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Yamaguchi Kosei E. (2016) Geochemical Cycling of Fe, S, C, N, and Mo in the 3.2 Ga Ocean: Constraints from DXCL-Dp Black Shales
Yamaguchi KE, Kobayashi Y, Shena A, Kobayashi D, Fujita S, Nagashima A, Sakamoto R, Naraoka H, Yamagata Y, Hirata T, Ikehara M, Ito T & Kiyokawa S
(2016) Provenance and Source Rock Weathering of the 2.7 Ga Shallow- and Deep-Facies Black Shales from Pilbara, Western Australia
Kurihara E, Yamaguchi KE & Abe G
(2016) Geochemistry of 2.7Ga Shallow-Facies Shales in Stromatolitic Carbonates (ABDP #10) from Pilbara, Western Australia
Tomiuka T, Yamaguchi KE, Naraoka H, Abe G, Yamaguchi A, Nedachi M & Ikehara M
(2016) Sulfur Geochemistry of Marine Sediments at the Conrad Rise of the Southern Ocean Since the Last Glacial
Sakai N, Yamaguchi KE, Naraoka H & Ikehara M
(2016) 3.2 Ga Seawater Sulfate Implied from Sulfur Isotopic Compositions of Barite Crystals in Pilbara, Western Australia
Miki T, Kiyokawa S, Takahata N, Ishida A, Ito T, Ikehara M, Yamaguchi K & Sano Y
(2016) Pretreatments and Analytical Protocol for a Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Analysis of Fatty Acids in the Porites Coral Skeleton
Sowa K, Nakatomi N, Tanaka K, Kasai S, Yamaguchi KE & Yamamoto S
(2016) Concise Method for Isotope Analysis of Oxygen in Phosphate: A New Inorganic Biomarker
Iida H, Yamaguchi KE & Wang X
(2013) Record of Bacterial Sulfate Reduction during 50~210 kyr ago in the Submarine Hypersaline Meedee Lake, off Crete Island, Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Minami H, Yamaguchi KE, Naraoka H, Murayama M, Ikehara M & Tokuyama H
(2013) REE Geochemistry of ~3.2 Ga Old BIFs from the Mapepe Formation and Msauli Member, Barberton, South Africa
Yahagi TR, Yamaguchi KE, Haraguchi S, Sano R, Teraji S, Kiyokawa S, Ikehara M & Ito T
(2013) Biogeochemical Cycling of Nitrogen and Carbon in the 3.2 Ga Ocean: Results from DXCL-Dp, NW Pilbara, Western Australia
Yamaguchi KE, Kobayashi D, Yamada K, Sakamoto R, Hosoi K, Kiyokawa S, Ikehara M & Ito T
(2012) Evidence for the O2 and CO2 Rich Archean Atmosphere
Ohmoto H, Watanabe Y, Yamaguchi K, Hamasaki H, Brainard J & Chorney A
(2011) Development of the Modern-Style Geochemical Cycle of Uranium by 3.5 Ga: A Solution to the “Lead Paradox”
Ohmoto H, Watanabe Y, Yamaguchi K, Bevacqua D, Johnson I & Rushton T
(2011) Freeze-Fry Cycles in the Paleoproterozoic Turee Creek Group, Western Australia
Van Kranendonk M, Lepland A & Yamaguchi K
(2009) Fe, S, and C Isotopes Record Great Microbial Diversity in the Neoarchean
Johnson C, Yamaguchi K, Poulson S, Ohmoto H & Beard B
(2009) REE+Y Geochemistry of the 3.46 Ga Marble Bar Chert Recovered by the Archean Biosphere Drilling Project (ABDP)
Yamaguchi K, Kato Y, Nakamura K, Suzuki K, Watanabe Y, Nedachi M & Ohmoto H
(2009) Experimental Study on Hydrogen Production Through Hydrothermal Alteration of Komatiite Glass
Yoshizaki M, Suzuki K, Shibuya T, Shimizu K, Nakamura K, Yamaguchi KE, Yamamoto S, Omori S, Takai K & Maruyama S
(2007) Coupled C-S-Fe Isotope Variations in Archean-Paleoproterozoic Shales Trace Microbial Metabolisms and Redox State in the Early Earth
Yamaguchi K, Johnson C, Beard B, Poulson S & Ohmoto H
(2007) Formation of Probable Lateritic Soils ~3.43 Ga in the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia
Ohmoto H, Watanabe Y, Allwood A, Burch I, Knauth P, Yamaguchi K, Johnson I & Altinok E
(2004) Iron-Sulfur-Carbon Contents and Isotope Systematics of 2.7 Ga Shallow and Deep Facies Black Shales from the Hamersley Basin, Australia
Yamaguchi K, Johnson C, Beard B & Ohmoto H
(2003) Iron Isotope Evidence for Redox Stratification of the Archean Oceans
Yamaguchi K, Beard B, Johnson C, Ohkouchi N & Ohmoto H
(2003) Fundamental Study on Automatic Fission Track Counting Using a Confocal Scanning Laser Microscope
Inomata R, Yamaguchi K & Kitaoka K
(2002) The Early Evolution of the Archean Nitrogen Biogeochemical Cycle
Yamaguchi K, Naraoka H, Watanabe Y & Ohmoto H
(2001) Mass-Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes in Geologic Samples: Is It Real?
Ohmoto H, Yamaguchi K & Ono S
(2000) Constraints from REEs on the Processes and Environments for Precambrian Banded Iron Formations: Revaluation of the Data and Models
Yamaguchi KE, Bau M & Ohmoto H

Yamaguchi M (2003) Measurements of Thermal Neutron Flux from Rocks with Fission Track Method
Yamaguchi M, Tagami T & Kudo A

Yamaguchi Mami (2009) Multielement Profiling Analyses of Seawater in Coral Reef Area and the Biogeocemical Processes of Trace Metals in Bivalve with Symbiotic Zooxanthellae
Itoh A, Arakaki T, Kabe N, Yamaguchi M & Oura E

Yamaguchi N. (2019) Comparison of Radiocesium-Bearing Microparticles of Different Shape and Elemental Distribution by Multiple Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Analyses
Miura H, Kurihara Y, Yamamoto M, Sakaguchi A, Yamaguchi N, Higaki S & Takahashi Y
(2016) Characterization of Radiocesium-Bearing Microparticles Deposited and Resuspended in Fukushima
Yamaguchi N & Kogure T
(2013) Arsenic Dissolution from Japanese Paddy Soil by a Dissimilatory Arsenate-Reducing Bacterium Geobacter sp. OR-1
Amachi S, Dong DT & Yamaguchi N

Yamaguchi R. (2003) PGE Abundances of Several Sediment Samples
Amakawa H, Shirai N, Yamaguchi R, Minakawa M & Ebihara M

Yamaguchi Takao (2016) Coastal Hydrothermal Field was Hot Spot for Biotic Diversity on the Paleoarchean Earth
Sugitani K, Mimura K, Takeuchi M, Yamaguchi T, Suzuki K, Senda R, Asahara Y, Wallis S & Van Kranendonk M
(2015) Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics of 3.47 Ga Barberton Basalts: Constraints on the Early Crust-Mantle Evolution
Yamaguchi T, Iizuka T, Nakai S, Hokanishi N, de Wit M & Furnes H

Yamaguchi Takashi (2016) Triple Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Atmospheric HONO: Evidence for the Importance of Primary Sources
Nakagawa F, Nakane R, Tsunogai U, Sudo K, Noguchi I & Yamaguchi T

Yamaguchi Tamami (2013) Early Sulfide Precipitation in Basaltic Magma Intruding into Felsic Reservoir beneath the Summit of Asama Volcano: A Melt Inclusion Study for the 2004 Eruption
Yamaguchi Y, Kawasaki T, Yamaguchi T & Ohta Y

Yamaguchi Toru (2016) Formation Processes and Human Impact for Sediments in Majuro Atoll
Ito L, Yamaguchi T, Omori T, Yoneda M, Muto S, Tada R & Takahashi Y

Yamaguchi Yasuhiko (2014) Enantiomer-Specific (D/L) Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Amino Acids in High Molecular Weight Dissolved Organic Matter in Seawater
Yamaguchi YT, Broek TAB & McCarthy MD
(2014) Preservation of Ancient Eukaryotic DNA in Methane Hydrate-Associated Marine Sediments
Kouduka M, Tanabe AS, Yamamoto S, Yamaguchi Y, Yanagawa K, Toju H & Suzuki Y
(2011) Biogeochemical Processes in Mud-Volcano Sediments from the Kumano Forearc Basin, Japan
Ijiri A, Toki T, Yamaguchi Y, Kawagucci S, Hattori S, Morono Y, Tsunogai U, Nakamura K, Takai K, Ashi J & Inagaki F

Yamaguchi Yasuhiko T. (2016) Heterotrophic Sources for Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in the Oligotrophic Ocean Indicated by Nitrogen Isotopic Analysis of Individual Amino Acids
Yamaguchi YT & McCarthy MD

Yamaguchi Yoshiaki (2016) Two Different Origins of Sulfides in Calc-Alkaline Andesite Suites: Sulfide Inclusions in Phenocrysts of Asama-Maekake Volcano
Yamaguchi Y, Kawasaki T & Kitakaze A
(2016) Daily Changes of 90Sr/137Cs Activity Ratio in the Atmosphere after the FDNPP Accident
Zhang Z, Ninomiya K, Yamaguchi Y, Saito T, Kita K, Tsuruta H, Igarashi Y & Shinohara A
(2016) Seasonal Variation of Radioactive Cesium Concentrations in the Atmosphere after the FDNPP Accident
Ninomiya K, Zhang Z, Fujita N, Kakitani S, Yamaguchi Y, Kita K, Watanabe A, Tsuruta H & Shinohara A
(2014) F and Cl-Rich, High-K2O Magma Batch Injection into Crystal-Rich Reservoirs of Andesitic Volcanoes in Back-Arc of Central Japan: Melt Inclusion Evidence for Source Heterogeneity
Yamaguchi Y & Harada H
(2013) Early Sulfide Precipitation in Basaltic Magma Intruding into Felsic Reservoir beneath the Summit of Asama Volcano: A Melt Inclusion Study for the 2004 Eruption
Yamaguchi Y, Kawasaki T, Yamaguchi T & Ohta Y
(2011) Sulfur Supplied by Basaltic Magma Injection into the Magma Feeding System of Asama Volcano, Central Japan – A Melt Inclusion Study
Yamaguchi Y

Yamahira M. (2003) Boron Isotope Fractionation Upon Formation of Evaporates from Boric Acid Solutions
Yamahira M, Oi T & Kikawada Y

Yamakawa A. (2017) High Precision Cr-Ti Stable Isotope Measurements for the Extra-Terrestrial Materials
Hibiya Y, Iizuka T, Yamashita K, Yoneda S & Yamakawa A
(2016) Mercury Isotopic Composition of Volcanic Gases from Tarumae, Tokachi and Kujyu Volcanoes in Japan
Yamakawa A, Moriya K, Yoshinaga J & Shinohara H
(2016) Spatial and Temporal Distribution of 236U in the Northwest Pacific Ocean
Sakaguchi A, Nomura T, Steier P, Watanabe T, Nakakuki T, Sasaki K, Takahashi Y, Yamakawa A & Yamano H
(2016) Cr and O Isotope Systematics in Carbonaceous Chondrite Chondrules
Defouilloy C, Sanborn M, Yamakawa A, Kita N, Ebel D & Yin Q
(2014) Al-Mg and Mn-Cr Systematics in CAIs from NWA 4502
Wimpenny J, Sanborn M, Yin Q-Z, Yamakawa A, Sapah M, Ireland T, Stirling C, Cooke I & Krot A
(2014) 53Mn-53Cr Systematics of Unique Achondrite Northwest Africa 6704
Sanborn M, Yamakawa A, Yin Q-Z, Wimpenny J, Amelin Y & Irving AJ
(2014) Δ17O-ε54Cr Systematics as a Forensic Tool for Investigating Isotopic Domains in the Early Solar System
Sanborn M, Yin Q-Z, Yamakawa A, Irving AJ & Amelin Y
(2013) Allende Chondrule Chronology Revisited: Eroding Age Gap between CAIs and Chondrules
Yin Q-Z, Yamakawa A, Sanborn M & Yamashita K
(2009) 53Mn-53Cr Evidence for Allende Chondrule Formation at 4567.6 Ma
Yin Q-Z, Yamashita K, Yamakawa A, Jacobsen B, Ebel D, Hutcheon I & Nakamura E

Yamakawa M. (2016) Smectite and C-S-H Formation Under Hyperalkaline Conditions at Narra in Palawan, Philippines
Shimbashi M, Sato T, Otake T, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Nishimura M, Miyoshi S, Samosa R, Arcilla C, Satoh H & Alexander R
(2016) Hyperalkaline Natural Analogue Potential at Central Palawan in the Philippines
Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T, Shimbashi M, Nishimura M, Miyoshi S, Satoh H, Arcilla C, Samosa R & Alexander R
(2016) Carbon Sequestration by Hyperalkaline Springs in Palawan, Philippines: Geochemical Constraints and Implications
Samosa R, Arcilla C, Sato T, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Nishimura M & Alexander R
(2011) Natural Analogue Study on Long-Term Reaction of Bentonite and Highly Alkaline Groundwater
Oi M, Shikazono N, Yamakawa M & Fujii N
(2009) Origin of the Manleluag Hyperalkaline Hot Spring, Philippines
Vargas E, Pascua C, Honrado M, Arcilla C, Alexander WR, Namiki K, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T & McKinley I
(2009) Smectite and Zeolite Formation from the Pyroclastic Deposits of the Aksitero Formation, Philippines
Honrado M, Pascua C, Vargas E, Arcilla C, Alexander WR, Namiki K, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T & McKinley I
(2009) Reaction Pathways for Rising Hyperalkaline Groundwater in a Bentonite Mine in the Philippines
Arcilla C, Pascua C, Vargas E, Honrado M, Alexander WR, Namiki K, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T & McKinley I

Yamakawa Y. (2015) Formation of Metal-Oxalate Complex Related to Hygroscopicity of Oxalic Acid and High Concentraiton of Oxalate Species in Aerosols
Takahashi Y & Yamakawa Y

Yamakita E. (2016) Adsorption/desorption of Water to Polysaccharides as Studied by Infrared Spectroscopy
Yamakita E & Nakashima S

Yamamoto A. (2016) Modelling the Stability of AMOC and Climate Under Glacial and Warm Climate
Abe-Ouchi A, Yamamoto A, Ohgaito R, Chan W-L, Yoshimori M, Oka A, Sherriff-Tadano S & Kawamura K
(2016) Multi-Millennium Changes in Dissolved Oxygen due to Global Warming: Results from GCM and Offline Biogeochemical Model
Yamamoto A, Abe-Ouchi A, Shigemitsu M, Oka A, Takahashi K, Ohgaito R & Yamanaka Y

Yamamoto D. (2017) Oxygen Isotopic Exchange between Amorphous Silicates and Water Vapor: Implications for Lifetime of Presolar Silicates in the Solar Nebula
Yamamoto D & Tachibana S
(2016) Crystallization Experiments of Amorphous Enstatite Dust in Protoplanetary Disks
Kobayashi K, Yamamoto D & Tachibana S
(2016) Hydrous Mineral Formation from Amorphous Forsterite in the Protosolar Disk
Yamamoto D & Tachibana S

Yamamoto Haruka (2019) River Water Contamination Related to the Recent Volcanic Activity of Mt Iwo-Yama, Kirishima Volcanoes, Japan
Kikawada Y, Deng W, Yamamoto H & Fukai M

Yamamoto Hiroki (2009) Iron Isotopic Distribution at Grain Scale Sugggests the Redox Fluctuation of the Archaean Shallow Ocean
Nishizawa M, Yamamoto H, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Hirata T
(2007) In situ Isotope Analysis of Fe in Pyrite Using Laser Ablation-ICPMS
Yamamoto H & Hirata T

Yamamoto Hiroyuki (2016) Arsenic Contaminations and its Effect on Marine Phytoplankton during Deep Seafloor Mining
Fuchida S, Koshikawa H, Tsuboi S, Higashi H, Yamamoto H & Kawachi M

Yamamoto J (2006) Trace elements in grain-boundary component in mantle xenoliths from Far Eastern Russia
Yamamoto J, Nakai S, Kaneoka I, Kagi H, Sato K, Prikhod'ko V & Arai S
(2006) Petrology and geochemistry of mantle xenoliths from petit-spot volcano, NW Pacific Plate
Abe N, Yamamoto J, Hirano N & Arai S

Yamamoto Junji (2019) Total Carbon Dioxide in Melt Inclusions with Shrinkage Bubbles
Hanyu T, Yamamoto J, Kimoto K, Nakamura Y, Shimizu K & Ushikubo T
(2018) Noble Gas and Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Petit-Spot Lavas from Southeast of Marcus Island
Yamamoto J, Kawano T, Takahata N & Sano Y
(2013) Halogen Ratios in Kimberlites and their Xenoliths Related to their Origin
Toyama C, Muramatsu Y, Sumino H, Yamamoto J & Kaneoka I
(2013) Mantle Structure Below the Petit-Spot
Hirano N, Yamamoto J & Okumura S
(2011) Noble Gas Isotopic Compositions of Mantle Xenoliths in a Kimberlite
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(2011) Halogen Compositions in Kimberlites and their Constituent Minerals
Toyama C, Muramatsu Y, Yamamoto J, Sumino H, Nakai S & Kaneoka I
(2010) Subduction Related Signature in Noble Gas Isotopic Compositions of Mantle Peridotites
Yamamoto J, Kurz M, Curtice J, Arai S & Prikhod'ko V
(2010) Sulfur Isotopic Variations in Mantle-Derived Magmas: Initial Observations
Shimizu N, Mandeville C, Jackson M, Yamamoto J & Kurz M
(2009) Mantle Noble Gas Abundance Ratios: Support for a Less Degassed Lower Mantle
Yamamoto J & Kurz M
(2009) Geochemical Studies of Kimberlites and their Constituent Minerals from China and South Africa
Toyama C, Muramatsu Y, Kojitani H, Yamamoto J, Nakai S & Kaneoka I
(2009) Melt Extraction and Multiple Metasomatism beneath French Massif Central: Geochemical and Isotopic Signatures of Ultramafic Xenoliths
Yoshikawa M, Kawamoto T, Shibata T & Yamamoto J
(2009) Argon Isotopic Compositions of Deep Undegassed Mantle: New Constraints from the Western Galápagos
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(2008) High 3He Emanation Observed in a Forearc Region and Seismic Tomography in SW Japan
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(2003) Fossil Pressures of Fluid Inclusions in Mantle Xenoliths: Implications for Geobarometry of Mantle Minerals Using Micro Raman Spectroscopy
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(2003) Spectroscopic Estimation of the Moho Depth from Residual Pressures of CO2 Fluid Inclusions
Kawakami Y, Kagi H, Yamamoto J & Zhao D
(2003) Li-Sr-Nd Isotopic Systematics of the Mantle-Derived Xenoliths
Nishio Y, Nakai S, Yamamoto J, Sumino H, Matsumoto T & Prikhod’ko V
(2002) Extremely Low 3He/4He Ratios Observed in Siberian Mantle Xenoliths
Yamamoto J, Kaneoka I, Nakai S, Kagi H, Prikhod'ko V & Arai S
(2001) Noble Gases in the Hawaiian Plume: Primary and Secondary Signatures Reflecting Magmatic Processes
Kaneoka I, Hanyu T, Yamamoto J & Miura YN

Yamamoto K (2006) Biogenic Fe-oxyhydroxide nodules encrusted iron-oxide bacteria in reducing sediments
Yoshida H, Yamamoto K, Murakami Y, Takeuchi M, Hotta Y & Matsuoka K
(2006) Rare earth element geochemistry of carbonaceous black chert of 3.4 Ga Strelley Pool Chert at Mt. Goldsworthy and Mt. Grant, Pilbara Craton: implications for environment of deposition and habitat of microbes on early Earth
Sugitani K, Mimura K, Allwood A & Yamamoto K
(2006) Isotopic compositions of noble gas and carbon in the Archean carbonatites from the Sillinjärvi mine, central Finland
Matsumoto T, Maruoka T, Matsuda J, Shimoda G, Yamamoto K, Morishita T & Arai S

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