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Tachibana Y. (2007) A Combined Terrestrial and Marine Geochemical Mapping Project in Japan
Ohta A, Imai N, Terashima S, Tachibana Y, Okai T, UJiie-Mikoshiba M & Kubota R
(2003) High 3He/4He Detected in Kimberlites from Southern West Greenland
Tachibana Y, Kaneoka I, Gaffney A & Upton B

Tachikawa K. (2017) Holocene Riverine vs. Eolian Contributions to Central Mediterranean Sediments: A High-Resolution Record
de Lange GJ, Wu J, Böning P, Pahnke K & Tachikawa K
(2016) Circulation Changes in Eastern Mediterranean Sea over the Past 23, 000 Years Inferred from Nd Isotopic Ratios
Cornuaul M, Tachikawa K, Vidal L, Guihou A, Deschamps P & Revel M
(2016) High Resolution Record of Holocene Riverine and Eolian Contributions to Central Mediterranean Sediments
Wu J, De Lange GJ, Boening P, Pahnke K & Tachikawa K
(2015) Comparison between Seawater and Archive Nd Isotope Compositions Using Multi-Scatter Plots: A New Global Data Compilation
Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gourlan A, Jeandel C, Lacan F, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Roy-Barman M & Waelbroeck C
(2013) Southern Hemisphere Orbital Forcing and its Effects on CO2 and Tropical Pacific Climate
Tachikawa K, Timmermann A, Vidal L, Sonzogni C & Elison Timm O
(2013) A New Database for Nd Isotopes in Marine Environments
Lacan F, Tachikawa K, Arsouze T, Bayon G, Bory A, Colin C, Dutay J-C, Frank N, Gherardi J, Gourlan A, Grousset F, Hillaire-Marcel C, Jeandel C, Meynadier L, Montagna P, Puceat E, Matthieu M & Waelbroeck C
(2013) Evidences for a Persistent Link between Greenland Climate and Northeastern Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone on Millennial Timescales Under Interglacial Conditions
Cartapanis O, Tachikawa K, Romero OE & Bard E
(2012) Distribution of Neodymium in Sedimentary Planktonic Foraminiferal Tests and Associated Mineral Phases Obtained by NanoSIMS
Tachikawa K, Toyofuku T, Basile-Doelsch I & Delhaye T
(2007) Large 14C Age Offsets between Fine Aragonite Fraction and Coexisting Planktonic Foraminifera in Shallow Caribbean Sediments
Sepulcre S, Tachikawa K, Vidal L & Bard E
(2003) Size-Normalised Test Weights, Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca of Planktonic Foraminifera from the Arabian Sea
Tachikawa K, Vidal L, Sepulcre S & Bard E

Tack F.M.G. (2012) Effect of Fertilizing Soil with Selenium on Trace Element Uptake by Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus)
Du Laing G, Srikanth Lavu RV & Tack FMG

Tack L. (2015) Syntectonic Emplacement of an Alkaline Massif in Burundi: Consequences on Fluid-Rock Interaction and Element (REE, HFSE) Mobility
Boulvais P, Cobert C, Baele J-M, Tack L, Nimpagaritse G, Midende G, Gardien V, Demaiffe D & Decrée S
(2014) Magmatism, Hydrothermalism and Complex (REE and HFSE) Mineralized System in the Upper Ruvubu Alkaline Massif, Burundi
Decrée S, Boulvais P, Cobert C, Baele J-M, Gardien V, Tack L & Demaiffe D
(2013) C and O Isotope Compositions of the Matongo Carbonatite (Burundi): New Insights into Alteration and REE Mineralization Processes
Boulvais P, Decrée S, Cobert C, Midende G, Tack L, Gardien V & Demaiffe D

Tacker C. (2014) Analysis and Models for Apatite OH, and a Potential Magmatic P-T Path
Tacker C
(2013) CO3, OH, and Halogen Microanalysis in Apatite Group Minerals
Tacker C
(2010) FTIR Analysis of Irregularly Shaped Apatite Specimens
Tacker C, Lawver D, Douglas K & Vance Z
(2005) Complexity in the Carbonate n3 Domain in Fluorapatite
Tacker C

Tackley Paul (2018) Archean Tectonics and the Generation of Continental TTG Crust in Global Mantle Convection Models
Tackley P, Jain C, Lourenco D, Rozel A & Gerya T
(2017) Self-Consistent Generation of Primordial Continental Crust in Global Mantle Convection Models
Jain C, Rozel A & Tackley P
(2017) Mantle Compositional Heterogeneity Arising from Magma Ocean Crystallisation Followed by Long-Term Differentiation: Modelling from a Molten Earth to the Present day
Tackley P & Lourenco D
(2017) Generation of Archean TTG Rocks: Numerical Simulations of Thermo-Compositional Mantle Convection
Rozel A, Golabek G, Gerya T, Jain C & Tackley P
(2015) Importance of Mineralogy and Mineral Properties on the Dynamics, Structure and Evolution of Earth’s Deep Mantle
Tackley P, Nakagawa T, Atkins S & Trampert J
(2015) Early Evolution and Dynamics of Earth from a Molten Initial Stage
Lourenço D & Tackley P

Tackley Paul J. (2016) Evolutionary Models of the Earth with a Grain Size-Dependent Rheology: Diffusion vs Dislocation Creep
Rozel AB, Golabek GJ, Thielmann M & Tackley PJ
(2016) Solid-Liquid Equilibrium in the Earth's Lower Mantle in a Numerical Model of Global-Scale Convection
Fomin I & Tackley P
(2016) Plume Origin for Onset of Early Plate Tectonics and its Influence to Core-Mantle Evolution with High Core Thermal Conductivity
Nakagawa T & Tackley P
(2016) Modelling the Thermo-Chemical Evolution of the Mantle from a Totally Molten State to the Present day
Tackley P & Lourenco D
(2016) Galactic Chemical Evolution Models and the Geophysical Nature of Cosmochemically Earth-Like Planets
Mojzsis S, Meyer B, Harrison TM, Frost D, Rubie D, Golabek G, Tackley P & Hernlund J
(2016) Early Evolution and Dynamics of the Moon from a Molten Initial Stage
Lourenço DL, Tackley PJ, Liebske C, Golabek GJ & Fernandes VA
(2016) Self-Consistent Generation of Continental Crust in Global Mantle Convection Models
Jain C, Rozel AB & Tackley PJ
(2014) Influence of Melting on the Long-Term Thermo-Chemical Evolution of Earth’s Deep Mantle
Tackley P, Lourenco D, Fomin I & Nakagawa T
(2009) The Survival of Reservoirs of Dense Material at in the Lower Mantle and the Source of OIB
Deschamps F, Kaminski E, Tackley P & Nakagawa T
(2009) Infuence of MORB Bulk Composition on 3-D Spherical Models of Thermo-Chemical Mantle Convection with Self-Consistently Calculated Mineral Physics
Nakagawa T, Tackley P, Deschamp F & Connolly J
(2009) The Effect of Toroidal Flow on Mantle Mixing Efficiency in Numerical Simulations of 3D Spherical Convection
van Heck HJ & Tackley PJ
(2009) The Thermochemical Structure of the Upper Mantle as Inferred by Seismic and Gravity Data
Cammarano F, Nakagawa T & Tackley PJ
(2009) Small-Scale Sublithospheric Convection Reconciles Geochemistry and Geochronology of Intraplate Volcanoes in the W- and S-Pacific
Ballmer MD, Ito G, van Hunen J, Bianco TA & Tackley PJ
(2009) Mantle Convection, Stagnant Lids and Plate Tectonics on Super-Earths
Tackley P & van Heck H
(2007) Non-Monotonic Scenarios for the Earth's Thermal History
Grigné C & Tackley P
(2007) The Dynamics of Core Formation in Terrestrial Planets by Negative Diapirism: Timescales, Heat Distribution and Metal-Silicate Equilibration
Samuel H & Tackley P
(2007) Effects of Self-Consistently-Calculated Thermodynamic Properties in Thermo-Chemical Multiphase Mantle Convection in a 3D Spherical Shell
Nakagawa T, Tackley P, Deschamps F & Connolly J
(2007) The Mode of Mantle Convection: Exploring the Model Space and Comparing with Probabilistic Tomography
Deschamps F & Tackley P
(2007) Effect of Self-Consistently Generated Plate Tectonics on Stirring by Mantle Convection in a 3-D Spherical Shell
van Heck H & Tackley P
(2007) Magma Generation and Transport in Subduction Zones: Numerical Simulations of Chemical, Thermal and Mechanical Coupling during Magma Ascent by Porous Flow
Arcay D, Gerya T & Tackley P
(2007) Intraplate Volcanism due to Small-Scale Convection – A 3D-Numerical Study
Ballmer MD, van Hunen J & Tackley PJ
(2005) Modeling Mantle Geochemical (Isotopic) and Geodynamical Evolution
Tackley P & Xie S
(2005) A Comparison between Lower Mantle Models from Probabilistic Tomography and Models of Thermo-Chemical Convection
Deschamps F, Trampert J & Tackley P
(2005) A Comparison of Methods for Modeling Chemical Variability in the Earth's Mantle
Kellogg J & Tackley P
(2002) Isotopic Evolution of the Mantle in Numerical Models of Mantle Convection and Plate Tectonics
Tackley PJ & Xie S
(2001) The Influence of Lithosphere Behavior on Thermo-Chemical Evolution of Planetary Mantles: Plate Tectonics, Rigid Lids, and Episodic Plate Tectonics
Tackley PJ & Xie S

Taczkowska M. (2011) FT-ICR/MS and Quantum Chemical Studies of Aqueous Polyoxometalates
Taczkowska M, Lemke K, Sadjadi S & Seward T

Tada N. (2016) Interpretation of the High Conductive Anomaly of the Society Hotspot
Tada N, Tarits P, Baba K, Utada H & Suetsugu D

Tada R. (2018) Resolving the Provenance of Marine Sediment in the Ulleung Basin to Reconstruct the East Asian Monsoon
Anderson C, Murray R, Dunlea A, Giosan L, Kinsley C, McGee D & Tada R
(2018) Isolating the Eolian Component of Japan Sea Sediments (IODP Site U1430) for Radiogenic Isotope Provenance Studies
Kinsley C, McGee D, Anderson C, Dunlea A, Murray R, Giosan L & Tada R
(2016) Estimation of Organic Content in the Quaternary Hemipelagic Sediment from Yamato Ridge Based on Br Intensity by XRF Core Scanner
Seki A, Tada R, Kurokawa S, Murayama M, Matsuzaki T, Murray RW, Alvarez Zarikian CA & Scientists E3
(2016) Formation Processes and Human Impact for Sediments in Majuro Atoll
Ito L, Yamaguchi T, Omori T, Yoneda M, Muto S, Tada R & Takahashi Y
(2016) Understanding the Cenozoic Evolution of East Asian Tectonic-Geomorphology: A Sediment Provenance-Based Approach
Zheng H, He M, Wang P, Wei X, Luo C, Tada R & Clift P
(2016) Variations of U and Mo Isotopes Across the Deep Sea Permian-Triassic Boundary
Takahashi S, Gordon G, Ozaki K, Yamasaki S, Kimura K, Anbar A & Tada R
(2011) Enhanced Chemical Weathering during Early Triassic in Response to the Collapse of Terrestrial Ecosystem after the End-Permian Mass Extinction
Ikeda M, Sakuma H, Tada R & Takahasi S
(2009) Osmium Evidence for Relationship between Atmospheric Oxygenation and Paleoproterozoic Glaciation
Sekine Y, Suzuki K, Senda R, Tajika E, Tada R, Goto K, Yamamoto S, Ohkouchi N & Ogawa N
(2007) Reconstruction of the Past Biogeochemical Cycles Based on Compound-Specific N and C Isotopic Analyses of Sedimentary Porphyrins
Kashiyama Y, Ogawa NO, Chikaraishi Y, Nomoto S, Tada R, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N
(2006) Nitrogen and carbon isotopic analyses on sedimentary porphyrins of organic-rich shales from Miocene and mid-Cretaceous
Kashiyama Y, Ogawa NO, Chikaraishi Y, Suga H, Tada R, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N
(2006) Nitrogen isotopic composition of chlorophylls and porphyrins in geological samples as tools for reconstructing paleoenvironment
Ohkouchi N, Kashiyama Y, Chikaraishi Y, Ogawa N, Tada R & Kitazato H

Tada Y (2003) The Seasonal Isotopic Record of Antarctic Bivalve Shell
Tada Y, Wada H & Miura H

Tada Yohei (2017) Rare Earth Elements as Supporting Approaches for Early-Stage Geothermal Exploration
Shoedarto RM, Tada Y, Kashiwaya K, Koike K, Iskandar I, Heriawan MN, Notosiswojo S & Malik D
(2014) Interaction of Surface Water and Groundwater in the Kyoto Basin
Kashiwaya K, Fumita R, Koike K, Tada Y, Taniguchi M & Nakano T

Tadanier C.J. (2010) Irreversible Reductions in Surface Area of Nanoparticles Depends on Drying Conditions
Madden A, Bickmore B, Tadanier C, Lau B, Miller M & Huang R
(2004) Ordered Water in Surface Complexation Modeling
Tadanier C, Madden A & Eick M
(2004) Combined ab Initio/Bond-Valence Method of pKa Prediction for Oxide Surfaces
Bickmore B, Tadanier C & Rosso K
(2003) Mineral-Fluid Interfaces and Interactions: From Molecular to Local, Regional, and Global-Scale Processes
Hochella M, Tadanier C, Lower B, Lower S, Kendall T & Cail T
(2002) Competitive Adsorption of Oxyanions
Tadanier CJ, Luxton TP & Eick MJ
(2001) Modeling Nanoforce Measurements between Viable Microorganisms and Mineral Surfaces: Influence of Environment on Interfacial Phenomena
Tadanier CJ & Lower SK
(2000) Surface Complexation Modeling of Pi-Goethite Adsorption Behavior: Integrating Adsorption Edge and Surface Charging Data
Tadanier CJ, Eick MJ & Hochella MF
(2000) An Integrated Biogeochemical Approach for Studying Bio-Availability of Microbial Nutrients Sorbed on Mineral Surfaces
Tadanier CJ, Airey C, Berry DF, Potts M & Hochella MF
(2000) Probing the Dynamic Nanoscale World at the Interface between Micro-Organism and Minerals
Lower S, Tadanier C & Hochella M

Taddeucci J. (2013) Challenges in Constraining and Understanding Strombolian Volcanism
Houghton B, Taddeucci J & Edmonds M

Tadeucci J. (2015) Determination of End-Member Proportions for Syn-Eruptive Magma Mixing of 2010 Eyjafjalljökull Eruption by High-Resolution Geochemical Mapping of Volcanic Ash
Laeger K, Petrelli M, Andronico D, Scarlato P, Cimarelli C, Del Bello E, Misiti V, Tadeucci J & Perugini D

Tadokoro D. (2016) NINS Astrobiology Center Project: The Origin of Terrestrial Bioorganic Homochirality Relevance to Asymmetry of the Universe – Approaches with Synergy Effects of Observations, Experiments and Computations
Takahashi J-I, Katoh M, Tamura M, Kobayashi K, Umemura M, Kusakabe N, Kwon J, Takashima Y, Hosaka M, Zen H, Matsuo K, Tadokoro D, Kamei Y, Ehara M, Fukuda R, Shiraishi K & Shinojima H

Taenzer L. (2018) Bulk and Clumped Isotopic Signatures of Aerobically Produced Methane
Taenzer L, Gaube J, Rumble D, Young E, Labidi J & Leavitt W

Taetz S. (2015) Fluid-Rock Interaction along a HP/LT Vein System (New Caledonia)
Taetz S, John T, Bröcker M & Spandler C

Tafforeau P. (2017) New Tooth Growth Model for Studying Ancient Climate
Green D, Colman A, Green G, Bidlack F, Tafforeau P & Smith T
(2015) Fluids, Melts and Minerals in Pannonian Peridotites – Quantitative Petrography Using Synchrotron X-Ray Microtomography
Creon L, Rouchon V, Rosenberg E, Youssef S, Guyot F, Szabo C, Tafforeau P & Boller E

Taffs R. (2011) In Silico, Physiological, and Proteomic Cost-Benefit Analysis of Resource-Limited Microbial Growth
Carlson R, Folsom J & Taffs R
(2009) Molecular Level in Silico Analysis of Mass and Energy Flows in Microbial Communities
Carlson R & Taffs R

Tagami K. (2016) Analytical Methodology and Potential Applications of a New Geochemical Tracer of 135Cs/137Cs Isotope Ratio
Zheng J, Cao L, Bu W, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Study on Soil to Crop Transfer Factor of Plutonium by Literature Review and Field Investigation
Wang Z, Zheng J, Cao L, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Effective Half-Lives of 137Cs in Some Terrestrial Plants Observed after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Radiocesium Accumulation and Plutonium Source Identification in Sediments from Lake Inba after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Cao L, Ishii N, Zheng J, Tagami K, Uchida S, Kagami M & Pan S
(2016) Cesium-137 Concentrations in Freshwater Fishes Collected in Lake Inba
Ishii N, Kagami M, Furota T, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Consideration of the Marine Kd and the Exchangeable Fraction: The Case of 90Sr and 137Cs
Uchida S & Tagami K
(2008) Distributions of Rare Earth Elements in Japanese Estuaries
Takata H, Aono T, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2008) Concentrations and Behaviors of I and Br in Soil-Plant Systems
Uchida S & Tagami K
(2008) Use of LC-IRMS for the Direct Determination of Stable Carbon Isotope Ratios in River Waters
Tagami K & Uchida S
(2003) Concentration Levels of Rhenium in Japanese River Waters
Tagami K & Uchida S

Tagami T. (2016) A New Fault Dating Project on the Nojima and Arima-Takatsuki Active Fault Zones–opportunities for Integrated Geo- and Thermochronology Studies
Lin A & Tagami T
(2016) Low Temperature Thermochronology of Fault Zones: An Overview and Examples
Tagami T
(2016) K-Ar Dating for Fault Gouges within the Arima-Takatsuki Tectonic Line, Southwest Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Niwa M & Tagami T
(2013) Intermethod Comparison for K-Ar Dating of Clay Gouge
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H & Tagami T
(2013) Thermochronological Investigation of Seismogenic Fault Zones: An Overview and Examples from Japanese Islands
Tagami T
(2013) Relationship between Modern Speleothem Formation and Surface Weather in an Asian Tropical Cave
Hasegawa W, Watanabe Y, Matsuoka H, Ohsawa S, Brahmantyo B, Maryunani KA & Tagami T
(2012) Brittle Fault Dating from the Mesoproterozoic to the Neogene
Zwingmann H, Mancktelow N, Viola G, Pleuger J, Yamasaki S & Tagami T
(2012) New Time Constrains on Brittle Faulting in the Toki Granite, Central Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Yamada K, Umeda K & Tagami T
(2011) Constraining Timing of Brittle Deformation – A Case Study from Fault Zones in Toki Granite, Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Todd A, Yamada K, Umeda K & Tagami T
(2009) (U-Th)/He Thermochronologic Analysis of the Median Tectonic Line and Associated Pseudotachylyte
Yamada K, Hanamuro T, Tagami T, Shimada K, Takagi H, Iwano H, Danhara T & Umeda K
(2009) Precipitation Variation for the Last 140 Years Recorded in Stable Isotope Ratios from Indonesian Stalagmite
Watanabe Y, Matsuoka H, Sakai S, Yamada M, Ohsawa S, Kiguchi M, Satomura T, Nakai S, Brahamantyo B, Maryunani K, Tagami T, Takemura K & Yoden S
(2009) Isotopic Geochemistry of the Shield-Stage Lavas of Hualalai Volcano, Hawaii
Yamasaki S, Kani T, Hanan B & Tagami T
(2008) New (U-Th)/He Dating Systems and Ages in Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Yamada K, Hanamuro T, Tagami T, Yamada R & Umeda K
(2007) New 40Ar/39Ar and K-Ar Ages from Macolod Corridor, SW Luzon, Philippines: Implication of its Volcanic History
Sudo M, Listanco E, Ishikawa N, Tagami T, Kamata H & Tatsumi Y
(2006) (U-Th)/He thermochronology of the Tanzawa Tonalite complex, Japan.
Yamada K & Tagami T
(2006) Nojima and MTL fault zone gouge dating, Japan
Zwingmann H, Yamada K & Tagami T
(2003) Argon Isotopic Composition of Historical Lavas of Hawaii
Ozawa A, Tagami T & Kamata H
(2003) Measurements of Thermal Neutron Flux from Rocks with Fission Track Method
Yamaguchi M, Tagami T & Kudo A
(2003) New Unspiked K-Ar Ages of Shield and Postshield Lavas from the West Maui Volcano, Hawaii
Murai T, Tagami T & Sherrod D
(2003) Fission Track Thermochronology of an Ancient Seismogenic Zone in the Shimanto Accretionary Complex, Southwest Japan
Satoh T & Tagami T
(2003) Source and Thermal Evolution of High Himalayan Rocks in the Makalu Region Interpreted from U-Pb and Fission-Track Dating of Zircon
Svojtka M, Tagami T, Kosler J, Mikova J & Buriankova K
(2003) Zircon Fission Track Annealing: Short-Term Heating Experiment Toward the Detection of Frictional Heat along Active Faults
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(2003) Thermal Sensitivities of Zircon (U-Th)/He and Fission-Track Systems
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(2003) Comparison between (U-Th)/He and K/Ar Ages from Layered Young Rhyolites in Kyushu, Japan
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(2003) Pseudotachylyte Dating by Zircon Fission Track Thermochronology
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(2002) Detection of Frictional Heating of Fault Motion by Zircon Fission Track Thermochronology
Murakami M, Yamada R & Tagami T
(2002) Experimental Study on Hydrothermal Annealing of Fission Tracks in Zircon
Yamada K & Tagami T
(2002) K-Ar Age Determination on Honolulu Unit, Oahu, Hawaii
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(2002) Zircon Fission-Track Thermochronology of the Nojima Fault System
Tagami T, Murakami M, Hasebe N, Kamohara H & Takemura K

Tagawa S. (2016) Ab Initio Simulations of Light Elements in the Earth’s Core
Militzer B, Tagawa S, Hirose K & Wahl S

Taggart R. (2017) Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Combustion Residuals by Leaching and Membrane-Based Separations
Taggart R, Smith R, Hower J & Hsu-Kim H

Taghadosi H. (2018) Geology, Alteration, Mineralization, Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusion Studies in Namegh Prospective Area, Northeastern Kashmar
Taghadosi H, Malekzadeh A, Karimpour MH & Karimi H
(2018) Komatiite !?
Karimi H, Homam M, Topuz G & Taghadosih H

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