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Yuxin W. (2019) Linking Snowmelt and Nitrogen Cycling to Vegetation Community Dynamics along a Hillslope Transect
Bhavna A, Eoin B, Zelalem M, Tetsu T, Jiamin W, Heidi S, Yuxin W & Carl S

Yuzvinsky T. (2011) Conductive Filaments and Electric Fields Associated with Electric Currents in Marine Sediment
Nielsen LP, Risgaard-Petersen N, Gorby Y, Revil A, Wanger G, El-Naggar M & Yuzvinsky T

Yuzvisnki T. (2010) Electronic and Biogeochemical Properties of Bacterial Nanowires
Gorby Y, Wanger G, Yuzvisnki T, Fields M & El-Naggar M

Yvanes-Giuliani Y. (2012) Mobilization of Exchangeable Aluminum in Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS)
Yvanes-Giuliani Y, Fink D, Rose J, Waite TD & Collins R

Yvelice Sibello Hernández R. (2019) First Chemical and Isotopic Denudation Rate Estimates for Central Cuban Drainage Basins
Bierman P, Schmidt A, Yvelice Sibello Hernández R, Campbell M, Alejandro Cartas AGUILA4 H, Bolaños Alvarez Y, Guillén Arruebarrena A, Dethier D, Dix M, Massey-Bierman M, García Moya A, Perdrial J, Racela J, Corbett L & Alonso-Hernández C

Yves P. (2015) Quantifying Oceanic Trace-Element Fluxes with U-Series Isotopes
Henderson G, Deng F, Hsieh Y-T & Yves P

Yves W. (2017) Structural Effects on Cd(II) Binding with Soft Nanoparticulate Ligands
Jose Paulo P, Elise R, Yves W, Jose Paulo F, Isabelle B, Romain P & Jerome D

Yvon-Lewis S. (2019) Microbial Diversity and Metabolic Activity in the Lower Ocean Crust as an Analog for Serpentinizing Extraterrestrial Habitats
Wee SY, Edgcomb V, Beaudoin D, Yvon-Lewis S & Sylvan J
(2015) Priming of Terrestrially-Derived Dissolved Organic Carbon: A Laboratory and Field-Based Approach
Bianchi T, Ward N, Thornton D, Yvon-Lewis S, King G, Shields M, Richey J & Curtis J

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