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Ullmann Clemens V. (2018) A High-Precision Numerical Time Scale for the Toarcian Stage: Implications for Timing of the Marine Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (TOAE) and Karoo-Ferrar Volcanism
Ruhl M, Hesselbo SP, Xu W, Thibault N, Jenkyns HC, Mac Niocaill C, Riding JB & Ullmann CV

Ullmann Clemens Vinzenz (2015) Early Jurassic (Toarcian) Palaeo-Environmental Change: New Proxy Data from the Mochras Borehole, Wales, UK
Xu W, Ruhl M, Hesselbo S, Jenkyns H, Riding J, Storm M, Huggett J, Ullmann C & Leng M
(2015) Geochemistry of the Belemnite Rostrum: Genesis and Diagenesis
Ullmann CV, Frei R, Korte C & Hesselbo SP
(2014) Tectonics Forced the Middle Jurassic Ice Age
Korte C, Hesselbo SP, Ullmann CV, Ruhl M & Thibault NR
(2013) Preservation Potential of δ7Li Values in Mesozoic Calcite Fossils
Ullmann CV, Campbell HJ, Frei R, Hesselbo SP, Pogge von Strandmann PAE & Korte C
(2013) Chromium Isotope Record of the Otavi Group, Namibia
Rodler A, Frei R, Gaucher C, Voegelin A, Ullmann CV & Korte C
(2013) Diagenesis Affects Carbonate δ53Cr: Evidence from the K-Pg Boundary Section at Stevns Klint (Denmark)
Voegelin AR, Frei R, Thibault N, Ullmann CV & Korte C
(2011) Early and Middle Jurassic δ13C and δ18O Trends: A High Resolution Dataset from the UK
Korte C, Hesselbo SP & Ullmann CV
(2011) Lithium Isotope Fractionation in Pegmatites – Function of Bond Length
Novák M, Magna T, Cempírek J, Janoušek V, Ullmann C & Wiechert U
(2011) Lithium and Its Isotopes in Central European Rivers
Wiechert U, Ullmann C, Uhlig D, Pfahl T, Ricking M & Becker H
(2011) Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Signatures of High-Latitude Permian to Jurassic Calcitic Fossils from Southern Hemisphere
Ullmann CV, Campbell HJ & Korte C
(2009) Stable Isotope Variations in a Modern North Sea Oyster Shell Reflect Annual Environmental Changes
Ullmann C, Wiechert U & Korte C

Ulloa Osvaldo (2013) High Sensitivity of Ammonia and Nitrite Oxidation Rates to Nanomolar Oxygen Concentrations
Bristow LA, Dalsgaard T, Tiano L, Mills D, Ulloa O, Canfield D, Revsbech N-P & Thamdrup B

Ulloa Osvaldo (2015) Oxygen in the OMZ: In situ Measurement and Biological Transformations
Garcia-Robledo E, Tiano L, Paulmier A, Ward B, Stewart F, Klimant I, Ulloa O, Borisov S & Rebsvech NP

Ullrich A. (2004) High-T Non-Stoichiometry of Titanomagnetite Re-examined – New Experimental Data
Sauerzapf U, Lattard D, Ullrich A & Engelmann R

Ullrich T. (2008) 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology and Pb Isotopic Evidence for the Role of Ridge Subduction in Generating Orogenic Gold Mineralization in the Otago Schist Belt, New Zealand
Mortensen JK, Craw D, MacKenzie DJ, Ullrich T & Gabites JE
(2008) Argon Mobility in Biotites
Camacho A, Lee J, Ullrich T, Fitz Gerald J, Cooper M, Woodhead J, Kyser K, Zhao J, Creaser R & Heaman L

Ulmer G.C. (2007) Thermodynamic Price Tags for a Wet Mantle
Ulmer G & Woermann E
(2007) Oxygen Fugacity in the Laboratory and in Terrestrial Systems
Woermann E, Ulmer GC, Eriksson G & Saxena SK

Ulmer P. (2018) Construction and Storage of Crustal-Scale Magmatic Systems
Karakas O, Wotzlaw J-F, Degruyter W, Bachmann O, Economos R, Ulmer P, Dufek J & Bergantz G
(2018) An Experimental Perspective on the Diversity of (Lower) Arc Crust: Key Role of Water Contents
Müntener O & Ulmer P
(2017) Timing and Evolution of the Middle Triassic Shoshonitic Magmatism in the Southern Alps (Northern Italy)
Storck J-C, Brack P, Wotzlaw J-F & Ulmer P
(2016) The Effects of Oxygen Fugacity on Sulfur Diffusion in Dacite Melts
Lierenfeld MB, Zajacz Z, Bachmann O & Ulmer P
(2016) Chlorine Isotope Determination by SIMS: Standard Development and Application to Melt Inclusions from Subduction Zone Settings
Bouvier A-S, Manzini M, Baumgartner LP, Rose-Koga EF, Ulmer P, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Sharp Z, Williams J, Layne GD, Straub S & Métrich N
(2016) Experimental Contraints on the CO2 Content of Fluids Interacting with the Subduction Mélange
Tumiati S, Tiraboschi C, Pettke T, Recchia S, Ulmer P & Poli S
(2015) Seismic Properties of Hydrous Phonolite at High Pressure and High Temperature
Tripoli B, Giordano D, Cordonnier B, Kolzenburg S & Ulmer P
(2015) Generation of Intermediate to Acidic Magmas at Convergent Plate Margins by Fractional Crystallization in Lower Crustal Magma Reservoirs
Ulmer P & Müntener O
(2014) Origin of Water in Miarolitic Cavities of the Ariskop Phonolite, Namibia
Jost BM, Koller F, Vogel N, Ulmer P & Driesner T
(2013) Experimental Partitioning Behavior of MORB in Subduction Zones at 2 and 3 GPa
Luginbuehl S, Ulmer P & Pettke T
(2013) Composition of COH Fluids up to 2.4 GPa: A Multi-Method Approach
Tiraboschi C, Tumiati S, Ulmer P, Recchia S, Pettke T, Fumagalli P & Poli S
(2012) The Construction of the Alpine Adamello Batholith as Recorded by Zircon
Schaltegger U, Broderick C, Skopelitis A, Floess D, Muntener O, Baumgartner L, Brack P & Ulmer P
(2012) The Geochemistry of Aqueous Fluids and Hydrous Melts in Subduction Zones
Luginbuehl S, Ulmer P & Pettke T
(2011) In situ Analysis of U-Th Disequilibria in Titanite by fs-LA-MC-ICPMS
Koornneef J, Bourdon B, Fontaine G, Dorta L, Hattendorf B, Guenther D, Ulmer P & Stracke A
(2011) Time Scales of Cooling of Post-Plutonic Picritic to Dacitic Dikes (Adamello-Italy)
Hürlimann N, Müntener O, Ulmer P & Ulianov A
(2011) Crystallization of Low-K Calc-Alkaline Igneous Rocks at Lower Crustal Pressures
Van den Bleeken G, Müntener O & Ulmer P
(2011) Europium Structural Role in Silicate Glasses
Cicconi MR, Giuli G, Paris E, Ingrisch-Ertel W, Dingwell DB, Ulmer P, Cicconi MR & Cicconi MR
(2009) Low-Temperature Melt-Fluid Miscibility: Experimental Evidence for Enhanced Mass Transport in the Upper Crust by Cooling Fluids
Aerts M, Hack A, Ulmer P & Thompson A
(2009) Melt Meets Moho: An Experimental Study of Reactive Melt Percolation
Van den Bleeken G, Müntener O & Ulmer P
(2009) Cromian Picroilmenites as a Potential Geothermometers: An Experimental Study
Semytkivska N & Ulmer P
(2009) Integration of Petrological-Geochemical Constraints and Local Seismic Tomography – Implications for Magmatic Processes within Continental Arc Crust of S-Alaska
Ballmer S, Kissling E, Ulmer P & van Stiphout T
(2009) Differentiation of Hydrous Calc-Alkaline Magmas at Mid to Lower Crustal Levels: Experimental Constraints
Ulmer P & Muntener O
(2009) Experimental Garnet and Hornblende Trace Element Partitioning on Andesitic Magmas in the Deep Arc Crust
Müntener O, Ulmer P & Alonso-Perez R
(2008) Role of Garnet and Amphibole Fractionation in the Genesis of High Mg# Granitoids
Müntener O, Ulmer P & Alonso Perez R
(2008) Solubility of K-Feldspar, Muscovite and Quartz at 0.5-2.5 GPa, 600-700℃ with Implications for Mass Transport in the Crust
Aerts M, Hack AC, Thompson AB & Ulmer P
(2008) Sound Velocity Measurements of Polycrystalline Clinohumite and Phase A at High Pressure
Phan H, Reusser E, Ulmer P & Burlini L
(2008) Differentiation of Mantle-Derived Calc-Alkaline Magmas at Mid to Lower Crustal Levels: Experimental and Petrologic Constraints
Ulmer P, Muntener O & Alonso Perez R
(2007) Reaction between Ascending Melt and Peridotite: An Experimental Investigation
Van den Bleeken G, Müntener O & Ulmer P
(2007) Equlibrium Experiments and Theoretical Studies in the MgO-SiO2-H2O System at High Pressures: Clarification of Stabilities and Thermodynamic Properties of Phase A, Clinohumite and Chondrodite
Melekhova E, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P, Connolly JAD & Dorogokupets PI
(2007) Metal Saturation in the Upper Mantle
Rohrbach A, Ballhaus C, Golla-Schindler U, Ulmer P & Schönbohm D
(2007) Differences between Preserved vs. Delaminated Lower Crust: Evidences from the Kohistan Arc
Jagoutz O, Müntener O, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P & Burg J-P
(2007) Magmatic Paragonite: Vapour Saturation of Hydrous Arc Magmas at High Pressure ?
Müntener O, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P & Jagoutz O
(2006) Ferric-ferrous iron ratios in upper mantle minerals
Rohrbach A, Ballhaus C, Golla-Schindler U & Ulmer P
(2005) High-P-T Fluids in Diamond Trap Experiments Analyzed Frozen with LA-ICPMS: The Technique
Pettke T, Kessel R, Schmidt M & Ulmer P
(2005) Fluid and Melt Compositions Coexisting with Eclogite at High Pressure and Temperature
Kessel R, Schmidt M, Pettke T & Ulmer P

Ulmer S. (2013) Simulating Magma Ascent: An Experimental Challenge
Marxer H, Bellucci P, Ulmer S & Nowak M

Ulrich Andrea (2013) Rare Earth Elements in the Sediments of Lake Baikal
Och L, Müller B, Ulrich A, Voegelin A, Wichser A, Vologina E & Sturm M

Ulrich Andreas (2013) Enhanced Ice Nucleation Activity of Soil Dust Particles
Steinke I, Funk R, Danielczok A, Höhler K, Hiranuma N, Hoffmann N, Hummel M, Kirchen S, Kiselev A, Leue M, Möhler O, Saathoff H, Schnaiter M, Schwartz T, Sierau B, Stetzer O, Toprak E, Ulrich A, Hoose C & Leisner T

Ulrich Ania (2017) Methanogenesis, Iron Transformation and Partitioning of Contaminants Under End Pit Lake Scenario
Siddique T, Kuznetsov P, Samadi N, Wei K & Ulrich A
(2014) The Isotopic Imprints of Effluents from an Oil Sand Tailing Pond in Alberta, Canada
Harkness J, Warner N, Ulrich A, Millot R, Kloppmann W, Ahad J, Savard M & Vengosh A
(2013) Heavy Metal Attenuation and Mobility in the Wood Creek Sand Channel Aquifer: Correlation of Experimental and Field Study
Kone M, Ulrich M & Ulrich A
(2012) Migration and Evolution of Oil Sands Tailings Pond Seepage Through Glacial Till Sediments: Combined Field and Laboratory Investigations
Holden A, Kone M, Mayer KU & Ulrich A
(2011) Geochemical Impact of Seepage from a Canadian Oil Sands Tailings Pond: A Radial Diffusion Cell Study
Holden A, Mayer U & Ulrich A
(2010) Biogeochemical Impacts of Oil Sands Process Water on Aquifer and Aquitard Materials
Haque S, Holden A, Tompkins T, Mayer KU, Ulrich A & Barker J

Ulrich K-U. (2011) Long-Term Forecast of Acidity Load from Overburden Substrate into a Mining Pit Lake: An Integrated Approach
Ulrich K-U, Guderitz I, Heinrich B, Weber L, Pokrandt K-H & Nitsche C
(2010) Reactivity of Nano-Biogenic Uraninite in the Subsurface: Dissolution Rates and Mechanisms
Bargar J, Campbell K, Veeramani H, Stubbs J, Lezama-Pacheco J, Suvorova E, Ulrich K-U, Blue L, Bernier-Latmani R, Giammar D, Yabusaki S & Long P
(2009) Structure, Composition, Size and Reactivity of Biogenic Nano-Uraninite
Bargar JR, Bernier-Latmani R, Giammar DE, Mehta A, Schofield EJ, Sharp JO, Suvorova EI, Ulrich K-U & Veeramani H
(2009) Manganese Incorporation into Biogenic Uraninite Affects its Oxidative Stability
Veeramani H, Sharp J, Suvorova E, Schofield E, Ulrich K-U, Metha A, Giammar D, Bargar J & Bernier-Latmani R
(2008) Effect of Mn(II) on the Oxidative Dissolution of Biogenic UO2
Veeramani H, Sharp J, Suvorova E, Schofield E, Ulrich K-U, Giammar D, Bargar J & Bernier-Latmani R
(2008) Uranium(VI)-Phosphate Interactions at the Goethite-Water Interface
Singh A, Ulrich K-U & Giammar D
(2008) Kinetics of Indirect UO2 Oxidation by Mn(II)-oxidizing Bacillus sp.ores
Chinni S, Anderson C, Ulrich K-U, Veeramani H, Sharp J, Giammar DE, Rizlan B-L & Tebo B
(2008) Nano-Scale Structure and Stability of Biogenic Uranium(IV) Oxide
Ulrich K-U, Schofield E, Bargar J, Sharp J, Veeramani H, Bernier-Latmani R, Singh A & Giammar D
(2008) Molecular- and Nano-Scale Structure and Reactivity of Biogenic Uranium (IV) Oxide
Schofield E, Bargar J, Ulrich K-U, Mehta A, Bernier-Latmani R, Veeramani H, Sharp J, Conradson S, Clark D, Giammar D & Webb S
(2007) Uranium(IV) Oxide Surface Reactivity
Ulrich K-U, Singh A, Dixon S, Schofield E, Bargar J & Giammar D
(2006) Influence of Colloids on Uranium Transport in Nuclear Waste Repositories and Abandoned Uranium Mines – a Critical Comparison
Zänker H, Ulrich K-U, Opel K & Brendler V

Ulrich Marc (2018) Distribution, Speciation and Enrichment Processes of Scandium in Lateritic Profile of New Caledonia
Munoz M, Ulrich M, Bonnet C, Levard C, Rose J, Ambrosi J-P, Cathelineau M, Teitler Y, Marcaillou C & Hesse B
(2017) Petrology and Geochemistry of Scandium in New Caledonian Ni-Co Laterites
Teitler Y, Cathelineau M, Ulrich M, Ambrosi J-P & Munoz M
(2016) Ni and Fe Bearing Phases and Redox during the Weathering of the New Caledonia Ophiolite
Munoz M, Ulrich M, Cathelineau M & Mathon O
(2011) Weathering Effects on the Mineralogical and Geochemical Composition of the New Caledonia Ophiolite
Ulrich M, Muñoz M, Guillot S, Chauvel C, Cluzel D & Picard C
(2009) The New Caledonia Ophiolite: Multiple Melting Stages and Refertilisation Process as Indicators for Ridge to Subduction Formation
Ulrich M, Picard C, Guillot S, Chauvel C, Cluzel D & Meffre S

Ulrich Mayer (2013) Heavy Metal Attenuation and Mobility in the Wood Creek Sand Channel Aquifer: Correlation of Experimental and Field Study
Kone M, Ulrich M & Ulrich A

Ulrich P. (2010) Decrease in Net Methylmercury Production Following an Iron Amendment to Tidal Wetland Sediments
Ulrich P & Sedlak D

Ulrich S. (2010) Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Sediment Exeriments Using Fiber Optic Sensing Technology for Detecting Gas Hydrate Formation
Rawn C, Leeman J, Ulrich S, Alford J, Madden M & Phelps T

Ulrich T. (2017) Strontium Isotopes in Plagioclase Constrain Mantle Sources and Crustal Differentiation Processes of the Skaergaard Intrusion and Kialineq Complex of Eastern Greenland
Hagen-Peter G, Vestergaard C, Tegner C, Ulrich T, Andreasen R & Lesher C
(2008) Origin of High µ Isotope Signature in Late Archean Granitoids
Ulrich T, Kamber B, Mekala RM & Whitehouse M
(2006) Sulphur solubility in hydrous silicic melts at different oxygen fugacities
Ulrich T, O'Neill H & Mavrogenes J
(2006) Tracing the source and evolution of the Osborne IOCG ore fluids
Fisher LA, Kendrick MA, Mustard R, Ulrich T, Ryan CG & Van Achterbergh E
(2004) Molybdenum Solubility and Transport Under Hydrothermal-Magmatic Conditions
Ulrich T
(2003) The Solubility of Molybdenum Determined in Synthetic Fluid Inclusions by LA-ICPMS Analysis
Ulrich T
(2001) Six Fluids in Ore-Forming Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
Heinrich CA, Halter WE, Pettke T, Audétat A, Ulrich T, Landtwing M & ̧nther DG

Ulrych J. (2013) Recent Views on Lamprophyric Melilitic Rocks (Polzenites) of the Bohemian Massif
Ulrych J & Krmíček L
(2012) Geochemistry of Upper Mantle Xenoliths and Host Basalts from NE Bavaria
Ackerman L, Spacek P & Ulrych J
(2008) Melilitic Rocks of the CECIP – Examples from Vogtland/W-Bohemia (Germany/Czech Republic)
Abratis M, Viereck-Goette L, Ulrych J & Munsel D

Ulusoy E. (2017) Late Mesozoic Intrusives and their Nature in the Evolution of Eastern Europe: Strandja Massif, NW Turkey
Ulusoy E & Kadioglu YK

Ulven O.I. (2015) Fracture Formation due to Growth of Hydrous Carbonates
Ulven OI, Beinlich A, Sun W, Austrheim H & Malthe-Sørenssen A
(2014) Subarctic Weathering and Carbonation of Serpentinized Dunites
Hövelmann J, Austrheim H, Beinlich A, Ulven OI & Jamtveit B
(2014) Fragmentation and Carbonation of Serpentinized Dunites
Ulven OI, Austrheim H, Hövelmann J, Beinlich A & Malthe-Sørenssen A
(2013) Forceful Carbonation of Serpentine
Ulven OI, Austrheim H & Malthe-Sørenssen A

Ulvestad A. (2018) Oxidative Dissolution Induced Strain and Defects in Magnetite Nanocrystals
Yuan K, Lee SS, Cha W, Ulvestad A, Sturchio N & Fenter P

Ulyanov A. (2007) Relict Refractory Inclusions in Chondrules from the Metal-Rich Carbonaceous Chondrites
Krot A, Nagashima K, Bizzarro M, Huss G, Ciesla F & Ulyanov A
(2001) Platinum-Group Minerals in Ultrabasic Gal’moenan Massif, Russia
Vlasov EA, Pertsev AN, Mochalov AG & Ulyanov AA
(2001) Ge-Rich Phases in Refractory Inclusions from Carbonaceous Chondrites
Demidova SI, Kononkova NN & Ulyanov AA

Ulyantsev A. (2016) Organic Matter of the Laptev Sea Submarine Cryolithozone
Ulyantsev A, Romankevich E, Semiletov I & Sergienko V

Ulyashev V. (2011) Determining the Porosity of Analcime by X-Ray Reflectometry
Ulyashev V

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