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Xiao D. (2018) Heterogeneous Depositional Environment of Lower Cambrian Organic-Rich Shale in Yangtze Platform: Evidences from Fe-Mo Geochemistry and Microorganisms
Zhang Y, He Z, Jiang S, Lu S & Xiao D

Xiao E. (2008) Geochronological and Geochemical Constraints on Petrogenesis of Late Mesozoic I- and A-Type Granites from the Coastal Area of Northeastern Fujian Province, SE China
Qiu J-S, Jiang S-Y, Xu X-S, Xiao E & Hu J

Xiao Hong (2018) Molecular Modelling Insight into the Intramolecular Methyl Transfer of Methyl Dibenzofuran Isomers in Oil Migration Orientation and Filling Pathways
Liu X, Xiao H & Li M
(2018) Geochemical Characteristics of the Yogou Formation Source Rocks and Oil-Source Correlation within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework in the Termit Basin, Niger
Xiao H, Wang T, Li M, Lai H, Liu J & Mao F

Xiao Hua-Yun

Xiao Huayun (2004) Albite-Granite Dykes: A New Type Au-Bearing Formation of the Altay Telluride-Type Gold Deposits, in Xinjiang Province, China
Xiao H, Henian W, Jiyuan Z, Yongguan D & Kunyi G
(2002) Isotopic Compositions of Sulphur and Nitrogen in Rains of Guiyang, China
Xiao H & Liu C-Q

Xiao Jian Xin (2011) Gas Accumulation Rules of Volcanic Rocks of Deep Formations in Songliao Basin, Northeast China
Zhao Z, Jiao G, Sun P, Xu S, Xiao J, Jiang X & Bai H
(2010) Controlling Factors and Oil-Gas Geological Significance of the High-Quality Reservoir of Volcanic Rocks: An Example from Songliao Basin
Zhao ZH, Jiao GH, Sun P, Luo X, Xiao JX, Wang ZH & Zeng FY
(2010) The Geochemical Characteristics of Early Cretaceous Volcanic Rocks from Songliao Basin, Northeast China, and its Tectonic Implications
Zeng F, Zhao Z, Jiao G, Sun P, Luo X, Xiao J & Wang Z

Xiao Jinkai (2012) Size Effect in the Adsorption of Gold Nanoparticles on Pyrite Surfaces
Fu Y, Qin Z, Li S, Xiao J, Xiao Y & Wan Q

Xiao Jule
(2013) δ13C Record of Black Carbon in Daihai Lake Sediments, Northern China: An Indicator of Terrestrial Environmental Changes
Cui L, Wang X, Xiao J & Ding Z
(2013) Holocene Changes in Fire Frequency in the Daihai Lake Region (North-Central China): Indications and Implications for an Important Role of Human Activity
Wang X, Xiao J, Cui L & Ding Z

Xiao Jun (2011) Characteristics and Prediction of High Quality Coal Measure Source Rocks in Oligocene Yacheng Formation of Qiongdongnan Basin, Northwestern South China Sea
Xiao J, Wang H & Zhu B
(2010) Characteristics of Source Rocks and Hydrocarbon Generation in Yacheng Area of Western Qiongdongnan Basin, Northern South China Sea
Xiao J, Zhu CW & Liao JH

Xiao K-Q. (2017) Methylotrophic Methanogenesis Fuels Cryptic Methane Cycling in Surface Sediment of Aarhus Bay, Denmark
Xiao K-Q, Beulig F, Røy H, Jørgensen BB & Risgaard-Petersen N

Xiao Liang (2010) Stable Isotope Compositions of Fossil Sun/Shade Leaves and Difference for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction
Xiao L, Yang H & Sun B

Xiao Lin (2015) Geochemistry of Trace Elements in Coals from Iqe Coalfield, Tibet Plateau, China: Emphasize on Abnormity Enrichment of Ga-Rb-Cs-REY
Sun Y, Zhao C, Jin K, Wang J, Xiao L & Zhao Q

Xiao Long (2010) Variation and Complexity of the Late Permian Emeishan Basalts: Reappraisal of Plume-Lithosphere Interaction Processes
He Q, Xiao L, Chen J & Gao R
(2010) Small Volcano Swarms on the Moon: Common Volcanic Edifices on Terrestrial Planets
Xiao L, Huang J, He Q & He X
(2009) Geochronology and Geochemistry of Trassic Sanyanlong Granitic Complex in Eatern Tibetan Plateau: Origin and Implications for Tectonic Evolution
Xiao L, Yuan J, Wan C & Wang C

Xiao M. (2011) Biogeochemical Characteristics and Environmental Effects of Low Molecular-Weight Organic Acids in Lacustrine Ecosystem
Xiao M & Wu F

Xiao N. (2016) Fungal Diversity in Baltic Sea Sediment
Xiao N, Hoshino T & Inagaki F
(2013) Cell Alive System (CAS); A New Method of Core Sample Freezing for Shore-Based Biological Analyses and Sample Storage
Xiao N, Morono Y, Terada T, Yamamoto Y, Hihose T & Inagaki F

Xiao P-X. (2011) Redefine Bulunkuole Group in Eastern Pamirs Syntaxis and its Signification – From the Evidence of LA-ICP-MS Isotope Dating of Detrital Zircon
Xiao P-X, Gao X-F, Kang L, Dong Z-C, Guo L & Xi R-G
(2011) Geochronology and Geochemistry of Hongqilapu Granite in Eastern Pamirs, China
Kang L, Xiao P-X, Gao X-F, Xi R-G, Dong Z-C & Guo L
(2010) LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Detrital Zircon Geochronology of Alumina Rich Gneiss of the Helanshan Group in the Northern Segment of Helangshan Mountains and its Geological Significance
Xiao P
(2009) Redefinition of Age for the Volcanic Rocks from Xiaocaohu, Beishan, Gansu Province, China
Xiao P
(2007) Geochemical Characteristics and Isotope Dating of Moyite at the Southeastern Margin of the Kuruktag Block, Xinjiang, China
Xiao P

Xiao Q. (2016) TSR Effects on Occurrence of Diamondoids and Thiadiamondoids in Tarim Basin Oils and Condensates
Cai C & Xiao Q
(2010) Petroleum Transformations in Reservoirs of Carboniferous Oils from the Tz4 Oilfield, Tarim Basin, NW China
Xiao Q & Sun Y

Xiao R. (2016) Multistage Cu-W-Pb-Zn Polymetallic Mineralization at Jiepai Deposit, South China: Constrain from U-Pb,Ar-Ar and Re-Os Ages
Li X & Xiao R

Xiao S. (2005) Ion Microprobe Carbon Isotope Analysis of Archean Microfossils?
Kaufman A, Xiao S & Yin L
(2001) A Potential Constraint on Proterozoic CO2 Levels by in situ Carbon-Isotopic Analyses of Organic-Walled Microfossils
Kaufman AJ & Xiao S

Xiao Shuhai (2018) Geochemistry of the Basal Ediacaran Tereeken Cap-Doloston of the Quruqtagh Group in Eastern Tianshan, Northwestern China
Wan R, Zhu J, Ke S, Xiao S, Li S & Wang Z
(2018) Calcium Isotope Constraints on the Terminal Ediacaran Rise of Calcified Animals
Zhang F, Lau K, Zheng W, Romaniello S, Xiao S & Anbar A
(2017) Tonian Evolution and Geobiology
Xiao S, Tang Q, Pang K, Bykova N, Ye Q & Yuan X
(2017) Global Marine Redox Changes Drove the Rise and Fall of the Early Animals
Zhang F, Romaniello S, Kendall B, Xiao S & Anbar A
(2013) Mg Isotope Evidence for Early Dolomite Formation in a Marinoan Cap Carbonate
Shen B, Wimpenny J, Yin Q-Z, Lee C-T, Xiao S & Zhou C
(2013) Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Neoproterozoic Cap Carbonates from Northwest and Southeast China
Gallagher T, Sheldon N & Xiao S
(2011) First Episode of Widespread Ocean Oxygenation 551 Myr ago
Kendall B, Komiya T, Lyons T, Bates S, Jiang G, Creaser R, Xiao S, McFadden K, Sawaki Y, Tahata M, Shu D, Han J, Li Y, Chu X & Anbar A
(2010) Germanium/Silicon Ratios of Diagenetic Chert Nodules in the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation, South China
Shen B, Lee C-T & Xiao S

Xiao T. (2017) Geochemical Transfer of Thallium in a Sediment Profile from the Pearl River, China and its Source Apportionment by Lead Isotope
Liu J, Wang J, Chen Y, Xiao T, Belshaw NS, Bao Z, Luo X, Yin M, Zhang R & Lin Y

Xiao Tang Fu (2011) Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollutions from Lead-Zinc Mining Activities in the North River Basin, China
Wang J, Liu J, Chen Y-H, Xiao T-F, Wang C-L, Li X-P & Qi J-Y
(2010) Geochemistry and Environmental Impact of Cadmium in Cadmium-Rich Pb–Zn Mine Wastes of Southwest China
Li H, Xiao TF, Li D, Zhu Z & Ning Z
(2008) Health Risk of Cadmium: A Hidden Health Killer in Areas of Coal-Combustion Related Fluorosis?
Xiao T, Tang J, Lei J & Yang F
(2007) Mesozoic Magmatic Activities of Western Shandong (Luxi), China
Liu S, Hu R, Feng C, Qi L, Xiao T & Zhong H

Xiao Tingyin (2014) Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols on ITCZ Position
Ridley H, Asmerom Y, Baldini J, Breitenbach S, Aquino V, Prufer K, Culleton B, Polyak V, Lechleitner F, Kennett D, Zhang M, Marwan N, Macpherson C, Baldini L, Xiao T, Awe J & Haug G

Xiao W-J. (2017) Tracing the Final Collision of Accretionary Orogens: Terminal Magmatic Activities in the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB)
Li S, Chung S-L, Wilde S, Jahn B-M, Xiao W-J & Wang T

Xiao Wei (2016) Fe(II) – Ferrihydrite Transformation Studies in Oxygen-Free Environment
Xiao W, Jones AM & Waite TD
(2015) Bioreduction and Transformation of Fe(III) Oxides by Schewanella Oneidensis MR-1 Under Anaerobic Conditions
Xiao W, Li X, Bligh M & Waite D

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