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E. Böttcher M. (2013) Bacterial Diversity in Baltic Sea Sediments from Skagerrak and Bothnian Bay
Reyes C, Oni O, Dellwig O, E. Böttcher M & W. Friedrich M

Eadington P. (2011) Alteration of Oil by Gas: Experiments in Fused Silica Capillary Capsules
Bourdet J, Eadington P, Burruss R & Chou I-M
(2010) Gas Deasphalting Process at the Fluid Inclusion Scale
Bourdet J, Eadington P, Kempton R, Mills D & Liu K
(2008) Changes to Oil Fluorescence by the Invasion of Gas or Water
Eadington P, Kempton R, George S, Volk H, Bourdet J & Coehlo C
(2008) Fluid Inclusions Provide Evidence for Early Oil Composition Prior to Gas Condensate Migration into Reservoirs
George S, Volk H, Lisk M, Brincat M & Eadington P

Eagle R. (2017) Marine Calcifying Organisms Exhibit Highly Differential Regulation of pH at Site of Calcification in Response to CO2-induced Ocean Acidification
Liu Y-W, Eagle R, Sutton J & Ries J

Eagle Robert (2015) Investigating the Origin of Discrepancies in Clumped Isotope Calibrations
Defliese W, Eagle R, Tang J, Chang F & Tripati A
(2015) Biologic Controls on Clumped Isotope Signatures in Cultured Corals
Eagle R, Kimball J, Ries J & Dunbar R
(2015) Clumped Isotope Systematics in Lacustrine and Fluvial Carbonates: A Tool for Paleohydrology, Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironment, and Paleoaltimetry
Tripati A, Mering J, Petryshyn V, Mitsunaga B, Wilson J, Eagle R, Kaufman D, Cohen A, Dunbar R, Russell J & Oviatt C
(2015) The Vital Aspects of Reconstructing Seawater Li Isotope Composition: Insights from Modern Shells and Cultured Organisms
Dellinger M, West AJ, Adkins JF, Paris G, Freitas PS, Bagard M-L, Eagle R, Ries J & Corsetti F

Eagle Robert (2010) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry as a Tool for Paleoceanography
Eiler J, Bergmann K, Bonifaci M, Eagle R, Finnegan S, Fischer W, Passey B, Stolper D & Tripati A
(2010) Glacial Ocean Temperatures from ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometry in Foraminifera and Coccoliths
Tripati A, Eagle R, Eiler J & Beaufort L
(2010) ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometry in Bioapatite
Eagle R, Schauble E, Tripati A, Tütken T, Fricke H, Hulbert R & Eiler J

Eagling Jane (2015) Interpretation of Zn Isotope Ratio Measurments in a Complex Geochemical System
Blowes D, Lindsay M, Matthies R, Harish V, Kong L, Eagling J & Ptacek C

Eagling Jane (2011) Effect of Climate Change-Driven Sea Water Intrusion on the Mobilisation of Tc(VI) from Reduced Sub-Surface Sediments
Eagling J, Worsfold P, O'Sullivan G & Keith-Roach M

Eakin M. (2014) Effects of Microstructure on 222Rn Diffusion from Zircon
Brownlee S, Eakin M & Baskaran M

Earles J. (2012) Diffusion, Deposition & Remobilization of Uranium in Bioreduced Zones
Watson D, Tang G, Earles J & Brooks S
(2010) In situ Biostimulation of U(VI) Reduction and Immobilization Using Emulsified Vegetable Oil
Wu W, Watson D, Mehlhorn T, Earles J, Boyanov M, Gihring T, Schadt C, Lowe K, Phillips J, Kemner K, Spalding B, Criddle C, Jardine P & Brooks S

Eason D. (2016) Exploring the Effects of Spreading Rate and Slab-Derived Water on Melting Processes in the Lau-Havre Backarc Systems
Eason D, Dunn R & Martinez F
(2015) Crustal and Magmatic System Structure along the Eastern Lau Spreading Center
Dunn R, Arai R, Eason D & Martinez F
(2015) Petrogenesis and Crustal Structure along Lau Back-Arc Spreading Centers
Eason D & Dunn R

Eason Hubbard M. (2015) Everything is not Spinach: A History of Evolving Carbon Affinity and Isotopic Fractionation in Marine Algal Rubisco
Rickaby R, Heureux A, Eason Hubbard M, Chan I, McClelland H, Young J, Lee R & Hermoso M

Easter Richard (2014) Exploring Spatial Distributions, Radiative Forcing and Source-Receptor Relationships of Black Carbon in the Community Atmosphere Model
Wang H, Rasch P, Easter R & Ma P-L

Easter Richard (2009) Effect of Marine Biogenic Organic Aerosols on Cloud Properties: Modeling Study
Meskhidze N, Xu J, Zhang Y, Gantt B, Ghann S, Nenes A, Liu X, Easter R & Zaveri R

Eastoe C. (2016) Timescale and the Amount Effect: Monsoon Intensity Proxy Problems at Annual to Decadal Scales
Dettman D, Eastoe C & Loope G

Eastoe C.J. (2017) New Evidence from Halogen and Boron Isotopes for Multiple Sources of Middle Miocene Badenian Evaporites, Carpathian Mountain Region
Zhao Y, Wang Y-J, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y, Eastoe CJ & Peryt TM

Eaton G. (2005) Using Tritium-Helium Groundwater Age to Assess Contamination Vulnerability in California
Moran J, Hudson B, Eaton G & Leif R

Eaton W.D. (2001) Emeralds in Canada: The Crown Showing, Southeastern Yukon
Groat LA, Marshall DD, Giuliani G, Ercit TS, Gault RA, Wise MA, Wengzynowski W & Eaton WD

Ebel Denton (2018) Rare Earth Elements in CO and CV Chondrite Components
Ebel D, Crapster-Pregont E, Gemma M & Christoph J
(2016) Cr and O Isotope Systematics in Carbonaceous Chondrite Chondrules
Defouilloy C, Sanborn M, Yamakawa A, Kita N, Ebel D & Yin Q

Ebel Denton S. (2014) Hierarchical Accretion, Melting by Short Circuits, and the Origins of Chondritic Planetesimals
Ebel D, Weisberg M, Hubbard A, Crapster-Pregont E, McNally C & Mac Low M-M
(2014) The Role of Chlorine in the Degassing of Alkalies during Flash Melting of Chondrules
Ustunisik G, Ebel D & Nekvasil H
(2014) Geochemistry of Related Inner Solar System Chondrites
Weisberg MK, Ebel DS, Connolly Jr. HC & Kita NT
(2014) Constraining K Depletion in Magnetorotationally Unstable Protoplanetary Disks
Ansari A, Ebel D, Hubbard A & McNally C
(2013) Cosmochemical Constraints on Asteroid Accretion
Ebel D, Weisberg M & Crapster-Pregont E
(2012) Primordial Delivery of Potassium to Mercury and Enstatite Chondrites
Ebel DS, Alexander CMO & Sack RO
(2011) Mercury and Enstatite Chondrite Origins by Equilibrium Condensation from chondritic-Idp Enriched Vapor
Ebel DS & Alexander C
(2009) Magnetic Records of Early Planetary Differentiation
Weiss B, Carporzen L, Elkins-Tanton L, Stanley S, Ebel D & Berdahl J
(2009) 53Mn-53Cr Evidence for Allende Chondrule Formation at 4567.6 Ma
Yin Q-Z, Yamashita K, Yamakawa A, Jacobsen B, Ebel D, Hutcheon I & Nakamura E
(2008) Pre- and Post-Accretionary Carbonates in the Renazzo CR Chondrite
De Gregorio B, Stroud R & Ebel D
(2004) 3D-Microtomographic Determination of Chondrule/Matrix Ratios in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Schoenbeck T & Ebel D
(2002) Origin of Enstatite Chondrites and Implications for the Inner Planets
Ebel DS & Alexander CMO

Ebeling D. (2015) Ion Adsorption at Heterogeneous Mineral-Electrolyte Interfaces Probed by High-Resolution Atomic Force Microscopy
Siretanu I, Ebeling D, Zhao C, van den Ende D & Mugele F

Ebeling S. (2012) Tire-Wear Particles and their Impact on Human Lung Cells
Wenzel M, Ebeling S, Merfort I, Dietzte V & Giere R

Eberl D. (2012) Oxalate-Promoted Formation of Saponite from a Silicate Gel at 60℃ and Ambient Pressure
Schumann D, Hartman H, Eberl DD, Sears SK, Hesse R & Vali H
(2011) Role of Microbe in the Formation of Illite from Nontronite: Mesophilic and Thermophilic Bacterial Reaction
Jaisi D, Eberl D, Dong H & Kim J
(2010) Proportionate Crystal Growth
Eberl D & Kile D
(2009) Evaluating the Oxidation State of Antibacterial Minerals
Metge D, Harvey R, Eberl D, Wasylenki L & Williams L
(2005) Crystal Growth Rate Law Identified from Changes in Variance of Crystal Size Distributions
Eberl D & Kile D

Eberle A. (2018) Binding of Antimony to Natural Organic Matter in a Finnish Mine-Water Influenced Peatland
Besold J, Eberle A, Kujala K, Kumar N, Scheinost AC, Lezama Pacheco J, Fendorf S & Planer-Friedrich B

Eberlei T. (2013) Deformation-Related Chemical Alteration of Meta-Pegmatites
Eberlei T, Habler G, Abart R & Grasemann B

Eberli G. (2015) Early Diagenetic Processes within Ooids: Implications for the Interpretation of Carbonate Associated Sulphate and Nitrate
Swart P, Diaz M, Altabet M & Eberli G

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