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Rahman Mohammad Mahmudur (2017) Hydrogeochemistry and Health Risk of Arsenic in Groundwater Wells of Rural Punjab, Pakistan
Niazi NK, Shakoor MB, Bibi I, Shahid M, Lüttge A, Naidu R, Rahman MM & Nawaz MF

Rahman S N (2009) Temporal and Seasonal Variation in Tubewell Water Arsenic Concentrations in Matlab, Bangladesh
Jakariya M, Rahman SN, Bhattacharya P, Rahman M, von Brömssen M, Persson L-Å & Vahter M

Rahman Shaily (2018) Reverse Weathering Reactions and the Marine Silica Cycle
Rahman S, Aller RC & Cochran JK
(2018) Elemental Fluxes and Reactions during Sediment Transit: Concepts of Local and 3-D System Diagenesis
Aller R, Rahman S & Cochran K
(2018) Li Diagenesis in Tropical Sediments
Rahman S, Aller RC & Cochran JK
(2014) Cosmogenic 32Si Reveals Extent of Reverse Weathering in Tropical Deltas
Rahman S, Aller R & Cochran K
(2012) Early Diagenesis of As and P in Tropical Deltaic Systems
Rahman S & Aller R

Rahman Z. (2017) Nanoscale Analyses of a Carbonaceous Chondrite Exposed to Simulated Space Weathering Conditions
Thompson M, Keller L, Christoffersen R, Loeffler M, Morris R, Graff T & Rahman Z
(2015) Evolution of the Oxidation State of the Earth’s Mantle
Danielson L, Righter K, Keller L, Christoffersen R & Rahman Z
(2013) Fayalite Oxidation Processes at Obsidian Cliffs, Oregon
Martin A, Médard E, Devouard B, Keller L, Righter K, Devidal J-L & Rahman Z

Rahman Mia A. (2000) Soil Erosion Processes in the Hill Areas of Bangladesh
Rahman Mia A

Rahmat R.B. (2017) Zircon U-Pb Ages and Geochemical Characteristics of post-Miocene Volcanic Rocks from Southeast Sabah (Borneo), East Malaysia
Hsin Y-J, Chung S-L, Ghani AA, Rahmat RB, Lin T-H & Lee H-Y

Rahme Y. (2017) Chemical Weathering in a Mediterranean Karstic Watershed as a Proxy to Climate Changes
Rahme Y, Galy A, El Samrani A & Maatouk E

Rahmoun N-S. (2007) The Crystal Chemistry of Macfallite
Nagashima M, Rahmoun N-S, Alekseev E, Geiger CA & Akasaka M

Rahn M. (2017) Possible Influence of Alpha Recoil Track Percolation on Helium Diffusivity in Apatite
Ketcham R, Gautheron C, Recanti A & Rahn M
(2017) Major and Trace Element Composition of Tourmaline in Aplites and Granites as Indicator for Magmatic and Hydrothermal Evolution (Eastern Elba, Italy)
Redler C, Vespa M & Rahn M
(2015) Tourmaline from Western and Central Elba (Italy)
Redler C, Vespa M & Rahn M
(2013) Tracing the Time-Resolved Magmatic Evolution of the Hegau Volcanic Field (Southern Germany) Through Apatites
Rahn M & von der Handt A
(2011) Apatite Composition of Southern Germany Volcanoes: Clues to Origin and Magmatic Evolution
von der Handt A & Rahn M
(2011) Tectonothermal Evolution of the Triassic Flysch in the Songpan-Garzê Orogen, Eastern Tibetan Plateau
Wang H, Rahn M, Zhou J & Tao X
(2007) Latest-Stage Exhumation History of the Central Alps
Spiegel C, Dörr N, Rahn M & Danisik M
(2007) Topographic Threshold Values for the Interpretation of Low-Temperature Thermochronology
Glotzbach C, Spiegel C, Reinecker J, Rahn M & Frisch W
(2002) Preliminary Results from FT Dating of the Adula Nappe: Late Tilting or Not?
Rahn M

Rahn T. (2002) The Deuterium Anomaly in Stratospheric Molecular Hydrogen
Rahn T, Eiler J, McCarthy M, Boering K, Atlas E & Schauffler S
(2001) Determination of D/H in Atmospheric H2 at Nano-Molar Quantities
Rahn T & Eiler J

Rahn-Lee L. (2017) Sequesteration and Mineralization of Metals in Bacterial Organelles
Komeili A, Rahn-Lee L, Grant C & Byrne M

Rahnemaie R. (2007) Acessing the Surface Area of Natural Nanoparticles
Hiemstra T, Antelo J, Rahnemaie R & Van Riemsdijk WH
(2005) The Structure of the Double Layer Near Goethite in the Presence of Mono and Bivalent Electrolyte Ions
Hiemstra T, Rahnemaie R & van Riemsdijk W
(2004) Interpretation of Surface Species from Spectroscopy and CD Modelling
Hiemstra T, Rahnemaie R & van Riemsdijk W

Rahul P. (2017) “Paradise Lost” for the Belemnites: New Insights Using Clumped Isotopes from Cretaceous Trichinopoly, Southern India
Banerjee Y, Ghosh P, Willams IS, Rahul P, Chaudhuri A & Suwas S

Rahul Peethambaran
(2013) Isotopic Composition as Climate Proxy
Rahul P, Ghosh P & Sneha S

Rai D.K.

Rai G. (2014) Paleo- to Neoarchean Transitional Granitoid Geochemistry and Crustal Evolution in the Bundelkhand Craton, India
Joshi KB, Bhattacharjee J, Rai G, Halla J, Kurhila M, Heilimo E & Ahmad T

Rai N. (2017) In situ Viscometry of Primitive Lunar Magmas at High Pressure and High Temperature
Rai N, Perrillat J-P, Mezouar M, Colin A, Petitgirard S & van Westrenen W
(2015) Constraints from Oxygen Isotopes on the Provenance of Material in the Solar Nebula: Case Study of Ureilite Meteorites
Rai N, Downes H & Smith C
(2015) Fe-Silicide-Bearing Meteorites: Analogues for the Early Building Blocks of Terrestrial Planets?
Downes H, Rai N, Smith C, Ross A & Herrin J
(2013) Calibration of the Raman Technique to Determine Water Contents in Lunar Silicate Glasses
Colin A, Davies G, Hooijschuur J-H, Nichols A, Rai N & van Westrenen W
(2013) Structural Change in Molten Basalt at Deep Mantle P-T Conditions
Sanloup C, Drewitt J, Dalladay-Simpson P, Morton D, Rai N, van Westrenen W, Konopkova Z & Morgenroth W
(2012) Combining Experimental and Numerical Studies of Lunar Differentiation
van Westrenen W, de Vries J, van Kan Parker M, Tronche E, Rai N, van den Berg A, Sanloup C & Jacobs M
(2011) Constraints on the Formation of a Lunar Core from Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Siderophile Elements
Rai N & van Westrenen W
(2007) Metal Silicate Partitioning of Ge, Mo, Ga and P: Constraints on Core Formation
Rai N, Walter M & Hawkesworth C
(2006) Effect of Silcate Melt Composition and fO2 on Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Nb, Ta and V
Rai N, Walter M & Hawkesworth C

Rai S. P.

Rai Santosh Kumar (2011) Geochemical and Isotopic Composition of Quartzites Near the MCT Zone (Garhwal Himalaya, India): Implications to their Provenance & Deposition
Rai SK, Singh SK & Sachan HK
(2006) Temporal Variation in 87Sr/86Sr and Sr content of the Ganga-Brahmaputra River System
Singh SK & Rai SK
(2005) Sediment Tracing in the Ganga River System
Singh SK & Rai SK

Rai Shive Prakash (2017) Towards the Understanding Hydrodynamics of Mansar Lake, Jammu and Kashmmir, Western Himalayas, India Through Isotopic and Chemical Approcahes
Rai SP
(2016) Towards the Understanding Hydrodynamics of Mansar Lake, Jammu and Kashmmir, Western Himalayas, India Through Isotopic and Chemical Approcahes
Rai SP, Kumar S, Singh O & Singh RD

Rai Shyam (2013) Crustal Structure beneath the Dharwar Craton, India
Rai S, Borah K, Gupta S & Kumud SP

Rai Vinai (2007) More on Os Isotope Anomalies in Chondrites: Possible Carriers
Yokoyama T, Rai V, Alexander C & Walker R

Rai Vinai Kumar (2017) Dynamics of Hf Isotopic Compositions in the Indian Ocean Waters
Damodararao K, Singh SK, Bhushan R, Rengarajan R & Rai VK
(2016) REEs and eNd in the Ganga (Hooghly) and Other East Indian Estuaries: Massive Desorption of Particulate REEs to the Ocean
Damodararao K, Singh SK & Rai VK
(2016) REEs and eNd in the North-Eastern Indian Ocean
Singh SK, Sawant S, Bhushan R, Rengarajan R & Rai VK
(2015) REE and Mo Isotopic Study of Permo-Triassic Sediments from Spiti Himalaya
Rai VK, Sikder J & Shukla AD
(2015) Nd in the Arabian Sea: Water Mass Mixing vs Particle – Water Interaction
Damodararao K, Singh SK, Bhushan R & Rai VK
(2014) δ98Mo in the Ganga River and Estuary
Goswami V, Singh SK & Rai VK

Raia N.H. (2018) Assessing the Oxidation State of Exhumed Subducted Terranes: A Case Study from the HP/LT New Caledonia Belt
Raia NH, Whitney DL & Teyssier C

Raiber M (2006) Application of environmental isotopes to understand recharge mechanisms to a sub-basaltic deep lead system in western Victoria, Australia
Raiber M & Webb JA

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