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Zwank L. (2004) A New Procedure to Evaluate Isotope Fractionation in Contaminants
Elsner M, Hirschorn S, Zwank L, Hunkeler D, Sherwood Lollar B & Schwarzenbach R
(2002) Stable Isotope Analysis of Volatile Organic Contaminants at Trace Levels
Zwank L, Luzi S, Berg M, Schmidt TC & Haderlein SB

Zwart H. (2017) Transport of Organic Carbon and Mineral Associations from Soil to Sea in the Godavari River Basin (India)
Kirkels F, Usman M, Zwart H, Basu S, Martes C, Lupker M, Eglinton T & Peterse F
(2017) Holocene Climate- and Anthropogenically-Driven Mobilization of Terrestrial Organic Matter from the Godavari River Basin, India
Usman M, Ponton C, Kirkels F, Zwart H, Basu S, Peterse F, Lupker M, Giosan L & Eglinton T

Zweifelhofer G. (2018) Cu Isotope Heterogeneity in Lithospheric Mantle Metasomes
Kempton PD, Mathur R & Zweifelhofer G

Zwick A.

Zwick Mike (2017) Development of Lacustrine Biomarkers to Reconstruct Lake Temperature and Salinity Changes in the Saskatchewan Great Plains
Cavazzin B, Zwick M, Haig H, Leavitt P, Juggins S, Pearson E, Schouten S & Toney J

Zwick Mike M. (2018) Long-Chain Diols of the Canadian Prairies – Occurrence and Relationship with Environmental Parameters
Zwick MM, Leavitt PR, Haig HA, Cavazzin B & Toney J

Zwicker J. (2017) Molecular Hydrogen Production during Low-Temperature Serpentinization: A Modeling Study with Implications for Potential Microbial Life on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus
Smrzka D, Zwicker J, Taubner R-S, Bach W, Rittmann S, Schleper C & Peckmann J
(2017) Archaeal Methanogenesis at the Onshore Serpentinite-Hosted Chimaera Seeps, Turkey
Zwicker J, Birgel D, Bach W, Richoz S, Gier S, Smrzka D, Neubeck A, Ivarsson M, Schleper C, Rittmann S, Grasemann B, Koşun E & Peckmann J

Zwiener C. (2010) Application of Neutral Loss Tandem MS and Time-Of-Flight MS to Identify Anthropogenic Compounds in Fulvic Acids
Zwiener C, Jobelius C, Frimmel FH, Mueller A & Schulz W

Zwingmann H. (2017) Kaolin Minerals: Tracking Meteoric Alteration with an Example from Offshore Western Australia
Thomas A, Zwingmann H & Todd A
(2017) Isotope Dating of Illite Authigenesis: Constraining Time of Hydrocarbon Emplacement, Burial Diagenesis and Diagenetic/Thermal Overprinting
Zwingmann H, Clauer N & Franks S
(2016) Tracing Meteoric Fluids in Fault and Detachment Systems
Mulch A, Teyssier C, Chamberlain CP, Zwingmann H & Mancktelow N
(2016) Tracking Strain and Fluid Localization in Fault Zones by Re-Os Pyrite-Chalcopyrite Geochronology
Torgersen E, Viola G, Sandstad JS, Stein H, Zwingmann H & Hannah J
(2016) K-Ar Dating for Fault Gouges within the Arima-Takatsuki Tectonic Line, Southwest Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Niwa M & Tagami T
(2016) K–Ar Dating of Fault Rocks from the Proterozoic Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia
Cutten H & Zwingmann H
(2016) K-Ar Dating of Proterozoic Fault Reactivation at the Olkiluoto Site of High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository, Finland
Mattila J, Viola G & Zwingmann H
(2016) Chemical Reactions Producing White Mica during Folding
Wang Y, Zwingmann H & Zhou L
(2016) Revisiting the Nojima Fault Drilling – New Illite and FT Age Dating Results from the Hirabayashi-Nied Borehole Core
Yamada R, Zwingmann H & Omura K
(2016) Microstructural Analysis — a Key to the Successful Dating of Faults by K–Ar Illite Geochronology
Zwingmann H, Torgersen E & Viola G
(2016) The Inheritance of a Mesozoic Landscape in Western Scandinavia
Fredin O, Viola G, Zwingmann H, Sørlie R, Brönner M, Lie J-E, Grandal EM, Margreth A & Knies J
(2013) Clay Mineral Argon Release during Frictional Shear Experiments – Implications for Brittle Fault Dating
Zwingmann H, Den Hartog S & Todd A
(2013) Intermethod Comparison for K-Ar Dating of Clay Gouge
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H & Tagami T
(2013) Saprolites on- and Offshore Norway: New Constraints on Formation Processes and Age
Fredin O, Zwingmann H, Knies J, Sørlie R, Grandal EM, Lie J-E, Müller A & Vogt C
(2012) Brittle Fault Dating from the Mesoproterozoic to the Neogene
Zwingmann H, Mancktelow N, Viola G, Pleuger J, Yamasaki S & Tagami T
(2012) New Time Constrains on Brittle Faulting in the Toki Granite, Central Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Yamada K, Umeda K & Tagami T
(2011) Constraining Timing of Brittle Deformation – A Case Study from Fault Zones in Toki Granite, Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Todd A, Yamada K, Umeda K & Tagami T
(2009) New Time Constrains on Brittle Faulting in the Core of the Lepontine Dome, Central European Alps
Zwingmann H, Mancktelow N, Antognini M & Lucchini R
(2009) Timing of Brittle Deformation in the Deokpori – Gakdong Thrust Zone, South Korea
Han R, Ree J-H & Zwingmann H
(2008) Diagenesis Evaluation in Sedimentary Basins for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Zwingmann H, Gaupp R, Higgs K & Zhang Y
(2006) Nojima and MTL fault zone gouge dating, Japan
Zwingmann H, Yamada K & Tagami T

Zych-Habel B. (2009) REE-Y-Sc-Nb Mineralization in the Strzegom-Sobótka Granitic Massif, Fore Sudetic Block, Poland: Composition and Evolution
Zych-Habel B, Uher P & Michalik M

Zygouri E. (2017) LA-ICP-MS Evidence for Au-Cu Coupling in Modern Sea-Floor Massive Sulfides, Kolumbo Arc-Volcano (Santorini), Greece
Zygouri E, Kilias S, Zack T, Pitcairn I, Chi Fru E, Nomikou P, Argyraki A, Ivarsson M, Polymenakou P & Carey S
(2017) Metal Resource Potential of Modern Sea-Floor Massive Sulfides at Kolumbo Shallow-Submarine Arc-Volcano (Santorini), Greece
Kilias S, Zygouri E, Nomikou P, Chrysafeni M, Ivarsson M, Chi Fru E, El Albani A, Zack T, Pitcairn I, Argyraki A, Polymenakou P & Carey S

Zykov S. (2013) Use of Uranium, Thorium and Carbon Isotopes for Thermal Groundwater and Travertine Dating
Malov A, Bolotov I, Zykov S, Druzhinin S & Pokrovsky O

Zylberberg D. (2008) Quantifying Late Quaternary Changes in MOC Intensity from Circum-Antarctic Nd Isotopes
Goldstein SL, Zylberberg D, Pahnke K, Hemming SR & van de Flierdt T

Zyma G. (2014) Determination of Uranium Content in Silicate Uranium Ores by Gamma Spectrometry Combined with ISOCS
Vanzha S, Kutnii D, Zyma G, Knight K & Kayzar T

Zyryanova L. (2013) Luminescence of Products of Hypergenesis Ore Deposits
Boroznovskaya NN, Zyryanova L, Nebera T & Pavlovskaya A
(2011) Luminescent Properties of Natural Copper and Silver Iodide
Zyryanova L, Boroznovskaya N & Tolochko K

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