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Zhu Runliang (2019) Combined Experimental and Atom Level Simulation Studies of Cadmium Adsorption at Goethite-Water Interfaces
Zhang W, Liu J, Underwood TL, Zhu R & Parker SC

Zhu Runliang CNTs/ferrihydrite as a Highly Efficient Heterogeneous Fenton Catalyst: The Important Role of CNTs in Accelerating Fe(III)/Fe(II) Cycling
Zhu Y & Zhu R

Zhu Runliang (2012) Adsorption of Organics and Nanoparticles at Mineral-Water Interfaces
Parker S, Shapley T, Zhu R & Molinari M
(2011) Structure and Stability of Mineral Interfaces
Parker S, Molinari M, Zhu R, Smith W & Noguera C

Zhu Runliang (2015) Heavy Metal Asdorption and Transport at Clay Minerals – Water Interfaces Using Atomistic Simulations
Molinari M, Martins D, Zhu R, Gonçalves M & Parker S

Zhu Runliang (2016) Oxyanions Interaction with Oxyhydroxides Mineral Surfaces
Molinari M, Symington A, Zhou Q, Zhu R & Parker S

Zhu Runliang (2017) Co-sorption Mechanisms of Heavy-Metal Cations and Oxyanions on Iron (Oxyhydr)oxides
Zhu R, Liu J, Zhu J & He H
(2017) Adsorption of Multi-Contaminant on Modified Montmorillonite
Ma L, Zhu J, Zhu R, Liang X & He H

Zhu S (2006) Modeling of Tibetan Dynamic Deformation with a Ductile Lower Crust
Shi Y, Cao J, Zhang C, Fan T, An M & Zhu S
(2003) The Origin of Bedded Radiolarian Chert from the Middle Permian Gufeng Formation, Chaohu Area, Anhui Province, China
Kametaka M, Takebe M, Nagai H, Zhu S & Takayanagi Y

Zhu S. (2017) Decoupled Distribution of Plant- and Microbial-Derived Organic Carbon in Mongolian Grassland Soils
Ma T, Zhu S, Chen D, Bai Y, Wang Z & Feng X

Zhu Sanyuan Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Analysis (CSRA) of SOA-Related Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere
Zhang G, Xu B, Tang T, Cheng Z, Li J, Cheng H, Shen C, Ding P & Zhu S
(2019) Tracing Carbon Fixation by 14C and 13C in a Cold Seep Community in South China Sea
Wang N, Zhou L, Shen C, Sun W, Ding P, Zhu S & Sha Z
(2010) Authigenic and Biogenic Minerals in Volcanic Hot Springs of Kamchatka, Russia
Li Y & Zhu S

Zhu Tao (2011) 3.84 Ga Crustal Material in Dunhuang Block, Gansu Provence, China
Wang H-L, Xu X-Y, Zhu T, Li T & Li Z-P

Zhu Tingting (2013) Microbial Carbonate Precipitation Under High Alkaline Condition and its Implications in Concrete Restoration
Zhu T, Paulo C & Dittrich M
(2012) XPS Study of Bioleached Arsenopyrite by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Zhu T, Lu X, Wang R & Lu J

Zhu Tong (2015) Association between Size-Segregated Particles in Ambient Air and Acute Respiratory Inflammation in Elderly with pre-Diabetes
Han Y, Wang Y, Chen X, Wang J, Fang Y, Hu M, Li W, Zhou G, Zhang H & Zhu T

Zhu W (2005) Mesozoic-Cenozoic Exhumation History of North Tianshan, Northwest China: Constrains from Fission Track Analysis
Zhu W
(2004) Geochemical Characteristics and Genesis of the Late Paleozoic Metamorphic Rocks in Eastern Tianshan, Northwest China
Zhu W, Shu L, Zhao M & Sun Y

Zhu Wei (2017) Using Organic Matter Gradients to Predict Mercury Cycling in Perturbed Coastal Seas
Björn E, Bravo AG, Jonsson S, Seelen E, Skrobonja A, Skyllberg U, Soerensen A & Zhu W

Zhu Wei-Guang (2011) Whole Rock and Mineral Composition Constraints on the Genesis of the Giant Hongge Fe-Ti-V Oxide Deposit in the ELIP, SW China
Bai Z-J, Zhong H, Li C, Zhu W-G & Xu G-W

Zhu Wei.Ping. (2013) Indonesian Mineralization Event in the Wulashan District, Northwest China: Evidence of Isotopic Geochronology
Zhang YM, Gu XX, Yang WL & Zhu WP

Zhu Weilin

Zhu Wenbin (2019) Rutile Formation by Arc-Continent Collsion in South China
Cui X, Wang Y & Zhu W
(2011) A Paleoproterozoic Tectonothermal Event Recorded in Precambrian Basement Rocks of the Kuluketage Block, Northeastern Tarim, China
Zhu W, Wu H, Shu L & Ma D
(2011) The Evolution of the Tarim Craton in Archean and Proterozoic: Zircon U–Pb and Hf Isotopic Evidence from the Kuruktag Area, NW China
Zheng B, Zhu W, Shu L, Wu H & He J
(2009) Unravelling the Exhumation History of the Precambrian Basement Rocks in the Northern Tarim Through Apatite Fission Track Theomochronology
Zhu W, Zhang Z & Shu L

Zhu Wenlu (2010) Identifying Active Vent Deposit Environments Conducive for Life
Tivey MK, Gribbin J, Zhu W & Reysenbach A-L

Zhu Wenlu (2014) The Effect of Particle Size on the Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Hydrocarbons from the Marcellus Shale
Jarboe P, Candela P, Zhu W & Kaufman J

Zhu Wenyi (2012) Molecular- and Pore-Scale Response of Uranium to Advective Geochemical Gradients in Heterogeneous Sediments
Savage K, Zhu W, Barnett MO, Womble CT & Patton J

Zhu X (2006) Pb isotope fractionation during evaporation
Zhu X, Wu X, Cui J, Yang C & Yang Y
(2006) Fe isotope variations in peridotite xenoliths from Hannuoba, North China Craton
Zhao X, Zhu X, Zhang H & Tang S
(2005) Groundwater Modeling for the Phreatic-Confined Aquifers System in the Huolinhe River Basin, Inner Mongolia, China
Wu J, Zhu X & Ye S
(2005) Fluid Inclusion Study on the Ore-Forming Fluid of Rutile Occuring in Eclogite from CCSD Main Hole
Ni P, Wang R, Ling H, Jiang S, Qiu J, Zhu X & Xu Q
(2004) Determination of Pb Isotope Ratios Using Multiple Collector ICP-MS and Tl Normalization
He X, Zhu X, Yang C, Tang S & Chai J
(2004) Groundwater Modeling for Deep Aquifers in the Yangtze Delta (South of the Yangtze River)
Zhu X, Wu J, Ye S & Zhao J
(2004) Metal-Silicate Fractionation and Chondrule Formation: Fe Isotope Constraints
Zhu X, Guo Y, Tang S, Galy A, Ash R & O'Nions K
(2003) Ore Deposits at the Permian Sedimentary Rock/Volcanic Rock Interface in Guizhou Province and their Genesis
Wang Z & Zhu X
(2003) Metallogenesis by Adsorption
Zhu X & Wang Z
(2000) High Precision Iron Isotope Measurements in Meteorites
Zhu X, Guo Y, Galy A, O'Nions K, Young E & Ash R
(2000) Experimental Study of Iron Isotope Fractionation
Matthews A, Zhu X & O'Nions K

Zhu X. K. (2001) Mass Fractionation of Transition Metal Isotopes
Zhu XK, O’Nions RK, Matthews A, Guo Y & Williams RJP
(2000) Fractionation of Heavier Stable Isotopes in Planetary Processes
O'Nions RK, Zhu XK, Guo Y & Matthews A

Zhu X. Sean (2009) Evidence for Anaerobic Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons in the Subsurface Environment
Oka A, Phelps C, Zhu XS, Saber D & Young L

Zhu Xi Transition in Household Energy and Impacts on Regional Air Quality
Shen G, Zhu X, Du W & Tao S

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