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Ueberschaar N. (2019) Mutualism in Fe-Cycling Co-cultures is More Driven by Interspecies Signaling Than Fe Processing
Cooper RE, Wegner C-E, Kügler S, Ueberschaar N, Poulin R, Pohnert G & Küsel K
(2017) Metabolomic Profiling of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 and Sideroxydans CL-21 Grown in Co-culture
Cooper R, Ueberschaar N, Pohnert G, Wegner C-E & Kuesel K
(2016) Sticking Together: Inter-Species Aggregation of Bacteria Isolated from Iron Snow is Controlled by Chemical Signaling
Mori JF, Ueberschaar N, Lu S, Cooper RE, Pohnert G & Küsel K

Uebner M. (2018) Late Quaternary Temperatures Recorded by Cosmogenic 3He in Yosemite Valley Rock Avalanche Deposits
Tremblay M, Uebner M, Shuster D, Stock G & Balco G

Uecker R. (2013) ‘Freiberg Strategy’ for Obtaining Matrix-Matched Reference Materials for Resource-Related Microanalytical Methods Technology
Michalak PP, Renno A, Merchel S, Munnik F, Gutzmer J, Uecker R, Galazka Z, Heller H-P, Radtke M & Reinholz U

Ueda A. (2017) A New Viewpoint on the Polymerization of Silicic Acid in Geothermal Water
Inoue H, Yonedu K, Ueda A, Itoi R, Watanabe K & Yokoyama T
(2017) Recovery of Oversaturated Silica from Sumikawa Geothermal Brines with Cationic Polymer Flocculants to Prevent Silica Scale Deposition
Ueda A & Hanajima E
(2017) Evaluation of the Effect of Treated Geothermal Brine after Removal of Oversaturated Silica by a Seed Circulation Method on Geothermal Reservoir
Yanaze T & Ueda A
(2016) Silica Recovery from Sumikawa Geothermal Brines in Japan by Additon of Cationic Flocculants
Hanajima E & Ueda A
(2016) Investigations of Several Inhibitors for Silica Scale Control in Sumikawa Geothermal Brine, Japan
Ikeda R, Ueda A, Ishizuka T & Ishimi K
(2016) Geochemical Study on Geothermal Resources in Oku-Hida Hot Spring Area, Gifu Japan
Isaji R & Ueda A
(2016) Geochemical Study of Groundwater in Sabae, Fukui Japan for Heat Usage
Yamada Y & Ueda A
(2016) Experimental Study on CO2-rock Interaction for Zero Emission Geothermal Power Generation
Oochi R, Ueda A & Aoyama K
(2015) Melt Extraction and Metasomatism Recorded in Basal Peridotites, Oman Ophiolite
Yoshikawa M, Python M, Tamura A, Arai S, Takazawa E, Shibata T, Ueda A & Sato T
(2015) Basic Researches for Recovery of Silica from Geothermal Fluids
Hanajima E & Ueda A
(2015) Geochemical Behavior of Scale Components in Geothermal Fluids during Silica Precipitation at Sumikawa Geothermal Plant
Ikeda R, Ueda A & Nagai Y
(2015) A Preliminary Study on Source of High CO2 Fluid in Oku-Aizu Geothermal Area, Japan, by the Isotopic Compositions of Carbonate Minerals
Oochi R, Ueda A & Aoyama K
(2015) Geochemical Study of Groundwater in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, for the Heat Usage
Yamada Y & Ueda A
(2014) Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Precipitation in Toyama, Northern Central Japan
Okakita N, Iwatake K, Hirata H, Oda A & Ueda A
(2014) Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Hot Springs in Toyama Prefecture, Japan for Geothermal Resources
Sasaki K, Ueda A, Nakamoto T, Kageyama S, Koseki T & Muraoka H
(2014) Secular Change of Chemical and Isotopic Compositions of Groundwaters in the Sho River Fan, Western Part of Toyama, Japan
Iwatake K, Okakita N & Ueda A
(2014) Chemical and Isotopic Compositions of Groundwaters in Central Part of Toyama City, Japan
Hirata H, Okakita N & Ueda A
(2014) Recent Partial Pressure of CO2 Dissolved in the Water at Lake Monoun, Cameroon
Ohba T, Sasaki Y, Kusakabe M, Yoshida Y, Ueda A, Anazawa K, Saiki K, Kaneko K, Miyabuchi Y, Aka F, Fantong W, Tanyileke G & Hell J
(2010) Self-Accumulation of Aromatics at Oil-Water Interface. A Molecular Dynamics Study
Kunieda M, Nakaoka K, Liang Y, Miranda C, Ueda A & Matsuoka T
(2009) Geochemical Monitoring of Calcite Precipitation during CO2 Injection into the Ogachi Hot Dry Rock Site
Ueda A, Kuroda Y, Sugiyama K, Ozawa A, Wakahama H, Mito S, Kaji Y & Kaieda H
(2008) Geochemical Results on the CO2 Georeactor Sequestration Tests at the Ogachi Hot Dry Rock Site, NE Japan
Ueda A, Nakatsuka Y, Kunieda M, Kuroda Y, Kato K, Yajima T, Sugiyama K, Odashima Y, Ozawa A & Ohsumi T
(2008) Experimental Research of Casing Cement Alteration by Interaction with Supercritical CO2 for Geological Sequestration
Kunieda M, Yamada Y, Ueda A & Matsuoka T
(2008) Experimental Research of Plagioclase -Gas-Water Interaction at Hydrothermal Conditions Caused by CO2 Sequestration
Kuroda Y, Yamada Y, Ueda A & Matsuoka T
(2007) Pine Point, Canada Pb-Zn Deposits: Better Resolved S- Isotope Study
Krouse R, Li Y & Ueda A
(2007) Preliminary Geochemical Results on the CO2 Georeactor Sequestration Test at the Ogachi HDR Site
Ueda A, Yajima T, Satoh H, Ozawa A, Kaieda H, Ito H, Ohsumi T & Kato K
(2006) Stable and rare gas isotopic study of geothermal and ground waters in North Hokkaido, Japan
Ueda A, Shimoda S, Nagao K, Shibata T & Suzuki T
(2006) Geochemical study of shore subsurface groundwater with observation of dissolution rates of calcite/dolomite by a phase shift interferometer
Shimoda S, Ueda A, Ishii T & Haginuma M
(2006) Groundwater evolution processes in the sedimentary formation at the Horonobe, northern Hokkaido, Japan.
Ishii T, Haginuma M, Suzuki K, Hama K, Kunimaru T, Kobori K, Shimoda S, Ueda A & Sugiyama K
(2004) Dissolved As Uptake by Inorganic Solids at Geothermal Conditions
Minato M, Pascua C, Yokoyama S, Ueda A, Kato K & Sato T
(2004) As Uptake by Precursory Phases: Insights from the Geothermal Environment
Pascua C, Minato M, Yokoyama S, Ueda A, Kato K & Sato T
(2003) CO2 Sequestration into Geothermal Fields: (2) Experimental Study of CO2/water/rock Interaction at Hydrothermal Temperatures
Kato K, Ueda A, Goto A, Odashima Y, Ohsumi T & Yajima T
(2003) CO2 Sequestration into Geothermal Fields: (3) Theoretical Evaluation of CO2/Water/Rock Interaction
Savage D, Metcalfe R, Takase H, Ohsumi T, Ueda A & Haga D
(2003) Experimental Study of CO2 Dissolution by Reaction with Carbonate and Water for Sequestration into Seawater
Ueda A, Unami S, Haga D, Abe Y & Tamanoi K
(2003) Sulfur Isotope Ratio of Aerosol Collected in Japan and China
Yanagisawa F, Akata N, Ueda A & Kawabata A

Ueda Hayato (2020) Variability of Protoliths and P-T Conditions of Amphibolites from the Ohmachi Seamount (Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc)
Imayama T, Ueda H, Usuki T, Mainami M, Asahara Y & Nagahashi T
(2016) Serpentinization Process of the Mantle Peridotite in the Northern Fizh Block, the Oman Ophiolite
Yoshida Y, Takazawa E, Ueda H & Tamura Y

Ueda Hisahiro (2020) Impact-Induced Hydrothermal Systems on Early Earth: CH4 Production and the Origin of Life
Kaneko K, Sekine Y, Shibuya T, Ueda H & Noda N
(2019) Magnesium and Strontium Isotopic Fractionations during Experimental Water-Rock Interactions at 300℃, 500 Bars
Takei Y, Ueda H, Sawaki Y, Ohno T & Sakata S
(2019) Origin of Methane in Hakuba Happo Serpentinite-Hosted Hot Spring: 14C and Noble Gas Study
Suda K, Aze T, Miyairi Y, Yokoyama Y, Matsui Y, Ueda H, Saito T, Sato T, Sawaki Y, Nakai R, Tamaki H, Takahashi H & Morikawa N
(2016) Experimental Hydrothermal Alteration of Andesite at 325 ˚C, 300 Bars: Comparison with Hydrothermal Fluids in the Hatoma Knoll, Southern Okinawa Trough
Torimoto J, Saitoh M, Shibuya T, Nozaki T, Ueda H & Suzuki K
(2016) Experimental Study on H2 Generation by Reactions between Komatiite and CO2-rich Seawater
Ueda H, Shibuya T, Sawaki Y, Saitoh M, Takai K & Maruyama S

Ueda K (2003) Detection of Bacterial Population Contributing to Organoarsenic Decomposition
Maki T, Hasegawa H, Wachi S & Ueda K
(2003) Determination of Iron(III)-Complexing Ligands Originated from Marine Phytoplankton Using Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry
Hasegawa H, Maki T, Asano K, Ueda K & Ueda K
(2003) Determination of Iron(III)-Complexing Ligands Originated from Marine Phytoplankton Using Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry
Hasegawa H, Maki T, Asano K, Ueda K & Ueda K

Ueda Kazunori (2020) Rare Earth Elements Compositions of the Minamidani Granite, Oki Islands, Japan
Sakiyama M, Tsuboi M & Ueda K

Ueda R. (2016) Impact of Molecular Association Energy on Asphaltene Precipitaion
Ohata T, Ueda R, Nakano M, Nakashima H & Nishioka I

Ueda S. (2005) Relationship between Sediment and Lavers Isotope Ratios (&#948;<+>13<$>C and &#948;<+>15<$>N) and Recent Decline of Biological Productivity in Ariake Sea, Japan
Kim Y, Ueda S, U.Go C, Kawamura Y & Katase T

Ueda Y. (2009) Apparent Dielectric Constants of Brines Estimated from Quartz Solubilities
Hoshino K, Ueda Y & Hirotaka T

Uehara H. (2016) The Related Granitic Intrusion Events of an Outcrop in Dongshan Area, Anshan of the North China Craton
Uehara H, Yamamoto S, Kon Y, Li Y, Jin W & Komiya T

Uehara S. (2019) The Inverted Barrovian Metamorphic Sequences and Fluid-Present Melting in the Arun Area, Eastern Nepal
Imayama T, Uehara S, Sakai H, Yagi K, Ikawa C & Yi K

Uehara W. (2016) Distributions of Nickel, Copper and Zinc Isotopes in the North Pacific Ocean
Takano S, Uehara W, Shin K-C, Hirata T, Tanimizu M & Sohrin Y

Uehara Y. (2003) Geology of the Acasta Gneiss Complex: New Evidence of the Oldest Rocks in the World
Uehara Y, Iizuka T, Katayama I, Ueno Y & Komiya T

Ueki K. (2020) Metamorphic Evolution of Subducting Sediments Detected by Sparse-Modelling
Yoshida K, Kuwatani T, Ueki K, Oyanagi R & Akaho S
(2016) Effects of Water on Density and Seismic Velocity of Hydrous Melts Under 
crustal and Upper Mantle Conditions 

Ueki K & Iwamori H
(2016) Geochemistry of High-Mg Andesitic Rocks in NE Kamchatka
Nishizawa T, Nakamura H, Churikova T, Gordeychik B, Ishizuka O, Bogdan V, Ueki K, Toyama C & Iwamori H
(2016) Experimental Presentation of Plate Tectonics Using Paraffin Wax
Vaglarov B, Ueki K, Sakuyama T, Hanyu T, Nichols A & Iwamori H
(2007) Melting Condition and Origin of Arc Magmas beneath the Sengan Region, Northeastern Japan
Ueki K & Iwamori H

Ueki S. (2008) Helium Isotope Ratios in Northeastern Japan and their Comparison with the Seismological Data
Horiguchi K, Takahata N, Sano Y, Ueki S, Okada T, Nakajima J & Hasegawa A

Uematsu M. (2018) Investigation of Isotope Fractionation of Fe in Anthropogenic Aerosols to Determine its Contribution to the Surface Ocean
Kurisu M, Sakata K, Uematsu M & Takahashi Y
(2016) Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds in Marine Aerosol and their Deposition over the Pacific Ocean
Uematsu M, Narita Y & Sun SY
(2016) Numerical Analysis of Nitrogen Deposition from Atmosphere on East Asian Oceans
Itahashi S, Hayami H, Uno I & Uematsu M
(2016) Triple Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Atmospheric Nitrate and Sulfate in the Pacific Ocean Boundary Layer
Kamezaki K, Hattori S, Furutani H, Miki Y, Iwamoto Y, Ishino S, Uematsu M & Yoshida N
(2014) Solubility of Iron in Aerosol of Volcanic Origin with Iron Speciation Analysis
Miyahara A, Furutani H, Uematsu M & Takahashi Y
(2013) Air-Sea Fluxes of Dimethyl Sulfide and Acetone in the Subtropical and Equatorial Pacific Ocean
Tanimoto H, Omori Y, Inomata S, Iwata T, Kameyama S, Furuya K, Tsuda A & Uematsu M
(2011) Sensitive, High-Resolution Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds Dissolved in Seawater Using Proton Transfer Reaction-Mass Spectrometry
Tanimoto H, Kameyama S, Inomata S, Tsunogai U, Ooki A, Yokouchi Y, Takeda S, Obata H, Tsuda A & Uematsu M
(2010) Distribution of Atmospheric Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus over the Western North Pacific and their Impact on Biogeochemical Cycles
Jung J, Furutani H & Uematsu M
(2010) Chemical Association of Iron in Individual Atmospheric Particles during Asian Outflow Season
Furutani H, Jung J, Miura K, Takami A, Kato S, Kajii Y & Uematsu M
(2003) Temporal Variation of Atmospheric Trace Components over the Northwestern North Pacific during a Kosa Event
Sasakawa M, Ooki A, Ui T & Uematsu M
(2003) Atmospheric Transport of Natural and Anthropogenic Substances from East Asia over the NW Pacific
Uematsu M, Hattori H & Minakawa M
(2003) Outflow of Anthropogenic Substances from the Asian Continent to the East China Sea Through Atmosphere
Nakamura T, Matsumoto K & Uematsu M

Uematsu S.

Uemura A. (2001) Diffuse CO2 Flux from Iwojima Volcano of the Izu-Ogasawara Arc, Japan
Notsu K, Sugiyama K, Hosoe M, Uemura A, Shimoike Y, Tsunomori F & Hernandez PA

Uemura R. (2020) Speleothem as Archive of Past Volcanism: Impact of Kikai Volcano Eruption (7.3 ka) on a Remote Oceanic Island
Tanaka K, Miki T, Takahata N, Uemura R, Asami R, Yu T-L, Shen C-C, Shirai K, Murakami-Sugihara N, Toyama K & Sano Y
(2017) A 60-Years Record of Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Nitrate in High-Accumulation Dome Ice Core Collected at South East Greenland
Hattori S, Tsuruta A, Iizuka Y, Uemura R, Matoba S & Yoshida N
(2016) Temperature and Accumulation Rate Reconstruction from the Ice Core in South-East Dome, Greenland
Furukawa R, Matoba S, Uemura R & Iizuka Y
(2016) Stalagmite-Based Climate Variability Reconstruction of the Subtropical Northwest Pacific Region from Gyokusen Cave in Okinawa-Jima, the Ryukyu Islands, Japan
Asami R, Uemura R, Miyata H, Jin-Ping C, Wu C-C & Shen C-C
(2016) Precise Measurements of Helium Isotopes and Noble Gas Abundance in Cave Dripping Water in Three Selected Caves in East Asia
Chen A, Shen C-C, Tan M, Li T-Y, Uemura R & Asami R
(2016) Coupled Oxygen Isotope Records of Inclusion Water and Carbonate from a Stalagmite in Hoshino Cave, Okinawa
Uemura R, Mishima S, Ohmine K, Asami R, Jin-Ping C & Shen C-C
(2011) Stable Isotope Approach for Feeding Structure of Mudskipper Periophthalmus Argentilineatus at Different Habitats in Okinawa Islands, Japan
Kawamura R, Fujimura H, Uemura R, Higuchi T, Casareto BE & Suzuki Y
(2009) A Calculational Procedure for Determining 17O/16O Ratio in Water by an Equilibration Method
Uemura R, Abe O & Motoyama H

Ueno Hiroki (2007) Radiocarbon Analysis in Tree Rings of Yaku-Cedar by AMS for Investigating Secular Variation of Atmospheric 14C/12C Ratios
Ueno H, Muramatsu Y & Matsuzaki H

Ueno Hirotomo (2018) Invisible Gold in Pyrite and Pyrrhotite from Epithermal, BIF-Hosted and Sedimentary Gold Deposits
Morishita Y, Hammond NQ & Ueno H

Ueno Yoshinori (2016) Variety of Discharge Styles of Geothermal Water Generated by Plumbing Systems: An Experiment
Namiki A & Ueno Y

Ueno Yuichiro (2016) Large Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Microbial Sulfate Reduction in Maintenance Metabolism of Desulfoviburio Desulufuricans
Matsu'ura F, Makita H, Saitoh M, Takai K & Ueno Y
(2016) Authigenic Carbonate Precipitation at the End-Guadalupian (Middle Permian) in China: Implications for the Carbon Cycle in Ancient Anoxic Oceans
Saitoh M, Ueno Y, Isozaki Y, Shibuya T, Yao J, Ji Z, Shozugawa K, Matsuo M & Yoshida N
(2016) Hydrogen Isotope Analyses of Forearc Volcanic Glasses from IODP Exp. 352 Using IMS 1280-HR
Ushikubo T, Shimizu K & Ueno Y
(2016) The Secular Change of S-Mif in the Late Archean, the Dharwar Supergroup, Southern India
Mishima K, Satish-Kumar M, Hokada T, Toyoshima T & Ueno Y
(2016) Hydrogen Isotopic Analysis of Seafloor Basalts and Evolution of Earth's Seawater
Murai T, Ueno Y & Foriel J
(2016) Atmospheric CO2 Levels during the Paleoproterozoic Makganyene Glaciation
Shibuya T, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Nishizawa M, Kitajima K, Yamamoto S, Saito T, Matsui Y, Kawagucci S, Takai K, Yoshida N, Maruyama S & Russell M
(2016) Experimental Study on Atmospheric Synthesis of Organic Compounds: A Role of Ferruginous Ocean
Kawade W, Ueno Y, Kitadai N & Hongo Y
(2016) Intramolecular Carbon Isotope Signature of Thermogenic and Abiotic Hydrocarbons
Gilbert A, Suda K, Yamada K, Ueno Y & Yoshida N
(2016) Microbial Sulfate Reduction and Sulfur Cycle Below S. Chamorro Serpentinite Seamount
Aoyama S, Ueno Y, Nishizawa M, Miyazaki J & Takai K
(2016) Molecular and Intramolecular 13C Isotopic Study of Hydrocarbons in Serpentinite-Hosted Spring, Japan
Suda K, Gilbert A, Yoshida N & Ueno Y
(2016) Experimental Study on SO2 Photochemistry Under Reducing Atmosphere and S-Mif
Endo Y, Ueno Y, Aoyama S & Danielache SO
(2016) Transfer of S-Mif Signals from Reducing Late Archean Atmosphere
Ueno Y, Endo Y, Mishima K & Tian F

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