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Zakharov Y. (2016) Guadalupian (Middle Permian) Sr Isotope Profile and Reef Collapse in Low/Mid-Lattitude Shelf Carbonates in NE Japan and Primorye (Russia)
Kani T, Isozaki Y & Zakharov Y
(2016) Greater South China: Detrital Zircon Chronology of Paleozoic Sandstones in Japan and Primorye, Russia
Isozaki Y, Nakahata H, Sakata S, Zakharov Y & Hirata T

Zakharova E. (2016) Alteration of Mineral Phases Under Liquid Nuclear Waste Disposal Conditions
Vlasova I, Romanchuk A, Volkova A, Zakharova E, Presniakov I, Sobolev A & Kalmykov S

Zakharova Y (2004) Sedimentary Fe and Mn Cycling in Lake Baikal
Granina L, Mizandrontsev I, Parfenova V & Zakharova Y

Zakharova Yulia (2015) Psychrophilic Bacteria in Sub-Ice Communities of Lake Baikal
Bashenkhaeva M, Zakharova Y & Khanaev I
(2015) Diversity of Microbial Communities and Degradation of Diatoms in the Deepwater Sediments of Lake Baikal
Kurilkina M, Zakharova Y, Galachyants Y, Bashenkhaeva M, Petrova D & Likhoshway Y

Zaki M. (2015) Geochemistry of Opholites Metagabbros and Younger Granites Around Wadi Arais, South Eastern Desert, Egypt
Ghoneim MF, Mohamed EM & Zaki M

Zaki R. (2016) Hydrochemical Characterization and Groundwater Evaluation of the Area West El-Minia District, Egypt
Ismail E, Zaki R & Kamel A

Zakipour Z.

Zakir H. M. (2016) Geochemical Baseline and Heavy Metal Contamination Level in Soils of Barapukuria Open Coal Mine Area in Dinajpur, Bangladesh
Zakir HM & Arafat MY

Zakir Hossen M. (2008) Trace Metal Pollution in the Sediments of an Urban River: An Impact of Anthropogenic Activities
Zakir HM & Shikazono N
(2007) Geochemical Fractionation and Anthropogenic Metal Pollution in Sediments of Nakagawa River in Tokyo, Japan
Zakir Hossen M & Shikazono N
(2006) Comparison of three sequential extraction schemes for heavy metal fractionation in sediment samples
Zakir HM & Shikazono N

Zakiri M. (2019) The CREp Chlorine-36 Exposure Age and Depth Profile Calculator
Schimmelpfennig I, Tesson J, Blard P-H, Benedetti L, Zakiri M & Balco G

Zakirov I. (2000) Arsenic Speciation and Transport in Hydrothermal Vapour and Low-Density Crustal Fluids
Pokrovski G, Zakirov I & Roux J

Zakon Y. (2017) What is the Real Depandncy of Albite Dissolution Rate on Deviation from Equilibrium
Gruber C, Zakon Y & Ganor J
(2015) Free Energy Dependence of Albite Dissolution Kinetics
Gruber C, Kutuzov I, Zakon Y & Ganor J
(2014) Coupling between Dissolution and Precipitation during Chemical Weathering of Albite
Gruber C, Zhu C, Kutuzov I, Zakon Y, Georg B & Ganor J
(2014) Isotope Approach for Tracking the Fate of Brominated Organic Compounds in the Environment
Gelman F, Bernstein A, Zakon Y, Balaban N, Kozell A, Halicz L & Ronen Z

Zakrajsek J.R. (2005) Field Evidence for Unstable Thermal-Convective Transport in a Fault Controlled Geothermal System
Fairley J, Hinds J & Zakrajsek JR

Zakusin S. (2017) Structural Features of Clay Minerals from Streltsovsky Ore Field (Russia)
Dorzhieva O, Krupskaya V, Zakusin S, Andreeva O & Yakovishin S

Zaky A. (2015) REE Compositions of Modern Shelf and Deep-Water Articulated Brachiopods
Zaky A, Azmy K, Brand U & Logan A

Zalakeviciute R. (2012) Methods for Quantifying Methane Fluxes during Shale Hydraulic Fracturing
Zalakeviciute R, Sparks J, Howarth R, Ingraffea A & Marino R

Zalasiewicz J. (2013) Provenance and Metamorphic Conditions of Very Low-Grade Metasedimentary Rocks of the Variscan Accretionary Prism of the Kaczawa Mts. (SW Poland): Geochemical and Mineralogical Evidence
Kostylew J, Kryza R & Zalasiewicz J
(2002) Dating Diagenetic Monazite in Mudrocks: Constraining the Oil Window?
Evans JA, Evans J, Zalasiewicz J, Fletcher I, Rasmussen B & Pearce N

Zaldibar B. (2017) Platinum Bioaccumulation Kinetics in Marine Bivalve (Oyster Crassostrea gigas) – A Potential Sentinel Species for TCEs
Abdou M, Schafer J, Dutruch L, Bossy C, Zaldibar B, Medrano R, Izagirre U, Catrouillet C, Hu R, Coynel A, Gil-Diaz T, Lerat A, Blanc G & Soto M

Zalecki R. (2015) Thermal Transformation of Si-rich Ferrihydrite to Hematite via Three (γ, ε, and β) Fe2O3 Polymorphs
Rzepa G, Pieczara G, Gaweł A, Zelek S, Zubko M, Zalecki R & Tomczyk A

Zaloumis J.

Žaludková K. (2013) Heavy Metals Mobility: Surface Water Processes (The Copperbelt Case Study)
Žaludková K & Zeman J

Zamana L.V. (2013) Hydrogeochemistry Technogenesis Zone Gold Deposits Baley Ore Field (Eastern Transbaikalia, Russia)
Zamana LV

Zamanian K. (2017) 14C Labeling Approach to Understand the Dynamics of Shell Carbonate Recrystallizaton
Zamanian K, Pustovoytov K & Kuzyakov Y

Zambardi T. (2019) Fluid/mineral Isotope Exchange Kinetics at Bulk Chemical Equilibrium
Stamm FM, Zambardi T, Chmeleff J, Schott J & Oelkers EH
(2018) Extreme Silicon Isotope Fractionation between Silicic Acid and Aqueous Organosilicon Complexes: Implication for Silica Biomineralization
Stamm FM, Méheut M, Zambardi T, Chmeleff J, Schott J & Oelkers EH
(2018) On the Iron Isotope Heterogeneity of Lunar Highlands
Poitrasson F, Zambardi T, Magna T & Neal CR
(2017) Experimental Determination of the Isotope Fractionation between Aqueous Fluid Brucite and Amorphous Silica, and Among Mg and Si Aqueous Species
Stamm FM, Zambardi T, Chmeleff J, Méheut M, Schott J & Oelkers EH
(2017) Clastic Coasts: An Overloocked Term of the Geochemical si Cycle
Fabre S, Zambardi T, Almar R, Roustan M & Jeandel C
(2017) Controls on Si Isotopic Fractionations in the Forested Tropical Watershed of Mule Hole (Southern India)
Riotte J, Meunier J-D, Zambardi T, Audry S, Barboni D, Anupama K, Prasad S, Chmeleff J, Sekhar M, Poitrasson F & Braun J-J
(2016) What are the Sources and Processes Behind Si and Fe Stable Isotope Compositions of Igneous Rocks?
Poitrasson F, Zambardi T & Méheut M
(2016) Experimental Dissolution of Lithogenic Material into Freshwater and Seawater
Estrade N, Fabre S, Quitté G, Zambardi T, Yin N, Cloquet C, Probst A & Jeandel C
(2015) What Causes Metal and Metalloid Stable Isotope Fractionation in Silicic Melts?
Poitrasson F, Zambardi T & Méheut M
(2014) Assessing Stable Isotope Fractionations during Differentiation Through Spatial Sampling
Lundstrom C, Zambardi T, Gajos N, Huggett N, Kehoe K & Perfit M
(2014) Si Isotope Fractionation during the Dissolution of Quartz, Opal-Ct, Diatomite, and Amorphous SiO2
Rinder T, Oelkers E & Zambardi T
(2012) Non-Traditional Isotope Variations at Cedar Butte Volcano; Insight into Magmatic Differentiation
Zambardi T, Li X-X, Lundstrom CC, Holmden C & McCurry M
(2011) A Combined Earth-Moon Si Isotopes Model to Track Rocks Petrogenesis
Zambardi T & Poitrasson F
(2009) Silicon Isotope Variations in the Earth and Meteorites
Zambardi T, Poitrasson F, Quitte G & Anand M

Zambare N. (2018) Controlling Strontium Partitioning during MICP Under Continuous Flow
Zambare N, Lauchnor E & Gerlach R

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