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Wafa B. (2016) Early Neoproterozoic Magmatic Event in the Continental Nucleus of South China and its Significance
Ling W-L, Wu H, Zhang Y-H, Wafa B & Bai X
(2016) Recognition of Early Neoproterozoic Alkaline Magmatic Event along the NW Yangtze Margin, South China
Wu H, Ling W-L, Ding X-Y, Wafa B & Zhang Y-H

Wafforn S. (2015) Duration of Ore Formation: Grasberg Porphyry Copper Deposit, Papua, Indonesia
Wafforn S, Cloos M & Stockli D

Wafik A. (2018) Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of the Archean Fine Granitoid: Example of the Bakoudou Gold Deposit in Gabon
Nzaou Mabika N, Wafik A, Boushaba A, Saquaque A & Garrhabi M

Wagai R. (2012) Delivery and Release of Organic Carbon Associated with Iron Oxyhydroxides in the Mississippi River-Delta
Mayer L, Schick L, Estapa M, Wagai R & Stevenson M
(2001) Organic Matter-Mineral Surface Relationships in Soils and Sediments as Assessed by Gas Sorption Measurements
Mayer LM & Wagai R

Wäge J. (2017) Methane Production by Zooplankton
Stawiarski B, Loick-Wilde N, Wäge J, Labrenz M & Schmale O

Wagenbach D. (2003) Stable Nitrogen Isotopic Chemistry of Nitrate in GISP II Ice
Lyons W, Wagenbach D, Stanzick A, Haberhauser G & Welch K

Wagener A.
(2015) Chronology of Lead Concentrations and Isotopes in Coastal Environments Near Rapidly Growing Cities in South and South East Asia, South America, and the Middle East
Carrasco G, Lee J-M, Chen M, Lazzari L, Wagener A, Carreira R, Nurhati I, Zhao N, Gevao B, al-Ghadban AN & Boyle E
(2015) Compound-specific δ13C of N-Alkanes in Recent Sediments of a Highly Contaminated Bay
Ceccopieri M, Scofield A & Wagener A
(2015) Hydrocarbon Characterization and Flow Rates Appraisal in a Tropical Estuary
Mauad C, Massone C, Lazzari L & Wagener A
(2015) Receptor Modeling in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro: What is the Role of PAHs, N-Alkenes, Meteorological Conditions on Source Apportionment of Fine Aerosol?
Gioda A, Ventura L, Massone C, Lionel V & Wagener A
(2013) Hydrocarbon Source Appraisal in PM<sub>2.5</sub> in Rio de Janeiro
Massone C, Wagener A, Gioda A & Scofield A
(2011) Influence of Microbiology and Photochemistry on Iodine Cycling
Yokoyama L, Wagener K & Wagener A
(2009) Sterols as Markers of Climatic Variabilities in Southeast Brazil
Baeta A, Carreira R, Wagener A & Albuquerque A
(2007) Molecular Markers and Trace-Metals as Proxis of Biomass Combustion in Central Amazon Sediments
Oliveira T, Wagener A & Scofield A
(2006) The fate of oil spilled in mangrove sediments - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wagener A, Farias C, Hamacher C & Scofield A

Wagener K. (2011) Influence of Microbiology and Photochemistry on Iodine Cycling
Yokoyama L, Wagener K & Wagener A

Wagener T. (2017) Sensitive Determination of Dissolved Phosphate Pools for an Improved Resolution of the N:P Ratios in the Surface Oligotrophic Ocean: A Case Study in the Mediterranean Sea
Djaoudi K, Van Wambeke F, Coppola L, D'ortenzio F, Helias-Nunige S, Raimbault P, Taillandier V, Testor P, Wagener T & Pulido-Villena E

Wagenknecht L. (2015) Link between Microbial Populations and Iron Reduction in Methanic Sediments of the Helgoland Mud Area, North Sea
Oni O, Miyatake T, Kasten S, Richter-Heitmann T, Fischer D, Wagenknecht L, Kulkarni A & Friedrich M

Waggoner D. (2015) Source and Formation of Soil Humic Colloids and their Functional Groups Responsible for Metal Binding
DiDonato N, Chen H, Waggoner D, Myneni S & Hatcher P

Wagh G. (2009) Application of the Statistical Methods to the Groundwater Pollution Data from the Solid Waste Disposal Site at Pune (India)
Wagh G, Sayyed MR & Sayadi MH

Wagner Bernd
(2017) Mediterranean Climate Variability during the Last Interglacial
Mannella G, Zanchetta G, Regattieri E, Wagner B, Giaccio B, Nomade S, Pereira A, Renne P & Niespolo E

Wagner Bernhard (2018) Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Analyses by Mid Infrared Laser Spectroscopy as a Tool for Stratigraphic Classification of Upper Jurassic Carbonate Rocks
Nowak M, Smajgl D, Wolpert P, Wagner B, Jung D & Mandic M

Wagner Charlotte C. (2019) Lifetime and Distribution of Perfluorooctanoic Sulfonate (PFOS) in the Global Oceans
Wagner CC, Thackray CP, Pickard H, Zhang X & Sunderland EM

Wagner Christaine (2015) Aluminum and Iron Behavior in Glasses from Destabilized Spinels: A Record of Fluid/Melt-Mineral Interaction in Mantle Xenoliths from Massif Central, France
Fialin M & Wagner C
(2015) Iron Oxyhydroxides Inclusions in Dolomitic Banded Iron Formations (Exemple from the Cauê Formation, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brazil)
Tudryn A, Wagner C, Orberger B, Baptiste B, Wirth R & Morgan R
(2015) Silicated and Carbonated Infiltrations in Mantle Xenoliths from the French Massif Central
Wagner C
(2008) Xenolith Glasses: A Key to Deciphering Mantle Processes?
Wagner C & Fialin M
(2008) Mössbauer Spectroscopy Used for Iron-Oxide Determination in Banded Iron Formations: Implications for Analyses on the Martian Surface
Garonne C, Orberger B, Linares J, Wagner C, Wirth R & Hashizume K
(2008) The Role of Fe-Oxides and Quartz in the Sequestration of Carbonaceous Matter in 2.72 Ga Banded Iron Formations, Dhawar Craton, India
Orberger B, Wirth R, Wagner C, Noret A, Massault M, Gallien JP, Jayananda M, Rouchon V, Quirico E & Montagnac G
(2006) Origin of MoSC phases in Lower Cambrian black shales from southern China
Orberger B, Vymazalova A, Wagner C, Fialin M, Gallien JP, Wirth R, Pasava J & Montagnac G
(2004) Li and delta7Li Behaviour in Mantle Metasomatic Processes
Wagner C & Deloule E
(2003) Mineralogy and Geochemistry of an Archaen Chert: In Quest of N-Sites
Gallien J, Orberger B, Pinti D, Wagner C, Fialin M & Daudin L
(2002) Mechanisms of Melt Migration and Mantle Metasomatism in the Lithosphere beneath the French Massif Central
Bouhedja M, Wagner C, Deloule E & Reisberg L
(2002) Inferences About Magma Reservoir Dynamics from Zoned Clinopyroxenes of an Alkaline Suite in North Morocco
Wagner C, Deloule E, Fialin M & Mokhtari A
(2002) Longevity and Multistage Evolution of Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle beneath Eastern China: Evidence from Re-Os Isotope Geochemistry of Mantle Peridotite Xenoliths from Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces, China
Zhi X, Reisberg L, Wagner C, Peng Z & Xu X
(2000) Complex Clinopyroxene Assemblage in Carbonatite and Alkaline Xenoliths from Moroccan Camptonites: Evidence for an Open-System Evolution
Wagner C, Mokhtari A, Deloule E & Chabaux F
(2000) Evidence for Equilibrium Crystallization of Amphiboles and Clinopyroxenes in Mantle-Modally-Metasomatized Peridotite Xenoliths from French Massif Central
Bouhedja M, Deloule E, Reisberg L & Wagner C
(2000) Glasses in Mantle Xenoliths from Massif Central, France. Implications for Mantle Processes
Wagner C
(2000) Direct Determination of Ferrous-Ferric Concentrations with the Electron Microprobe
Fialin M, Wagner C & Humler E

Wagner Christian (2016) Impact of Wettability on Two Phase Flow at the Pore Scale
Ruecker M, Bartels W-B, Berg S, Mahani H, Ott H, Georgiadis A, Brussee N, Coorn A, van der Linde H, Hinz C, Jacob A, Wagner C, Henkel S, Enzmann F, Bonnin A, Stampanoni M, Hassanizadeh SM & Blunt M

Wagner Danielle (2016) Arsenic Mobilization in Spent nZVI Waste Residue: Effect of Pantoea sp. IMH
Ye L, Wagner D & Jing C

Wagner Diana (2007) Geochemical and Geophysical Insights into a Large Magmatic System in Central Java, Indonesia
Chadwick J, Wagner D, Troll V, Koulakov I & Luehr B

Wagner Dirk (2017) Biogeochemistry of Lakes in Western Papua, Indonesia – First Results of a Pilot Study
Kallmeyer J, Nomosatryo S, Wagner D, Henny C & Kopalit H
(2017) Geochemical and Microbiological Gradients along Arctic Chronosequences
Wojcik R, Donhauser J, Holm S, Malard L, Holland A, Frey B, Wagner D, Pearce D, Anesio A, Hovelmann J & Benning LG
(2012) Response of Methanogenic Communities to Glacial-Interglacial Climate Changes in the Siberian Arctic
Mangelsdorf K, Griess J, Gattinger A & Wagner D
(2009) Microbial Perspectives of Methane Fluxes from Melting Permafrost
Wagner D
(2007) Temperature-Dependent Molecular Cell Membrane Adaptation of Microbial Populations in Siberian Permafrost
Mangelsdorf K, Finsel E, Liebner S & Wagner D

Wagner Doris (2016) Reaction of Bunter Sandstone with CO2 and Gaseous Impurities (NO2, H2S, SO2) – Implications for CCS
Bateman K, Selby L, Rushton J & Wagner D
(2013) Green River CO2 Natural Analogue, Utah: Insights into Fe Mobilisation from Jarosite Fracture Mineralisation
Rushton J, Wagner D, Purser G, Pearce J & Rochelle C
(2007) Experimental Growth of Biofilms for Studies on the Impact of Microbes on Transport Processes in Groundwater Systems
Wagner D, Bateman K, Coombs P, Harrison H, Milodowski AE & West J

Wagner Frank (2018) Speciation of Uranium: Validation of a Thermodynamic Database by Modelling Techniques and Comparative Experiments
Mühr-Ebert E, Schulte V, Wagner F & Walther C
(2007) Impact of U-Mining Tailings on Water Resources in Mailu-Suu (Kyrg.)
Wagner F, Jung H, Wanke C, Bunnenberg C, Michel R & Himmelsbach T

Wagner Friedrich (2007) Relating Siderophore-Promoted Dissolution to Properties of Ferrihydrite-Exopolysaccharide Coprecipitates
Mikutta C, Mikutta R, Bonneville S, Wagner F, Voegelin A, Christl I & Kretzschmar R

Wagner G A (2005) Geodynamic Implications of Rapid Denudation of the Granitoids at About 50 and 20<!s><$>Ma in the Eastern Pontides, Turkey: Apatite Fission-Track Results
Boztug D, Jonckheere RC, Enkelmann E, Ratschbacher L & Wagner GA

Wagner Gerald (2011) Different Coloured Vitreous Phases in Obsidian
Kirste J, Wagner G, Schulze N & Kloess G

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