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Zahid A. (2011) Does Monsoon Rainfall Drive Arsenic Mobilization and Organic Carbon Release in Bangladesh Aquifers?
Planer-Friedrich B, Haertig C, Lissner H, Steinborn J, Suess E, Hassan MQ, Zahid A, Alam M & Merkel B
(2010) Flowpaths of Groundwater from Arsenic Contaminated Zone to Deeper Aquifers Under Development Stresses
Zahid A, Hassan MQ & Ahmed KM

Zahid K.M. (2010) Insight into Drake Passage Opening from Sediment Provenance and Thermochronology
Barbeau DL, Zahid KM, Gombosi DJ, Guenthner WR, Scher HD, Bizimis M, Davis JT, Brown AR, Gehrels GE, Reiners PW, Thomson SN & Garver JI

Zahiri R. (2013) Geochemistry Surveying of Kooh Kaftari Metamorphism Area (Iran_ Shahrood )
Divan Y, Hassannezhad AA & Zahiri R
(2013) Analysis of the Turquoise Color Alteration Based on the FTIR Studies
Divan Y, Zahiri R & Hassnnezhad A
(2011) Removal Pb2+ from Water Sample, by Using Natural Zeolites of Aftar Mine (Semnan, Iran)
Peyravi S, Zahiri R & Moradi K
(2009) Study of Mullite-Precursor Structure Changes Type I along with Temperature Rising
Zahiri R

Zahn A. (2013) Airborne in situ Measurements of HDO/H216O Confirm Strong Influence of Convection on Isotopic Composition of Upper Tropospheric Humidity
Christner E, Dyroff C & Zahn A

Zahn R. (2011) Did the Glacial Atlantic Overturning Circulation run Backwards?
Zahn R, Hall I, Henderson G, Masque P & Thomas A
(2011) δD of Alkenones as Proxy for Paleo Sea Surface Salinity
van der Meer M, Kasper S, Benthien A, Bijma J, Zahn R, Sinninghe Damsté JS & Schouten S
(2006) High resolution trace metal analysis of benthic foraminifera reveal nutrient excursions in Antarctic Intermediate Water
Cook M, Elderfield H, Zahn R & Pahnke K

Zahniser M. (2014) Measurements of Clumped Methane Isotopologue (13CH3D) by Tunable Mid-Infrared Laser Spectroscopy
Ono S, Wang D, Gruen D, Sherwood Lollar B, McManus B, Zahniser M & Nelson D
(2013) Clumped Methane Isotopologue (13CH3D) Thermometry of Geological Methane by Tunable Mid-Infrared Laser Spectroscopy
Ono S, Sherwood Lollar B, Harris E, McManus B, Zahniser M & Nelson D
(2013) Atmospheric Trace Gases and Isotopologues Using Mid-Ir Laser Direct Absorption Spectroscopy
Zahniser M, McManus JB, Nelson D, Shorter J, Herndon S, Roscioli J, Yacovitch T & Floerchinger C

Zahnle K. (2018) Early Earth's Atmospheric Evolution
Catling D, Krissansen-Totton J & Zahnle K
(2014) The Tethered Moon
Zahnle K, Lupu R & Dobrovolskis A
(2012) What Caused the 2.4 Ga Rise of Oxygen?
Catling D, Zahnle K & Claire M
(2011) Clouds and the Faint Young Sun Paradox
Goldblatt C & Zahnle K
(2011) Xenon the Magnificent
Zahnle K
(2010) Biogenic Sulfur Gases, MIF-S, and the Rise of Free Oxygen
Zahnle K, Claire M & Wing B
(2010) The Subduction Origin of Mantle Nitrogen
Goldblatt C & Zahnle K
(2009) There was Probably More Nitrogen in the Archean Atmosphere -­ This Would Have Helped Resolve the Faint Young Sun Paradox
Goldblatt C, Matthews A, Claire M, Lenton T, Watson A & Zahnle K
(2009) Oceanic Nickel Depletion and a Methanogen Famine Before the Great Oxidation Event
Konhauser K, Pecoits E, Lalonde S, Papineau D, Nisbet E, Barley M, Arndt N, Zahnle K & Kamber B
(2008) The Great Collapse of Methane: Rethinking the Rise of Oxygen
Claire M, Catling D & Zahnle K
(2008) Emergence of a Habitable Planet
Zahnle K, Arndt N, Cockell C, Halliday A, Nisbet E, Selsis F & Sleep N
(2007) Archean Methane, Oxygen and Sulfur
Catling D, Claire M & Zahnle K
(2007) Sulfate, Methane, and the Rise in Atmospheric Oxygen
Claire M, Catling D & Zahnle K
(2006) Earth after the Moon-forming Impact
Zahnle K
(2003) Heat Flow and Helium and Argon Degassing in Whole Mantle Convection
Zahnle K, Sleep N & Nimmo F
(2003) Hadean Earth
Zahnle K

Zaho P. (2010) Subsurface Transport of Pu on Nanominerals: Teasing out Biogeochemical Controls in Field Environments
Kersting A, Zavarin M, Dai Z, Felmy A, Kips R, Moser D, Powell B, Tinnacher R & Zaho P

Zahrai S. (2010) Diagenesis of Jarosite and Hematite: A Low Temperature Path to Nanophase Iron Oxides and “Specular” C-Axis Aligned Hematite on Mars
Elwood Madden M, Madden A, Hamilton V, Rimstidt JD, Zahrai S & Miller M

Zahran S. (2012) Re-suspension of Lead-Contaminated Soils a Major Human Health Burden in Cities
Laidlaw M, Zahran S, Mielke H, Taylor M, Morrison D & Filippelli G

Zaib Q. (2015) Interactions of Ionizable Pharmaceutical Pollutants in Water with Carbon Nanotubes and Titanium Dioxide
Zaib Q, Nabi D & Ahmad F

Zaidan O. (2002) Computer Simulation of Uranyl Adsorption on Montmorillonite Clay
Zaidan O, Greathouse J & Pabalan R

Zaikin P. (2020) Hydrogenation of Graphite, Diamond, Carbonates and Iron Carbides as the Source of Hydrocarbons in the Upper Mantle
Sokol I, Sokol A, Zaikin P, Tomilenko A & Bulbak T

Zaiss J. (2013) Impacts and LIPs: 187Os/188Os Signatures Across the K-Pg Boundary
Zaiss J, Ravizza G & Schmitz B

Zaitsev Alexander (2008) Alpha-Radiation Damage in Diamond
Nasdala L, Gigler A, Wildner M, Grambole D, Zaitsev A, Harris J, Hofmeister W, Milledge J & Satitkune S

Zaitsev Anatoly (2013) Rare-Earth Deposits in Igneous Rocks: A Mineralogist’s Perspective
Chakhmouradian A, Zaitsev A & Reguir E
(2013) Silicate-Natrocarbonate Immiscibility in Ijolites at Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania: Melt Inclusion Study
Sekisova V, Sharygin V & Zaitsev A
(2013) Magnetite-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Phoscorites and Carbonatites (Kovdor, Kola): A Hydrous Analog of Oldoinyo Lengai Natrocarbonatites?
Zaitsev A & Kamenetsky V
(2007) Geochemistry and Petrogenetic Significance of Natrocarbonatites at Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania
Keller J, Zaitsev A & Klaudius J
(2007) Contrasting Evolutionary Trends in Magnetite from Carbonatites and Alkaline Silicate Rocks
Reguir E, Halden N, Chakhmouradian A, Yang P & Zaitsev A
(2002) Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Carbonatite Complexes from the Kola Peninsula, Russia
Zaitsev A, DemÈny A, Wall F, Sindern S, Sitnikova M & Karchevsky P

Zajac K. (2013) Impact of Long-Term Nitrogen Deposition on the Fate of Nitrogen in Peatlands
Blodau C, Zajac K & Wu Y

Zajac M. (2019) CO2 Utilization for Transformation of Demolishing Waste into Cementitious Materials
Zajac M, Skocek J & Ben Haha M
(2019) Hydration Mechanisms of CO2-activated Recycled Cementitious Materials in Cements
Skocek J, Zajac M & Ben Haha M

Zajacz Zoltán (2016) The Effects of Oxygen Fugacity on Sulfur Diffusion in Dacite Melts
Lierenfeld MB, Zajacz Z, Bachmann O & Ulmer P
(2015) The Partitioning of Oxidized Sulfur between Silicate Melts and Magmatic Volatiles
Zajacz Z
(2015) Importance of Melt Inclusions in Study of Carbonatites: Insight into Kerimasi Melt Evolution
Guzmics T, Káldos R, Zajacz Z, Mitchell R & Szabó C

Zajacz Zoltan (2020) Redox Control on Sulfur Mobility in the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore-Forming Environment
Zajacz Z, Tsay A & Ghazali N
(2020) Variability in Primary Productivity Associated with Arctic Sea-Ice Melt Recorded in Crustose Coralline Algae
Chan PTW, Halfar J, Zajacz Z, Schӧne B, Andersson-Dahl C & Jansen E
(2020) Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Lower Crust Based on Silicate Melt Inclusions in Garnet Granulite Xenoliths
Németh B, Török K, Bali E, Zajacz Z & Szabó C
(2020) Kinetics of the Serpentinization Reactions: It’s About Time
Lamadrid H, Zajacz Z & Bodnar R
(2019) Chlorine Partitioning between Granitic Melt and C-O-H-Cl Aqueous Fluids in the Earth’s Upper Crust, and Implications for Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Genesis
Hsu Y-J, Zajacz Z, Ulmer P & Heinrich CA
(2019) Sm-Nd and Sr Isotope Systematics of Western Abitibi Scheelites and Andradite Garnets, Implications for Gold Mineralization
Bouvier A, Van Kessel A, Geiger J, Linnen RL, Georg RB, Zajacz Z & Withers AC
(2019) Experimental Constraints on Oceanic Carbonatite Formation in Alkaline Silicate Melt Systems
Weidendorfer D, Asimow PD & Zajacz Z
(2018) Redox Conditions Dictate the Fate of Sulfur at the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition
Zajacz Z, Ghazali N & Tsay A
(2018) The Determination of Sulfur Concentration in Silicate Glasses and Recrystallized Silicate Melt Inclusions by LA-ICP-MS
Tsay A, Grondahl C & Zajacz Z
(2017) The Solubility of Silver in Magmatic Fluids
Yin Y & Zajacz Z
(2017) The Solubility of Anhydrite in Magmatic Fluids and its Implications for Porphyry Ore Genesis
Tsay A & Zajacz Z
(2017) Comparison of Three Analytical Techniques to Measure Mg/Ca Values in High-Latitude Encrusting Coralline Algae
Williams B, Halfar J, Light T, Hou A, Zajacz Z & Tsay S
(2013) Magma Droplets in Coexisting Olivine and Spinel Phenocrysts Hosted in the Pohang Basalt (South Korea)
Vetlényi EJ, Aradi LE, Szabó C, Zajacz Z & Yang K
(2013) The Effect of Silicate Melt Composition on the Volatile/Melt Partitioning of Oxidized Sulfur
Zajacz Z
(2013) Rare Earth Element Behavior in Subduction-Zone Fluids: The Effect of T and Ligands
Tsay A, Zajacz Z & Sanchez-Valle C
(2013) Experimental Constraints on Fe Isotope Fractionation in Fluid-Melt-Oxide-Sulfide Assemblages
Bilenker L, Simon A, Lundstrom C, Gajos N & Zajacz Z
(2013) Magma Signatures in the Terceira Rift Azores: A Melt Inclusion Study
Marques AFA, Zajacz Z, Madureira P & Scott S
(2013) Controls on the Composition of Magmatic Volatiles in the Crust: Implications for Ore Genesis and Volcanic Degassing
Zajacz Z, Candela P, Piccoli P & Sanchez-Valle C
(2013) Trace Element Partitioning between Immiscible Silicate and Carbonate Melts, Based on Natural Melt Inclusions from Kerimasi Volcano, Tanzania
Guzmics T & Zajacz Z
(2013) Melt Inclusions in Mafic-Ultramafic Potassic Volcanic Rocks in British Columbia, Canada: A Record of the Transfer of PGE from Mantle to Crust in Porphyry Settings
Hanley J & Zajacz Z
(2012) The Effects of Magma Composition on the Genesis of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
Zajacz Z
(2011) The Solubility of Au and Cu in Andesite Melts
Zajacz Z, Candela PA, Piccoli PM, Wälle M & Sanchez-Valle C
(2010) The Effect of Magma Composition on the Genesis of Hydrothermal Gold and Copper Ore Deposits
Zajacz Z, Seo JH, Candela P, Piccoli P & Heinrich C
(2009) Accuracy and Application of Sulfur Quantification in Fluid Inclusions by LA-ICPMS
Guillong M, Seo JH, Aerts M, Zajacz Z & Heinrich CA
(2009) Diffusive Reequilibration of Quartz Hosted Silicate Melt and Fluid Inclusions: Are all Metal Concentrations Unmodified?
Zajacz Z, Hanley J, Heinrich C, Halter W & Guillong M
(2007) Apatite- and K Feldspar-Hosted Primary Carbonatite Melt Inclusions from Mantle Xenoliths, Hungary
Guzmics T, Zajacz Z, Szabó C & Halter W
(2007) Melt/wallrock Interaction Shown by Silicate Melt Inclusions in Peridotite Xenoliths from Pannonian Basin
Hidas K, Szabó C, Guzmics T, Bali E, Zajacz Z & Kovács I
(2007) Mass Transfer during Volatile Exsolution in Magmatic Systems: Insights from the Analyses of Silicate Melt and Magmatic Fluid Inclusions
Zajacz Z, Halter W, Pettke T & Guillong M
(2006) Determination of fluid/melt partition coefficients by LA-ICPMS analysis of co-existing fluid and silicate melt inclusions
Zajacz Z, Halter W, Pettke T & Guillong M
(2004) Petrogenesis of Cumulate Xenoliths from Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field: Results from Olivine Hosted Melt Inclusions
Zajacz Z, Kovács I, Szabó C, Halter W & Pettke T

Zajzon N. (2015) Geochemical and Mineralogical Study of Eplény Mn-Deposit, Hungary
Papp RZ, Topa BA, Vigh T & Zajzon N

Zak D. (2007) Weathering of Ca- and P-Bearing Minerals by Fungi in a Northern Hardwood Forest
Nezat C, Blum J & Zak D

Zak Jiri (2015) Mid to Late Cretaceous Plutons Recording Strain Variations in the Sierra Nevada, California
Tomek F, Žák J, Verner K, Holub F, Sláma J, Memeti V & Paterson S
(2015) Extensive Post-Collisional Melting in a Mid-Crustal Gneiss Dome – Case of the Variscan Melechov Pluton, Moldanubian Batholith
Janousek V, Trubac J, Dörr W, Gerdes A, Moyen J-F, Zak J & Matejka D

Žák Jiří (2020) Composition of the Neoarchean Granitic Rocks from the Bienville and La Grande Domains, Superior Province, Canada
Ackerman L, Žák J, Svojtka M, Tomek F & Sláma J
(2019) Black Shale Formations as Geochemical Markers of Tectonic Setting along Active Plate Margins?
Ackerman L, Pašava J & Žák J
(2018) New Geochronologic Constraints on the Initiation of Cadomian Subduction in the Bohemian Massif
Svojtka M, Žák J & Hajna J
(2013) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of a Nested Granite Intrusion – The Sedmihoří Composite Stock (Bohemian Massif)
Trubač J, Janoušek V, Žák J & Gerdes A
(2011) Nature, Origin and Causes of Jurassic Felsic Igneous Activity in the Victory Glacier Area (Eastern Graham Land)
Janoušek V, Gerdes A, Žák J, Soejono I, Venera Z, Erban V, Lexa O & Mixa P

Zak K. (2015) Biogenic Formation of Realgar in the Shallow Subsurface Soil
Drahota P, Falteisek L, Duchoslav V, Žák K & Penížek V
(2015) Distribution of Trace Elements in Molybdenite from Different Types of Mineralization: Results from LA-ICP-MS Study
Pašava J, Svojtka M, Veselovský F, Ďurišová J, Ackerman L, Pour O, Drábek M, Žák K, Halodová P & Haluzová E
(2015) Highly Siderophile Elements and Triple-Oxygen Isotopes of Tektite-Like Glasses from the Zhamanshin Impact Structure, Kazakhstan
Jonášová Š, Ackerman L, Žák K, Skála R, Ďurišová J, Pack A & Magna T
(2015) Differences in Chemistry of the Ries Area Sediments and Central European Tektites Revisited
Skála R, Žák K, Jonášová Š, Ďurišová J, Ackerman L, Řanda Z, Mizera J, Kameník J & Magna T
(2015) Improved Chronology of Magmatic and Hydrothermal Events in the Příbram Ore Region, Czech Republic
Žák K, Svojtka M, Ackerman L, Breiter K, Haluzová E, Ďurišová J, Pašava J & Veselovský F
(2014) Re-Os Geochronology of Granite-Related Molybdenite Mineralizations from the Bohemian Massif
Ackerman L, Haluzova E, Pašava J, Veselovský F, Žák K, Svojtka M, Erban V & Ďurišová J
(2011) Cryogenic Cave Carbonates – A New Tool for Estimation of Former Permafrost Depths
Zak K, Filippi M, Zivor R & Richter DK
(2007) Sulfur in Tree Rings in Central Europe: A Negative δ34S Shift Relative to Regional Pollution Sources
Novak M, Peiffer S, Zak K, Jackova I, Buzek F, Erbanova L & Prechova E

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