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Abrams J. (2011) The Geoengineering Possibilities and Impact of Enhanced Silicate Weathering in the Ocean
Abrams J, Völker C, Wolf-Gladrow D & Köhler P

Abramson E. (2018) Carbon Dioxide and Water
Abramson E, Bollengier O, Brown JM & Journaux B

Abramson N. (2018) Measuring Critical Zone Co-evolution in Real Time
Chorover J, Olshansky Y, Pelletier J, Rasmussen C, Barron-Gafford G & Abramson N

Abrantes F. (2009) Temperature and Nutrients Changes during MIS 11c and the Holocene on the Portuguese Margin
Salgueiro E, Voelker A, Martin P, Rodrigues T, Prabhu C, Abrantes F & Grimalt J

Abratis M. (2015) Studying the Fe-Ti Oxide Composition to Understand the PGE Fractionation in the Jurassic Dufek Intrusion, Antarctica
Hanemann R & Abratis M
(2011) Cenozoic Intraplate Volcanism in Central Europe Determined by LAB Topography
Abratis M & Viereck-Goette L
(2011) Single Crystal Sr-Isotope Data of Ferrar Lavas and Sills Determined by LA-MC-ICPMS
Tympel JF, Abratis M, Gerdes A & Viereck-Goette L
(2008) Melilitic Rocks of the CECIP – Examples from Vogtland/W-Bohemia (Germany/Czech Republic)
Abratis M, Viereck-Goette L, Ulrych J & Munsel D
(2008) Felsic Magmas Indicate Crustal Recycling during NAIP and FLIP Formation
Viereck-Goette L, Abratis M, Hertogen J, Meyer R, Pedersen RB, Elsner M & Schoener R
(2007) Crustal-Mantle Melt Interactions during Continental Breakup at the Early Paleocene Vøring Plateau, North Atlantic Igneous Province
Meyer R, Hertogen J, Pedersen R-B, Viereck-Götte L & Abratis M

Abre P. (2005) Chromites from Upper Ordovician Strata of the Precordilleran Terrane as Tracer of pre-Ordovician Oceanic Crust in Central Argentina
Abre P, Cingolani C, Zimmermann U & Cairncross B

Abrecht M. (2007) Probing the Organic-Mineral Interface (OMI) at the Molecular-Level in Model Biominerals
Metzler R, Evans J, Zhou D, Beniash E, Wilt F, Abrecht M, Coppersmith S & Gilbert P
(2007) Mother-Of-Pearl: Architecture and Possible Formation Mechanism
Metzler R, Zhou D, Abrecht M, Coppersmith S & Gilbert P

Abreu E. (2017) Mining Site Remediation: A Case Study
Valente T & Abreu E

Abreu F. (2009) Grazing and Digestion of Magnetotactic Bacteria by Ciliates
Silveira T, Martins J, Abreu F, Silva K, Aronova M, Silva Neto I, Kachar B & Lins U

Abreu I. (2011) Magnetic Susceptibility of Sands from a River Beach for Forensic Applications
Carvalho Á, Ribeiro H, Guedes A, Sant'Ovaia H, Abreu I & Noronha F

Abreu J. (2013) The Composition of Zircon in Peraluminous Variscan Granites from Northern Portugal
Martins H & Abreu J

Abreu M.P. (2010) New 40Ar/39Ar and Geochemical Constraints on São Jorge Island, Azores
Ribeiro LP, Calvert A, França Z, Rodrigues B & Abreu MP
(2008) Multi-Variate Analysis of Elemental Data from the Azores Archipelago and Great Meteor Seamounts
Costa R, Mirão J, Madureira P, Ribeiro L, Pimentel F, Lourenço N & Abreu M
(2008) Azores and MAR Basalts Similarity: A Multidimensional Analysis
Ribeiro LP, Pimentel F, Abreu MP & Team Emepc 

Abreu N. (2008) Unraveling the Effects of Aqueous Alteration on Primary Nebular Materials: Electron Microbeam Study of Matrices of CR Chondrites
Abreu N & Brearley A

Abrevaya L. (2017) Modelling the Mechanisms Controlling d88/86Sr Variations in Coccolithophores
Mejía LM, Paytan A, Eisenhauer A, Böhm F, Kolevica A, Bolton C, Méndez-Vicente A, Abrevaya L, Isensee K & Stoll H
(2016) New Perspectives on the Evolution of CO2 in the Late Cenozoic
Stoll H, Mejia LM, Bolton C, Guitian J, Hernandez Sanchez MT, Abrevaya L, Mendez-Vicente A & Gonzalez-Lemos S
(2015) Optimizing pCO2 Reconstructions from Marine Phytoplankton
Stoll H, Bolton C, Hernandez Sanches MT, Mejia LM, Mendez-Vicente A, Abrevaya L & Anderson R
(2015) Constraining the Mechanisms Driving δ44/40Ca Variations in Coccolithophores: A Mixed Culture and Fossil Study Approach
Mejía LM, Paytan A, Eisenhauer A, Kolevica A, Abrevaya L, Bolton C, Méndez-Vicente A, Isensee K, González-Lemos S & Stoll H
(2014) δ13C of Opal-Bound Organic Matter and Opal B Content in Fossil Diatoms of Different Sizes and Geometries
Mejía LM, Abrevaya L, Méndez-Vicente A, Bolton C & Stoll H
(2014) Threshold Adaptations of Marine Algae to CO2 in the Late Cenozoic
Stoll H, Bolton C, Mejia-Ramirez LM, Mendez-Vicente A, Hernandez-Sanchez MT & Abrevaya L

Abrigo M.F. (2001) Quantification of Recharge and Cooling Using Geochemical Criteria at the Bulalo (Mak-Ban) Geothermal Reservoir, Philippines
Molling PA, Abrigo MF & Acuña JA

Abrikosov I. (2011) Importance of Correlation Effects in First-Principles Simulations of Iron at High-Pressure
Pourovskii L, Glazyrin K, Dubrovinsky LS, Tasnadi F, Ekholm M, Katsnelson M, Ruban AV & Abrikosov I

Abril G. (2017) Strong CO2 and CH4 Efflux from Dziani Dzaha Crater Lake: Implications on Carbon Budget
Jézéquel D, Abril G, Cadeau P, Sarazin G, Leboullanger C, Fouilland E, Agogué H, Bernard C & Ader M
(2016) Strong 13C Enrichment in Dziani Dzaha Lake (Mayotte, France): Evidence for Methanogenesis Impact in a New Modern Analogue of Precambrian Oceans
Cadeau P, Ader M, Jezequel D, Sarazin G, Alberic P, Abril G, Chaduteau C, Bernard C, Agogue H, Fouilland E, Bouvy M, Got P, Le Floc'h E & Leboulanger C
(2015) Study of Groundwater Fluxes and Diagenetic Processes to Understand the Biogeochemistry of Two Shallow Lakes
Buquet D, Anschutz P, Charbonnier C, Bujan S, Poirier D & Abril G
(2015) The Dziani Dzaha Lake (Mayotte): An Analogue for High δ13C Precambrian Paleoenvironments
Cadeau P, Ader M, Jezequel D, Sarazin G, Alberic P, Abril G, Chaduteau C, Bernard C, Hagogue H, Fouilland E, Bouvy M, Got P, Le Floc'h E & Leboulanger C
(2012) In Vitro Simulation of Oscillatory Redox Conditions in Intertidal Sediments
Anschutz P, Abril G, Deborde J, Bouchet S, Bridou R, Tessier E & Amouroux D

Abriola L.M. (2010) Enhanced Mobility of Fullerene (C60) Nanoparticle in the Presence of Stabilizing Agents
Wang Y, Li Y, Costanza J, Abriola LM & Pennell KD
(2008) Modeling As(III) Removal by Synthesized FeS Coated Sand in Batch and Column Systems
Wang L, Abriola L, Han YS, Hayes K & Demond A

Abrioux M-F. (2002) Solution-Reprecipitation Responsible for Altered Near-Surface Zones during Feldspar Dissolution: Do Leached Layers Really Exist?
Hellmann R, Penisson J-M, Hervig R, Thomassin J-H & Abrioux M-F

Abrosimova N. (2018) Sulfur Gases Emission from Sulfidic Mine Tailings in Winter: Geochemical and Geophysical Evidence
Yurkevich N, Bortnikova S, Olenchenko V, Yurkevich N, Edelev A, Saeva O & Abrosimova N
(2011) Sources of Chemical Elements in Fumarols of Active Volcanic Regions (Ebeco Volcano, Paramushir Island)
Abrosimova N & Bortnikova S

Absar N. (2017) Deciphering Redox Conditions, Solute Sources and Carbon Cycling of Mesoproterozoic Ocean from Trace Element, REE, C, O, Sr and Nd Isotope Proxies of Carbonate Rocks
Augustine S, Absar N, Managave S, Bhutani R & Balakrishnan S

Abshire M. (2018) Uranium Recycling along the Namibia Continental Margin
Abshire M, Kuzminov A, Severmann S, Cofrancesco J & Riedinger N
(2017) The Uranium/Organic Carbon Relationship: A Comparison of Devonian and Modern Systems
Abshire M, Cofrancesco J & Riedinger N

Abtahi A. (2011) Geochemistry and Mineralogy of the Arid Region, Hormozgan Province (Southern Iran), in Relation with Geo-Pedological Factors of Soil Evolution
Abbaslou H, Martin F, Abtahi A & Javad PoorgohardiI M

Abu allam T. (2014) Magmatic Evolution of the Area, South Wadi Abu Ziran, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt: A Geochemical Modeling
Ghoneim M, Noweir M & Abu allam T

Abu Anbar M. (2018) Old Continental Crust Underlying Juvenile Oceanic Arc in Northern Arabian-Nubian Shield
Li X-H, Abd El-Rahman Y, Abu Anbar M, Li J, Ling X, Wu L-G & Masoud AE
(2009) Toward a New Concept for the Classification of Granitic Rocks of the Eastern Desert, Egypt: Geothermobarometry Constraints
Ghoneim M, Lebda M, Abu Anbar M & Abdel El Wahed M

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