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Günther J.

Gunther T. (2018) Multivariant Analysis of a Global Suite of Uranium-Rich Samples
Corcoran L, Spano T, Simonetti A, Lewis S, Gunther T, Dorais C & Burns PC

Günther-Leopold I. (2002) Isotope Ratio Measurements on Transient Signals by an Online Coupled HPLC-MC-ICP-MS System
Günther-Leopold I, Wernli B & Kopajtic Z

Gunton C. (2006) The influence of chloride and sulfate on Cu and Zn adsorption on goethite
Gunton C, McPhail D & Christy A
(2005) The Effect of NaCl on Cu(II) Sorption on Goethite
Gunton C, Christy A & McPhail D

Guo A. (2011) Duofuton Mafic Volcanic Suite at Northeastern Margin of the Qing-Tibet Plateau: Its Age, Geochemistry and Tectonic Implications
Guo A, Hu X, Guo Y, Zhang C & Zhang L
(2011) Episodic Events of the Western North China Craton and North Qinling Orogenic Belt, in Central China: Revealing by Detrital Zircon U–Pb Ages
Sun Y, Diwu C, Zhang H, Qiang W & Guo A
(2011) Crustal Growth in the North China Craton at ~2.5 Ga: Evidence from in situ Zircon U-Pb Dating, Hf Isotopes and Whole-Rock Geochemistry of the Dengfeng Complex
Diwu C, Sun Y, Guo A, Wang H & Liu X
(2008) An Indosinian Orogenic Belt in the Northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China:Geochemical and Geochronological Evidence
Guo A, Zhang G, Qiang J, Li G & Yao A

Guo Binglin (2019) First-Principles Investigations into Iodide and Iodate Incorporation Mechanism into Ettringite
Guo B, Xiong Y, Cheng W, Saslow S, Dabo I & Sasaki K
(2018) Immobilization of Iodine Species in Ettringite and the Inorganic Anions Selective Mechanism
Guo B & Sasaki K
(2018) Reduction of Selenate in Ettringite by Calcination
Sasaki K & Guo B
(2017) Immobilization of Borate and Arsenate from Geothermal Waters by Co-precipitation with Hydroxyapatite
Sasaki K, Hayashi Y & Guo B
(2016) Removal of Selenate by Co-precipitate with Ettringite in Aqueous Solution
Guo B, Hirajima T & Sasaki K

Guo Bo (2008) LA-ICP-MS Single Particle Zircon U-Pb Dating and Metallogenetic Tectonic Setting of Jingduicheng Large-Scale Porphyritic Molybdenum Deposit in East Qinling, P.R. China
Zhu L, Zhang G, Guo B & Lee B

Guo Bobo (2019) Atmospheric Wet Depostion Fluxes of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Lake Qinghai Watershed at Qinghai-Tibet Pleatau, China
Zhang X, Guo B, Ouyang W & Lin C

Guo Chenghuan (2017) Multicomponent Diffusion in Basaltic Melts
Guo C & Zhang Y
(2016) Multicomponent Diffusion in Silicate Melts: SiO2-TiO2-Al2O3-MgO-Cao-Na2O-K2O System
Guo C & Zhang Y

Guo Chuling (2020) Investigation of Chromate Coordination Modes and Its Transformation Behaviors on Schwertmannite Interface Under Environmental Disturbance
Dang Z, Li X & Guo C
(2020) Chromate Coordination on Lepidocrocite Facets Affects its Adsorption Behavior: In situ ATR-FTIR, DFT+U Methods and Theoretical Frequency Calculations
Li X, Guo C & Dang Z
(2020) Mobilization of Arsenic during Reductive Dissolution of As(V)-bearing Jarosite by a Sulfate Reducing Bacterium
Gao K, Guo C & Dang Z
(2019) Microbial Community Variation and Interaction in AMD-Impacted Paddy Soil after pH Elevation
Guo C, Wang H, Jiang M & Dang Z
(2019) Role of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria (SRB) in Fe and S Mineral Transformation in the AMD-Impacted Environment
Jiang M, Guo C & Dang Z
(2018) Microbial Communities and their Role in Fe(III) Hydroxysulfate Mineral Transformations in a River Affected by Acid Mine Drainage
Bao Y, Guo C & Dang Z
(2018) Arsenic Release in Paddy Soil during Applying Phosphate Fertilizer
Ji Y, Lu G, Guo C & Dang Z
(2017) The Sulfate Reducing Microbial Community Succession Under Different Electron Transfer Routes in Schwertmannite Transformation
Zeng Y, Fan C, Wang H, Guo C, Lu G, Reinfelder JR & Dang Z
(2017) Mineralization and Recrystallization of Cadmium-Doped Schwertmannite Induced by Fe(II)
Fan C, Guo C, Zeng Y, Reinfelder J, Lu G & Dang Z
(2016) Spatial Dynamics of Bacterial Community in Response to Acid Mine Drainage Pollution Gradients along the Watershed of Dabaoshan Mining Area (Southeast China)
Guo C, Bao Y, Wang H & Dang Z
(2016) Dissolution Mechnism of Schwertmannite in the Presence of Dissolved Organic Matter: Implication for Chromate Dynamic Behavior
Xie Y, Lu G, Guo C & Dang Z
(2015) Distribution of Bacterial Communities and Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Diversity in a Paddy Soil Irrigated with Acid Mine Drainage
Wang H, Yang C, Guo C & Dang Z
(2015) Species and Distribution of Sulfur in Paddy Soil Profile Affected by Acid Mine Drainage in Dabaoshan Sulfide Mining Area, South China
Yang C, Wang H, Guo C & Dang Z

Guo Chun LI

Guo Chun-Hua (2008) Penglai Zircon – A Potential New Reference for Microbeam Analysis of U-Pb Age and O-Hf Isotopes
Li X-H, Long W-G, Guo C-H, Liu Y, Li Q-L, Hu Z-C & Tao H

Guo Chun-Jing (2011) Analysis of Poyang Lake Water Body Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Isotopic Tracing and its Carbon Source Contribution
Zhou W-B, Hu C-H, Jiang J-H, Guo C-J & Lou Q
(2011) Isotope Evidence for Regional Precipitation Characteristics in the Poyang Lake Basin
Hu C-H, Zhou W-B, Jiang J-H, Guo C-J & Zhang P

Guo Chunying (2009) Geology, Geochemistry of Ore-Forming Fluids and Hydrothermal Alteration Dynamics of the Zhaoping Gold Belt in Northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China
Yang L, Deng J, Li N & Guo C
(2009) Volatiles in Fluid Inclusions from Sanshandao Gold Deposit in Jiaodong
Guo C, Deng J & Yang L
(2009) The New Views on Alteration and Mineralization of Sanshandao Gold Orefield in the Jiaodong Peninsula
Yuan W, Deng J, Yang L, Guo C, Gao B & Zhang R
(2008) Superimposed Processes of Gold and Silver Mineralization in the Dayingezhuang Gold Deposit, Jiaodong Gold Province, China: Constraint of Ore-Forming Fluid Geochemistry
Yang L, Deng J, Zhang J, Guo C, Jiang S, Gao B, Gong Q & Wang Q

Guo Dali (2016) The Legacy of Intensively Managed Agricultural Landscapes Written in the Soil Organic Carbon of the Critical Zone
Filley T, Guo D, Filley R, Kumar P & Papnicolaou T

Guo Di-Jun (2015) Preliminary Study on the Global Tectonic Framework of the Moon
Guo D-J, Liu J-Z, Zhang L & OuYang Z-Y

Guo Dongfa (2020) Possible High U Effect on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) of Cassiterite U-Pb Dating
He S, Guo D, Cui J, Liu R & Fan Z
(2018) Combined FIB-Sims Technique and its Application
Ge X, Fan G, Guo D & Wang T

Guo Dongyan (2012) Relationship between Leaf Phosphorus and Soil Phosphorus: A Case Study of Degraded Grassland in Western Jilin Province, NE China
Li Y, Wan S, Wang D, Fu Q, Guo D & Yang Y
(2012) Ecological Risk Assessment of Soil Heavy Metals in Fruit Producing Area
Yang Y, Wang D, Li Y, Fu Q & Guo D
(2011) Ecological Stoichiometry of Plant Nutrients: A Case Study of Degraded Grassland in Western Jilin Province, NE China
Li Y, Wang D, Sun C, Guo D, Yang Y & Shi X

Guo F (2005) Late Mesozoic Adakites from the Northeastern China: Evidence for Subduction of the Paleo-Pacific Ocean Toward the NE Asian Continent
Guo F, Fan W, Li C, Li X & Gao X
(2005) Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Characteristics of Carbonate Rocks of Carboniferous-Permian in Jiangshan, Zhejiang Province, China
Guo F, Qin X, Pan J & Xia F
(2004) The Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Characteristics of the Cambrian Carbonate Rocks in Jiangshan, Zhejiang, China and its Paleoenvironment Significance
Guo F, Sun Z, Peng H, Pan J & Du Y

Guo F-S (2008) The Origin and Sulphur Characteristics of Early Cambrian Barite Deposits in East Guizhou, China
Xia F, Pan J-Y, Xia F, Ma D-S, Guo F-S & Sun Z-X
(2006) Lead isotope geochemistry and lead source in black rock series of early Cambrian from southeast Guizhou, China
Xia F, Pan J-Y, Ma D-S, Cao S-L, Chen S-H, Guo F-S & Sun Z-X

Guo Fangqin (2016) In situ Observations of the Efflorescence and Deliquescence Processes of Single Aerosol Particles Levitated in Air by Means of a Laser Trapping Technique
Guo F, Ishikawa T, Seng S, Tobon Y, Sobanska S & Ishizaka S

Guo Fangqing (2008) Carbonate and its Stable Isotopes for the Reconstruction of Hydrological Changes in the Holocene Bosten Lake in China
Zhang C & Guo F

Guo Fayang (2019) Experimental and Theoretical Study of Glyphosate Adsorption on Kaolinite and Kaolinite-Humic Acid Composite
Guo F, Huang Q & Rong X

Guo Fei (2020) The Bioavailability of Cadmium and Influencing Factors of Farmland Soil in Karst Areas of Guangxi, China
Ma HH, Peng M, Guo F & Chen HX
(2020) Translocation and Accumulation Characteristic of Heavy Metals in Soil-Maize System from a Typical Lead-Zinc Mining Area in Guizhou Province, China
Guo F & Ma H

Guo Feng (2019) Transformation of Continental Lithosphere Above the Afar Plume: PGE and Re-Os Isotopes in Mantle Xenoliths from Ethiopia
Alemayehu M, Guo F & Aulbach S

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