret D. (2020) First-Principles Modeling of X-Ray Absorption Spectra Enlightens the Processes of Scandium Sequestration by Iron Oxides
Chassé M, Blanchard M, Cabaret D, Juhin A, Vantelon D & Calas G
(2019) Deciphering Molecular-Scale Mechanisms Governing Scandium Dynamics in the Critical Zone
Chassé M, Blanchard M, Cabaret D, Juhin A, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY & Calas G
(2010) First-Principles Simulations of Boron XANES with Implications for Determining B Coordination in Glasses and Melts
Henderson G, Ferlat G, Cabaret D & Dong S

Cabato J. (2013) Melt Generation in the West Antarctic Rift System: The Volatile Legacy of Gondwana Subduction?
Aviado KB, Rilling S, Mukasa SB, Bryce JG & Cabato J
(2012) The Mayon Volcano (Philippines) Plumbing System: Insights from Crystal Zoning Patterns and Volatile Contents
Cabato J, Costa F & Newhall C
(2009) Li in Plagioclase: Investigating its Rapid Diffusion and Potential as Geospeedometer
Cabato J, Altherr R & Ludwig T

Cabato M. (2004) Li, Be and B in Dacitic Rocks from Nea Kameni, Santorini, Greece
Cabato M, Altherr R & Ludwig T

Cabbage P. (2008) Provenance of Late Pleistocene Megaflood and Late Ordovician Cordilleran Passive Margin Sedimentary Deposits by LA-ICPMS Detrital Zircon Analysis
Gaylord D, Pope M, Anfinson O, Cabbage P, Baar E & Vervoort J

Cabedo Sanz P. (2012) Analysis of Sea Ice and Phytoplankton Biomarkers in Marine Sediments from the Nordic Seas – A Calibration Study
Navarro Rodriguez A, Cabedo Sanz P, Belt S, Brown T, Knies J, Husum K & Giraudeau J
(2012) Applications of the Arctic Sea Ice Proxy IP25: Quantitative Versus Qualitative Considerations
Belt S, Cabedo Sanz P, Navarro Rodriguez A, Knies J, Husum K & Giraudeau J

Cabestrero Ó. (2017) Bioinduced Formation of Bloedite in a Shallow Saline Lake
del Buey P, Cabestrero Ó & Sanz Montero ME
(2014) Microbe-Gypsum Interactions in Microbial Mats: Implications for the Carbonatation of Sulfates
Sanz-Montero ME, García del Cura A & Cabestrero Ó
(2013) Hydromagnesite Precipitation in Microbial Mats from a Highly Alkaline Lake, Central Spain
Sanz-Montero ME, Cabestrero Ó & Rodríguez-Aranda JP

Cabezas-Calvo-Rubio F. (2011) Ecological Impact of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Mediterranean Lagoon: Correlations between Radon, Radium and Nitrate in the Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain
Claude C, Baudron P, Mayer A, Gilabert J, Martinez-Vincente D, Radakovitch O, Leduc C, Garcia-Arostegui J-L & Cabezas-Calvo-Rubio F

Cabidoche Y-M. (2011) Contrasting Silicon and Magnesium Isotope Fractionation with Clay Mineralogy in Volcanic Soil Weathering Sequences, Guadeloupe
Delvaux B, Opfergelt S, Georg B, Cabidoche Y-M, Burton K & Halliday A

Cabioch G. (2012) Evidence of Ocean Acidification Viewed by Boron Isotopes and B/Ca in Scleractinian Corals
Douville E, Gonzalez-Roubaud C, Louvat P, Gaillardet J, Cabioch G, Montagna P, Frank N & Gehlen M
(2009) Mid-Late Pleistocene Deep-Water Circulation in the Southwestern Subtropical Pacific
Russon T, Elliot M, Kissel C, Cabioch G, De Deckker P & Corrège T

Cable J. (2015) The Influence of Submarine Groundwater Discharge on Coastal Marshes in Louisiana, USA
Telfeyan K, Breaux A, Kim J, Johannesson K, Kolker A & Cable J
(2014) Transients in the Biogeochemical Reaction Zone of Subterranean Estuaries
Martin J, Cable J, Roy M & Smith C
(2010) Submarine Groundwater Flux of Nd to Coastal Waters
Chevis D, Johannesson K, Burdige D, Cable J, Martin J & Roy M
(2008) Rare Earth Element Cycling in a Subterranean Estuary
Johannesson K, Chevis D, Burdige D & Cable J
(2004) Estimating the Residence Time of a Deep Brine Pool in the Gulf of Mexico
Cable J, Carney R, Dulaiova H, Burnett W & Neylon S

Cable Morgan (2018) Field Exploration and Life Detection Sampling Through Planetary Analogue Research (FELDSPAR)
Stockton A, Amador E, Cable M, Cullen T, Duca Z, Gentry D, Murukesan G, Rennie V, Rader E, Stevens A, Tan G, Cullen D & Geppert W
(2018) From Biodiversity to Biomarker Variability: Sampling Strategy in Planetary Analogue Missions
Gentry D, Amador E, Cable M, Cantrell T, Cullen T, Duca Z, Jacobsen M, Kirby J, McCaig H, Murukesan G, Rader E, Rennie V, Schwieterman E, Stevens A, Sutton S, Tan G, Yin C, Cullen D, Geppert W & Stockton A
(2012) Titan Tholins: A Synopsis of our Current Understanding of Simulated Titan Aerosols
Cable M, Hoerst S, Hodyss R, Beauchamp P, Smith M & Willis P

Cable Morgan L. (2020) Discriminating Abiotic and Biotic Chemistry on Active Ocean Worlds
Klenner F, Postberg F, Hillier J, Khawaja N, Dannenmann M, Cable ML & Abel B

Cabot Y. (2006) Schwertmannite in acid sulfate subsoils and associated groundwater geochemistry
Sullivan L, Cabot Y, Bush R & Burton E

Cabral A.R. (2011) Reconnaissance Trace Element and Os-Mo-Nd Isotope Geochemistry of Late Archean Black Shales in the Carajás Iron Ore District, Brazil
Lehmann B, Creaser R, Nägler T, Voegelin A, Belyatsky B, Cabral AR, Galbiatti H & Seabra A
(2011) Iodine Fingerprints Biogenic Fixation of Platinum and Palladium
Cabral AR, Radtke M, Munnik F, Lehmann B, Reinholz U, Riesemeier H, Tupinambá M & Kwitko-Ribeiro R
(2011) Multiple Sulfur Isotopic Evidence for Multiple Origins of Late Archean and Early Paleoproterozoic Sediment-Hosted Pyrite, Quadrilátero Ferrífero of Minas Gerais
Strauss H, Cabral AR, Cording A & Koglin N
(2011) Low-Temperature Pt–Pd Mineralisation: Examples from Brazil
Cabral AR, Lehmann B & Brauns M

Cabral R. (2014) Mantle Mixing Processes Revealed from HIMU Basalts
Day J, Cabral R, Jackson M & Walker R
(2013) Mass Independently Fractionated Sulfur Isotopes in HIMU Lavas Reveal Archean Crust in their Mantle Source
Cabral R, Jackson M, Rose-Koga E, Koga K, Whitehouse M, Antonelli M, Farquhar J, Day J & Hauri E
(2012) Oceanic Gabbro Signature in Mangaia Melt Inclusions
Cabral R, Jackson M, Rose-Koga E, Day J, Koga K, Shimizu N, Whitehouse M & Price A
(2011) Volatile and Trace Element Abundances in HIMU Melt Inclusions
Cabral R, Jackson M, Rose-Koga E, Day J & Shimizu N

Cabral Pinto M.M.S. (2013) Heavy Metals of the Santiago Island (Cape Verde) Topsoils
Cabral Pinto M, Ferreira da Silva E, Vinha Silva MM & Sousa Brito J
(2011) Mineralogy of Stream Sediments and Soils of Santiago Island, Cape Verde
Cabral Pinto MMS, Silva MMVG, Hernandez R & Ferreira da Silva EA
(2009) Uranium Minerals from a Portuguese Variscan Granite and its Hydrothermal Alteration
Cabral Pinto MMS, Silva MMVG, Neiva AMR, Guimarães F & Silva PB
(2008) Comparison of Soils and Stream Sediments Geochemical Data from the Santiago Island – Cape Verde
Cabral Pinto M, Hernandez R, Ferreira Silva E & Vinha Silva MM

Cabrerizo A. (2019) Snow Amplification of Organic Pollutants at Coastal Antarctica
Dachs J, Casal P, Casas G, Vila-Costa M, Cabrerizo A, Pizarro M & Jiménez B

Cabri L. (2011) Quantitative Determination and Mapping of Trace Element Concentrations in Sulfide Minerals Using LA-ICP-MS
Jackson S, Shuttleworth S & Cabri L
(2007) Driekop Platinum Pipe, Bushveld Complex, South Africa: New Insights
Oberthür T, Rudashevsky NS, Rudashevsky VN, Cabri L, Melcher F, Kocks H, Lodziak J & Klosa D

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