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Yamada N. (2003) The Survival of Dissolved Glycoproteins in Oceanic Waters
Yamada N & Tanoue E

Yamada R (2006) Fission-track thermochronologic analysis in the creeping section of the Atotsugawa Fault, Central Japan
Yamada R, Matsuda T, Mizoguchi K, Fukuyama E & Omura K
(2004) Fission Track Analysis of the Ryoke Granitic Rocks; Deep Drilling Core Penetrating the Nojima Fault
Yamada R, Matsuda T & Omura K
(2003) Zircon Fission Track Annealing: Short-Term Heating Experiment Toward the Detection of Frictional Heat along Active Faults
Yamada R, Murakami M & Tagami T

Yamada Reina (2016) Carbonaceous Aerosols Observed in Noto Peninsula: Their Source and Impact on Aerosol CCN Activity
Matsuki A, Yamada R, Kinouchi K, Miyazaki R, Iwamoto Y, Ikemori F, Minami M & Nakamura T

Yamada Ryoichi (2017) Large Fe Isotope Fractionations found in Sulfide Ores and Ferruginous Cherts in Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits
Otake T, Nakamura S, Yamada R, Shin K-C, Ono S & Sato T
(2016) Rapid Growth of Mineral Deposits at Artificial Seafloor Hydrothermal Vents
Nozaki T, Ishibashi J-I, Shimada K, Nagase T, Takaya Y, Kato Y, Kawagucci S, Watsuji T, Shibuya T, Yamada R, Saruhashi T, Kyo M & Takai K
(2016) Modern Analogue of Kuroko Deposit and Hydrothermal Experiments for Artificial Ore Deposit on Seafloor
Tsuchiya N, Nagawa R & Yamada R
(2015) Fe Isotope Variations in Ferruginous Sedimentary Rocks Above Kuroko Deposits in the Hokuroku District, Northeast Japan
Otake T, Suzuki R, Yamada R, Shin K-C, Kon Y & Sato T
(2015) Supercritical Geothermal Reservoir and EGS Technology Revealed by Natural Analogue of Granite-Porphyry System
Tsuchiya N, Uno M & Yamada R
(2013) Geochemical Discrimination of Tsunami Sediments in Tohoku and Shizuoka Area, Japan
Watanabe T, Tsuchiya N, Inoue C, Kitamura A, Komai T, Yamasaki S, Yamada R, Hirano N, Okamoto A & Nara F
(2008) Late Cenozoic Magmatic Evolution in the NE Honshu Arc
Yamada R, Yoshida T & Kimura J-I

Yamada Ryuji (2016) Revisiting the Nojima Fault Drilling – New Illite and FT Age Dating Results from the Hirabayashi-Nied Borehole Core
Yamada R, Zwingmann H & Omura K
(2013) Exposed Pleistocene Kurobegawa Granite (0.8 Ma): LA-ICP-MS and SHRIMP Analysis
Yamada R, Ito H, Tamura A, Arai S, Horie K & Hokada T
(2008) New (U-Th)/He Dating Systems and Ages in Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Yamada K, Hanamuro T, Tagami T, Yamada R & Umeda K
(2002) Detection of Frictional Heating of Fault Motion by Zircon Fission Track Thermochronology
Murakami M, Yamada R & Tagami T

Yamada S. (2016) The Use of Self-Analogue Information to Investigate the Long-Term Stability of the Geological Environment
Yamada S, Ota K & Alexander WR
(2016) The Use of Natural System Evidence in NUMO’s Pre-Selection Site-Specific Safety Case
Ota K, Yamada S, Fujiyama T & Alexander WR

Yamada T (2003) Interannual and Decadal Variability of Sea Surface Condition Recorded in Guam Coral for the Years 1787-2000
Asami R, Yamada T & Iryu Y
(2003) Concentration and Carbon Isotope Profiles of CH4 in Paddy Rice Canopy
Han G, Yoshikoshi H, Nagai H, Yamada T, Saito M & Miyata A

Yamada Tetsuya (2016) Denitrification Triggered by Extracellular Electron Transfer
Yamada T, Kawaichi S, Matsuhita N & Nakamura R

Yamada Yasuhiro (2018) Gas Hydrate Formation Assciated with Migration of Deep Sourced Fluid in the Krishna–Godavari Basin, Eastern Continental Margin of India
Ijiri A, Haraguchi S, Jiménez-Espejo F, Komai N, Suga H, Masataka M, Inagaki F & Yamada Y
(2016) Calibrating Basin Models of the Rapidly Buried, Microbially Active, Shimokita Coalbeds to Model a Deep Biosphere over Deep Geological Time
Bowden S, Lin Y, Morono Y, Morita S, Tanikawa W, Yamada Y, Kubo Y, Inagaki F & Hinirchs K-U
(2008) Experimental Research of Casing Cement Alteration by Interaction with Supercritical CO2 for Geological Sequestration
Kunieda M, Yamada Y, Ueda A & Matsuoka T
(2008) Experimental Research of Plagioclase -Gas-Water Interaction at Hydrothermal Conditions Caused by CO2 Sequestration
Kuroda Y, Yamada Y, Ueda A & Matsuoka T

Yamada Yoshihiro (2016) Geographical and Temporal Variations of Multiple Geochemical Components in Rainwater, River Water and Groundwater in Saijo City, Southwestern Japan
Nakano T, Tokumasu M, Shin K, Saitoh Y, Yokoo Y & Yamada Y

Yamada Yuuki (2016) Geochemical Study of Groundwater in Sabae, Fukui Japan for Heat Usage
Yamada Y & Ueda A
(2015) Geochemical Study of Groundwater in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, for the Heat Usage
Yamada Y & Ueda A

Yamagata T (2003) Beryllium Isotopes Observed in Hachijo Island
Nagai H, Yamagata T, Saito C & Matsuzaki H

Yamagata Takeyasu (2016) Distribution of 137Cs and 129I in Seawater Near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in May 2011
Nagai H, Yamagata T & Kumamoto Y
(2016) Development of Automated Separation System for Determination of Strontium-90 in Soil and Fish Bone Samples
Tazoe H, Yamagata T, Karube Z & Yamada M
(2013) Determination of Strontium-90 in Seawater Using TODGA Chelating Resin
Tazoe H, Yamagata T, Obata H & Yamada M

Yamagata Y. (2016) Geochemical Cycling of Fe, S, C, N, and Mo in the 3.2 Ga Ocean: Constraints from DXCL-Dp Black Shales
Yamaguchi KE, Kobayashi Y, Shena A, Kobayashi D, Fujita S, Nagashima A, Sakamoto R, Naraoka H, Yamagata Y, Hirata T, Ikehara M, Ito T & Kiyokawa S
(2016) Stable Isotope Signature of Fe to Understand the Fe Bio-Cycle in the Hydrothermal-Vent
Yamagata Y, Tanaka Y-K, Chen C, Toyofuku T & Hirata T

Yamagishi A (2003) Microbial Community Under a Hydrothermal System Revealed by the Analysis of Water Samples Collected from Bored Holes
Yamagishi A, Kasai H, Hara K, Yamashiro K, Itahashi S & Urabe T

Yamagishi Akihiko (2016) Evaluating Degradation of Organic Matter in Murchison Meteorite Captured by Aerogel after Hypervelocity Experiments
Okudaira K, Kebukawa Y, Yabuta H, Nakato A, Kilcoyne D, Hasegawa S, Tabata M, Kobayashi K, Yano H & Yamagishi A

Yamagishi H. (2003) Fractionation of N2O Isotopomers during Production by Denitrifiers
Toyoda S, Mutobe H, Yamagishi H, Yoshida N & Tanji Y

Yamaguchi A. (2019) Molecular Geochemistry of Interactions of Various Hard Cations and Phyllosilicates Related to their Environmental Behaviors and Isotope Fractionation
Takahashi Y, Tsuboi H & Yamaguchi A
(2018) REE Abundances and Ion-Exchangeable REE Fraction are High for Intermediately Weathered Granite by Formation of Outer-Sphere Complex
Takahashi Y & Yamaguchi A
(2017) Effect of Ionic Radii on Metal Ion Species Adsorbed in the Interlayer of 2:1 Phyllosilicate: Impcliations on their Migration in Environment
Yamaguchi A, Tanaka M & Takahashi Y

Yamaguchi Akira (2019) Complex Shock History in the Eucrite Padvarninkai
Miyahara M, Yamaguchi A & Ohtani E
(2019) Early Condensation History from Two Ultrarefractory Inclusions
Kimura M, Komatsu M, Ushikubo T, Imae N & Yamaguchi A
(2017) Aqueous Alteration of Y-000593 Deduced from Chemical Speciation
Suga H, Sago N, Miyahara M, Ohigashi T, Yamaguchi A & Ohtani E
(2016) Nb-Zr Systematics of Rutiles from Mesosiderites
Haba M, Lai Y-J, Yamaguchi A & Schönbächler M
(2016) U–Pb Isotope Systematics of Eucrites: A Record of the Thermal History
Iizuka T, Yamaguchi A, Koefoed P, Hibiya Y & Amelin Y
(2016) Chemical Compositional Relationship between Winonaite Metal and IAB Irons
Hidaka Y, Shirai N, Yamaguchi A & Debaille V
(2016) Cathodoluminescence Study of Silica Minerals in Eucrites
Kanemaru R, Nishido H & Yamaguchi A
(2016) An Amoeboid Olivine Aggregate in Polymict Eucrite LEW 85300
Komatsu M, Yamaguchi A, Fagan T, Zolensky M, Shirai N & Mikouchi T
(2016) Petrology of Ferroan Diogenites and Genetic Relationship with Other Diogenites and Eucrites
Yamaguchi A, Barrat J-A & Shirai N
(2016) Smelting Process Evidenced by δ66Zn
Hublet G, Debaille V, Doucet LS, Greenwood RC, Yamaguchi A, Mattielli N & Ebihara M
(2016) Constraints on the Origin of Primitive Achondrites from NWA 6704
Hibiya Y, Iizuka T, Ozawa K & Yamaguchi A
(2016) Molybdenum Disulfide: A Prebiotic Catalyst for Dissimilatory Ammonia Synthesis with Geo-Electrical Current
Li Y, Yamaguchi A & Nakamura R
(2016) Proton Motive Force for the Electrochemical CO2 Fixation Toward the Origin of Life in Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vent
Yamaguchi A, Yamamoto M, Takai K, Ishii T, Hashimoto K & Nakamura R
(2016) CO2 Fixation in Hydrothermal Vent Environments
Kitadai N, Hongo Y, Li Y, Yamaguchi A, Nakamura R & Takai K
(2015) Constraints on the Formation Process of the Ungrouped NWA 6704 Primitive Achondrite
Hibiya Y, Ozawa K, Iizuka T & Yamaguchi A
(2013) Impact History of Lunar Highlands Recorded in MIL 090034, 090036, and 090070 Lunar Meteorites
Yamaguchi A, Shirai N, Nyquist L, Park J, Shih C-Y, Ebihara M & Herzog G
(2013) Igneous and Impact Processes on a Ureilite Parent Body Inferred from Y-983890 Polymict Ureilite
Ozawa S, Yamaguchi A & Kojima H
(2013) Discovery of Coesite and Stishovite from Eucrite
Miyahara M, Ohtani E, Yamaguchi A, Ozawa S, Sakai T & Hirao N
(2013) U–Pb Chronology and REE Geochemistry of Large Zircons in Estherville Mesosiderite
Haba M, Yamaguchi A, Kagi H, Nagao K & Hidaka H
(2010) The Origin of Very Low Eu Anomalies in Diogenites
Barrat J-A, Yamaguchi A, Zanda B, Bollinger C & Bohn M
(2004) U-Pb and Hf-W Chronometry of Zircons from Eucrite A881467
Srinivasan G, Whitehouse M, Weber I & Yamaguchi A
(2003) Cooling History of L Chondrites
Tomiyama T, Yamaguchi A & Misawa K
(2003) Petrogenetic History of Granulitic Eucrites, a-881467 and Y-791195: Implication for Impact History of Early Eucritic Crust
Yamaguchi A, Setoyanagi T & Ebihara M
(2002) Halogen-Derived Noble Gases in the Allende Meteorite: A Laser Microscope Study
Ebisawa N, Okazaki R, Nagao K & Yamaguchi A
(2001) Laser Microprobe Analysis of Halogen-Derived Noble Gas Isotopes in Allende CV3 Chondrite
Nagao K, Ebisawa N, Yamaguchi A & Okazaki R

Yamaguchi Asuka (2016) Geochemistry of 2.7Ga Shallow-Facies Shales in Stromatolitic Carbonates (ABDP #10) from Pilbara, Western Australia
Tomiuka T, Yamaguchi KE, Naraoka H, Abe G, Yamaguchi A, Nedachi M & Ikehara M
(2015) Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Chlorine: Implications for Terrestrial Missing Chlorine
Kuwahara H, Gotou H, Ogawa N, Yamaguchi A, Ishibashi K, Yagi T & Sugita S

Yamaguchi H. (2016) Hydroxy Fatty Acids as Tracers of Soil Microbes and Plant Waxes in Marine Aerosols from Chichijima Island in the Western North Pacific
Tyagi P, Yamaguchi H, Kawamura K, Boreddy S & Verma S

Yamaguchi I. (2012) Melt Inclusions in Zircon from the Migmatite Zone, Ryoke Belt, Japan
Kawakami T, Yamaguchi I, Miyake A, Maki K, Shibata T, Yokoyama TD & Hirata T
(2011) Zircon Behavior in the Upper Amphibolite Facies Polymetamorphic Terrane, Ryoke Belt, Japan
Kawakami T, Yamaguchi I, Yokoyama TD, Maki K, Hirata T & Shibata T

Yamaguchi J. (2003) Origin of Atmospheric Benzen Using its Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition as a Tracer
Yamaguchi J, Tsunogai U, Komatsu D, Tsunogai U, Nakagawa F & Akiyama K

Yamaguchi Katsuhiko (2018) 129I/127I Ratios in Precipitation from Fukushima over 2010-2017
Xu S, Freeman S, Hou X, Watanabe A & Yamaguchi K
(2016) C-14 Releases from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant
Xu S, Cook G, Cresswell A, Dunbar E, Freeman S, Hou X, Jacobsson P, Kinch H, Naysmith P, Sanderson D, Tripney B & Yamaguchi K
(2013) Temporal Variations of Fukushima-Derived 129I in Precipitations
Xu S, Freeman S, Hou X, Watanabe A, Yamaguchi K & Zhang L

Yamaguchi Kohei (2013) Natural Analogue Study on Long Term Alteration of Bentonite (1) – Geochemistry and Clay Mineralogy
Ishii T, Satoh H, Yamaguchi K, Etoh J & Ohe T
(2013) Natural Analogue Study on Long Term Alteration of Bentonite (2) – Geochemical Simulation
Yamaguchi K, Satoh H, Akahori K, Ishii T, Eto J & Ohe T

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