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Zumsteg A. (2009) Pioneering Fungi and their Role in Initial Weathering of Damma Glacier Forefield Granite in the Swiss Alps
Brunner I, Ploetze M, Zumsteg A, Furrer G & Frey B
(2009) Primary Microbial Succession in a Glacier Forefield
Zumsteg A, Brunner I, Furrer G, Plötze M & Frey B

Zumsteg I. (2000) 226Ra/234U and 230Th/234U Dating of Holocene Corals and Speleothem
Eikenberg J, Zumsteg I & Butterweck G

Zuna M. (2019) Migration Experiments in Naturally Fractured Crystalline Core Samples
Jankovský F, Zuna M, Havlová V, Kulenkampff J, Kotowski J, Jankovec J & Hokr M
(2019) Use of Short-Term Radionuclides and Development of Detection Methods for Tracer Test Applications
Zuna M, Dobrev D, Havlová V, Kůs P, Doubravová D, Jakůbek J & Parma P
(2019) Factors Influencing Radionuclide Migration in Crystalline Rock Fracture
Havlová V, Zuna M, Gvoždík L, Sosna K & Stas L
(2019) Numerical Modelling of Migration Tests Through a Fracture
Jankovec J, Polak M, Jankovsky F, Zuna M, Kotowski J & Hokr M
(2019) Contaminant Migration Experiments in an Artificial Block-Scale Granite Fracture
Jankovský F, Zuna M, Havlová V, Kotowski J, Jankovec J & Hokr M

Zunftmeister L. (2019) Selenite and Strontium Breakthrough in a Column of Goethite Coated Sand: Experiments and Modelling
Zunftmeister L, Nie Z, Heberling F, Marsac R, Hanna K, Finck N, Liu C & Lützenkirchen J

Zunic T. (2004) Iron Oxidizing Bacteria, Gallionella and Leptothrix, from Seven Locations in Denmark
Sommer T, Stipp S & Zunic T
(2004) An Investigation of Iron Oxides Formed Under Conditions Representative of Hydrothermal Solutions
Østergaard L, Stipp S & Zunic T

Zuniga A. (2010) “Invisible” Ag and Au in Supergene Cu-Sulfides: EMPA, SIMS and TEM Constraints
Weldt M, Reich M, Chryssoulis S, Deditius A, Palacios C, Zuniga A & Alvear M
(2009) Cristobalite Nanofibers in Volcanic Ash from the Ongoing Explosive Eruption at Chaitén Volcano, Chilean Patagonia
Reich M, Zuniga A, Amigo A, Vargas G, Morata D, Palacios C, Parada MA & Garreaud R

Zuniga-Moreno A. (2017) Effect of Tetrabutyl Phosphonium Bromide in the Formation of Methane Hydrates
Diaz-Ibarra A, Elizalde-Solis O & Zuniga-Moreno A

Zuo C-H. (2014) Origin of the Beilou Cu-Bearing Intrusive Rocks, North China Craton: Elemental and Sr–Nd–Pb–Hf Isotopic Constraints
Xu Z-W, Wang H, Lu X-C, Lu J-J, Zuo C-H & Zhao Z-X

Zuo G. (2009) Fluid Geochemistry of Dabate Porphyry Copper Deposit, Western Tianshan in Xinjiang, NW China
Zhang Z, Wang Z, Zuo G & Liu M
(2008) Metallogenic Setting of the Dabate Copper–Molybdenum Deposit in the Western Tianshan Mountains, NW China
Zhang Z, Wang Z, Zuo G & Liu M

Zuo Renguang (2011) Effects of Grid Size in Interpolating of Geochemical Data
Zuo R
(2009) Application Fractal and Multifractal Methods to Mapping Prospectivity for Metamorphosed Sedimentary Iron Deposits Using Stream Sediment Geochemical Data in Eastern Hebei Province, China
Zuo R & Xia Q

Zuo Renguang (2009) The Characteristics of Trace Elements in Emeishan Basalt and its Contribution to Mineralzation
Xia Q & Zuo R

Zuo Renguang (2016) Geoinfomatics and Weak Geochemical Anomalies Identification
Zuo R

Zuo Renguang (2017) Objective Selection of Elemental Association Related to Mineralization
Zuo R

Zuo Renguang (2018) A Fractal Model of Dike Formation and Variability Based on Cellular Automata
Xiong Y, Zuo R & Clarke K

Zuo Renguang (2020) Uncertainty of Mineral Prospectivity Mapping due to Random Negative Training Samples
Zuo R & Wang Z
(2020) Modelling the Singular Mineralization Process due to Fluid Pressure Fluctuations
Xiong Y & Zuo R
(2020) Lithological Mapping Based on Geochemical and Remote Sensing Data Using a Hybrid Method of Random Forest and Metric Learning
Wang Z & Zuo R
(2020) Mapping Mineral Prospectivity via Convolutional Neural Network
Li T & Zuo R

Zuo Rui (2020) A Comparative Study of the Adsorption Efficiency of Adsorption Materials for Wastewater Containing Strontium and Cesium
Zuo R, Du C, Wang J & Guo X
(2016) Spatial Variation and Hydrogeochemical Behavior of the Shallow High-Fluorine Groundwater
Guo X, Zuo R & Wang J
(2011) Technical Methods of Barriers of Near-Surface Disposal of Very Low Level Radioactive Waste
Zuo R, Wang J & Teng Y

Zuo S. (2016) The Occurrence and Mineralogy of Iron-Rich Spherules of Taihu Lake Suggest They Likely Were Airburst Fallout Rather Than Groundwater Colloidal Deposition
Zuo S & Xie Z
(2016) Transformation Mechanisms of Nano-Iron Particles and High-Pressure Silicate Phases in Shocked Chondrite
Xie Z, Zuo S & Li Y
(2014) High-Pressure Phases in Shocked GRV Chondrites: Partial Solid-State Transformation Mechanism
Xie Z & Zuo S

Zuo W. (2013) A Rapid Crater Detection Method for Statistics of Crater on Planetary Surface
Zhang ZB, Zuo W, Zhang GH & Geng L

Zuo Xiaobing (2018) Heterogeneous Lead Phosphate Nucleation at Organic-Water Interfaces: Implications for Lead Immobilization
Hu Y, Dai C, Zhao J, Giammar D, Pasteris J & Zuo X

Zuo Xiaochen (2014) Isoprene-Derived Secondary Organic Aerosol in an Urban Region Downwind of the Ozark Mountains
Williams B, Mitroo D, Martinez R, Zhang Y, Walker M, Oxford C, Hagan D, Zuo X, Du L, Turner J, Hu L, Baasandorj M & Millet D

Zuo Y.

Zupancic J. (2010) Computer Simulation of Subsurface Drip Irrigation Using Coalbed Methane Produced Waters
Bern C, Engle M, Healy R, Breit G & Zupancic J
(2010) Tracking Solutes and Water from Subsurface Drip Irrigation Application of Coalbed Methane Produced Waters
Engle M, Bern C, Healy R, Sams J, Zupancic J & Schroeder K

Zupanic A. (2015) Selenium Uptake and Volatilization by Microalgae
Vriens B, Behra R, Voegelin A, Zupanic A & Winkel L

Zurakowski M. (2020) Constraining the Subsurface Geochemical Baseline of CMC Research Institutes’ Field Research Station (FRS), Alberta
Utley R, Utting N, Johnson G, Zurakowski M, Gyore D, Stuart F, Osadetz K, Darrah T, Haszeldine RS & Gilfillan S

Zurbrick C. (2018) High Precision Pb Isotopes Reveal Recent Changes in Tropical Pacific Pb Sources
Boyle E, Zurbrick C & Zhang J
(2016) Variable Pb Composition of North Atlantic Benthic Nepheloid Layers
Boyle E, Zurbrick C & Kayser R
(2012) Cadmium Isotopes in Northeast Pacific Ocean Seawater
Zurbrick C, Biller D, Harris C, Rehkamper M, Bruland K & Flegal AR

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