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H‰ger T. (2001) Heat Treatment of Rubies and Sapphires with Respect to the Interaction of Trace Elements in Corundum
H‰ger T

Ha D. (2022) Stable Potassium Isotopes (41K/39K) Track Transcellular and Paracellular Potassium Transport in Biological Systems
Higgins JA, Saniago Ramos D, Gili S, Spetea C, Kanoski S, Ha D, McDonough AA & Youn JH

Ha Jong Heon (2018) Reactive Transport Modeling of Impacts of Dissolved CO2 on Groundwater Geochemistry
Jeen S-W & Ha JH

Ha Juyoung (2014) Interactions of Elemental Mercury with Microbial Biomass
Colombo M, Ha J & Yee N
(2012) Microbial Production of Methylmercury from Hg(0)
Colombo M, Ha J, Reinfelder J, Barkay T & Yee N
(2011) Redox Reactions on Mineral Surfaces: Spectroscopic and Imaging Studies at the Molecular Level
Brown G, Morin G, Ona-Nguema G, Juillot F, Fandeur D, Benzerara K, Calas G, Wang Y, Ha J, Kaya S, Kendelewicz T, Spormann A & Nilsson A
(2010) Heterogenous Selenium Reduction in Artificial Soil Aggregates
Kausch M, Ha J & Pallud C
(2009) Sorption Processes on Small and Dirty Mineral Particles – Do Size and Cleanliness Matter?
Brown Jr. GE, Ha J, Gélabert A, Singer DM, Wang Y, Bargar JR, Eng P, Choi Y, Kendelewicz T & Spormann AM
(2008) Impact of S. oneidensis MR-1 Biofilm Coatings on Trace Element Partitioning at Metal-Oxide/Water Interfaces: A Long Period XSW-FY Study
Wang Y, Alexandre G, Ona-Nguema G, Ha J, Gescher J, Bargar J, Rogers J, Eng P, Spormann A & Brown G
(2008) Parameters Controlling Metal Adsorption at the Biofilm/Mineral Interface: Evidence for a Diffusion Limited Process and Comparison with Thermodynamic Modeling
Gelabert A, Wang Y, Ha J, Ona-Nguema G, Spormann AM, Bargar JR, Rogers J, Eng P, Ghose S & Brown GE
(2008) Synchrotron X-Ray Studies of Bacteria-Mineral-Metal Ion Interactions
Brown, Jr. GE, Gelabert A, Wang Y, Cismasu C, Ha J, Ona-Nguema G, Benzerara K, Morin G & Wang Y
(2008) Study of Proton, Pb2+ and Zn2+ Adsorption on to Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Strain and a Mutant Strain (ΔEPS): Spectroscopic Observation and Modeling Approach
Ha J, Gelabert A, Wang Y, Spormann A & Brown G
(2006) Microbial reduction of hematite: effects of particle size and exopolysaccharides
Ha J, Cordova C, Yoon T-H, Spormann A & Brown G
(2006) Applications of synchrotron radiation to processes at environmental interfaces
Brown GE, Benzerara K, Yoon TH, Ha J, Cordova CD, Spormann AM, Tyliszczak T, Tanwar KS, Trainor TP & Eng PJ

Ha K. (2018) Biological Synthesis of Tellurium Nanostructures by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Kim D-H, Hur H-G & Ha K
(2018) The Vertical Changes of T and EC in the Stratified Water Column in Coastal Well Caused by M9.0 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake
Lee S-H, Kim K-Y, Ha K & Sin J-H
(2017) Evaluation of the Effect of Soil Organic Matter on Groundwater Using Fluorescence of Water and Solvent Extractable Organic Matter
Ko K-S, Park YH, Ha K, Moon HS & Koh D-C
(2016) Geochemistry of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusion in the Baekdusan (Changbaishan) Basalts: Contribution from the Subducted paleo-Pacific Slab to the Mantle Source
Choi H-O, Choi SH, Schiano P, Cho M, Cluzel N & Ha K
(2015) Assessment of Groundwater Environment at FMD Burial Sites
Ko K-S, Kim Y, Ha K, Koh D-C & Moon HS
(2014) Microbial Reduction of Fe(III) and SO4- and Associated Microbial Communities in the Alluvial Aquifer Groundwater and Sediment
Lee J-H, Unno T, Jung Y-Y, Lee B-J & Ha K
(2013) Impact of Fe Speciation in the Aquifer Sediments on Ferric (Hydr)oxide Precipitation at the Changwon Research Site, Korea
Hyun SP, Moon HS, Yoon P, Ha K & Chae B-G

Ha N.T. (2011) Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Vietnam: Delta-Wide Survey and 3D Geospatial Modeling
Berg M, Winkel LHE, Trang PTK, Lan VM, Stengel C, Amini M, Ha NT & Viet PH

Ha Rae-Gyung (2015) Is Rainfall a Good Solution for Anthropogenic Pollution?
Ha R-G & Yu Y

Ha Raegyung (2018) Composition-Dependent Thickness of Basaltic Lava Flows in Planetary System
Ha R & Yu Y

Ha S. (2017) Paleoceanographic Role of the Tsushima Warm Current in the Hupo Basin of the Southwestern East Sea (Sea of Japan)
Park YH, Khim BK, Yamamoto M, Kim S, Lee J, Ha S, Yoo KC & Yoon HI

Ha Seung-Wook (2022) A Modified and Rapid Method for Single Well Push-Pull Test Using Inert Gas Tracers
Joun W-T, Ha S-W, Lee S, Do H-K, Jun S-C, Kim Y, Ju Y, Kim Y & Lee K-K
(2020) Development of on-Site pCO2 Analyzing System and Evaluation of its Applicability to Identify CO2 Intrusion into Groundwater
Ha S-W, Do H-K, Kang H-J, Joun W-T, Ju Y, Cho I-R, Lee S-S, Lee K-K & Yun S-T
(2019) Noble Gas Push-Drift-Pull Test Considering Natural Degassing for Site Characterization in CCS Field
Cho I-R, Ju Y, Kaown D, Ha S-W, Lee S, Park I-W, Lee S-S & Lee K-K
(2016) Visualization Experiment of Dissolved CO2 Plume Transport in Shallow-Depth Groundwater Condition
Joun W-T, Kim H-H, Ha S-W, Lee S-S & Lee K-K

Ha Sun-Yong (2017) Determination of Nitrogen Isotopic Baseline in Western North Pacific Ocean Using Compound Specific Isotope Analysis of Amino Acid
Choi B, Won H, Yoo H, Ha S-Y, Yang EJ, Kang S-H & Shin K-H

Ha Sung-Ho (2017) A Study on the Correlations Among Rainfall, Groundwater Level and Mine Drainage Discharge
Ha S-H, Kim D-M & Cheong Y-W
(2017) Water-Quality Characteristics of Abandoned Coal Mine Drainage and Mine Voids
Yim G-J, Ha S-H, Kim S, Ji S-W, Oh C-T & Cheong Y-W

Ha Sung-Yong (2016) Change on UV-Absorbing Compounds during Phytoplankton Bloom in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
Ha S-Y, Min J-O, Lee S & Shin K-H
(2016) Biogeochemical Characteristics of Dissolved and Particulate Organic Carbon in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
Jung JY, Ha S-Y, Hyun J-H, Park J, Yang EJ, Shin K-H & Lee S

Ha V.T.T. (2017) Multi-Effects of Temperature and Organic Acids on The Formation of Struvite Crystals and their Physicochemical Properties
Lee SY, Cho IR, Jo UJ, Ha VTT & Lee YJ

Ha Y. (2019) Sr, C and O Isotope Composition of Hyangsanni Dolomite in Northeastern Okcheon Metamorphic Belt, South Korea: Additional Constraints on Neoproterozoic Glaciation in the Sino-Korean Craton
Ha Y, Song Y-S, Park K-H, Satish-Kumar M, Kim MJ & Jeong SW

Haack E. (2009) Sorption of Pb and Desferrioxamine to Montmorillonite
Maurice P, Haack E, Quicksall A, Hunter E & Johnston C
(2005) Examining the Nature of Siderophore-Montmorillonite Interactions
Haack E & Maurice P
(2005) Effects of Siderophores on Pb Adsorption to Kaolinite
Maurice P, Mishra B, Haack E & Bunker B
(2005) Pb Speciation in the Presence of Siderophores and Clay Surfaces – XAFS Study
Bunker B, Mishra B, Haack E & Maurice P
(2004) Microbial Geoengineering: Acid Rock Drainage Biofilms, Metals and Mn Oxyhydroxides
Warren L & Haack E

Haack H. (2017) Novel Metalorganic Compounds Revealed in Meteorites
Ruf A, Kanawati B, Yin Q-Z, Moritz F, Harir M, Lucio M, Shilobreeva S, Gabelica Z, Gougeon RD, Quirico E, Haack H, Gonsior M, Jenniskens P, Hinman NW & Schmitt-Kopplin P
(2004) 176Lu-176Hf and Mg Isotope Systematics of the Juvinas Eucrite
Lundgaard K, Bizzarro M, Baker J & Haack H
(2004) Combined Mg-Fe Isotope Analysis of Solar System Materials
Baker J, Bizzarro M, Dideriksen K & Haack H
(2004) Contemporaneous Formation of Chondrules and CAIs Inferred from the 26Al-26Mg Clock
Bizzarro M, Baker J & Haack H
(2004) Timescales of Chondrule Formation, Accretion and Differentiation – The Tale of Al-26
Haack H, Bizzarro M, Lundgaard K & Baker J
(2003) Mg Isotope Study of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Materials
Bizzarro M, Baker J, Haack H & Rosing M
(2002) Hf-Nd Isotope Geochemistry of Chondrites
Bizzarro M, Baker JA & Haack H

Haack U. (2004) Hydrothermal Apatite as a Sm-Nd Geochronometer
Schneider J, Dopieralska J & Haack U
(2002) Re/Os-Studies of the German Kupferschiefer
Brauns M & Haack U
(2002) Rb-Sr Dating of Sphalerites from Pomorzany, Upper Silesia (Poland)
Schneider J, Heijlen W, Muchez P & Haack U

Haag B. (2020) S-Isotope Ratios in Paleoproterozoic Host Rocks of Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits at the Midcontinent Rift
Haag B & Thakurta J

Haak B. (2017) Using a Multi-Isotope Approach to Determine Natal Region for Juvenile Accipiters
Sommer K, Haak B & Crowley B

Haake Z. (2014) Depth-Dependent Geochemical and Microbiological Gradients in Acid Mine Drainage-Derived Fe(III) Deposits
Burwick J, Brantner J, Haake Z, Menge C, Hotchkiss S & Senko J

Haan, K.E. de K. (2021) Identifying the Drivers of Vegetation Change on the Western Chinese Loess Plateau over the Last 70, 000 Years
Fuchs L, Haan, K.E. de K, Schefuß E, Guo J, Sun Y & Peterse F

Haapala I. (2005) Cretaceous Gross Spitzkoppe Stock in Namibia: Genuine A-Type Granites Related to Continental Rifting
Frindt S & Haapala I

Haarmann T. (2009) Flow Through Cleaning and Sequential Dissolution of Planktonic Foraminifera for Mg/Ca Analyses
Groeneveld J, Hathorne EC, Haarmann T, Mohtadi M, Steinke S & Kölling M

Haas J. (2010) The Potential Feasibility of Chlorinic Photosynthesis on Extrasolar Planets
Haas J
(2009) An Experimental Investigation of U(IV) Aqueous Complexation with Citric Acid, NTA and EDTA
Barger M & Haas J
(2005) Stable Carbon Isotope Fractionation during Anaerobic Microbial Reduction of Metals
Gebrehiwet T, Krishnamurthy R & Haas J
(2005) Dependence of Microbial Dissimilatory U(VI) Reduction on U(VI) Chemical Speciation
Haas J & Northup A
(2005) Improved Thermodynamic Equilibrium Constants of Phosphate Adsorption onto HFO
Mengistu H, Haas J & Koretsky C
(2002) Bioavailability of Clay-Adsorbed U(VI) to Shewanella putrefaciens
Haas J
(2001) Effects of Aqueous Organic Complexation on Metabolic Fe(III) Reduction by Shewanella putrefaciens
Haas JR, Morgan N & DiChristina TJ
(2000) Thermodynamics of Reversible Proton Exchange and Metal Sorption onto Shewanella putrefaciens
Haas J & DiChristina T
(2000) The Effect of Colonization by Spartina alterniflora on Pore Water Redox Geochemistry at a Saltmarsh on Sapelo Island, GA
Koretsky C, Meile C, Curry B, Haas J, Hunter K & Van Cappellen P

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