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Fagan K. (2007) Land Ocean Interactions in a Coastal Embayment, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii: Nutrient Dynamics, Productivity, and CO2 Exchange between Seawater and Atmosphere
Solomon R, Ostrander C, De Carlo E, McManus M, Mackenzie F, Fagan K, Sabine C & Feely R

Fagan T.J. (2018) Late-Stage Fluids in Gabbros from the Earth and Moon: Implications for the Preservation of KREEP
Fagan TJ, Fujimoto A & Kosaka D
(2016) Comparison of Metasomatic Features of CAIs in CV Chondrites with Terrestrial Meta-Igneous Rocks
Fagan TJ
(2016) Multiple F:Cl:OH Environments for Apatites from a Single Lunar Breccia
Asahi T, Fagan TJ & Harlov DE
(2016) Shock Deformation in Reduced vs. Oxidized CV Chondrites Indicated by Chondrule Shapes and Modes
Aoki R & Fagan TJ
(2016) An Amoeboid Olivine Aggregate in Polymict Eucrite LEW 85300
Komatsu M, Yamaguchi A, Fagan T, Zolensky M, Shirai N & Mikouchi T
(2015) High-Cl Apatite as an Indicator of KREEP in the Breccia of Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 773
Fagan TJ, Shimoda A, Yokomizo S & Harlov DE
(2014) Apatite as a Recorder of Volatile Elements during Magmatic Evolution of Lunar Meteorite NWA 773
Fagan TJ & Shimoda A
(2014) Replacement of Igneous Pyroxene and Feldspar by Hydrous Metamorphism of Volcanic Pillows, Slate Creek Complex, Northern CA
Fagan TJ
(2013) LIME Olivine and Pyroxene: Multi-Stage Thermal Histories of AOAs
Komatsu M, Fagan TJ & Mikouchi T
(2013) Tholeiitic vs. Calc-Alkaline Igneous Trends on the Moon: Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 773 vs. Apollo 15 Quartz Monzodiorite
Fagan TJ, Wakabayashi Y, Suginohara A & Kashima D
(2009) Multi-Stage Igneous Evolution of Anorthite in Three Type B CAIs
Tasai Y, Fagan T, Itoh S & Yurimoto H
(2003) Nebular Thermal Event Recorded in Amoeboid Olivine Aggregates from the Reduced CV3 Chondrite Leoville
Fagan T, Krot A, Keil K & Yurimoto H
(2003) Amoeboid Olivine Aggregates in Carbonaceous Chondrites: Records of Nebular and Asteroidal Processes
Krot A, Petaev M, Itoh S, Fagan T, Yurimoto H & Russell S

Faganeli Jadran (2015) Po-210 and Pb-210 in Coastal Waters (Gulf of Trieste, Northern Adriatic Sea)
Falnoga I, Benedik L, Jeran Z, Klun K & Faganeli J
(2013) Artificially Induced Migration of Redox Layers in Adriatic Sediments
Metzger E, Langlet D, Viollier E, Koron N, Riedel B, Stachowitch M, Zuschin M, Faganeli J, Tharaud M, Geslin E & Jorissen F
(2010) Lipid Biomarkers in Methanogenic Sediments of the Alpine Lake Bled (SW Slovenia)
Ogrinc N, Petrisic M, Mandic-Mulec I, Gorenc K & Faganeli J
(2010) Interaction of Hg and Other Metals with Marine Macroaggregates
Koron N, Faganeli J, Falnoga I, Šlejkovec Z, Kovač N & Mazej D
(2003) Preservation of Organic Matter in Macroaggregates
Kovac N, Faganeli J, Bajt O, Sket B, Orel B & Mozetic P
(2002) Sources of the Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Shallow Coastal Waters
Ogrinc N & Faganeli J
(2002) Spectroscopic Studies (FT-Ir, 13C and 1H-Nmr) of Macroaggregates in the Northern Adriatic
Kovac N, Bajt O, Faganeli J, Sket B & Orel B

Faganeli Jadran (2014) 210Po (Bio)accumulation in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea)
Falnoga I, Benedik L, Jeran Z, Klun K & Faganeli J

Faganeli Jadran (2020) Carbonate System and Acidification of the Adriatic Sea
Krajnc B, Faganeli J & Ogrinc N

Fagault Y. (2019) Western Mediterranean Sea Paleothermometry over the Last Glacial Cycle Based on the Novel RI-Oh Index
Davtian N, Ménot G, Fagault Y & Bard E
(2019) Radiocarbon Dating of Ultra-Small Carbonate Samples from Deep-Sea Sediments and Coral Reef Cores: Opening a can of Worms
Bard E, Fagault Y, Tuna T & Rostek F
(2017) Response of Biomarkers to Abrupt Climatic Changes during the Last 25, 000 Years in Western Europe
Davtian N, Ménot G, Fagault Y & Bard E

Fagel Nathalie (2019) Dating Two Young Laminated Stalagmites by the 210Pbexcess Method
Ghaleb B, Allan M, Pinti DL, Verheyden S & Fagel N

Fagel Nathalie (2013) Holocene Dust Record in a NW European Peat Bog: A Multiproxy Approach
Allan M, le roux G, Verheyden S, Mattiel N, Piotrowska N, Fagel N & Beghin J
(2013) Late Quaternary Sedimentary Provenances in the Central Arctic Ocean Inferred by Nd and Pb Isotopes of Fine Detrital Fraction
Fagel N, Not C, Gueibe J, Mattielli N & Bazhenova E
(2012) Holocene Deposition of Atmospheric REE in Europe
Le Roux G, Fagel N, De Vleeschouwer F, Matielli N & Shotyk W
(2012) Rare Earth Elements in the Misten Peat Bog (Belgium) as Tracers of Dust Depositions and Past Environmental Changes
Allan M, Le Roux G, Mattielli N, Piotrowska N & Fagel N
(2012) Reconstruction of Trace Metal Contamination in Coastal Sediments from Cape Corsica (France) during Ancient Times
Goiran J-P, Fagel N, Halleux C, Lefebvre L, Arnaud P & de la Briere G
(2011) Atmospheric Lead Deposition in Ombrotrophic Peat Bogs of Southern Poland
Fiałkiewicz-Kozieł B, Mattielli N & Fagel N
(2008) Holocene Records of Regional Dust Deposition Using Peat Bogs
Le Roux G, de Vleeschouwer F, Cheburkin A, Krachler M, Shotyk W, Mattielli N & Fagel N
(2008) Nd and Pb Isotopic Signatures of Detrital Fractions from Labrador Sea and Iceland Basin Sediments: Deep Oceanic Circulation Changes over the Holocene
Fagel N, Brasseur R, Mattielli N, Stevenson R & Hillaire-Marcel C
(2007) Mineralogy and Nd and Pb Isotope Signatures of Clay-Size Fraction of Northern North Atlantic Sediments during the Holocene and Late Glacial: Implications for the Inception of Modern Deep Circulation Pattern
Fagel N, Brasseur R, Mattielli N, Stevenson R & Hillaire-Marcel C
(2007) Spatial and Temporal (30 Yr.) Variations of Lead Geochemical Signature in a Macrotidal Highly Polluted Estuary
Taillez A, Jacqmot A, Petit J, Maerschalk C, Lemadec D, Fagel N, Verheyden S, Chou L & Mattielli N
Gérard L, de Vleeschouwer F, Mattielli N, Streel M, LeRoux G & Fagel N
(2004) Geochemical and Pb Isotopic Investigations in Peat Bogs from Southern Chile: Identification of Particles Supplies and Possible Paleoclimate Record
de Vleeschouwer F, Ibanez M, Mattielli N, Maerschalk C & Fagel N
(2000) Geochemistry of Surface Sediments, Filtered and Sediment Trap Particles from the Sub Antarctic and Polar Front Zones of the Southern Ocean, South of Tasmania
Cardinal D, André L, Dehairs F, Cattaldo T, Fagel N & Trull T

Fagel Nathalie (2016) Sedimentary Record of Environmental Contamination in Antimony over the Industrial Revolution: The Case Study of Meria Valley (France)
Fagel N, Fontaine F, Vrancken F, Lechenault M & Ghilardi M
(2016) Holocene Paleoclimate Reconstructions from Belgian Continental Archives
Allan M, Verheyden S, Crucifix M & Fagel N

Fagel Nathalie (2015) Atmospheric Metal Pollution over the Last 250 Years Inferred from Speleothem Geochemistry
Allan M, Fagel N & Verheyden S

Fagel Nathalie (2017) Comparison of LA-ICP-MS and ICP-MS Techniques for Determining High-Resolution Trace Element Contents in Belgian Speleothems
Allan M, Verheyden S, Crucifix M & Fagel N
(2017) Hypoxia Evolution on the Ukrainian Shelf of the Black Sea
Plante A, Roevros N, Roman Romin O, Capet A, Gregoire M, Fagel N & Chou L
(2017) Thermal Maturity Estimation of Carbonaceous Material from Proterozoic Organic-Walled Microfossil Assemblages (DRCongo, Mauritania and Australia) by Using Raman Spectroscopy
Baludikay BK, François C, Sforna M-C, Beghin J, Cornet Y, Storme J-Y, Fagel N, Fontaine F, Krooss B, Baudet D, Delvaux D & Javaux EJ

Fagervold S. (2012) Transformation of Marine Wood-Falls into Anoxic-Sulfidic Environments: Voltammetric Time Series and Kinetic Modeling
Yucel M, Contreira L, Galand P, Fagervold S & Le Bris N

Faghih A. (2009) Tectonic Implication of the Geochemical Significances of the Metamorphic Rocks Associated with the Neyriz Ophiolite, SW Iran
Faghih A

Fagot M. (2009) Half-Precessional Dynamics of Monsoon Rainfall Near the East African Equator: Implications for Indian Ocean ITCZ Migration over the Past 25, 000 Years
Verschuren D, Sinninghe Damsté J, Moernaut J, Kristen I, Blaauw M, Fagot M & Haug G

Fagotti C. (2020) Mapping the Hg-Impacted Area in the Paglia River Basin (Mt. Amiata Mining District – Italy)
Fornasaro S, Morelli G, Costagliola P, Rimondi V, Lattanzi P & Fagotti C

Fahad Z. (2018) Sustainable Base Cation Supply and Carbon Allocation in Boreal Forests – The Role of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi
Finlay R, Fahad Z, Bolou-Bi E, Ekblad A, Müller C, Höschen C, Kögel-Knabner I & Mahmood S
(2015) Carbon Cost of the Biological Weathering of Minerals in Boreal Forest Soils
Mahmood S, Fahad Z, Marupakula S, Ekblad A & Finlay R
(2015) Sustainable Supply of Base Cations in Boreal Forests – The Role of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi
Finlay R, Fahad Z, Ekblad A, Bolou-Bi E, Köhler S & Mahmood S
(2013) Carbon Allocation to Ectomycorrhizal Fungi and Bacteria Colonising Granite
Fahad Z, Finlay R, Mahmood S & Rosling A

Fahey A. (2010) The Microstructure of Trinitite, the Glassed Sand from the First Nuclear Explosion
Fahey A & Newbury D
(2005) Applications of SIMS Microanalysis at NIST
Fahey A, Mahoney C & Gillen G

Fahey D. (2011) Observationally Constrained Estimates of Carbonaceous Aerosol Transport and Radiative Effects
Stier P, Kipling Z, Schwarz J & Fahey D

Fahlbusch W. (2019) Combining Trace Element Measurements with Analytical Uncertainties for a Better Characterization of Plant Geochemistry
Pospiech S, van den Boogaart KG, Tolosana-Delgado R & Fahlbusch W
(2017) Trace Elements in Plants – Correction Methods for Adhering Particles to get Real Plant Uptake
Fahlbusch W, Pospiech S, Sauer B, Pasold T & Ruppert H
(2016) Trace Element Transfer into the Plant: What can We Learn from Element Ratios?
Pospiech S, Sauer B, Fahlbusch W, Pasold T, Tolosana-Delgado R & Ruppert H
(2013) Energy Crop Production on Mining and Smelting Impacted Arable Land – A Non-Phytoremediation Approach
Fahlbusch W, Sauer B & Ruppert H

Fahlman B. (2012) Orbitrap High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Athabasca Oil Sands Acids in Environmental Samples
Headley J, Peru K, Fahlman B, Bailey J & McMartin D

Fahlqvist L. (2015) Air Purging as a Method to Remove Trace Elements from Alkaline Waters
Fahlqvist L & Bäckström M

Fahmy K. (2019) Antibacterial Activity of Selenium Nanoparticles Studied by Calorimetry, Flow Cytometry and Electron Microscopy
Schäfer S, Fahmy K & Merroun ML

Fahnestock F. (2018) Lithologic Influences on Mycorrhizal Weathering
Remiszewski K, Bryce J, Hoff C, Fahnestock F, Colpaert J & Hobbie E
(2017) Cratonic Signature and CO2-rich Metasomatism: New Insights from Veneto Volcanic Province Mantle Xenoliths
Brombin V, Bonadiman C, Coltorti M, Fahnestock MF, Bryce JG & Marzoli A
(2017) 87Sr/86Sr Signature in the Po River Water and its Implication on Rock Weathering at Basin Scale
Marchina C, Natali C, Bryce J, Pennisi M, Fahnestock F & Bianchini G

Fahnestock Maria (2020) Stable K Isotope Characteristics at Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Vents and their Implications for the Modern and Ancient K Cycle
Chen X-Y, Beard B, Neuman M, Fahnestock M, Bryce J, Johnson C & Zheng X-Y

Fahnestock Maria Florencia (2018) Fifty Years of Hydrothernal Alteration and Seawater Exchange at Surtsey Volcano, Iceland
Rhodes JM, Bryce JG, Jercinovic M, Fahnestock MF & Jonasson K
(2018) Mercury Cycling Across a Nitrogen Gradient in Manipulated Forests
Fahnestock MF, Bryce JG, Driscoll CT, Montesdeoca M, Mukasa SB & Frey SD

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