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Gustafsson Jon-Petter (2019) Effect of Postglacial Weathering on Phosphorus Speciation in Acid Forest Soils
Tuyishime JRM, Adediran G, Vantelon D, Klysubun W & Gustafsson JP
(2019) Phosphorus-Bearing Particles in Leachates from Agricultural Soils
Simonsson M, Adediran G, Aronsson H, Etana A, Gustafsson JP, Hillier S & Lundberg D
(2019) Molecular Speciation of Particulate Macronutrients in Leachates from Agricultural Soils
Adediran G, Simonsson M, Lundberg D & Gustafsson J-P

Gustafsson Ö. (2017) Organic Carbon Export from Siberian Permafrost Tracked Across the Arctic Shelf Using Raman Spectroscopy
Sparkes R, Maher M, Blewett J, van Dongen B, Dogrul Selver A, Gustafsson O & Semiletov I
(2016) Year-Round Dual Isotope-Based Observation and Model Comparison of Black Carbon in the Arctic
Winiger P, Andersson A, Eckhardt S, Stohl A & Gustafsson Ö
(2016) Sources of Carbonaceous Aerosol in Beijing Based on Carbon Isotopes and Emission Inventory
Zheng M, Yan C & Gustafsson Ö
(2014) Terrestrial Microbial Biomarkers Trace Organic Matter Transport to the Arctic Ocean
Bischoff J, Sparkes R, Doğrul Selver A, Gustafsson Ö, Vonk J, Spencer R, Semiletov I, Dudarev O, van Dongen B & Talbot H
(2014) Coastal Carbon Dynamics in Siberian-Arctic Shelf Waters
Vonk J, Semiletov I, Dudarev O, Eglinton T & Gustafsson Ö
(2014) Terrestrial Organic Carbon and Biomarker Export from East Siberian Permafrost to the Arctic Ocean
Sparkes R, Doğrul Selver A, Bischoff J, Gustafsson Ö, Semiletov I, Dudarev O, Talbot H & van Dongen B
(2009) The Importance of River Water Inflow and Shelf Sediment-Sea Water Exchange in the East Siberian Sea for the Nd Isotopic Composition of Arctic Ocean Water
Andersson P, Porcelli D, Gelting J, Nordblad F, Gustafsson O & Semiletov I
(2009) Fractionation of Iron Isotopes during Estuarine Mixing in Ob, Yenisey and Lena Freshwater Plumes
Ingri J, Gelting J, Nordblad F, Engström E, Rodushkin I, Andersson P, Porcelli D, Gustafsson Ö, Semiletov I & Öhlander B
(2007) 14C Lipid Biomarker Ages in Surface Sediments off the Five Great Russian Arctic Rivers
van Dongen B, Semiletov I & Gustafsson O
(2007) The Sources of Nd Isotopes in Arctic Ocean Water
Andersson P, Porcelli D, Dahlqvist R, Frank M, Björk G & Gustafsson Ö
(2004) The Isotopic Composition of Sr and Nd in Arctic Ocean Ice Rafted Sediments: Implications for Provenance and Transport
Andersson P, Baskaran M, Porcelli D, Frank M, Ingri J & Gustafsson O
(2004) Hydrodynamic Sorting of Washington Margin Sediments Using SPLITT Fractionation
Coppola L, Gustafsson Ö, Andersson P, Uchida M & Eglinton T
(2002) Biogeochemistry of Trace Metals during a Coastal Bloom in the Baltic Sea
Ingri J, Larsson J, Nordling S, Gustafsson Ö, Rönnegård J & Andersson P
(2000) Weathering, Transport and Sedimentation of Rare Earth Elements and Nd-Isotopes in a Boreal River Basin – Brackish Bay Area
Andersson PS, Ingri J, Öhlander B, Land M, Widerlund A, Dahlqvist R & Gustafsson Ö
(2000) The Ce-Anomaly in River Suspended Matter an Indicator of Hydrogeochemical Processes in a Boreal Catchment
Ingri J, Andersson PS, Widerlund A, Öhlander B, Gustafsson Ö & Land M

Gustafsson S. (2015) Influence of Organic Molecules on the Aggregation of TiO2 Nanoparticles
Danielsson K, Gallego-Urrea J, Hassellöv M, Gustafsson S & Jonsson CM
(2011) Single Particle ICP-MS for Detection of Engineered Nanoparticles in Environmental Samples
Tuoriniemi J, Cornelis G, Gustafsson S & Hassellöv M

Gustave W.

Gustavson J. (2005) Pore-Scale Coupling of Dissolution, Diffusion, and Crystallization Forces during Alteration of Vesicular Lavas
Gustavson J & Neuhoff P

Gustavsson N. (2005) Geochemical Landscapes of Alaska
Wang B, Gough L, Smith D & Gustavsson N

Gustaytis M. (2019) Behavior of Hg Speciation in the Technogenic Soil-Plant System with Extreme Elemental Contents
Gustaytis M, Myagkaya I & Lazareva E
(2019) Hg Behavior in Mud Volcanic Landscape, Kerch Peninsula
Kokh S, Sokol E, Gustaytis M & Deviatiiarova A
(2019) Distribution of Hg in Rivers of Gorny Altai with a Natural and Man-Made Pollution Source of Environment
Myagkaya I, Gustaytis M, Saryg-Ool B-O, Surkov O & Lazareva E
(2016) Au and Ag Speciation in Vertical Profile of Tailing’s Desperation Train
Saryg-ool B-O, Myagkaya I, Gustaytis M, Lazareva E & Zhmodik S
(2013) Gold in Sulfide Wastes – Peat System
Myagkaya I, Lazareva E, Gustaytis M & Zhmodik S
(2013) The Study of Hg Transformation in the Au Recovery Plant Tailing Area Using Thermal Release Technique with Atomic Absorption Detection
Gustaytis M, Shuvaeva O, Myagkaya I & Lazareva E
(2011) The Speciation of Au, Ag, Hg, Th and U in Peat Polluted by Acid Mine Drainage
Scherbakova I, Lazareva E, Gustaytis M & Zhmodik S
(2008) Mercury Speciation in the Sulfide Waste Ablation Zone
Gustaytis M, Lazareva E, Bogush A, Sherbov B & Shuvaeva O

Gusterhuber J. (2017) Investigations into the Highest Reported He Concentration in a Natural Gas Sample: Mt Kitty, Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory
McInnes B, Darrah T, Hilton D, Boreham C, Edwards D & Gusterhuber J

Gustin M. (2013) Unravelling Sources of Ground-Level Ozone in the Intermountain Western U.S. Through Pb Isotopes
Christensen JN, Weiss-Penzias P, Brown ST, McDade C, Jaffe D & Gustin M
(2007) Speciation of Mercury in Mining Environments
Brown, Jr. GE, Slowey A, Jew A, Kim CS, Lowry GV, Shaw S, Gustin MS & Rytuba JJ
(2005) New Insights into Mercury Exchange between Air and Substrate
Gustin M, Engle M, Ericksen J, Xin M, Krabbenhoft D, Lindberg S, Olund S & Rytuba J
(2005) The Potential for Methyl Mercury Production in Constructed Wetlands and a Riparian Setting
Gustin M, Chavan R, Stamenkovic J, Ericksen J, Brown S, Saito L, Dennett K, Marchand E & Donaldson S

Gutareva O. (2011) Speleothem Record of Permafrost in Siberia and Aridity in Mongolia during the Last 450 kyr
Vaks A, Gutareva O, Breitenbach S, Avirmed E, Kononov A, Osinzev A & Henderson G

Guth A.K. (2009) Genesis of Tourmaline-Quartz-Wolframite Veins in the Schwarzwald, SW Germany
Guth AK, Marks MAW, Marschall HR, Barth M & Markl G

Guthrie C. (2008) Potential and Limitations of MCM-41 in Dechlorination Reactions
Guthrie C, Reardon E, Peemoeller H & Vogan J

Guthrie G. D. (2001) Microenvironments Associated with Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) in Concrete
Guthrie GD, Atekwana E & Carey JW
(2001) Modeling Neutron Diffraction from Disordered Solids: Three-Dimensional Interstratification in Natural Opal-Ct
Bish DL, Guthrie GD & Reynolds Jr RC

Guthrie George (2014) Geochemical Characterization and Assessment of Migration or Mixing of Upper and Middle Devonian Produced Waters Following Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing
Capo R, Kolesar Kohl C, Stewart B, Wall A, Schroeder K, Hammack R & Guthrie G
(2014) Impact of Geochemical Kinetics at the Reservoir/ Shale Interface on Long Term CO2 Storage
Balashov V, Brantley S, Guthrie G, Lopano C & Hakala A
(2012) Neutron Diffraction, Excess Sorption and Infrared Study of CO2 Inter-Action with Na-Rich Montmorillonite at CCS P-T Conditions
Krukowski E, Goodman A, Rother G, Ilton E, Guthrie G & Bodnar R

Guthrie M. (2016) Structure, Stability and Themoelastic Properties of CO2-IV
Palaich S, Makhluf A, Santamaria-Perez D, Tulk C, Molaison J, Guthrie M, Kavner A & Manning C
(2010) Neutron Diffraction Studies of Amorphous Materials Under Pressure
Wilding M, Guthrie M, Bull C & Tucker M
(2010) Neutron Diffraction Studies of Liquids at High Pressure
Guthrie M, Tucker M, Tulk C, dos Santos A & Molaison J

Gutierrez E. (2016) The 2013 Eruption of Chaparrastique (San Miguel) Volcano, El Salvador: Effects of Magma Storage, Mixing, and Decompression
Scarlato P, Mollo S, Del Bello E, von Quadt A, Brown R, Gutierrez E, Martinez-Hackert B & Papale P

Gutierrez F. (2015) Identifying the Crystal Graveyards Remaining after Large Silicic Eruptions
Gelman S, Bachmann O, Deering C, Huber C & Gutierrez F

Gutierrez Melissa (2018) Variance in Phanerozoic Marine Sulfate δ34S Proxies
Present T, Gutierrez M, Fischer W, Grotzinger J & Adkins J
(2018) Sedimentary Sulfur Cycling in Oxygenated Deep Ocean Settings
Gutierrez M, Johnson D, Present T & Adkins J

Gutierrez Morgane (2019) Can the Addition of Bacterial Siderophores Help in the Phytoremediation of Vinyard Soils?
Randriamamonjy S, Gutierrez M, Rocco K, Gaudin P, Mouret A, Metzger E, Capiaux H, Lebeau T & Cornu JY

Gutiérrez S. (2018) Legacy Mine Tailings in Urban Areas: Assessing Heavy Metal Exposure from Street Dust
Cortés S, Arce G, Leiva C, Muñoz L, Gutiérrez S, Moya P, Vega A & Pastén P

Gutierrez V. (2011) Evaluation of Thermodynamic Data and Activity Coefficient Models for the Geochemical Modeling of CO2 Storage Systems
Gimeno MJ, Acero P, Gutierrez V, Auque LF, Asta MP & Gomez J

Gutierrez X. (2015) Adsorption of Hydrogen Chloride on Volcanic Ashes
Gutierrez X & Keppler H

Gutierrez-Alonso G. (2014) Timing Evolution of the Paleozoic Alkaline Basic Magmatism of the Kuznetsk Alatau, Siberia
Vrublevskii V, Gertner I & Gutierrez-Alonso G

Gutierrez-Caminero L. (2014) Tracing Metal and Metalloid Sources Using Lead Isotopes: An Example from the San Antonio-El Triunfo Mining District, Baja California Sur, México
Gutierrez-Caminero L, Weber B, Wurl J & Carrera-Muñoz M

Gutiérrez-Preciado A. (2017) Exploring Metabolic Interactions of Highly Diverse Archaea in Microbial Mats from the Atacama Desert
Gutiérrez-Preciado A, Saghaï A, Moreira D, Deschamps P, Zivanovic Y & López-García P

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