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Pacheco W. (2011) Deep Ground Water Migration in Brazilian Federal District Based on Isotope Geochemistry
Santos R, Pacheco W & Mancini L

Pacherova P. (2011) Mobility of Trace Elements in Ombrotrophic Peat Bogs
Zemanova L, Novak M, Pacherova P & Komarek A
(2008) δ13C Values of Carbon Forms in Vertical Sphagnum Peat Profiles in Different Climatic Zones
Novak M, Jackova I, Prechova E, Buzek F, Pacherova P & Erbanova L

Pachon J. (2009) Linking Particulate Matter Sources to Health
Russell A, Balachandran S, Lee D, Pachon J, Mulholland J, Tolbert P & Sarnat J

Pachon-Rodriguez E.A. (2012) How to Measure the Pure Dissolution Kinetics of a Soft Mineral?
Colombani J, Piednoir A & Pachon-Rodriguez EA
(2011) Holographic Interferometry Study of the Inhibition of Gypsum Dissolution
Pachon-Rodriguez EA & Colombani J

Paciorek A. (2019) Assessment of Arsenic Compounds Content in Seafood Samples
Nawrocka A, Durkalec M, Kmiecik M, Paciorek A & Posyniak A

Pacitto A. (2019) Air Quality Conditions Inside Taxis
Moreno T, Pacitto A, Fernandez A, Amato F, Marco E, Grimalt JO, Buonanno G & Querol X

Pack A. (2020) Magmatic-Hydrothermal BIF-Hosted Iron Ore in the SE São Francisco Craton, Brazil
Silveira Braga FC, Rosière CA, Santos JOS, Pack A & Hagemann SG
(2019) Triple Oxygen Isotope Variations in Magnetite from Iron Oxide Deposits, Central Iran, Record Devolatilization of Evaporite and Carbonate Rocks
Peters S, Alibabaie N, Raeisi D, McKibbin S, Pack A & Lehmann B
(2019) New High-Precision Triple Oxygen Isotope Measurements of Lunar Rocks
Fischer MB, Peters STM, Hartogh P & Pack A
(2019) Triple Oxygen Isotope Composition of Bioapatite
Feng D, Tütken T & Pack A
(2019) Elements Behavior and Zinc Isotope Fractionation in Mafic Rocks Upon Evaporation Processes in a Redox-Controlled Atmosphere
Pons M-L, Pack A, Kleinhanns IC, Wenzel T & Schoenberg R
(2019) Triple Oxygen Isotope Analysis in Carbonates – New Insights from High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Surma J, Albrecht N, Jäger O, Marien CS, Xiang W, Reitner J & Pack A
(2017) Mesoarchean Glacial Waters Recorded by Triple Oxygen Isotope Compositions of the Ivnartivaq Ultramafic Layered Complex, SE Greenland
Peters S, Pack A & Szilas K
(2016) I-Type Micrometeorites as Probes for the Isotopic Composition of Upper Atmospheric Oxygen and their Use as a CO2-barometer
Pack A, Höweling A, Hezel D, Folco L, Beck A, Stefanak M, Peters S & Sengupta S
(2016) Triple Oxygen Isotope Compositions of the ~3.0 Ga Fiskefjord Peridotites, SW Greenland
Peters S, Pack A, Zeuner M, Szilas K & Hering M
(2015) Triple Oxygen Isotope Compositions of >3.81 Ga Ultramafic Rocks
Peters S, Pack A & Appel PWU
(2015) Highly Siderophile Elements and Triple-Oxygen Isotopes of Tektite-Like Glasses from the Zhamanshin Impact Structure, Kazakhstan
Jonášová Š, Ackerman L, Žák K, Skála R, Ďurišová J, Pack A & Magna T
(2015) Geochemical Modelling of Triple Oxygen Isotope Composition of Seawater Using High Precision Δ17O Analyses of Oceanic Crust
Sengupta S, Pack A, Sharp Z & Bach W
(2014) Continental Alkaline Volcanism from Li–O Isotope Perspective
Magna T, Rapprich V & Pack A
(2014) Effect of Pre-Eruption Storage on Estimates of Magmatic δ18O from Minerals
Hora J, Wörner G, Albrecht N & Pack A
(2014) High Precision Δ17O Analysis of Cherts – Implications for the Temperature and δ18O of Ancient Oceans
Sengupta S, Pack A, Robert F, Reitner J & Herwatrz D
(2014) The Elevated Δ17O Composition of the Moon Relative to the Earth
Herwartz D, Pack A, Friedrichs B & Bischoff A
(2014) The Triple Oxygen Isotope Composition of the Earth and Mass-Dependent Variations in Δ17O in Mantle and Crustal Rocks
Pack A, Herwartz D & Sengupta S
(2013) Variations of ∆17O in Terrestrial Rocks
Herwartz D, Pack A & Krylov D
(2012) Ultrapotassic Lava Flows from Colli Albani Volcanic District (Central Italy) Give Insights into the Crystallization of Magmatic Calcite in Effusive Rocks
Gozzi F, Gaeta M, Freda C, Mollo S, Di Rocco T, Marra F, Dallai L & Pack A
(2012) Is the Bulk Earth Nb/Ta Chondritic?
Munker C, Stracke A, Bendel V, Palme H & Pack A
(2011) Oxygen Isotope Variations in the Allende CV3 Meteorite
Goldmann A, Pack A, Gellissen M, Albrecht N, Zipfel J & Palme H
(2008) Barium, but no Sr Isotope Anomalies in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Wombacher F, Hammerschmidt K, Becker H & Pack A
(2007) Primordial Alkalis in Chondrules
Kropf A & Pack A
(2007) Solar Nebular Fractionation of Refractory Elements Y and Ho
Pack A & Russell S
(2007) Fe, Co and Ni in Ureilites: Metal-Silicate Equilibration in the UPB
Gabriel AD & Pack A

Pack M. (2009) Methane Oxidation Rates by AMS
Pack M, Heintz M, Reeburgh W, Trumbore S, Valentine D & Xu X

Packman H. (2019) Stable Isotope Tracing of the Natural and Anthropogenic Sources of Zn and Cu to Atlantic Aerosols
Packman H, Little S, van De Flierdt T, Rehkamper M, Bridgestock L & Baker A
(2019) High-Precision Pb Isotope Analysis of Seawater Using a Nobias Chelate Resin and a 207Pb-204Pb Double-Spike on a MC-ICP-MS
Griffiths A, Packman H, Little S, Rehkamper M & van De Flierdt T

Pacold J. (2015) Composition and Redox Conditions in Historic Nuclear Fallout
Holliday K, Booth C, Pacold J, Dierken J, Monroe M, McClory J & Hutcheon I

Pacreau M. (2010) Transport and Ion Exchange between Na+ and Ca2+ in Vermiculite: Modeling of Experimental Data Obtained for Static and Stirred Flow-Through Reactor Methods
Tertre E, Pacreau M, Bruzac S, Ferrage E & Prêt D

Pacton M. (2011) Viruses: A Key Role in Microbial Mat Mineralization
Pacton M, Wacey D, Kilburn MR, Gorin GE & Vasconcelos C

Pacyna E. (2015) New Technologies Using Trace Metals of Concern
Sundseth K, Pacyna J & Pacyna E

Pacyna J. (2015) New Technologies Using Trace Metals of Concern
Sundseth K, Pacyna J & Pacyna E

Padan J. (2019) Copper Speciation in Natural Waters by CLE-Adcsv – A Methodological Uncertainties
Marcinek S, Cindric A-M, Padan J, Garnier C & Omanovic D

Paden R. (2001) Watching Metamorphism Happen: High Temperature Studies in a Scanning Electron Microscope
Prior DJ, Seward G, Wheeler J, Paden R, Halliday D, Tye M, Celotto S & Pond R
(2001) In situ High Temperature Heating Experiments in the Scanning Electron Microscope
Seward GGE, Prior DJ, Wheeler J, Pond RC, Celotto S, Halliday D, Paden R & Tye M

Paderin I. (2007) Archaean Evolution of the Okhotsk Terrane by U/Pb Zircon Chronology
Berezhnaya N, Kuzmin V, Glebovitsky V, Tolmacheva E, Matukov D, Presnyakov S, Paderin I & Sergeev S
(2007) Atypical SHRIMP II REE Data in Zircons: A Positive Eu Anomaly
Paderin I, Mordberg L, Vetrin V, Belyatsky B & Sergeev S

Padhi S. (2016) Fluoride Sorption to a Granitic Soil: Interaction Mechanism and Factors Influencing Sorption
Padhi S & Tokunaga T

Padilla A.J. (2013) Hot/Cold, Wet/Dry, Big/Small, Erupt/Stall, Juvenile/Anatectic? – Multiple Personalities of Felsic Magmatism
Miller C, McDowell S, Carley T, Frazier W, Pamukcu A, Padilla A, Claiborne L, Flanagan D, Gualda G, Miller J, Wooden J & Mapes R
(2012) Icelandic Zircon: Illuminating Juvenile Silicic Crust Construction
Carley T, Miller C, Padilla A, Wooden J, Bindeman I, Schmitt A, Economos R, Fisher C & Hanchar J
(2012) Elucidating the Complex Thermal and Fluid History of Austurhorn Intrusive Complex: Zircon Elemental and Isotopic Geochemistry
Padilla AJ, Miller CF, Carley TL, Wooden JL, Economos RC, Schmitt AK, Fisher CM & Hanchar JM

Padilla C.C. (2017) Non-CAnonical N2O Production Pathways Under Low Oxygen
Bristow LA, Padilla CC, Frame CH, Lehmann MF, Stewart FJ & Thamdrup B

Padma T.V. (2001) Spatial and Temporal Variation in Hexachlorocyclohexane Isomers and Enantiomer Ratios in a Temperate Estuary
Padma TV & Dickhut RM

Padmakumari V.M. (2005) Effects of K-Metasomatism on the REE Compositions of Precambrian Aravalli Paleosols, Northwestern India
Sreenivas B & Padmakumari VM

Padmalal D. (2020) Hydrological Changes during Meghalayan Stage from the Southern India
Banerji US, Shaji J, Maya K, Chandana KR, Shivam A, Sudheer AK, Bhushan R & Padmalal D

Padron E. (2019) Contributions to the Isotopic Fingerprint of Tenerife Wine – Natural or Anthropogenic?
Coldwell B, Pankhurst M, Cordero M, Ribeiro S, Fransisco J, Padron E, Asensio M & Perez N

Padrón González E. (2019) Anomalous Diffuse H2 Degassing Prior to the Recent Magmatic Intrusion at Cumbre Vieja Volcano, La Palma, Canary Islands
Padrón González E, Hernández Pérez PA, Melián G, Pérez Rodríguez N, D'Auria L, Asensio-Ramos M & Alonso M
(2019) Observed Anomalous Diffuse Gas Emission Rates and Heat Flow from the Summit Crater of Teide Volcano, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Perez Rodriguez N, Melian Rodriguez G, Padrón González E, Hernández Pérez P, D'Auria L, Asensio-Ramos M & Alonso M

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