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Wright Jonathan (2019) A New Synchrotron Endstation for Nanofocus X-Ray Diffraction, Imaging and Fluorescence
Giacobbe C & Wright J
(2019) Mineralogy of Serpentines at the Sub-Micron Scale
Elmaleh A, Wright J, Tarantino S & Baptiste B

Wright Justin (2011) Factors Affecting the Physical Phase State of SOA Particles from Biogenic and Anthropogenic Precursors
Virtanen A, Saukko E, Lambe A, Massoli P, Onasch T, Wright J, Croasdale DR, Laaksonen A, Davidovits P & Worsnop DR

Wright K. (2006) Arsenic incorporation in FeS2 Pyrite
Blanchard M, Wright K & Catlow R
(2005) Jarosites in Acid Mine Drainage Environments: Formation, Mineralogy, Stability
Hudson-Edwards K, Smith A, Dubbin W & Wright K
(2005) Geochemical Modeling of Decontamination Solutions for Building Surfaces
Cooper D, Hull L & Wright K
(2004) Computer Modelling of Hydrogen Defects in Spinels
Blanchard M, Wright K & Gale J
(2001) Atomistic Models of Cation Ordering and Substitution in Dolomite
Wright K, Cygan RT & Slater B
(2001) Simulation of the Surface Structure and Reactivity of Metal Sulfide Minerals
Wright K, Steele H, Keith C, Vaughan DJ & Hillier IH

Wright Karen (2010) Investigations of the Influence of Microbial Cells on Phosphate Mineral Precipitation
Wright K, Fujita Y, Henriksen J, Spycher N & Conrad M
(2010) Electrical Geophysical and Geochemical Monitoring of in situ Enhanced Bioremediation
Johnson T, Versteeg R, Day-Lewis F, Wright K, Major W & Lane J

Wright Kate (2016) Lithium Diffusion and its Isotopic Fractionation in Forsterite
Zhang F & Wright K

Wright Kate (2012) Epitaxial Garnet-Muscovite Interfaces: Molecular Modelling
Moore SJ, Wright K, Gale JD & Carlson WD
(2010) The Structure of Hydronium Alunite: A First Principles Study
Wright K, Gale J & Hudson-Edwards K
(2008) Mechanisms of Cd, Cu and Zn Uptake in Jarosite Surfaces: A Computer Simulation Study
Hudson-Edwards K, Wright K & Gale J
(2007) Interaction of Calcite with Cr(III) and Evidence for Direct Inorganic Formation of Vaterite
Godelitsas A, Astilleros J-M, Hallam K, Wright K, Tomaschek F & Putnis A

Wright Kate (2015) Crystal Chemistry of the Alunite-Jarosite Solid Solution Series: Insights from Atomistic Modelling and XAS Experiments
Hudson-Edwards K, Wright K, Cibin G & Kossoff D

Wright Katherine (2014) Microbial Succession from Ice to Vegetated Soils in Response to Glacial Retreat in the Arctic
Anesio A, Wright K, Blacker J, Bradley J, Barker G, Yallop M, Tranter M & Benning LG
(2013) Elemental Sulfur Biomineralization and Preservation in Glacial Sulfide Springs
Templeton A, Lau G, Wright K, Williamson C, Grasby S & Spear J
(2010) Low Temperature S Biomineralization at a Supraglacial Spring System in the Canadian High Arctic
Gleeson D, Williamson C, Wright K, Pappalardo R, Grasby S & Templeton A

Wright Kendra (2010) Metabolic Diversity and Identification of Soil Microbial Communities in Mercury Contaminated Soil of Oak Ridge, TN
Wright K, McNeal K & Han F

Wright Kevin (2019) Changes in NE Mexico Hydroclimate in Response to Heinrich Events Inferred from a Multi-Proxy Speleothem Record
Wright K, Johnson KR, Lum G, McGee D, Serrato Marks G & Bermendi-Orosco L

Wright M. (2017) The Temporal Variability of Mn Speciation in the Chesapeake Bay and St. Lawrence Estuaries
Oldham V, Tebo B, Mucci A, Wright M, Jones M & Luther G

Wright M. (2018) Noble Gas Characteristics in Groundwaters Near Selected Oil Fields from the San Joaquin Basin, USA
Barry P, Hunt A, Kulongoski J, Tyne R, Davis T, Wright M, McMahon P, Landon M & Ballentine C
(2015) Assessing the Solubility Controls on Vanadium in Groundwater, Northeastern San Joaquin Valley, CA
Wright M & Stollenwerk K

Wright M.T. (2017) Characterization of Produced Water from the Fruitvale, Lost Hills, North Belridge, and South Belridge Oil Fields, California, USA
Kulongoski JT, Wright MT, McMahon PB, Davis TA & Landon MK

Wright N. (2017) Global Serpentinization and H2 Production at Mid-Ocean Ridges: 200 Ma to Present
Garcia del Real P, Daniel I, Andreani M, Wright N & Coltice N

Wright P. (2011) The Impact of Heavy Metals Concentration on Soil Biological Properties in Kintyre Pb Mining Area, Jamaica
Shukurov N, Robinson C, Wright P & Lalor G

Wright S. E. (2001) Optimization of Spinel Site Occupancies and Derivation of Spinel Thermodynamic Data from Crystal Structure Studies
Foley JA, Wright SE & Hughes JM

Wright Sarah (2014) Utility of Lithium Isotopes as a Tracer of Weathering Processes: A Case Study from the Southern Alps, South Island, New Zealand
Wright S, James R, Teagle D & Menzies C

Wright Shawn (2015) Re-Os Systematics in Organic-Rich Mud Rocks of the Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas
Wright S, Brandon A & Casey J

Wrighton Kelly (2013) Speciation of Uranium Products Formed during in situ Biostimulation of the Old Rifle, CO Aquifer
Alessi D, Janot N, Lezama-Pacheco J, Suvorova E, Cerrato J, Giammar D, Fox P, Williams K, Long P, Handley K, Wrighton K, Miller C, Yang L, Bernier-Latmani R & Bargar J
(2012) Extracellular c-Type Cytochromes from Geobacter Bemidjiensis
Singer S, Castelle C, Wrighton K, Wilkins M, Lipton M & Banfield J
(2012) Manipulating Uranium Redox Status in an Alluvial Aquifer: Insights from Electron Donor Amendment Experiments
Long P, Williams K, Banfield J, Bargar J, Davis J, Fox P, Handley K, Hatfield K, Lovley D, Verberkmoes N, Wilkins M, Wrighton K, Yabusaki S & Science Team RI
(2011) Extracellular Electron Transport by the Gram-Positive Species Thermincola Potens
Wrighton K, Carlson H, Byrne-Bailey K, Thrash C, Bigi J, Remis J, Schichnes D, Auer M, Chang C & Coates J

Wrighton Kelly (2014) Prediction of the Biogeochemical Roles of Uncultivated Bacteria and Archaea in the Subsurface
Banfield J, Castelle C, Hug L, Wrighton K, Sharon I, Brown C, Kantor R, Singh A, Thomas B, Luef B, Comolli L, Williams K, Long P & Hubbard S
(2014) Temporal Changes in Microbial Metagenomic Profiles after Hydraulic Fracturing
Mouser P, Trexler R, Wilkins M, Hartsock A, MacRae J & Wrighton K

Wrobel N. (2016) Adjusting Marine Proxy Records to Account for Palaeogeographic Change and Plate Movements – Retrieving the Carbon Cycle Signal
Lunt D, Farnsworth A, Loptson C, Foster G, Markwick P, O'Brien C, Pancost R, Robinson S & Wrobel N

Wronkiewicz D. (2018) Stable Calcium, Magnesium and Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Two Modern Bahamian Lake Stromatolites
Griffith E, Wogsland B, Li Z, Wronkiewicz D, Paul V, Fan M & Fantle M
(2017) First Measurements of Magnesium Isotopic Compositions of Two Modern Bahamian Island Lake Stromatolites
Griffith E, Li Z, Gaines E, Wronkiewicz D, Paul V, Fan M & Fantle M

Wu B (2003) Geochemical Anomalies Possibly Indicating Occurrence of Hydrate in the Northeast of the South China Sea
Lu Z, Wu B, Qiang Z, Zhou Y, Wang Z & Zhang F

Wu Baohu (2016) The Molecular Mechanism of iron(III) Oxide Nucleation
Scheck J, Wu B, Drechsler M, Rosenberg R, Van Driessche A, Stawski T & Gebauer D

Wu Baoxiang (2016) Hydrocarbon Gas Generation from Cambrian Source Rock and Oil: Insights from Pyrolysis Experiments for Bitumen “A”and Extracted Bituminous Dike
Wang Y, Wei Z, Wang X, Wu B, Wang Z & Yang H
(2015) Composition of Closed-System Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Gases and the Constraint Factors
Wang Y, Wei Z, Wu B, Wu Y & Yang H

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