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Zakaria R. (2017) Seasonal Variations in Silicon Concentrations and δ30Si Signatures at a Tropical Estuary: Matang, Malaysia
Panizzo V, Yong YL, Zakaria R, McGowan S, Moorhouse H, Chong VC, Pashley V & Horstwood M

Zakaznova-Herzog V. (2009) XPS Study of Stibnite (Sb2S3) Oxidation
Zakaznova-Herzog V, Harmer S, Nesbitt W, Bancroft M & Pratt A

Zakaznova-Iakovleva V. (2005) High Resolution Valence Band Spectra of Silicates
Zakaznova-Iakovleva V, Harmer S, Nesbitt W, Bancroft M, Tse J & Skinner W
(2002) Spectrophotometric Study of Thioarsenite Speciation in High Temperature Aqueous Solutions
Zakaznova-Iakovleva V & Seward T
(2000) The Hydrolysis of As(III) and Sb(III) in Hydrothermal Solutions to 300℃
Zakaznova-Iakovleva V & Seward T

Zakey A. (2009) Dust Aerosol Impact on Monsoon Dynamics and Regional Precipitation over Western Africa, Sensitivity to Absorption Properties
Solmon F, Mallet M, Elguindi N, Giorgi F, Zakey A & Konaré A
(2009) Simulating Regional Climatic Effects of Atmospheric Aerosols
Giorgi F & Zakey A
(2009) Coupling of Dimethly Sulfide and its Contribution to Sulfate Aerosols in Regional Climate Model: From Fluxes to Direct Radiative Forcing
Zakey A, Giorgi F, Bi X & Shalaby A

Zakharikhina L. (2013) Biogeochemical Poly-Barrier Qualities in Plants
Zakharikhina L & Litvinenko Y

Zakharov D. (2020) Modern and Ancient Hydrosphere-Rock Interactions Constrained from Triple Oxygen Isotope and in situ δ18O Measurements
Zakharov D, Tanaka R, Butterfield D, Reed M, Palandri J, Bindeman I, Bouvier A-S & Marin-Carbonne J
(2018) Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Hydrothermal Systems: Insights into Ancient Meteoric Waters and Paleoseawater
Zakharov D, Bindeman I, Tanaka R, Friðleifsson GO & Reed M
(2018) Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Shales Through Time: Rapid Emergence of Subaerial Landmasses at 2.5Ga
Bindeman I, Zakharov D, Greber N, Dauphas N, Retallack G, Hofmann A, Lackey JS & Bekker A

Zakharov V. (2016) Formation of Continental Crust during Ultra-Hot Precambrian Orogeny: Insight from Geodynamic Modeling
Perchuk A, Safonov O, Smit A, van Reenen D, Zakharov V & Gerya T

Zakharov Y. (2016) Guadalupian (Middle Permian) Sr Isotope Profile and Reef Collapse in Low/Mid-Lattitude Shelf Carbonates in NE Japan and Primorye (Russia)
Kani T, Isozaki Y & Zakharov Y
(2016) Greater South China: Detrital Zircon Chronology of Paleozoic Sandstones in Japan and Primorye, Russia
Isozaki Y, Nakahata H, Sakata S, Zakharov Y & Hirata T

Zakharova E. (2016) Alteration of Mineral Phases Under Liquid Nuclear Waste Disposal Conditions
Vlasova I, Romanchuk A, Volkova A, Zakharova E, Presniakov I, Sobolev A & Kalmykov S

Zakharova Y (2004) Sedimentary Fe and Mn Cycling in Lake Baikal
Granina L, Mizandrontsev I, Parfenova V & Zakharova Y

Zakharova Yulia (2015) Psychrophilic Bacteria in Sub-Ice Communities of Lake Baikal
Bashenkhaeva M, Zakharova Y & Khanaev I
(2015) Diversity of Microbial Communities and Degradation of Diatoms in the Deepwater Sediments of Lake Baikal
Kurilkina M, Zakharova Y, Galachyants Y, Bashenkhaeva M, Petrova D & Likhoshway Y

Zaki M. (2015) Geochemistry of Opholites Metagabbros and Younger Granites Around Wadi Arais, South Eastern Desert, Egypt
Ghoneim MF, Mohamed EM & Zaki M

Zaki R. (2016) Hydrochemical Characterization and Groundwater Evaluation of the Area West El-Minia District, Egypt
Ismail E, Zaki R & Kamel A

Zakipour Z.

Zakir H. M. (2016) Geochemical Baseline and Heavy Metal Contamination Level in Soils of Barapukuria Open Coal Mine Area in Dinajpur, Bangladesh
Zakir HM & Arafat MY

Zakir Hossen M. (2008) Trace Metal Pollution in the Sediments of an Urban River: An Impact of Anthropogenic Activities
Zakir HM & Shikazono N
(2007) Geochemical Fractionation and Anthropogenic Metal Pollution in Sediments of Nakagawa River in Tokyo, Japan
Zakir Hossen M & Shikazono N
(2006) Comparison of three sequential extraction schemes for heavy metal fractionation in sediment samples
Zakir HM & Shikazono N

Zakiri M. (2019) The CREp Chlorine-36 Exposure Age and Depth Profile Calculator
Schimmelpfennig I, Tesson J, Blard P-H, Benedetti L, Zakiri M & Balco G

Zakirov I. (2000) Arsenic Speciation and Transport in Hydrothermal Vapour and Low-Density Crustal Fluids
Pokrovski G, Zakirov I & Roux J

Zakon Y. (2017) What is the Real Depandncy of Albite Dissolution Rate on Deviation from Equilibrium
Gruber C, Zakon Y & Ganor J
(2015) Free Energy Dependence of Albite Dissolution Kinetics
Gruber C, Kutuzov I, Zakon Y & Ganor J
(2014) Coupling between Dissolution and Precipitation during Chemical Weathering of Albite
Gruber C, Zhu C, Kutuzov I, Zakon Y, Georg B & Ganor J
(2014) Isotope Approach for Tracking the Fate of Brominated Organic Compounds in the Environment
Gelman F, Bernstein A, Zakon Y, Balaban N, Kozell A, Halicz L & Ronen Z

Zakrajsek J.R. (2005) Field Evidence for Unstable Thermal-Convective Transport in a Fault Controlled Geothermal System
Fairley J, Hinds J & Zakrajsek JR

Zakusin S. (2017) Structural Features of Clay Minerals from Streltsovsky Ore Field (Russia)
Dorzhieva O, Krupskaya V, Zakusin S, Andreeva O & Yakovishin S

Zaky A. (2015) REE Compositions of Modern Shelf and Deep-Water Articulated Brachiopods
Zaky A, Azmy K, Brand U & Logan A

Zal D. (2020) Method Development: Crystalline Rock Porewater Extraction Using Vacuum-Distillation
Najem T, Zal D, Kennell-Morrison L & Douglas Clark I

Zalakeviciute R. (2012) Methods for Quantifying Methane Fluxes during Shale Hydraulic Fracturing
Zalakeviciute R, Sparks J, Howarth R, Ingraffea A & Marino R

Zalasiewicz J. (2013) Provenance and Metamorphic Conditions of Very Low-Grade Metasedimentary Rocks of the Variscan Accretionary Prism of the Kaczawa Mts. (SW Poland): Geochemical and Mineralogical Evidence
Kostylew J, Kryza R & Zalasiewicz J
(2002) Dating Diagenetic Monazite in Mudrocks: Constraining the Oil Window?
Evans JA, Evans J, Zalasiewicz J, Fletcher I, Rasmussen B & Pearce N

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