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Novella Davide (2019) Vanadium Isotopic Composition of Garnet-Clinopyroxene Pairs from Kimberlite-Hosted Mantle Xenoliths
Page S, Prytulak J, Nowell G, Novella D & Yaxley G
(2019) Redox Proxy Behaviours during Partial Melting of Mantle Lithologies
Novella D, Maclennan J, Shorttle O, Prytulak J & Murton B

Novella Davide (2016) Accurate Self-Diffusion Coefficients of Hydrogen in Olivine and Implications for Mantle Electrical Conductivity
Novella D, Du Frane W, Jacobsen B, Weber P, Ryerson F & Tyburczy J

Novella Davide (2017) Evaluating Mantle Oxygen Fugacity Proxies along the Reykjanes Ridge
Novella D, Prytulak J, Maclennan J, Shorttle O & Murton B

Novella Davide (2015) Water Storage in Ca-Clinopyroxene with Depth, an Experimental Study
Bolfan-Casanova N, Poissonneau T & Novella D
(2015) Raman Spectroscopy Analyses to Determine the H Content of Nominally Anhydrous Minerals Wadsleyite and Ringwoodite
Novella D, Bolfan-Casanova N, Bureau H, Raepsaet C & Montagnac G

Novella Davide (2013) Experimental Efforts to Understand Deep Mantle Melting
Frost D, Novella D, Myhill R, Liebske C & Tronnes R
(2013) The Formation of Low Degree Hydrous Melts in the Earth’s Upper Mantle
Novella D, Frost DJ & Hauri EH
(2011) Water Contents of Incipient Partial Melts in Equilibrium with Peridotite at Upper Mantle Conditions
Novella D & Frost DJ

Novembre Daniela (2019) Solid-State Synthesis of Silicates that Tries to Reproduce Rhyolitic-Xenolith Interaction in the Monte Ulmus Peralkaline Pyroclastic Unit (Sardinia, Italy)
Novembre D, Carrazana A & Gimeno D

Novembre Daniela (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Na-X Zeolite Using a Diatomitic Rock from Albacete (Southern Spain)
Pace C, Novembre D & Gimeno D
(2015) Characterization of Ash from the San Miguel Volcano Eruption of December the 29th, 2013 and Environmental Concerns
Hernández de la Cruz A, Gimeno D & Novembre D
(2013) Synthesis and Characterization of K-Zeolites by the Use of a Diatomite
Pace C, Novembre D & Gimeno D

Novembre Daniela (2009) Archaeometric Evidence of Trade of Leucite-Bearing Volcanic-Made Roman Mills of Pompeian Style in NE Hispania (Spain)
Gimeno-Torrente D, Aulinas M, Fernandez-Turiel J-L, Pugès M & Novembre D

Novhe O. (2014) Stream Sediment Geochemistry of Komati Sub-Catchment of South Africa
Vadapalli V, Netshitungulwana R, Novhe O & Yibas B

Novikov Alexander (2019) Radioecological Monitoring in the Arctic
Emelyanov A, Novikov A & Lavrinovich E

Novikov Alexey (2015) Structure and Properties of SrO-Al2O3-SiO2 Melts
Novikov A, Neuville D & Hennet L

Novikov Andrey (2019) Baddeleyite, Zircon and Sulfide from Paleoproterozoic Layered PGE Intrusions with Cu-Ni and Pt-Pd Reefs: LA-ICP-MS Data (Arctic Region, Baltic Shild)
Drogobuzhskaya S, Bayanova T, Novikov A, Neradovskiy Y & Subbotin V

Novikova M. (2011) Acid-Base Fractionation in the Model Cl-Bearing Granite
Aranovich L & Novikova M
(2008) Fluid Inclusions in Archean Ultrahigh-Temperature Metamorphic BIF of the Ukrainian Shield (East European Craton, Russia)
Novikova M

Novikova S. (2017) ‘X-Phase’ Ca2UO5•2-3H2O: Long-Term Behaviour in Natural Cement-Like Rocks
Sokol E, Kokh S, Khoury H, Novikova S & Seryotkin Y

Novo T. (2018) Petrochronological Evolution of Garnet-Free UHT Mafic Granulites in the Guaxupé Nappe (SE Brazil): From Subduction to Collision?
Tedeschi M, Pedrosa-Soares A, Dussin I, Lanari P, Novo T, Piacentini Pinheiro MA, Lana C & Peters D

Novoa Godoy G. (2019) How to Determine the Effectiveness of Hydraulic Barriers in Porphyry Cu Tailings Dams?
Navarro-Ciurana D, Saleta-Daví À, Soler A, Quintana Sotomayor C, San Miguel Cornejo D, Musalem Jara M, Novoa Godoy G, Carrasco Jaramillo C, Aguirre-Dueñas E & Escudero Vargas MA

Novokov D. (2007) Helium Isotope Signatures in Rocks, Minerals, and Related Groundwater: Residence Time of He in a Sandstone – Shale Interlayering (Molasse Basin, N. Switzerland)
Tolstikhin I, Waber N, Loosli HH, Kamensky I, Skiba VI & Novokov D

Novoselov A. (2019) WInd Mobilization of Particle Material in the Surface of Tailings Deposited in Arid and Semiarid Climatic Conditions
Gerding J, Morales J & Novoselov A

Novoselov K. (2019) Mineralogy of Se in the Continental and Submarine Oxidation Zones of Urals VHMS Deposits
Belogub E, Ayupova N, Novoselov K, Blinov I, Krivovichev V & Charykova M
(2016) Au and W Geochemical Prospecting Results in the Zorita Area (Central Iberian Zone, Spain)
Cheremazova E, Novoselov K & Mikhailov A

Novotná J. (2011) Wadi as Collectors of Drinking Water in the South Mongolia
Juřička D, Yondon M, Novotná J & Kynicky J

Novotnik B. (2019) The Future of Petroleum Resources: From Fuels to Electricity?
Radovic J, Novotnik B, Venkatesan S, Thangadurai V, Strous M & Larter S

Novotny A. (2017) Stability of U(IV) in Fresh and Aged Bioreduced Sediments
Loreggian L, Novotny A & Bernier-Latmani R

Novotny E.V. (2014) NO2 and PM10 Exposure Models for Europe Using Satellite-Derived Measurements
Vienneau D, Bechle MJ, de Hoogh K, Beelen R, Martin RV, van Donkelaar A, Novotny EV, Millet DB, Hoek G & Marshall JD

Novoveska L. (2012) Discharge-Driven Harmful Algal Blooms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
MacIntyre H, Liefer J, Novoveska L, Burnett W, Su N, Eller K, Smith W, Dorsey C, Peterson R & Viso R

Nowack B. (2012) Engineered Nanomaterials in Rivers -Exposure Scenarios for Switzerland at High Spatial and Temporal Resolution
Gottschalk F, Ort C, Scholz RW & Nowack B
(2005) Investigation of Iron Oxyhydroxides Reduction and Associated Metals Release in Soils Using an in situ Iron-Coated Support
Davranche M, Vogt L, Dia A, Gruau G & Nowack B
(2002) A New Method for in situ Analysis of Potentially Toxic Minerals Under Environmental Conditions
Birkefeld A, Nowack B & Schulin R
(2002) Reactions of Biogenic Ligands in the Presence of Metals Ñ What can We Learn from Studying Anthropogenic Chelating Agents?
Nowack B

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