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Nagaishi K. (2016) Contribution of Slab-Derived Fluids and Sediment Melt in the Incipient Arc Magma of the Oman Ophiolite
Kusano Y, Umino S, Kanayama K, Kitamura K, Nagaishi K & Ishikawa T
(2016) Boron and Lithium Isotope Constraints on Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Shallow Megathrust at the Japan Trench
Ishikawa T, Matsuoka J, Nagaishi K, Kameda J & Sample J
(2016) Pb Isotope Ratios of the Akeshi Au Deposit, Kagoshima, Japan: Implication for Gold Mineralization
Murakami S, Fujinaga K, Araki S, Ohta J, Yasukawa K, Nakamura K, Kato Y, Kurokawa K, Iwamori H, Nagaishi K & Ishikawa T
(2015) Contamination of Slab Components into the Incipient Arc Magmatism in the Oman Ophiolite
Kusano Y, Umino S, Shinjo R, Adachi Y, Nagaishi K & Ishikawa T
(2015) Boron Isotope Fractionation during Transportation of Sea-Salt Particle
Sakata K, Sakaguchi A, Takahashi Y, Nagaishi K & Tanimizu M
(2014) Prolonged vs. Failed Subduction Zone
Umino S, Kitamura K, Kanayama K, Kusano Y, Nagaishi K, Ishikawa T & Ishizuka O
(2011) Geochemical and Isotopic Analyses of Non-Volcanogenic Hot Springs in Central Japan
Kusuda C, Iwamori H, Kazahaya K, Morikawa N, Takahashi M, Takahashi H, Ohwada M, Ishikawa T, Tanimizu M & Nagaishi K
(2010) Boron Isotope Geochemistry of the Hydrothermally Altered Oceanic Crust in the Oman Ophiolite
Yamaoka K, Ishikawa T, Nagaishi K & Kawahata H
(2010) Geochemical Modeling of Slab-Derived Fluids
Kusuda C, Iwamori H, Kazahaya K, Morikawa N, Takahashi M, Takahashi H, Ohwada M, Ishikawa T, Tanimizu M & Nagaishi K
(2007) Amphibolite-Facies Metamorphism of the Subducted Slab and Boninite Magma Genesis: An Inference from the Oman Ophiolite
Ishikawa T, Nagaishi K & Fujisawa S

Nagakawa Y. (2017) 129I/137Cs Ratios for Atmospheric Particular Matters Collected Just after TEPCO FDNPP Accident
Oura Y, Ebihara M, Shirai N, Tsuruta H, Nakajima T, Moriguchi Y, Ohara T, Nagakawa Y, Sakurai N, Haba H & Matsuzaki H
(2017) A New Approach for Reconstructing the 131I-Spreading Triggered by the FDNPS Accident in 2011
Ebihara M, Oura Y, Shiara N, Nagakawa Y, Sakurai N, Haba H, Matsuzaki H, Tsuruta H & Moriguchi Y

Nagamine K. (2003) Carbon Bearing Gases Occluded in Selected Granitic Rocks from Japan, Australia and Slovakia
Nagamine K, Sugisaki R, Chappell B & Kohut M
(2001) Comparison between S-/I-Type (Australia) and Ilmenite-/Magnetite-Series (Japan) in View of the Features in Occluded Gas in Granitic Rocks
Nagamine K, Araki M, Sugisaki R & Chappell BW

Nagano H. (2016) Understory CO2, Sensible Heat, and Latent Heat Fluxes in a Black Spruce Forest in Interior Alaska
Ikawa H, Nakai T, Busey R, Kim Y, Kobayashi H, Nagai S, Ueyama M, Saito K, Nagano H, Suzuki R & Hinzman L

Nagano T (2003) Temporal Variations in 13C and 14C in Particulate Organic Matter in the Kuji River Water
Nagao S, Aramaki T, Nagano T, Tsuduki K & Yanase N
(2003) Solid-Solution Reactions in As(V) Sorption by Schwertmannite
Fukushi K, Sato T, Nagano T, Yanase N & Yamada H
(2003) Life on the Edges of the Global Biosphere
Naganuma T

Nagano Takashi (2013) 3D Shapes of Regolith Particles: Comparison between Itokawa and Moon
Tsuchiyama A, Matsushima T, Matsumoto T, Nakano T, Amemiya D, Matsuno J, Nagano T, Shimada A, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A, Suzuki Y & Ohtake M

Nagao Jiro (2013) Development of Large-Scale Aparatus for Gas Production from Methane Hydrate Layer
Nagao J, Jin Y & Konno Y
(2013) Depressurization-Induced Gas Production from Methane Hydrate Sediment Formed in a Giant Cell
Konno Y, Jin Y & Nagao J

Nagao Jun (2016) Halogen and Noble Gas Systematics within Mantle Xenoliths from Intraplate Settings
Kobayashi M, Sumino H, Burgess R, Iizuka T, Nagao J, Nakamura M, Takahashi E & Ballentine C

Nagao K. (2016) Mn-Cr Systematics of D’Orbigny Revisited
Yamashita K, Tanimizu M, Yoneda S, Tomioka N & Nagao K
(2016) Noble Gas Composition of Patagonian Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Jalowitzki T, Sumino H, Conceição R, Orihashi Y, Nagao K, Bertotto G, Balbinot E, Schilling M & Gervasoni F
(2015) Mineralogy and Noble Gas of NWA 8707 L Melt Rock: Implications for Thermal and Shock History of an L Chondrite Parent Body
Mikouchi T, Nagao K & Kimura M
(2015) Mantle Metasomatism in Subduction Zone and Intraplate Settings Based on Halogen and Noble Gas Systematics
Kobayashi M, Sumino H, Nagao K, Burgess R, Ishimaru S, Arai S, Yoshikawa M, Kawamoto T, Kumagai Y, Kobayashi T, Nakamura M, Takahashi E & Ballentine C
(2014) Isotopic Composition and Origin of Noble Gases, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen in the Carboniferous-Permian Strata of the Polish Basin
Kotarba M, Nagao K & Karnkowski P
(2013) U–Pb Chronology and REE Geochemistry of Large Zircons in Estherville Mesosiderite
Haba M, Yamaguchi A, Kagi H, Nagao K & Hidaka H
(2013) Subducted Halogens and Noble Gases in the Mantle Wedge Peridotites
Kobayashi M, Sumino H, Nagao K, Ishimaru S, Arai S, Yoshikawa M, Kawamoto T, Kumagai Y, Kobayashi T, Burgess R & Ballentine CJ
(2010) Noble Gas Isotopic Compositions of Zircons Above the Bangombé Natural Fission Reactor
Kikuchi M, Nagao K, Bajo K-I & Hidaka H
(2009) Measurements of High-Energy Neutron Cross Sections for Accurate Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rates
Nishiizumi K, Welten KC, Matsumura H, Caffee MC, Ninomiya K, Omoto T, Nakagaki R, Shima T, Takahashi N, Sekimoto S, Yashima H, Shibata S, Bajo K, Nagao K, Kinoshita N, Imamura M, Sisterson J & Shinohara A
(2007) Mantle Heterogeneity Evidence from South Patagonia, Argentine Indicated by Noble Gas Analysis on Mantle Xenoliths
Conceicao R, Sumino H, Orihashi Y & Nagao K
(2006) Stable and rare gas isotopic study of geothermal and ground waters in North Hokkaido, Japan
Ueda A, Shimoda S, Nagao K, Shibata T & Suzuki T
(2004) Subduction-Related Metasomatic Signature in Noble Gases in Mantle Derived Xenoliths from Cheju Island, Korea
Sumino H, Kim K, Kagi H, Nagao K & Notsu K
(2003) Noble Gases in Polymict Breccia
Osawa T & Nagao K
(2003) Helium Isotopic Ratios and Geochemistry of Volcanic Fluids from the Norikura Volcanic Chain, Central Japan: Implications for Crustal Structures and Seismicity
Kusakabe M, Ohwada M, Satake H, Nagao K & Kawasaki I
(2003) CI-Like Chondrite Clasts in Ordinary Chondrite Regolith Breccias and their Implication to the Investigation of the Surface Material of S-Type Asteroids
Noguchi T, Nakamura T, Nakashima D, Inada A & Nagao K
(2003) Noble Gases in Northwest Africa 753 (NWA 753), Rumuruti Chondrite
Ebisawa N, Park J & Nagao K
(2003) Noble Gases in Hiroshima H-Chondrite
Park J, Ebisawa N, Nagao K & Yoneda S
(2003) Noble Gas Behavior during Subduction Process in the Izu-Ogasawara Arc, Japan
Shimizu A, Sumino H, Nagao K & Notsu K
(2003) Noble Gas and Carbon Isotopes of Fumarolic Gas from Iwojima Volcano, Izu- Ogasawara Arc, Japan
Sumino H, Notsu K, Nakai S, Nagao K, Hosoe M & Wakita H
(2003) Noble Gases in Yamato 000749 Nakhlite by Laser Microprobe Analysis
Nagao K, Okazaki R, Imae N & Kojima H
(2003) Lakes Nyos and Monoun: Current Status
Kusakabe M, Nagao K, Ohba T, Yoshida Y, Tanyileke G & Kling G
(2003) Gas Geochemistry of Seafloor Seeping Bubbles at Kuroshima Knoll
Kosaka A, Tsunogai U, Nakayama N, Gamo T, Sumino H & Nagao K
(2003) Noble Gases in Two Hot Desert Eucrites, DHO007 and DHO275
Miura Y & Nagao K
(2003) Mixing of Meteoric Water and Thermal Water Inferred from Helium Isotopes and its Application to Groundwater Residence Time
Morikawa N, Kazahaya K, Nagao K, Ohwada M, Yasuhara M & Inamura A
(2003) Noble Gas Analyses in Two Carbonaceous Renazzo Type (CR) Chondrites: Y- 790112 and Y-793495
Svetina M, Nagao K & Miura Y
(2002) Noble Gas Isotopic Compositions of Gas Samples from the Aegean Arc, Greece
Shimizu A, Sumino H, Nagao K, Notsu K & Mitropoulos P
(2002) Halogen-Derived Noble Gases in the Allende Meteorite: A Laser Microscope Study
Ebisawa N, Okazaki R, Nagao K & Yamaguchi A
(2002) Noble Gases of Antarctic Lunar Meteorite Yamato981031
Nagao K & Okazaki R
(2002) Trace of Mantle Plume beneath Southwest Japan Revealed by Noble Gas Isotopes
Sumino H, Nagao K & Notsu K
(2001) Laser Microprobe Analysis of Halogen-Derived Noble Gas Isotopes in Allende CV3 Chondrite
Nagao K, Ebisawa N, Yamaguchi A & Okazaki R

Nagao S (2003) Temporal Variations in 13C and 14C in Particulate Organic Matter in the Kuji River Water
Nagao S, Aramaki T, Nagano T, Tsuduki K & Yanase N

Nagao Seiya (2017) Submarine Groundwater Discharge: A Hidden Pathway of Fukushima Derived Cesium to the Ocean off Japan
Sanial V, Buesseler K, Charette M, Nagao S, Tanaguchi M, Honda H & Casacuberta N
(2016) Seasonal Variations of Organic Matter in Lake Kiba, Japan during 2014-2015
Bui HT, Nagao S, Sutuki T, Yakawano Y, Fukushi K, Hakashi K, Ochiai S & Yamamoto M
(2016) Variations in 134Cs and 137Cs Radioactivity of Coastal Marine Sediments off the Abukuma River in Japan during 2013-2015
Nagao S, Terasaki S, Miyata Y & Odano N
(2016) What are the Main Sources of Fukushima-Derived Radionuclides to the Ocean off Japan Fiver Years Later ?
Sanial V, Buesseler K, Charette M, Castrillejo M, Henderson P, Juan Diaz X, Kanda J, Masque P, Nagao S, Nishikawa J, Otosaka S & Pike S

Nagao T. (2008) Slab Dehydration and Melting of the Philippine Sea Plate by Progressive Subduction beneath the SW Japan Arc over the Past 15 Million Years
Kimura J-I, Kunikiyo T, Osaka I, Shimoshioiri Y, Katakuse M, Kakubuchi S, Nagao T, Furuyama K & Tsuchiya N

Nagaoka M. (2013) Distribution and Migration of Americium-241 in the East Pacific
Kinoshita N, Nagaoka M, Sumi T, Takimoto K, Yokoyama A & Nakanishi T

Nagaoka T. (2019) Thick Black Manganese-Rich Crusts Formed on the Wall of Canals in the AsO Caldera, Japan
Ito Y, Tanaka S, Oyama T, Hirano S & Nagaoka T
(2013) Microbially Mediated Redox Processes in Lactate Stimulation with Sedimentary Rock and Groundwater
Nagaoka T, Nakamura T, Sasaki Y, Asano T, Ito T, Amano Y, Iwatsuki T & Yoshikawa H
(2010) Biogeochemical Modelling of Water-Rock-Microbe System in Horonobe Area, Japan
Iwatsuki T, Sasaki Y, Ito T, Asano T, Aamano Y, Yoshikawa H, Aoki K, Nakamura T & Nagaoka T
(2009) Modelling Microbially Mediated Redox Processes in Lake Sediments
Sena C, Molinero J, Nagaoka T, Nakamura T, Ajima S, Itoh T, Sasaki Y, Asano T & Yoshikawa H
(2008) Fate of Carbon-14 Organic Compounds Released from Sub-Surface Low-Level Radioactive Waste Repository
Nagaoka T, Yoshida N, Nakamura T & Miyauchi Y
(2008) Redox Condition in situ Survey Around the Underground Rock Cavern
Inohara Y, Oyama T, Nagaoka T & Miyauchi Y
(2007) A Field-Scale Study on in situ Measurement of Microbial Activities Below the Sea Floor, Ikeshima, Japan
Nagaoka T & Nakata E
(2003) Microbially Induced Dissolution of Cobalt(III) Oxyhydroxide Under the Oxicanoxic Fluctuation in Subsurface Environment
Nagaoka T & Watanabe Y

Nagaosa K. (2015) Microbial DNA Tells Route of Groundwater
Kato K, Furuta T, Sugiyama A, Katsumata H & Nagaosa K

Nagaraju J. (2006) Geochemical signatures of subduction setting for a gabbro pluton at the craton-mobile belt interface
Nagaraju J & Chetty TRK

Nagasaki S. (2018) Sorption Properties of Radionuclides in Saline Solutions
Yang TT, Vilks P, Nagasaki S, Bertetti P & Hobbs M
(2011) Effects of pH and Coexisting Ions on Hydrodynamic Size of Various Humic Substances Evaluated by Flow Field Flow Fractionation
Yamashita Y, Tanaka S, Nagasaki S & Saito T
(2011) Complexation of Eu3+ with Humic Substances Studied by Time-Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Parallel Factor Analysis
Saito T, Lukman S, Aoyagi N, Kimura T & Nagasaki S
(2010) Parallel Factor Analysis for Time-Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy: A Powerful Tool for Speciation Studies
Saito T, Aoyagi N, Kimura T, Nagasaki S & Tanaka S

Nagasawa H. (2003) Isolation of Presolar Grains Using Fusion Technique from Murchison CM2 Meteorite
Matsunami Y, Nagashima K, Nagasawa H & Yurimoto H

Nagasawa M. (2015) Shock Heating of Dusts and Icy Planetesimals and Recondensation of Icy Grains
Tanaka K, Nagasawa M, Tanaka H, Nakamoto T, Nomura H, Miura H & Yamamoto T

Nagase T (2006) Fe-Mg partitioning between post-perovskite and magnesiowustite
Sakai T, Kondo T, Kobayashi Y, Ohtani E, Masaaki M, Yoo JH & Nagase T
(2003) Mechanisms and Kinetics of the Post-Garnet Transformation in Natural Pyrope
Kubo T, Ohtani E, Kondo T, Hosoya T, Kikegawa T & Nagase T
(2003) Ce Anomalies in the 2.6-2.4 Ga Kalkkloof Paleosol in South Africa: Evidence for the Early Development of an Oxygenated Atmosphere
Watanabe Y, Nagase T & Ohmoto H

Nagase Toshiro (2019) In situ Mineral Precipitation Experiment by Using a Deep-Sea Artificial Hydrothermal Vent
Nozaki T, Nagase T, Torimoto J, Takaya Y, Ishibashi J-I, Shimada K, Watanabe M, Masaki Y, Kitada K, Saito M, Sakai S, Yokoyama T, Akiyama K, Sakurai N, Saruhashi T, Kyo M, Kumagai H, Maeda L & Takai K
(2018) Subseafloor Mineralization at the Izena Hole, Okinawa Trough from the Aspect of Drill Cores Obtain by the CK16-05 Cruise (Exp. 909)
Nozaki T, Takaya Y, Nagase T, Yamasaki T, Ishibashi J-I, Kumagai H, Maeda L & Cruise Members C-0
(2016) Rapid Growth of Mineral Deposits at Artificial Seafloor Hydrothermal Vents
Nozaki T, Ishibashi J-I, Shimada K, Nagase T, Takaya Y, Kato Y, Kawagucci S, Watsuji T, Shibuya T, Yamada R, Saruhashi T, Kyo M & Takai K
(2016) Hydrous Bridgmanite: Possible Water Reservior in the Lower Mantle
Inoue T, Kakizawa S, Fujino K, Kuribayashi T, Nagase T, Greaux S, Higo Y, Sakamoto N, Yurimoto H, Hattori T & Sano A
(2015) The Stability and Water Solubility of Possible Al-Bearing High Pressure Hydrous and Nominally Anhydrous Minerals in the Mantle
Inoue T, Kakizawa S, Cai N, Fujino K, Kuribayashi T, Nagase T, Gréaux S, Higo Y, Sakamoto N & Yurimoto H

Nagaseki H. (2003) Chemical Analysis of Individual Fluid Inclusion by Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence Microprobe
Hayashi K, Nagaseki H & Iida A

Nagashima A. (2016) Geochemical Cycling of Fe, S, C, N, and Mo in the 3.2 Ga Ocean: Constraints from DXCL-Dp Black Shales
Yamaguchi KE, Kobayashi Y, Shena A, Kobayashi D, Fujita S, Nagashima A, Sakamoto R, Naraoka H, Yamagata Y, Hirata T, Ikehara M, Ito T & Kiyokawa S

Nagashima K (2003) Isolation of Presolar Grains Using Fusion Technique from Murchison CM2 Meteorite
Matsunami Y, Nagashima K, Nagasawa H & Yurimoto H

Nagashima Kana (2016) A Combined Chemical and Sr-Nd Isotopic Study on Terrigenous Supply to the Western Arctic Ocean
Takeuchi S, Asahara Y, Harada N, Onodera J & Nagashima K
(2016) Provenance Study of Asian Dust Using Cathodoluminescence Spectra of Single Quartz Grains
Nagashima K, Nishido H & Kayama M

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