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Ayoub N. (2017) Technology-Critical Elements (Sb, Ta, Te, In, Ga) and Organic Matter Interactions by Fluorescence Quenching
Mounier S, Filella M, Ayoub N, Redon R, Hajjoul H & Garnier C

Ayral A. (2013) Borosilicate Glass Dissolution Driven by Magnesium Silicate Precipitation
Fleury B, Godon N, Ayral A & Gin S
(2011) The Double Effect of Mg on the Long-Term Alteration Rate of a Nuclear Waste Glass
Thien B, Godon N & Ayral A

Ayraud V. (2004) Evolution of Nitrate and Sulfate in a Fractured Aquifer Related to Pumping
Ayraud V, Aquilina L, Pauwels H, Tarits C, Pierson-Wickmann A & Bour O

Ayrault S. (2018) Temporal Variation of Suspended Sediment Dynamics and River Multi-Contamination Fluxes in an Urbanized Catchment
Froger C, Ayrault S, Evrard O, Monvoisin G, Bordier L, Lefèvre I & Quantin C
(2017) Contamination Sources and Dynamics in an Urban Catchment Using Metal Isotopes and Radionuclide Measurements
Froger C, Ayrault S, Quantin C, Evrard O, Monvoisin G & Bordier L
(2016) Quantifying Sediment Sources in an Agricultural Catchment Using Fallout Radionuclides and Radiogenic 87Sr/86Sr Ratios (Loire River Basin, France)
Le Gall M, Evrard O, Thil F, Foucher A, Laceby JP, Salvador-Blanes S & Ayrault S
(2013) Distribution of 230Th and 232Th along the Bonus GoodHope Section in the SouthEast Atlantic Ocean
Roy-Barman M, Marchandise S, Thil F, Bordier L, Ayrault S, Garcia-Solsane E & Jeandel C
(2011) Zinc Sulfide in Suspended Matter from an Oxic River (Seine, France)
Priadi C, Morin G, Ayrault S, Maillot F, Juillot F, Testemale D, Proux O, Llorens I & Brown G
(2011) Coupling δ34S [SO42-] and [206Pb / 207Pb]: Origin of Trace Metals in the Urban Orge River, France
Le Pape P, Ayrault S, Michelot J-L & Quantin C

Ayres E. (2018) Using NEON Data to Explore Plot to Continental Scale Patterns in Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics
Weintraub S, Stanish L & Ayres E

Ayres T. (2017) The Carbon Isotope Composition of the Sun
Lyons J, Gharib-Nezhad E & Ayres T

Ayrinhac S. (2017) Velocity-Density Systematics of Fe-Si Alloys at Extreme Conditions
Edmund E, Antonangeli D, Decremps F, Ayrinhac S, Gauthier M, Morard G, Mezouar M & Guignot N

Ayris Paul (2013) Iron Mobilisation from Volcanic Ash/Glass by Atmospheric Processing
Maters E, Ayris P, Jacques C, Guevara A, Henley R, Opfergelt S & Delmelle P

Ayris Paul Martin (2015) SO2 and HCl Uptake by Volcanic Glass in H2O-Bearing Pseudo-Eruptive Atmospheres
Ayris PM, Delmelle P, Cimarelli C, Suzuki Y & Dingwell DB
(2015) Probing Functional Groups on Volcanic Ash Using Heterogeneous Reactions in a Knudsen Flow Reactor
Delmelle P, Maters E, Rossi M & Ayris P

Aysal Namik (2015) Genesis and Magmatic Evolution of a Newly Discovered Resurgent Caldera in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Genç ŞC, Aysal N & Ünal E
(2015) Geochronology, Geochemistry and Isotope Systematics of a Mafic-Intermediate Dyke Complex in the İstanbul Zone, Northern Turkey
Aysal N, Keskin M, Peytcheva I, Duru O & Akgündüz S
(2015) Geochemical, Geochronological and Isotopic Data from Permo-Triassic Plutons in Western Pontides, NW Turkey
Yılmaz-Şahin S, Aysal N, Güngör Y & Peytcheva I
(2011) Magmatic Evolution of the Eastern Anatolian High Plateau, E Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Lebedev VA, Chugaev AV, Genc SC, Sharkov EV, Unal E & Aysal N

Aysal Namık (2017) Magmatic Evolution of the Greater Ararat Strato-Volcano, Eastern Anatolian Collision Zone, Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Aysal N & Ünal E
(2017) Early-Middle Devonian Magmatism in The Sakarya Zone: Lower Crustal Melts at a Consuming Plate Margin
Aysal N, Ustaömer T, Öngen S, Keskin M & Peytcheva I

Ayuela A. (2017) Formation of a Quasi 2D-Layer of Protons in Hydroxides at High Pressure
Dupuis R, Dolado J, Surga J, Benoit M & Ayuela A

Ayukai T. (2003) The Oceanic CO2 System and Biogeochemical Processes in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Suzuki A, Kawahata H & Ayukai T

Ayupova N. (2020) Pseudomorphic Hematite after Ore Clasts of Gossanites of the Molodezhnoe Cu-Zn Massive Sulfide Deposit (South Urals)
Ayupova N & Maslennikov V
(2020) Trace Element Features of Modern Black, Gray and Clear Smokers and their Ancient Analogues
Maslennikov V, Ayupova N, Maslennikova S, Large R & Danyushevsky L
(2019) Mineralogy of Se in the Continental and Submarine Oxidation Zones of Urals VHMS Deposits
Belogub E, Ayupova N, Novoselov K, Blinov I, Krivovichev V & Charykova M
(2019) REE Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Ores from the Talgan Cu-Zn Massive Sulfide Deposit, South Urals
Ayupova N, Maslennikov V, Filippova K, Blinov I & Belogub E
(2016) Rare Minerals and Trace Elements in Sulfide Turbidites from Yubileynoye VMS Deposit, South Urals, Russia
Tseluyko A, Maslennikov V, Ayupova N, Maslennikova S, Large R & Danyushevsky L
(2015) Trace Elements in the Tube Fossils from Silica-Hematite Rocks of the Urals VMS Deposits
Ayupova N, Maslennikov V, Large R, Danyushevsky L & Tseluyko A

Ayuso R. (2020) Volcanic-Hosted Be-(Li-F-Ree-U) Deposits: Insights into Source Rocks, Geochemical Signatures, and Macro-To-Microscale Concentration Processes
Foley N, Ayuso R & Vazquez J
(2020) SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon Geochronology of Volcanic Rocks Hosting World-Class Be-U-Li-F Mineralization, Spor Mountain, Utah, U.S.A
Ayuso R, Foley N & Vazquez J
(2016) Volcanogenic Beryllium Deposits at Spor Mountain, Utah, USA: Impact on Past Production and Material Flow Cycles
Foley N, Ayuso R, Lederer G & Jaskula B
(2016) Prospective Source Rocks and Accumulation Processes for Deposits of the REE Ion Adsorption Clay-Type, Southeastern United States
Ayuso R & Foley N
(2014) Geochronological and Geochemical Transects of the Western Alaska Range Batholith
Ayuso R, Haeussler P, Todd E, Box S, Jones J, Bradley D, Vazquez J, Karl S & Jackson J
(2014) Geochemistry and Tectonic Significance of Pluton Successions in the Western Alaska Range
Todd E, Jones J, Karl S, Ayuso R, Stelten M, Saltus R, Box S, Bradley D, Haeussler P & Gamble B
(2013) The Origin of Geochemical Anomalies in Top Soils of Eastern-Central Peloritani Mountains (Sicily, Italy)
Cosenza A, Ayuso R, Foley N, Albanese S, Lima A, Messina A & De Vivo B
(2012) Sources of Pb Contamination in Well Water and Soil at Former Orchards in the Mid-Atlantic, USA
Ayuso R
(2009) Metal and Isotope Dispersion in an Abandoned Heavy Metal Mine: Callahan, Maine, USA
Ayuso R & Foley N
(2008) Nd-Sr-Pb Geochemistry and Petrogenetic Framework for Metallogenesis, South-Central Alaska
Ayuso R, Haeussler P & Bradley D

Ayyasamy P. (2008) Microbial and Organic Controls on the Reductive Dissolution of Heavy Metals from Soil
Lee S, Ayyasamy P & Chun S

Azam F. (2014) Atomic Force Microscopy Reveals Marine Synechococcus-Heterotrophic Bacteria Interactions at Individual Cell Level: Implications for Oceanic Carbon Biogeochemical Cycle
Malfatti F & Azam F

Azam Md. Shafiul (2015) How Ion Identity, Ion Concentration, and pH History Affect the Silica/Water Interface
Darlington A, Azam MS, Sikder MD & Gibbs-Davis J

Azam Mohd Farooq (2019) Biomass Derived Carbon Key to Western Himalayan Glacier Melt
Nizam S, Sen IS, Galy V, Selby D, Vinoj V, Bizmis M & Azam MF
(2018) Geochemical Characteristics of Cyoconite Debris on Chhota Shingri Glacier, Western Himalaya, India
Nizam S, Sen IS, Azam MF & Selby D

Azami K. (2020) Hydrothermal Activity in Petit-Spot: Last Hydrothermal Alteration of Lithosphere Before Subduction
Azami K, Machida S, Hirano N & Kato Y
(2019) High-Resolution Chemostratigraphy of Fe–Mn Crusts by LA-ICP-MS
Azami K, Chang Q, Kimura J-I, Yasukawa K, Nakamura K & Kato Y
(2016) REE and Y Distribution in Deep Submarine Ferromanganese Crusts
Azami K, Hirano N, Machida S, Yasukawa K & Kato Y

Azaroual M. (2017) Reactive Transport Modelling of Calcium Carbonate Formation in a Lab-on-A-Chip Device at 25℃
Lassin A, André L, Devau N, Lach A, Beuvier T, Gibaud A, Gaboreau S & Azaroual M
(2013) Thermoddem: An Example of Alive Thermochemical Database
Lassin A, Blanc P, André L, Marty N, Parmentier M, Moyard S, Azaroual M, Piantone P, Gaucher EC, Kervévan C & Tournassat C
(2012) Chemistry of H-Li-Na-K-Cl-H2O Brines up to High Concentrations (< 40 Molal) and Temperatures (0 – 250Â℃)
Lassin A, Christov C, Andre L & Azaroual M
(2011) Chemistry of Li-Na-K-Oh-H2O Brines up to High Concentrations and Temperatures
Lassin A, Christov C, André L & Azaroual M
(2011) Mine Water Geochemistry and Biogeochemical Modeling
Parmentier M, Croiset N, Battaglia-Brunet F & Azaroual M
(2010) A Thermochemical Model for CO2-Water Interfacial Tension
Lassin A, Leroy P, Broseta D & Azaroual M
(2009) A Methodology to Estimate Pitzer Interaction Parameters
Andre L, Lassin A & Azaroual M
(2009) Pitzer Parametrization Constrained by Density: Application to Natural and Industrial Systems
Lassin A, Kervévan C, André L & Azaroual M
(2009) Mechanical Stress due to the Capillary Bridging in Unsaturated Zone
Bouzid M, Mercury L, Matray JM & Azaroual M
(2008) Thermokinetic Simulation of Microbial Respiration and Dissolution Precipitation Reactions of Minerals
Azaroual M, Andre L & Parmentier M
(2007) H/D Isotopic Interpretation of Hydration Isotherms
Lassin A, Gailhanou H, Richard T & Azaroual M
(2007) Reactivity of Nitrates in the Near Field of type-B Nuclear Waste Cells
Andre L, Azaroual M, Pauwels H, Albrecht A & Romero M-A
(2004) Thermodynamics of the Heterogeneous Equilibria in the Unsaturated Zone of Soils
Azaroual M, Lassin A & Mercury L
(2003) Thermodynamic Equilibrium in the Water-Unsaturated Zone (UZ) of Geological Systems
Azaroual M, Lassin A & Mercury L
(2000) Thermodynamic Modelling of Arsenic Behaviour in Subsurface Aqueous Systems
Azaroual M, Lassin A, Piantone P & Gaskova O
(2000) Evolution of Different Redox Couples during the Weathering of Mine Waste
Lassin A & Azaroual M

Azbej T. (2008) The Whole Earth Geohydrologic Cycle
Bodnar R, Azbej T, Becker S, Cannatelli C, Fall A, Hole J & Severs M

Aze T. (2020) Intensification of Antarctic Chemical Silicate Weathering during the EOT Revealed by Mg and Li Isotopes
Sproson A, Yoshimura T, Aze T, Yokoyama Y, Ishikawa T, Wakaki S & Ohkouchi N
(2019) Origin of Methane in Hakuba Happo Serpentinite-Hosted Hot Spring: 14C and Noble Gas Study
Suda K, Aze T, Miyairi Y, Yokoyama Y, Matsui Y, Ueda H, Saito T, Sato T, Sawaki Y, Nakai R, Tamaki H, Takahashi H & Morikawa N
(2016) Δ14C Variability of the Kuroshio Region Reconstructed from Corals
Hirabayashi S, Yokoyama Y, Suzuki A, Miyairi Y & Aze T
(2016) Trace Element Analysis of Individual Detrital Carbonate (Henrich) Grains
Obrochta S, Hodell D, Seki A, Yokoyama Y, Aze T & Tsuzuki K

Azer M.
(2017) The Late Neoproterozoic Dahanib Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusion, South Eastern Desert, Egypt: Is it an Alaskan-Type or a Layered Intrusion?
Azer M, Gahlan H, Asimow P & Al-Kahtany K
(2014) Neoproterozoic Subarc Mantle of Southeast Sinai, Egypt: Mineral Chemistry, Geochemistry and Tectonic Implication
Maurice A & Azer M
(2014) Upper Mantle Serpentinized Peridotites at the North Part of Wadi Allaqi District (Egypt): Implications for the Tectono-Magmatic Evolution of Fore-Arc Crust
Khalil A, Obeid M & Azer M
(2013) The Late Ediacaran (605-580 Ma) Anorogenic Alkaline Magmatism in the Arabian–Nubian Shield: A Case Study of the Serbal Ring Complex, South Sinai, Egypt
Azer M

Azerêdo A.C. (2017) Trace Elements as Indicators of Mineral-Fluid Interaction in the Dedolomitization of Carbonate Rocks
Vuckovic M, Barrulas P, Goncalves M, Mirao J, Azeredo A & Mateus A
(2017) Oscillating Redox Conditions during Deposition of Upper Sinemurian-Lower Pliensbachian Black-Shales in the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal)
Ferreira E, Mateus A, Azerêdo A, Duarte L & Mendonça-Filho J
(2017) LT-Hydrothermal Fe-Oxide/sulphide Breccias Hosted in Jurassic Limestones of the Lusitanian Basin (W Iberian Margin); A Key-Window to Concealed Ore-Forming Systems?
Ribeiro F, Mateus A & Azerêdo AC
(2017) Pb Isotopic Constraints on Multi-Stage Fluid Migration; Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Lusitanian Basin (Portugal)
Tassinari C, Ferreira E, Mateus A, Azerêdo A & Riccomini C
(2010) Organic-Rich Facies of the Top Ibex–Margaritatus Zones (Pliensbachian) of the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal): TOC and Biomarkers Variation
Silva RL, Mendonça Filho JG, Duarte LV, Comas-Rengifo MJ, Azerêdo AC & Ferreira R

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