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Rabindra R.N.T. (2013) Groundwater Resource Management of Rampurbaghelan Satna (M.P.), India
Rabindra RNT

Rabineau M. (2017) Pyrite Sulfur Isotopes Reveal Glacial-Interglacial Environmental Changes
Pasquier V, SansJofre P, Rabineau M, Revillon S, Houghton J & Fike DA

Rabinowicz M. (2017) Long-Lived Interaction between Hydrothermal and Magmatic Fluids in the Soultz Granite (Rhine Graben, France)
Rabinowicz M & Gardien V

Rabizadeh T. (2015) Effects of Mg2+ on the Nucleation and Growth Kinetics of Calcium Sulfate
Rabizadeh T, Stawski T, Peacock C & Benning L

Rablen S. (2016) ‘Medium Resolution’ Applications of the Perspective IS; Oxygen and Beyond
Rablen S, Yeung L & Freedman P
(2015) Advances in ‘Clumped Isotope’ Measurement Techniques Using the Nu Perspective IS and Nu Carb Carbonate Preparation Unit
Rablen S, Affek H, Tripati A, Defliese W & Freedman P

Rabone J. (2007) Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Fission Track Annealing in Apatite
Rabone J & de Leeuw N

Rabouille C. (2017) River-Sea Connection Traced by Natural Radionuclides 7Be and 234Th Records in Sediment
Wu J, Rabouille C, Reyss JL & Charmasson S
(2017) Benthic Fluxes Indicating Uncoupled Aerobic and Anaerobic Processes in the Rhône River Prodelta
Rassmann J, Eitel E, Cathalot C, Brandily C, Lansard B, Taillefert M & Rabouille C
(2015) Temporal Variability of Carbon Recycling in Deltaic Sediments at Different Time Scales: An Example from the Rhône River Delta
Rabouille C, Toussaint F, Cathalot C, Rassmann J, Lansard B, Laborde N, Moriarty J & Harris C
(2002) Kinetic Study of Bio-Barite Preservation in Deep-Sea Sediments
Viollier E, Voitel L, Rabouille C, Robin E, Monnin C & van Beek P

Rabouille S. (2015) Global Nitrogen Fixation Seen from the Small Scale
Rabouille S & Oschlies A
(2015) Phosphorus Controls on Marine N2 Fixation
Oschlies A, Landolfi A, Rabouille S, Koeve W, Pahlow M & Somes C

Rabung T. (2013) Competitive Effect of Al(III) on Eu(III) Sorption to Illite
Marsac R, Schnurr A, Kupcik T, Rabung T, Schäfer T, Banik NL, Marquardt C, Marques-Fernandez M, Baeyens B, Bradbury M & Geckeis H
(2013) Solubility and TRLFS Studies on Nd(III)/Cm(III) Complexation with Gluconate in NaCl and CaCl2 Media
Rojo H, Gaona X, Rabung T, Garcia M, Missana T & Altmaier M
(2004) Incorporation of Trivalent Actinides (Cm(III)) in Calcite: A Time Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy (TRLFS) Study
Marques Fernandes M, Stumpf T, Rabung T, Bosbach D, Bauer A & Fanghaenel T
(2002) Cm(III) / Eu(III) Coprecipitation Wit´h Powellite (CaMoO4) during HLW Glass Corrosion
Bosbach D, Bosbach D, Rabung T & Luckscheiter B

Rabus R. (2013) Proteogenomic Insights into Completely Oxidizing Sulphate Reducers (Desulfobacteriaceae)
Rabus R
(2009) Proteogenomic Insights into Anaerobic Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons
Rabus R, Wilkes H & Widdel F
(2007) Controls on Microbial Activity and Compositional Alteration of Crude Oil during in Reservoir Biodegradation
Wilkes H, Vieth A, Elias R & Rabus R
(2004) The Influence of Biodegradation on the Isotopic Signature of Light Hydrocarbons
Vieth A, Kühner S, Rabus R, Widdel F, Scherf A & Wilkes H
(2004) Anaerobic Biodegradation of Light Hydrocarbons in Crude Oil: A Comparison of Laboratory Experiments and Field Data
Wilkes H, Vieth A, Scherf A, Kühner S, Rabus R & Widdel F

Raccasi G. (2009) Heavy Metals and Artificial Radionuclides Records in Floodplain Sediments of the Lower Rhône River (South – East France)
Ferrand E, Eyrolle F, Provansal M, Dufour S, Radakovitch O & Raccasi G

Racek M. (2011) Evidence for Subduction History Recorded by Mineral Inclusions in High-Grade Metamorphics of the Modanubian Zone, Central Europe
Faryad SW, Lexa O, Racek M, Dolejš D & Jedlička R

Rach O. (2014) A Dual-Biomarker Approach to Quantitative Paleohydrology
Sachse D, Rach O & Kahmen A
(2013) A Decadal Lipid Biomarker Paleohydrological Record during the Onset of the Younger Dryas from Northeastern Germany
Schütrumpf K, Brauer A, Neugebauer I, Rach O & Sachse D
(2013) Towards Quantitative Paleohydrology: Reconstructing Changes in Relative Humidity from Lipid Biomarker δD Values
Sachse D, Rach O, Kahmen A, Wilkes H & Brauer A
(2011) A High-Resolution Paleohydrological Record of the Younger Dryas Episode from Western Europe – Using Lipid Biomarker D/H Ratios
Rach O, Brauer A, Wilkes H & Sachse D

Rachael J. (2017) Iron Isotopes Track the Uptake and Exchange of Iron Across an Oxic Shelf
Lough A, Jessica K, Rachael J, Douglas C, William H, James M & Peter S
(2015) Tracing Hydrothermal Iron Input to the Deep Ocean Using Iron Isotopes
Lough A, Klar J, Gibbs D, Milton J, Parkinson I, Homoky W, Racheal J, Connelly D & Rachel M

Rachel L. (2017) Nd Isotopes in the North Atlantic Endmember of the AMOC over the Last 1.3 Ma
Jaume-Seguí M, Steven L G, Leopoldo D P, Joohee K, Maayan Y, Karla K, Chandranath B, Alison H & Rachel L

Rachel M. (2016) Iron Colloid Formation during Hydrothermal Plume Dispersion
Lough A, William H, Kaulich B, Douglas C & Rachel M
(2015) Tracing Hydrothermal Iron Input to the Deep Ocean Using Iron Isotopes
Lough A, Klar J, Gibbs D, Milton J, Parkinson I, Homoky W, Racheal J, Connelly D & Rachel M

Rachello-Dolmen P. (2017) Freshwater Input, Upwelling, and the Evolution of Caribbean Coastal Ecosystems on the Central American Isthmus
Grossman E, Robbins J, Rachello-Dolmen P, Tao K, Saxena D & O'Dea A

Racherla P. (2009) Air Quality in a Changing Climate
Adams P, Pandis S, Dawson J & Racherla P

Rachwał M. (2018) Technogenic Magnetic Particles in the Enviroment as of Pollution Sources
Magiera T, Szuszkiewicz M & Rachwał M
(2016) Mineral Composition and Magnetic Properties of Technogenic Particles Originated from Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting Activities
Jabłońska M, Rachwał M, Janeczek J, Magiera T, Krzykawski T, Teper E & Wawer M
(2016) Standard Materials of Fe and Mn Oxides, Hydroxides and Carbonates in the Study of Technogenic Magnetic Particles
Rachwał M, Jabłońska M, Magiera T, Teper E, Wawer M, Krzykawski T & Szuszkiewicz M
(2013) Geochemical and Mineralogical Characteristic of Current Roadside Pollution from Experimental Monitoring Plots Located in Different Countries
Magiera T, Jabłońska M, Rachwał M & Wawer M

Racki G. (2018) The Late Devonian Mass Extinction: New Geochemical and Geochronological Insights
Percival L, Davies J, Selby D, Schaltegger U, Rakocinski M, Racki G, Bond D, Spangenberg J, Adatte T & Föllmi K

Raco B. (2018) The Nivolet Critical Zone Observatory: Relation between Carbon Fluxes and Geology
Baneschi I, Giamberini M, Mosca P, Palazzi E, Provenzale A, Raco B & Viterbi R
(2013) Acid Water Problem: Mining Districts from Tuscany (Central Italy)
Nisi B, Raco B, Vaselli O, Abebe T, Battaglini R, Masetti G, Tassi F, Lelli M & Doveri M

Racz A. (2011) Role of Fluid Flow Conditions on Denitrification Rates in Sediments during Managed Groundwater Recharge
Schmidt C, Fisher A, Racz A, Lockwood B & Los Huertos M

Raczek I. (2007) Records of A-Type and I-Type Plutonism from the Northern Aravalli Craton, NW India: Age, Petrogenesis and Regional Tectonic Implications
Kaur P, Chaudhri N, Raczek I, Kröner A, Okrusch M & Hofmann AW
(2002) MPI-Ding Reference Glasses for in situ Microanalytical Techniques: New Trace Element and Isotope Data
Stoll B, Jochum KP, Hofmann AW, Raczek I, Pfänder J & Meixner A
(2002) Multi-Element Isotope Dilution by HR-ICP-MS
Willbold M, Gaab AS, Amini M, Stoll B, Seufert M & Raczek I

Rad S. (2017) Weathered Profiles in Tropical Volcanic Islands by Combined Geochemical and Geophysical Approaches
Rad S, Deparis J, Gadalia A, Chabaux F & Allègre CJ
(2016) Measurement of Free Radium and Thallium with Donnan Membrane Technique: Application to Complexation Study with Dissolved Organic Matter
Martin L, Simonucci C, Viollier E, Lascar E, Tharaud M, Courbet C, Gourgiotis A, Rad S & Benedetti M
(2013) Sedimentary and Diagenetic Features of the Oolithe Blanche Formation (Middle Jurassic): New Contribution from Ca, Sr, C, O Isotopic Compositions
Rad S, Maklhoufi Y, Guerrot C, Flehoc C & Collin P-Y
(2012) Denudation of the Lesser Antilles
Gaillardet J, Lajeunesse E, Rad S, Dessert C, Louvat P, Rive K, Agrinier P, Lloret E & Benedetti M
(2011) Chemical Weathering and Erosion Rates in Lesser Antilles: An Overview in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Dominica
Rad S, Rivé K, Cerdan O, Vittecoq B & Allègre C
(2011) Li Isotopes a Powerful Tool to Trace Hydrothermal Impact during Chemical Weathering Processes
Rivé K, Rad S, Garcin M & Millot R
(2009) Silicium Isotopes as a Proxy of Weathering Processes during the PETM
Rad S, Basile-Doelsch I, Quesnel F & Dupuis C
(2008) Direct Coupling between Chemical and Physical Erosion Rates in the West Indies
Gaillardet J, Rad S, Dessert C & Lajeunesse E
(2007) Tracing the Sources of Carbon in the Rivers of Lesser Antilles
Rivé K, Gaillardet J, Agrinier P & Rad S
(2005) Weathering Process on Tropical Volcanics Islands (Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion) by Using U-Series
Rad S, Gaillardet J, Louvat P, Bourdon B & Allegre CJ
(2004) A Comparison of the Chemical Weathering Rates in the Caribbean Islands Rivers Derived from the U-Decay Series and from the Major Elements
Rad S, Gaillardet J, Manhes G, Bourdon B & Allegre C

Radakovitch O. (2017) Study of the Chemical Fluxes Associated with SGD in Several Hotspots along the French Mediterranean Coastline
van Beek P, Tamborski J, Bejannin S, Petrova M, Souhaut M, Lacan F, Stieglitz T, Radakovitch O, Claude C, Pujo-Pay M, Conan P, Crispi O, Garcia-Orellana J & Heimburger L-E
(2017) Sediment Oxygen Demand and Nutrient Fluxes during an Experimentally Induced Hypoxia
Grenz C, Rigaud S, Radakovitch O & Deflandre B
(2017) Heteroaggregation of Manufactured Nanoparticles with Suspended Particulate Matter Analogues as Compared to a Natural River System
Slomberg D, Labille J, Pariat A, Praetorius A, Ollivier P, Radakovitch O, Sani-Kast N & Scheringer M
(2016) Assessing the Heteroaggregation of Manufactured Nanoparticles with Natural Colloids in Surface Water
Slomberg D, Labille J, Ollivier P, Praetorius A, Sani-Kast N, Ilina S, Radakovitch O, Scheringer M & Brant J
(2015) Estimation of the Air-Sea Radon Exchange Coefficient in Shallow Area
Cockenpot S, Claude C & Radakovitch O
(2011) Ecological Impact of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Mediterranean Lagoon: Correlations between Radon, Radium and Nitrate in the Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain
Claude C, Baudron P, Mayer A, Gilabert J, Martinez-Vincente D, Radakovitch O, Leduc C, Garcia-Arostegui J-L & Cabezas-Calvo-Rubio F
(2011) Pb Concentrations, Stable Isotopes and 210Pb in Seawater, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Sardines, Anchovy from the Gulf of Lion
Strady E, Veron A, Chiffoleau JF & Radakovitch O
(2009) Heavy Metals and Artificial Radionuclides Records in Floodplain Sediments of the Lower Rhône River (South – East France)
Ferrand E, Eyrolle F, Provansal M, Dufour S, Radakovitch O & Raccasi G
(2007) Seasonal Variations of Physical and Chemical Erosion: A Three-Years Survey of the Rhône River (France)
Ollivier P, Hamelin B & Radakovitch O
(2007) A Radium and Radon Investigation of the Submarine Estuary Under Venice
Gattacceca JC, Mayer A, Claude C, Radakovitch O & Hamelin B

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