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Vaalama A. (2012) Phosphorus Sorption Properties of Surface Sediments in the Northeastern Baltic Sea
Vaalama A & Lukkari K

Vaasjoki M. (2005) Oxygen Isotopes in Zircon from A-Type Granites in Southern Finland: An Indicator of Separate Terrains?
Elliott B, Peck W, Ramo T, Vaasjoki M & Nironen M

Vaca Escobar K. (2013) The Relationship of Goethite Surface Structure, Habit and Adsorption Capacity
Livi K, Villalobos M, Varela M, Villacis-Garcia M, Vaca-Escobar K & Sverjensky D
(2011) Arsenate Precipitation: An Alternative Fate of As in Soils Contaminated with Mine-Related Wastes
Vaca Escobar K & Villalobos M

Vacca A. (2014) Antimony Dispersion at an Abandoned Mine Site in Sardinia
Cidu R, Biddau R, Dore E & Vacca A

Vaccaro C. (2021) Tritium as a Marker for Anthropogenic Pollution and for the Vulnerability Assessment of Groundwater Systems
Rizzo A, Di Renzo D, Telloli C, Salvi S & Vaccaro C
(2013) Multidisciplinary Geophysical-Geochemical Analysis for Quantitative Renovation by Artificial Recharge of Aquifer (Warbo Life)
Nieto Yabar D, Abu Zeid N, Affatato A, Baradello L, Accaino F, Pepi S, Russo S & Vaccaro C
(2013) Isotopic Composition of Precipitation in Ferrara Province
Marchina C, Vaccaro C, Fazzini M, Di Roma A & Bianchini G
(2010) Upper Mantle and Metasomatic Processes on Eastern Moroccan Anti-Atlas
Ibhi A, Nachit H, Ait Touchnt A, Abia EH & Vaccaro C
(2010) Mineralogical and Petrological Analyses of Three Chondrite Meteorites Recovered from the Istfane Strewnfield (Morocco)
Ait Touchnt A, Ibhi A, Marrocchino E & Vaccaro C
(2010) Reno River, Northern Italy: Geochemical Composition of Water and Suspended Sediments
Rapti-Caputo D, Pavanelli D & Vaccaro C
(2010) Monitoring and Comparison of Solid Particulate Matter between Po Valley and Friuli Plain
Telloli C, Coren F, Marrocchino E, Vaccaro C & Bovolenta MR
(2010) Grapes and Wines on Basic Anorogenic Volcanic Rock Terrains in South Lessini (Italy): Geochemical Fingerprint and Heavy Metals Assimilation
Ferioli G, Bartolomei P, Esposito M, Marrocchino E, Sansone L, Tassinari R & Vaccaro C
(2010) Trace and Ultratrace Elements in Grapes: Possible Applications for Geographical Traceability
Faccia FA, Vaccaro C, Sansone L, Marrocchino E & Tassinari R
(2009) Indoor Radon Concentrations: The Influence of Geological Factors in Italian Study Case
Rosseti M, Batolomei P, Esposito M, Marrocchino E & Vaccaro C
(2007) Petrochemical Characterisation of Natural Stones from the Etruscan Site of Marzabotto (Bologna-Italy): Preliminary Results
Lugli S, Marrocchino E, Mazzucchelli M, Sighinolfi F & Vaccaro C
(2002) A Rare Case of Subduction-Related Metasomatism in Mantle Xenoliths from the Betic Area (South Spain)
Beccaluva L, Bianchini G, Coltorti M, Del Moro A, Siena F & Vaccaro C

Vaccaro E. (2017) A Very Porous Lithology of the Acfer 094 Meteorite
Tsuchiyama A, Nakato A, Matsuno J, Miyake A, Matsumto MK-UAJ, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A, Nakano T, Vaccaro E & Russell S

Vach M. (2004) Assessment of Sources and Pathways of Atmospheric Contaminants in Precipitation over Central Bohemia
Vach M, Navratil T, Fisak J & Skrivan P
(2004) Chemistry and Modeling of the Response of a Small Stream to a Short-Term In-Stream Acidification
Navratil T, Vach M, Norton S & Skrivan P

Vacher L (2003) 14C and 10Be in Cosmic Dust Magnetite
Jull T, Lal D, McHargue L, Vacher L, Taylor S & Maurette M

Vacher Lionel (2020) 16O-Poor Water Ice in the Acfer 094 Parent Body
Ogliore R, Vacher L, Liu N, Nagashima K & Huss G
(2016) Alteration Condition of CM Chondrites: An Experimental Approach
Vacher L, Truche L, Mosser-Ruck R & Marrocchi Y

Vacher Lionel G. (2021) Hydrogen in Chondrites: Influence of Parent Body Alteration and Atmospheric Contamination on Primordial Components
Vacher LG, Piani L, Rigaudier T, Thomassin D, Florin G, Piralla M & Marrocchi Y
(2021) Earth’s Water may Have Been Inherited from Material Similar to Enstatite Chondrite Meteorites
Piani L, Marrocchi Y, Rigaudier T, Thomassin D, Vacher LG & Marty B

Vacher P. (2001) Multiple Phase Transitions and Seismic Discontinuities Around 660 km Depth: Theoretical Predictions, Experiments and Seismic Observations
Vacher P, Castillo J & Mocquet A

Vacquand Christele (2015) Hydrogen Migration Through Porous Media: An Experimental Comparative Study in Cap and Reservoir Rocks
Cherubini A, Sissmann O, Garcia B, Vacquand C, Noirez S, Vermesse H, Bouboune I, Cerepi A, Magnier C, Rouchon V & Beaumont V
(2015) Formation of Reduced Carbon Compounds Using Natural Catalysts in Hydrothermal Experiments
Martinez I, Vacquand C, Vigier de Oliveira K, Audemar M, Recham N & Brunet F

Vacquand Christele (2010) Characterization of Natural Hydrogen Sources in Ophiolitic Context
Vacquand C, Prinzhofer A & Deville E
(2009) Is Abiotic Methane Generation Important in Petroleum Systems?
Prinzhofer A, Vacquand C, Magnier C & Deville E

Vacquand Christele (2017) Formation of Reduced Carbon Compounds Using Natural Catalysts in Hydrothermal Experiments
Martinez I, Vacquand C, Kularatne K, Sissmann O, Milesi V & Bernard S

Vacula J. (2020) The Role of Substrate Materials in Constructed Wetland to Remove Cs
Komínková D & Vacula J
(2020) Comparison of Greenhouse and Field Experiments for Cesium Uptake in Two Aquatic Plant Species
Vacula J, Komínková D & Pecharová E

Vaculovič T. (2012) LA-ICP-MS as a Tool for Elemental Mapping Geological Samples
Vaculovic T, Gardenova N, Kanicky V, Breiter K & Vyslouzilova L
(2011) Study of Candidate Matrix-Matched Calibration Standards for Geological Applications by Nuclear and Laser Ablation Based Methods
Strunga V, Havránek V, Kučera J, Kanický V, Vaculovič T, Hrdlička A, Moravec Z, Všianský D, Pinkas J, Klíma M & Kynicky J
(2011) Phlogopite/Matrix, Cpx/Matrix and Cpx/Phlogopite Trace Element Partitioning in True Lamprophyres
Krmíčková M, Krmíček L, Kanický V, Vaculovič T & Galiová M
(2011) Analysis of Geochemical "Twins" Al/Ga and Si/Ge in Rock-Forming Silicate Minerals in Granitoides Using LA-ICP-MS
Gardenová N, Kanický V, Breiter K & Vaculovič T

Váczi Tamás (2015) Combined HR-Raman and FIB-SEM Analyses of Carbonate Melt Inclusions from Kerimasi Jacupirangite (Tanzania)
Káldos R, Guzmics T, Váczi T, Baris A, Berkesi M, Szabó C, Havancsák K & Dankházi Z

Váczi Tamás (2018) The Role of Clays in Heterogeneous Carbonate Nucleation
Pósfai M, Fodor M, Rostási Á, Molnár Z, Váczi T, Ható Z & Kristóf T

Váczi Tamás (2007) Potential Problems in the Annealing of Zircon
Váczi T, Nasdala L, Wirth R, Wanthanachaisaeng B & Häger T
(2007) Deficient Electron Microprobe Totals: Discussion of Potential Causes
Nasdala L, Váczi T, Kronz A, Wirth R, Pérez-Soba Aguilar C & Willner A

Váczi Tamás (2017) Templated Nucleation and Growth of Calcite in a Freshwater Environment
Rostási Á, Molnár Z, Fodor M, Bereczk-Tompa É, Váczi T & Pósfai M
(2017) 3D Raman Mapping of Melt Inclusions in Kerimasi (Tanzania) Alkaline and Carbonatite Rocks
Káldos R, Guzmics T, Váczi T, Berkesi M, Dankházi Z & Szabó C

Vadakkeveedu Narayan A. (2022) Impact of Cyclone Kyarr on the Chemical Weathering and Carbon-Dioxide Consumption Rate in a Tropical Shield Catchment in Southwestern India
Kumar A, Keshava B, Vadakkeveedu Narayan A, D'Souza N & Narayana UH
(2022) Impact of Dissolved Trace Metals on Human Health in Tropical River Estuaries, South-West Coast of India
D'Souza N, Keshava B, Kumar A, Vadakkeveedu Narayan A, Ak S & Narayana UH

Vadalamani A. (2020) Reactive Transport Constraints on Early Diagenesis in Two Soda Lakes of the Cariboo Plateau, Canada
Tutolo B, Paquette A, Zhou Y, Bossaer S, Arizaleta M, Schroeder S, Mott E, Novotnik B, Gillis T, Vadalamani A, Rattray J, Nightingale M, De La Hoz Siegler H, Lauer R & Strous M

Vadapalli V. (2014) Stream Sediment Geochemistry of Komati Sub-Catchment of South Africa
Vadapalli V, Netshitungulwana R, Novhe O & Yibas B

Vaddineni V.A. (2021) Seismic Layering from Full Waveform Inversion Reveals in situ Lower Crustal Accretion by Melt Sill Injection in the Equatorial Atlantic Ocean
Guo P, Singh SC, Vaddineni VA, Grevemeyer I & Saygin E

Vadeboncoeur M. (2013) Metal Isotopic Distributions in Mycorrhizal Trees: Weathering Manifestations and within-Plant Fractionations
Bryce J, Hobbie E, Bullen T, Blichert-Toft J, Colpaert J, Hoff C, Meana-Prado MF, Telouk P & Vadeboncoeur M

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