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Arnórsson S. (2014) CO2 Uptake and Trace Element Mobilization in Icelandic Geothermal Systems
Thomas D, Bird D, Arnórsson S, Brown, Jr. G & Maher K
(2013) Chromium Chemistry in Natural Waters, Iceland
Kaasalainen H, Stefánsson A, Gunnarsson I & Arnórsson S
(2010) Volcanic and Tectonic Geothermal Systems in Iceland
Arnórsson S
(2010) H2S and CO2 Sequestration in Geothermal Systems
Stefansson A, Arnorsson S, Gunnarsson I, Gysi A, Kaasalainen H & Gunnlaugsson E
(2009) Metal Transport by Geothermal and Volcanic Vapour
Kaasalainen H, Stefánsson A, Giroud N & Arnórsson S
(2007) Silica Polymerization. Rate Constants at 23° to 80℃ as a Function of pH
Gunnarsson I & Arnorsson S
(2004) Experimental Study of Silica Polymerization
Gunnarsson I & Arnórsson S
(2004) Processes Controlling Sr Surface Waters and Geothermal Solutions in, a Tertiary Tholeiitic Floodbasalt Province in Iceland
Fridriksson T & Arnórsson S
(2004) The Source and Age of Ground Waters in the Basalt Area of Skagafjördur, Iceland, as Deduced from Data on Natural Chemical and Isotopic Tracers
Arnórsson S & Sveinbjörnsdóttir Á
(2002) Chemical Environmental Impact of Geothermal Resource Utilization
Arnórsson S
(2000) Mineral-Solution Equilibria in Groundwater Systems
Arnórsson S & Stefánsson A

Arnosio M. (2018) Magmatic Architecture and Dynamics of the Cerro Blanco Volcanic Complex, Catamarca, Argentina
Roberge J, De Silva SL, Viramonte J, Arnosio M & Becchio R

Arnosti C. (2013) Functional Contrasts and Functional Redundancy in Arctic Bacterial Communities in the Oxic Water Column and Anoxic Sediments
Arnosti C, Cardman Z, Steen A, Ziervogel K & Teske A
(2013) A Constant Flux of Diverse Anaerobic Thermophilic Endospores into Cold Marine Sediments
Hubert CR, Bell E, de Rezende JR, Hanson CA, Suárez-Suárez A, Head IM, Loy A, Müller A, Baranyi C, Ferdelman TG, Nickel M, Vandieken V, Arnosti C, Brüchert V, Finster K, Kjeldsen KU & Barker Jørgensen B
(2010) Organic Matter Degradation and Nutrient Remobilization in Permeable Coastal Sands
Huettel M, Chipman L, Podgorski D, Green S, Magen C, Niggemann J, Ziervogel K, Arnosti C, Berg P, Cooper W, Dittmar T, Kostka J & Hallas K
(2002) Carbon Cycling in a Continental Margin Sediment: Contrasts between Organic Matter Characteristics and Remineralization Rates and Pathways
Arnosti C & Holmer M

Arnott P. (2014) Evolution of Near Field Biomass Burning Aerosols
Lewis E, Sedlacek A, Kleinman L, Arnott P, Adachi K, Buseck P, Onasch T, Pikridas M, Shilling J, Springston S, Wang J & Yokelson B

Arnoux P. (2017) An Experimental vs. Numerical Approach to Determine Capability of Archie’s Law to Explain Impact of Evolving Porosity on Diffusivity
Rajyaguru A, Savoye S, Wittebroodt C, Lagneau V, Detilleux V, Arnoux P & Blidstein O

Arnquist I. Novel Method for Measuring Ultra-Trace Levels of U and Th in Au, Pt, Ir, and W Matrices Using QQQ-ICP-MS and an O2 Reaction Gas
Harouaka K, Hoppe E & Arnquist I
(2018) The Right Tool for the I-129 Job: can Triple Quad ICPMS or Collision Cell MC-ICPMS (Proteus) Address Limitations of AMS and TIMS?
Arnquist I, Eiden G, Lewis J, Coath C, Wehrs H, Schwieters J & Elliott T

Arntzen E. (2003) Geochemical Investigations of the Hyporheic Zone of the Columbia River, Hanford Site, USA
McKinley J, Arntzen E, Geist D & Fredrickson J

Arogyawsamy K. Microorganisms in the Critical Zone: An ASSET Case Study for Sample Processing and Data Workflows, Synthesis, and Dissemination
Aronson E, Maltz M, Garijo D, Arogyawsamy K, Dove N, Mayorga E, Freund H, Bruyere C & Daniels M

Aromokeye D.A. (2017) Microbial Interactions with Crystalline Iron Oxides Under Varying Temperature Conditions
Aromokeye DA, Kulkarni A, Oni OE, Yin X, Richter-Heitmann T, Kasten S & Friedrich MW

Aronoff R. (2014) Detrital Zircon and Metatuff Age Constraints for Provenance and Mesoproterozoic Orogenic Evolution of Southwest Laurentia
Daniel C, Doe M, Aronoff R, Andronicos C & Jones J

Aronova M. (2009) Grazing and Digestion of Magnetotactic Bacteria by Ciliates
Silveira T, Martins J, Abreu F, Silva K, Aronova M, Silva Neto I, Kachar B & Lins U

Aronson E. Microorganisms in the Critical Zone: An ASSET Case Study for Sample Processing and Data Workflows, Synthesis, and Dissemination
Aronson E, Maltz M, Garijo D, Arogyawsamy K, Dove N, Mayorga E, Freund H, Bruyere C & Daniels M
(2018) Competing Droughts Affect Dust Delivery to the Sierra Nevada
Aarons S, Arvin L, Aronson E, Aciego S, Riebe C, Hart S & Carey C
(2017) Reevaluating the Role of Dust in Mountain Ecosystems: Insights from Tracer Isotopes, Microbial Genomics, and Global Databases
Riebe C, Arvin L, Carey C, Aciego S, Aarons S, Blakowski M, Hart S & Aronson E

Aronson H. (2019) Is Sulfur Comproportionation a Catabolism 'Missing in Nature'?
Amend J, Aronson H, LaRowe D & Macalady J

Aronsson H. (2019) Phosphorus-Bearing Particles in Leachates from Agricultural Soils
Simonsson M, Adediran G, Aronsson H, Etana A, Gustafsson JP, Hillier S & Lundberg D

Aronstein P. Speciation of Iron and Carbon in California Air Particulate Matter Using Complementary STEM/EELS and STXM Studies
Leppert V, Robinson M, Pattammattel A, Aronstein P & O'Day P

Arora B. Redox Controls on Trace Element Mobility during Shale Weathering from Microscale Analyses
Carrero S, Arora B, Slotznick S, Wan J, Steefel C, Banfield J & Gilbert B
A Hillslope Scale Model for Quantifying Fluxes of Weathered Elements in a Mountainous Headwater Catchment
Arora B, Carrero S, Steefel C & Gilbert B
A Scale-Aware Modeling Framework to Quantify Subsurface Geochemical Exports and River Water Quality
Dwivedi D, Steefel C, Newcomer M, Arora B, Özgen-Xian I, Nico P, Faybishenko B, Dafflon B, Wainwright H, Fox P, Williams K & Hubbard S
Advancing Understanding, Modeling, and Scaling of Hyporheic Zone Terrestrial Aquatic Interfaces and their Impacts on Watershed Function
Newcomer M, Bouskill N, Dwivedi D, Steefel C, Maier U, Arora B, Nico P, Faybishenko B, Dafflon B, Wainwright H, Carroll R, Fox P, Williams K & Hubbard S
(2019) Biogeochemical Controls on River Water Quality Under Transient Hydrological and Thermal Conditions
Dwivedi D, Arora B, Newcomer M, Dafflon B, Faybishenko B, Nico P & Williams K
(2018) Modeling Nitrogen Sources, Sinks and Transformations in a Mountain Watershed Under Changing Climate
Maavara T, Bouskill N, Arora B, Siirila-Woodburn E, Sample J, Couture R-M, Newcomer M, Foster L, Maxwell R, Williams K & Steefel C
(2016) Genome-Informed Reactive Transport Simulations of CO2 and Carbon Isotope Dynamics in a Flood Plain Aquifer
Arora B, King E, Spycher N, Steefel C & Conrad M
(2016) How Important is the Hyporheic Zone for Biogeochemical Cycling?
Dwivedi D, Steefel C, Arora B & Bisht G
(2015) Modeling CO2 and Carbon Isotope Dynamics in a Floodplain Aquifer
Arora B, Conrad M, Spycher N & Steefel C
(2015) Impact of Hyporheic Zone on Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon
Dwivedi D, Steefel C, Arora B & Bisht G
(2014) Modeling the Biogeochemical Response of a Flood Plain to Hydrologic Forcing
Molins S, Arora B, Spycher N, Johnson J & Steefel C
(2014) Reactive Transport Benchmarks on Heavy Metal Cycling
Arora B, Mayer KU, Steefel CI, Spycher NF, Sengor SS, Jacques D & Alt-Epping P
(2014) The GEWaSC Framework: Multiscale Modeling of Coupled Biogeochemical, Microbiological, and Hydrological Processes
Steefel C, Brodie E, Bouskill N, Molins S, Arora B, Yabusaki S, Karaoz U, Spycher N, Maxwell R, Trebotich D, Navarre-Sitchler A & Beisman J

Arora D. Rare Earth Elements Mineralization in the Deri Ambaji Area of South Delhi Fold Belt, India
Arora D, Pandey M, Ansari S, Pant NC & Gupta R
Implication of Mineralogical Attributes to Define the Provenance Geology of Sediments Deposited in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
Gupta R, Pandey M, Rao NVC, Pant NC & Arora D

Arora N.K. Appraisal of Groundwater Pollution on Account of Nitrate and Lead Concentrations in Yamuna-Sahibi Interfluve in Delhi, India
Yadav AK, Shekhar S, Sarkar A & Arora NK

Arosio R. (2016) Weathering Fluxes and Sediment Provenance on the SW Scottish Shelf at the Last Deglaciation
Arosio R, Crocket K, Nowell G, Callard L, Benetti S & Howe J

Arp G. Nitrogen Isotope Ratios Trace High pH in a Terrestrial Mars Analog Site
Tino C, Stüeken E, Arp G, Jung D & Lyons T
(2019) Early Microbial Impact on Carbonate Diagenesis in Lagoon Sediments on Aldabra, Western Indian Ocean
Fussmann D, von Hoyningen-Huene A, Schneider D, Reimer A, Daniel R & Arp G
(2019) Evaluating δ15N as a High pH Proxy for Closed-Basin Lacustrine Systems
Tino C, Stüeken E, Gregory D, Arp G, Jung D & Lyons T
(2018) δ15N as a pH Proxy for the Miocene Ries Impact Crater Lake
Tino C, Stüeken E, Arp G, Jung D & Lyons T
(2017) Allanite as Provenance Indicator of Volcanic Ashes
Dunkl I, Arp G, Jung D, Lukács R & von Eynatten H

Arps J. (2017) Climate-Related Formation of Cold-Water Coral Mounds in the Alboran Sea Since the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
Krengel T, Wienberg C, Hebbeln D, Frank N, Arps J & Eichstaedter R
(2017) Glacial Intensification of the Benguela Current
Frank N, Roesch C, Wefing A-M, Wienberg C, Lausecker M, Förstel J, Schröder-Ritzrau A, Therre S, Friedrich R, Arps J, Hebbeln D, Dullo C & Freiwald A
(2017) Tropical Soil Activity on Socotra Island, Arabian Sea, Since the LGM: Evidence from Speleothem Radiocarbon
Therre S, Fohlmeister J, Fleitmann D, Burns SJ, Arps J, Schröder-Ritzrau A, Friedrich R & Frank N
(2017) In situ U-Th Dating of Speleothems and Corals Using Laser Ablation MC-ICPMS
Förstel J, Frank N & Arps J
(2017) Centennial Growth Rate Variability of Two Alpine Holocene Speleothems
Arps J, Trüssel M, Leutz K, Schröder-Ritzrau A, Edwards L, Cheng H, Zhang P, Thil F, Deininger M, Aeschbach N, Spötl C, Fohlmeister J & Frank N
(2015) High Precision U-Series Dating of Speleothems from Alpine Caves
Arps J, Frank N, Thil F & Spötl C

Arquero K. (2014) Investigation of Particle Formation from Methanesulfonic Acid and Amines via Laboratory Studies and ab Initio Calculations
Chen H, Varner M, Ezell M, Arquero K, Dawson M, Gerber B & Finlayson-Pitts B

Arranz E. (2013) Magmatic Processes Revealed by Heterogeneous Crystal Populations in a Lamprophyre System
Ubide T, Galé C, Larrea P, Arranz E, Lago M & Wijbrans JR
(2012) Enriched Mantle Source for the Cretaceous Alkaline Lamprophyres from the Catalonian Coastal Ranges (NE Spain)
Ubide T, Gale C, Arranz E, Lago M, Larrea P, Tierz P & Sanz T

Arrey J. Implications of Diverse Sulfur Oxidizing Microbes on Sulfur Cycling in Circumneutral Mining Wastewaters
Twible L, Arrey J, Whaley-Martin K, Nelson Colenbrander T & Warren L

Arrhenius G. (2009) Sources and Properties of Carbon in Earth's Oldest Rocks
Arrhenius G, Daraio C, Misra A, Rudee L, Perez S, Lepland A & van Zuilen M
(2004) Mineral Surface Catalysis in Models for the Emergence of Life
Arrhenius G
(2004) Carbonaceous Matter in Early Archean Rocks; How to Recognize a Biosignature
Van Zuilen M, Lepland A & Arrhenius G
(2004) Do Early Archean Isua and Akilia Rocks Contain Traces of Life?
Lepland A, Whitehouse M, Layne G, Van zuilen M & Arrhenius G
(2002) Origin and Biologic Significance of Graphite and Apatite in Early Archean Supracrustal Rocks from Isua Belt and Akilia Association
Lepland A, van Zuilen M & Arrhenius G
(2002) Graphite and its Isotopic Composition as a Biomarker in Highly Metamorphosed Early Archean Rocks
van Zuilen M, Lepland A & Arrhenius G
(2002) Search for an Extraterrestrial Impact Record in Isua Sediments
Arrhenius G, Lepland A & Asaro F

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