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Uteyev R. (2017) Thermodynamic Studies of Water-Rock-Hydrocarbon-Gas Interactions in Petroleum Systems
Richard L, Michel P, Uteyev R, Peters H, Gelin F & Brosse E
(2011) Thermodynamic Consequences of the Injection of CO2-H2S Gas Mixtures in Sulfur-Rich Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
Uteyev R, Richard L, Randi A & Pironon J
(2009) A Thermodynamic and Mass Transfer Analysis of Organic/Inorganic Interactions during Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction in Carbonate Reservoirs
Uteyev R, Richard L, Sterpenich J, Clément A & Dessort D

Uthaipan K. (2018) Diagnosis of CO2 Fluxes and pH in a River-Dominated Ocean Margin: The Northern South China Sea Shelf Affected by the Pearl River Plume
Zhao Y, Cao Z, Liu J, Uthaipan K & Dai M

Utkin I. (2018) Numerical Simulation of Magma Chamber Degassing
Utkin I, Afanasyev A, Melnik O, Blundy J & Sparks S

Uto K. (2006) Upper mantle isotopic components beneath the Ryukyu arc system: evidence for ‘back-arc’ entrapment of Pacific MORB
Hoang N, Uto K, Matsumoto A & Itoh J
(2003) Mantle Isotopic Heterogeneity beneath Northern Kyushu, SW Japan
Hoang N & Uto K
(2003) Magma Ascent and Degassing Process of Miyakejima 2000 Eruption: Constraints from Glass Inclusions and Volcanic Gases
Saito G, Uto K, Kazahaya K & Shinohara H
(2003) Along-Arc Geochemical Variation of the Southern Izu-Bonin Arc – Transition from the Izu-Bonin to Mariana Arc -
Ishizuka O, Taylor R, Yuasa M, Milton J, Nesbitt R & Uto K
(2000) Spatial and Temporal Variation of Back-Arc Volcanism in the Izu-Bonin Arc – Chemical Variation in Relation to Volcano-Tectonic History
Ishizuka O, Nesbitt RW, Taylor RN, Yuasa M, Uto K & Hochstaedter AG

Utoomprurkporn W. (2003) Seasonality in Arsenic Biogeochemistry: Pak Panang Bay, Southern Thailand
Utoomprurkporn W, Millward G, Foulkes M, Rattanachongkiat S, Taiyagupt M & Tantichodok P

Utsumi W. (2003) Kinetics of the Graphite-Diamond Transformation in Aqueous Fluid Determined by in situ X-Ray Diffractions
Okada T & Utsumi W
(2003) Pressure-Induced Polymorphic Phase Transition in Liquid Germanate
Ohtaka O, Arima H, Fukui H, Utsumi W, Katayama Y & Yoshiasa A
(2001) Post-Spinel Transition in Mg2SiO4 Determined by High P-T in situ X-Ray Diffractometry
Katsura T, Walter MJ, Yamada H, Shinmei T, Kubo A, Ono S, Kanzaki M, Yoneda A, Ito E, Urakawa S, Funakoshi K & Utsumi W

Utsunomiya S. (2018) Novel Method to Quantify Radioactive Cesium-Rich Microparticles in the Environment from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Ikehara R, Suetake M, Komiya T, Furuki G, Ochiai A, Yamasaki S, Bower W, Law G, Ohnuki T, Grambow B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S
(2018) Speciation of Uranium Released to the Environment with Cesium-Rich Microparticles from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Utsunomiya S, Ochiai A, Imoto J, Suetake M, Komiya T, Furuki G, Ikehara R, Morooka K & Kurihara E
(2018) Alkaline-Activated Metakaolin Solidification of Iodine Sorbed by Layered Double Hydroxides
Ohnuki T, Kozai N, Tanaka K, Tokunaga K, Utsunomiya S, Ikehara R, Komiya T, Takeda A, Kaplan D & Santschi P
(2018) Removal of TcO4- Using Zero-Valent Manganese
Kato T, Ohnuki T, Kozai N, Tanaka K, Grambow B & Utsunomiya S
(2018) Remediation Mechanisms of Uranium Mill-Tailing Site at Ningyo-Toge, Japan, Under the Circumneutral Condition
Kawamoto K, Ochiai A, Takeda A, Nakano Y, Onuki T & Utsunomiya S
(2017) Ore Systems as Nanoparticle Factories
Deditius A, Reich M, Utsunomiya S, Barra F, Gonzalez-Jimenez J-M, Simon A, Suvorova A, Ewing R & Kesler S
(2017) Nuclear Fuel Fragments Released from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Ochiai A, Imoto J, Furuki G, Ikehara R, Suetake M, Yamasaki S, Nanba K, Ohnuki T, Grambow B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S
(2017) Isotopic Signature and Nano-Scale Texture of Cesium-Rich Micro-Particles: Release of Uranium and Fission Products from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Imoto J, Ochiai A, Furuki G, Ikehara R, Suetake M, Horie K, Takehara M, Yamasaki S, Nanba K, Ohnuki T, Law G, Grambow B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S
(2017) Migration of Cs-Rich Microparticles Released from the FDNPP in the Surface Environments
Furuki G, Ikehara R, Suetake M, Ochiai A, Imoto J, Yamasaki S, Nanba K, Ohnuki T & Utsunomiya S
(2017) Bioremediation of Radioactive Strontium Contaminated Sea Water by Biogenic Ca-Carbonate
Horiike T, Dotsuta Y, Nakano Y, Utsunomiya S, Kozai N, Ohnuki T, Hriljac J & Yamashita M
(2017) Nanocrystallization of Rare Earth Phosphate Using Extracellular Substances Derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Ichiyoshi K, Ochiai A & Utsunomiya S
(2017) Effects of Extracellular Polymeric Substances on the Aggregation of CeO2 Nanoparticles
Nakano Y, Ohnuki T & Utsunomiya S
(2016) Mineralization of Rare Earth Elements as Phosphate at Room Temperature
Ochiai A & Utsunomiya S
(2016) Microbial Antimony Transformation Associated with Antimony Mine Tailing
Hamamura N, Utsunomiya S, Nakano Y & Mitsunobu S
(2016) Cesium-Rich Micro-Particles Unveil the Explosive Events in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Imoto J, Furuki G, Ochiai A, Yamasaki S, Nanba K, Ohnuki T, Grambow B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S
(2016) Challenging Radionuclides in Environment at the Atomic Scale: Issues in Waste Disposal and Fukushima
Utsunomiya S
(2016) Effects of Organic Molecules on the Aggregation of Ceria Nanoparticles
Nakano Y, Masaki S & Utsunomiya S
(2016) Removal of Radioactive Strontium from Sea Water by Biogenic Calcium Carbonates
Ohnuki T, Kozai N, Sakamoto F, Saito T, Ymashita M, Horiike T & Utsunomiya S
(2014) Cesium Occurrence and the Stability in Fukushima Soils
Utsunomiya S, Kawamoto Y, Masaki S, Shiotsu H, Kaneko M, Nanba K & Ohnuki T
(2014) Geochemistry of Au and As in Pyrite from Ore Deposits
Deditius A, Reich M, Kesler S, Utsunomiya S, Chryssoulis S, Walshe J & Ewing R
(2013) Mechanism and Crystallochemical Signature of Nano-Particle Formation by Microorganisms
Shiotsu H, Jiang M, Nakamatsu Y, Ohnuki T & Utsunomiya S
(2013) Interaction of Nanoparticles with Microorganisms
Masaki S, Shiotsu H, Sakamoto F, Ohnuki T & Utsunomiya S
(2013) Nature of Transition Metals on Fine and Ultrafine Particles and the Cytotoxicity
Nakamatsu Y, Aoki T & Utsunomiya S
(2013) Role of Submicron-Sized Particles on the <sup>134, 137</sup>Cs Migration in Fukushima
Kaneko M, Nakamatsu Y, Ohnuki T, Nanba K & Utsunomiya S
(2012) Bio-Mineralization of Rare Earth Elements
Ohnuki T, Jiang M, Utsunomiya S & Tanaka K
(2012) Characteristic of the Long-Term Accumulation of Lanthanides on Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Shiotsu H, Jiang M, Nakamatsu Y, Ohnuki T & Utsunomiya S
(2011) Chemical Limits of Trace Elements in Pyrite
Deditius A, Kesler S, Reich M, Utsunomiya S & Ewing R
(2011) Physical and Chemical State of Fe-Phases in Chinese Aeolian Dust
Kaneko M, Nakamatsu Y, Xie Z & Utsunomiya S
(2010) Trace-Metal Nanoparticles in Pyrite
Deditius A, Utsunomiya S, Reich M, Kesler S, Ewing R, Hough R & Walshe J
(2010) Biological Nano-Mineralization of Yb Phosphate by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jiang M, Ohnuki T, Kamiishi E, Tanaka K, Kozai N, Suzuki Y & Utsunomiya S
(2010) Chemical, Isotopic and Structural Features Associated with Mineral-Fluid Systems Far from Equilibrium
Cole D, Labotka T, Fayek M, Utsunomiya S, DeAngelis M & Anovitz L
(2010) Pb-Incorporation into Synthetic Pb-Doped Zircon
Kogawa M, Watson B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S
(2010) Mechanism of Selenite Sequestration by Low-Soluble Phosphate Minerals
Kamiishi E & Utsunomiya S
(2010) Nanoscale Process in the Alteration of Bentonite-Iron System Under the Hyper Alkaline Conditions
Sakamaki K & Utsunomiya S
(2010) Chemical State of Fe in Fine and Ultrafine Particles in the Urban Atmosphere
Nishita C, Kogawa M & Utsunomiya S
(2009) Atmospheric Nanoparticle: Multi-Scale Analysis on Speciation of Toxic Metals in Urban and Indoor Dust
Jiang M, Jensen KA & Utsunomiya S
(2009) Nano-Scale Phenomena in the Interaction between Apatite and Aqueous Pb
Kamiishi E & Utsunomiya S
(2009) Primary Hematite Formation in an Oxygenated Deep Sea 3.46 Billion Years ago
Hoashi M, Bevacqua D, Otake T, Watanabe Y, Hickman A, Utsunomiya S & Ohmoto H
(2008) Decoupling of Cu and As in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems: Evidence from The Pueblo Viejo Au-Ag Deposit, Dominican Republic
Deditius A, Utsunomiya S, Ewing R & Kesler S
(2008) Speciation of Aluminum in Silicic Acid Solution
Saito T, Nishida I, Utsunomiya S, Okaue Y & Yokoyama T
(2008) Coffinite and Ningyoite from Natural Nuclear Reactor in Bangombé, Gabon
Utsunomiya S, Deditius A, Pointeau V & Ewing R
(2007) Arsenic Uptake and Release on Sulfide Nanoparticles
Renock D, Utsunomiya S, Gallegos T, Hayes K, Ewing R & Becker U
(2005) Natural Uranium Getters in Near Surface Environments at the Nopal I Deposit, Peña Blanca, Mexico
Fayek M, Utsunomiya S, Ewing R & Simmons A
(2005) The Epsilon Phase in the UO<->2<$> of the Oklo Natural Reactors
Utsunomiya S & Ewing R
(2005) Identification of Trace Metal Speciation in Environment Using Z-Contrast Imaging
Utsunomiya S
(2005) Insitu Observation of Thermodynamic Size Effects on Melting of Natural Gold Nanoparticles
Reich M, Utsunomiya S, Becker U, Wang L & Ewing R
(2004) Cr(VI) Reduction by Green Rust
Skovbjerg L, Stipp S, Utsunomiya S & Ewing R
(2004) Behavior of Light REE in Precambrian Paleosols: Implication for Atmospheric Oxygen Evolution
Murakami T, Sato M, Utsunomiya S, Kasama T & Sreenivas B
(2003) Biotite Dissolution Processes and Mechanisms: Early Stage Weathering Environment
Murakami T, Utsunomiya S, Yokoyama T & Kasama T

Utting N. (2008) Noble Gases in Permafrost Perrenial Groundwater Springs, Fishing Branch River, Yukon, Canada
Utting N, Clark I, Aeschbach-Hertig W & Wieser M

Utton C. (2011) Nuclear Imaging of 99mTc Transport and Immobilisation Through Porous Media
Corkhill C, Bridge J, Hillel P, Utton C, Hyatt N, Banwart S & Romero-Gonzalez M

Utzmann A. (2000) Experimental Determination of Low-Temperature Dissolution Kinetics of Silicate Glasses
Utzmann A, Van Cappellen P, Schmincke H & Garbe-Schönberg D

Uunk B. (2018) Dating Mineral Fluid Inclusions: The 40Ar/39Ar Crushing Technique
Uunk B, Postma O, Brouwer F & Wijbrans J
(2017) Dating Mineral Growth by 40Ar/39Ar Age Determination of Fluid Inclusions Using Stepwise Crushing In-Vacuo
Uunk B, Postma O, Wijbrans J & Brouwer F
(2014) The Effects of Rheology and Strain Localisation on White Mica 40Ar/39Ar Ages during HP-Metamorphism on Syros, Greece
Uunk B, Wijbrans J & Brouwer F

Uvarova Y. (2016) Zinc Isotopes in Ferromanganese Crusts as Vectors to Base Metal Deposits
Spinks S, Uvarova Y, Kyser K & Chipley D
(2013) Multiple Fluid Events and Metal Mobility Associated with Formation of IOCG-Type Mineralisation in Gawler Craton
Uvarova Y, Cleverley J & Hough R
(2012) Natural Variations of Uranium Isotopes in Uranium Ore Minerals
Uvarova Y, Kyser K, Lahd Geagea M & Chipley D

Uveges B.T. (2018) Using Carbon Isotopes, Trace Metals, and Microfossils to Understand the Late Devonian Kellwasser Events
Cohen P, King Phillips E, Kelly A, Boyer D, Uveges B & Junium C
(2018) Middle Eocene Seasonality: Insights from the Geochemistry of Fossil Bivalves and Driftwood
Judd EJ, Ivany LC, DeConto RM, Halberstadt ARW, Miklus NM, Junium CK & Uveges BT
(2018) Single Acritarch Cell Carbon Isotope Analyses: Implications for Geobiology
Junium C, Cohen P, King Phillips E & Uveges B

Uyanık Sönmez Ö. (2016) Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of Çayırhan Volcano-Sedimentary Units, Beypazarı, Ankara, Turkey
Uyanık Sönmez Ö & Temel A

Uyeda C. (2016) Undergraduate Education in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry at Osaka University, Japan
Yabuta H, Kondo T, Nakashima S, Sasaki S, Shibai H, Terada K, Toyoda M, Hirono T, Hisatomi O, Saiki K, Terasaki H, Uyeda C, Yamanaka C, Aoki J, Hashizume K, Kawai Y, Sakaiya T & Tani A

Uysal I Tonguc (2015) Late Pleistocene Climate Variability in the Eastern Mediterranean: Multi-Proxy Speleothem Records from Dim Cave in SW Turkey
Unal-Imer E, Shulmeister J, Zhao J-X & Uysal IT
(2013) Possible Link between CO2 Degassing and Climate Change in SW Turkey
Ünal-İmer E, Uysal IT, Shulmeister J & Zhao J-X
(2013) Crustal Evolution during Granite Emplacement: Inheritance and Development of Heat-Producing Element Enrichment
Marshall V, Knesel K, Bryan S, Allen C & Uysal T
(2013) Crustal Evolution of the Intracontinental Warburton–Cooper–Eromanga Basin System, Central Australia
Middleton A, Uysal T & Golding S
(2013) Understanding the Role of Phanerozoic and Active Tectonics in Generating Geothermal Resources in Central Australia
Uysal T, Ring U & Middleton A
(2009) Natural Analogues for Storage of CO2 in Coal Systems, Gunnedah and Bowen Basins, Australia
Golding SD, Uysal IT, Feng Y-X, Baublys KA & Esterle JS
(2002) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Impact Related Alteration Phases from the Woodleigh Impact Structure, Western Australia
Golding SD, Uysal IT, Baublys KA, Glikson AY & Mory AJ
(2001) Stable Isotopic Studies and Isotopic Dating of Impact Related Alteration Minerals, Woodleigh Impact Structure, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia
Golding SD, Uysal IT, Glikson AY, Mory AJ, Baublys KA & Glikson M

Uysal I.T. (2018) Age and Geochemical Constraints on Formation of Fault-Related Late Quaternary Carbonate Veins from Southern Turkey
Ünal-İmer E, Uysal IT, Dirik RK, İmer A & Ring U
(2017) Dating Fault Activity Around the Globe by in situ Chronology of Fault-Related Precipitates
Nuriel P, Weinberger R, Craddock JP, Kylander-Clarh ARC, Hacker BR, Miller DM, Maher K & Uysal IT

Uysal Ibrahim (2017) Boron Isotope Systematics of Collisional Volcanism in Western Anatolia
Palmer M, Ersoy Y, Banks L, Akal C & Uysal I
(2017) Petrochemistry of Early Eocene Lamprophyre Dykes, NE Turkey
Oğuz S, Aydin F, Karslı O, Uysal İ, Şen C & Kandemir R
(2017) The Early Mesozoic Tectonothermal Events in the Eastern Sakarya Zone, NE Turkey
Karslı O, Aydin F, Uysal İ, Dokuz A, Kandemir R & Oğuz S
(2017) Multistage Evolution of the Aladağ Mantle Peridotites (S-Turkey): Implications from Whole Rock and Mineral Chemistry
Saka S & Uysal I
(2015) Re-Os Signature of Mersin Ophiolite (S-Turkey): 187Os Contribution during the SSZ Type Oceanic Crust and Chromitite Generation
Saka S, Uysal I, Akmaz RM, Bağci U & Ersoy EY
(2015) Significance of Oceanic Assemblages in the Central Pontides, Northern Turkey
Sarifakioglu E, Dilek Y, Sevin M, Anma R, Moeller A, Bayanova T, Uysal I & Keles M
(2015) Petrology of the Late Cretaceous Volcanism in the Eastern Blacksea Region, NE-Turkey: Petrographical and Geochemical Constraints
Aydin F, Uysal I, Sen C, Oguz S, Baser R, Kandemir R, Dokuz A & Sari B
(2014) Origin of Enclaves in Syn-Extensional Eğrigöz and Koyunoba Granitoids, Western Turkey: Geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Variations
Erkül ST, Erkül F & Uysal İ
(2013) Melting History of the Pozantı-Karsantı Ophiolite, Turkey: Implications from Whole-Rock and Mineral Compositions
Saka S, Uysal I, Akmaz RM & Kaliwoda M
(2013) Trace Element Composition of Clinopyroxenes from the Kızıldağ Ophiolite (S-Turkey): Implication for Multi-Stage Fractionational Melting in a SSZ Setting
Sen AD, Uysal I, Godard M, Saka S, Akmaz RM, Kaliwoda M & Bağci U
(2013) Petrology, Mineral Chemistry and Sr–Nd−Pb Isotopic Compositions of Granitoids in the Central Menderes Metamorphic Core Complex: Constraints on the Evolution of Aegean Lithosphere Slab
Erkül F, Erkül ST, Ersoy EY, Uysal İ & Klötzli U
(2011) Petrogenesis of Mantle Peridotites from the Kizildağ Ophiolite (SE Turkey): Implications from Mineral Composition
Sen AD, Uysal I, Godard M, Bağcı U & Kaliwoda M
(2011) Mineral Chemistry and Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of the Kabadüz Ore Veins (Ordu, NE-Turkey)
Demir Y, Sadiklar MB, Uysal I, Ceriani A & Hanilçi N
(2011) Podiform Chromitites from the Turkish Ophiolites: An Overview to the Mineralogy of Platinum-Group Elements
Uysal I, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Kaliwoda M, Hochleitner R, Akmaz RM & Saka S
(2009) Coexistence of Abyssal and Ultra–depleted SSZ Type Mantle Peridotites from the Muğla Area, SW Turkey
Uysal I, Karsli O, Sadiklar MB, Tarkian M, Meisel T, Ottley CJ & Stutz P
(2007) The Formation of the Fe Skarn Deposit between Camibogazi and Arnastal (Gumushane, NE Turkey): Evidence from Mineral Chemistry
Sadiklar MB, Sipahi F, Bernhardt H-J & Uysal I
(2007) Petrogenesis of the most-Recent Quaternary Volcanism with Implications for Post-Collisional Lithospheric Thinning of Eastern Turkey, Erzincan
Karsli O, Chen B, Uysal I, Wijbrans JR, Aydin F & Kandemir R
(2007) PGE Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Os-Isotope Signature in the Mantle-Hosted Ophiolitic Chromitites from the Kahramanmaras Area, SE-Turkey
Uysal I, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Meisel T, Tarkian M & Sadiklar MB

Uysal T. (2014) Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry of Syntectonic Sinter Deposits in Active Fault Zones, Central Australia
Uysal T, Ring U & Unal-imer E
(2012) Synchysite: Implications for Titanite Destabilisation and Differential REE, Y and Th Mobility in the Soultz Monzogranite
Middleton A, Foerster H-J, Uysal T & Golding S
(2012) Climate Extremes and Volcanic Eruptions: Trace Elements, Isotopes and U-Series Geochronology Recorded by a Late Quaternary Stalagmite
Uysal T, St Pierre E & Zhao J-X
(2011) Metasomatic Accessory Phases in High Heat-Producing Felsic Igneous Rocks
Middleton A, Golding S & Uysal T

Uzarski D. (2018) Exploring Diel Community and Functional Dynamics of Freshwater Wetlands
Horton D, Learman D, Cooper M, Wing AJ, Kourtev P & Uzarski D

Uzasci Sultanyan S. (2013) Geochemical and Petrographical Investigation of Chromite Occurrences in Burdur-Salda, Turkey
Kiran Yildirim D, Uzasci Sultanyan S, Karabel SB, Kan Bostanci A & Kumral M
(2013) The Platinum Group and Precious Metals Contents of Mugla-Ortaca (Turkey) Area Chromites
Karabel B, Gumus L, Kiran Yildirim D, Uzasci Sultanyan S, Budakoglu M & Kumral M
(2013) Production of the Sodium Sulphate from Acıgöl by Solution Mining Method, Denizli, Turkey
Uzasci Sultanyan S, Karabel SB, Kiran Yildirim D, Budakoglu M, Kumral M & Karaman M

Uzawa Y. (2016) Homogeneous Mantle and Diverse Arc Crust: Significant Role of Mafic Lower Crust for Chemical Diversity of Arc Magmas
Ban M, Kimura J-I, Takahashi T, Uzawa Y, Ohba T, Fujinawa A, Hayashi S, Yoshida T, Miyazaki T, Chan Q, Senda R, Vaglarov B & Tatsumi Y

Uzuncimen Seda (2010) Geochemistry of the Basic Volcanic Rocks from the Late Triassic Volcano-Sedimentary Sequences in the Kocali Complex, SE Turkey
Bedi Y, Varol E, Tekin UK & Uzuncimen S

Uzuncimen Seda (2015) Geochemistry of the Mafic Lavas from the Mersin Mélange: Implications for the Middle Triassic Subduction in the Neotethys
Sayit K, Bedi Y, Tekin UK, Göncüoglu MC, Okuyucu C & Uzuncimen S

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