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Taillez Aurélien (2008) Cu and Zn Isotopic Changes from 1972 to Present in the Scheldt Estuary
Petit JCJ, Taillez A, Chou L & Mattielli N
(2007) Spatial and Temporal (30 Yr.) Variations of Lead Geochemical Signature in a Macrotidal Highly Polluted Estuary
Taillez A, Jacqmot A, Petit J, Maerschalk C, Lemadec D, Fagel N, Verheyden S, Chou L & Mattielli N

Tainer J. (2016) Biochemical Requirements for Enzymatic Perchlorate Reduction: What Makes a Perchlorate Reductase a Perchlorate Reductase?
Youngblut M, Carlson H, Tsai C-L, Tainer J, Iavarone A & Coates J

Taiping Z. (2019) Late Mesozoic Magmatism and Tectonic Evolution in the Southern Margin of the North China Craton
Xinyu G & Taiping Z

Taira A. (2003) Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) and Research Opportunities for Deep Subsurface Biosphere
Taira A & Kuramoto S

Taira H. (2003) Photochemical Activity of Seawater Contaminated with Red Soil in the Northern Part of Okinawa
Hamdun A, Okada K, Fujimura H, Arakaki T & Taira H

Taisne B. (2013) Density Control on Formation of Crustal Magma Storage System
Taisne B

Tait Alastair (2019) Waste Not, Want Not: New Approaches to Alkaline Earth and Transition Metal Resource Recovery from Mine Tailings
Wilson S, Hamilton J, Wang B, Zeyen N, McCutcheon J, Turvey C, Morgan B, Paterson D, Tait A & Southam G
(2017) Potential of Weathering-Derived Efflorescences in Meteorites for Preserving Biofilms, Fossils and Organics
Tait A, Wilson S, Gagen E, Holman A, Tomkins A, Grice K & Southam G
(2016) Accelerating Carbon Mineralisation of Mine Tailings at Woodsreef Mine, New South Wales, Australia
Hamilton J, Wilson S, Morgan B, Turvey C, McCutcheon J, Tait A, Paterson D & Southam G

Tait Alastair W. (2015) Meteorites as Potential Microbial Habitats on the Surface of Mars
Tait AW, Gagen EJ, Wilson SA, Tomkins AG & Southam G

Tait Andrew (2013) Nitrogen Isotope Biogeochemistry of the South Atlantic
Tuerena R, Ganeshram R, Fallick T, Dougans J, Tait A & Woodward M

Tait C.D. (2001) Applications of Photoacoustic Spectroscopy to Aqueous Geochemistry
Wood SA, Tait CD & Janecky DR

Tait David (2017) How Wrong can Mining Geochemical Predictions be and Still be Useful?
Bowell R, Declercq J, Tait D & Warrender R
(2017) Modelling the Reactivity of Multi-Mineral Systems – Application to Mine Waste Predictions
Declercq J, Tait D, Warrender R & Bowell R
(2017) Kinetic Geochemical Modelling of Laboratory Column Experiments: Empirically Derived Weathering Rates
Tait D, Declercq J, Warrender R & Bowell R
(2015) Assessing the Depth of Oxygen Penetration in Mine Tailings, a Comparison of Methods and Practices
Declercq J, Bowell R, Tait D, Warrender R & Barnes A

Tait Douglas (2019) Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Associated Nutrient Inputs into an Urban Estuary (Sydney Harbour, Australia)
Correa RE, Santos I, Sanders C, Tait D, Tucker J, Reading M, Harrison D & Conrad S
(2017) Calcium and Alkalinity Decoupling in a Coral Reef Lagoon Driven by Submarine Groundwater Discharge
Santos I, Tait D, Erler D, Dial A, Befus K, Cardenas M & Li L
(2016) Drivers of Dissolved CO2 and CH4 Dynamics in Artificial Drains of a Coastal Floodplain Following a Flood
Webb J, Santos I, Tait D, Sippo J, Macdonald B, Robson B & Maher D
(2016) Mangrove Porewater Exchange Across a Latitudinal Gradient
Tait D, Maher D, Macklin P & Santos I

Tait J. (2009) Unroofing the Kalahari Craton: Provenance Data from Neoproterozoic to Paleozoic Successions
Zimmermann U, Fourie P, Naidoo T, Chemale Jr F, Nakamura E, Kobayashi K, Kosler J, Beukes N, Tait J & van Staden A

Tait K.T. (2017) Metal-Silicate Equilibrium Signature Preserved in Pristine Eucrites
Dhaliwal JK, Day JMD, Tait KT & Barrat J-A

Tait Kim (2019) Apatite: A Nanoscale Story-Teller of Lunar Geological History
Cernok A, Anand M, White L, Darling J, Whitehouse M, Fougerouse D, Rickard W, Reddy S, Saxey D, Quadir Z, Tait K & Franchi I
(2016) Shocked Baddeleyite as a New Tool for Lunar Chronology
Darling J, Moser D, Tait K, Chamberlain K, Schmitt A & White L

Tait Kimberly (2018) Nanoscale Horizons in Apatite Geochemistry
Tait K, White L, Cernok A, Darling J & Moser D
(2018) The Shocking State of Ca-Phosphates in Martian Meteorites
Darling J, Tait K, White L, Moser D, Kizovski T, Černok A & Dunlop J
(2018) The Vanadium-Bearing Oxides of the Green Giant Vanadium-Graphite Deposit, South West Madagascar
Di Cecco V, Tait K, Spooner E & Scherba C
(2018) Atomic-Scale Chemical Implications of Phase Separation, Solid State Transformation, and Recrystallization in Feldspathic Phases and Glasses
Kizovski T, White L, Tait K, Langelier B, Gordon L, Harlov D & Norberg N
(2018) Measuring Stable O-Isotopes by Atom Probe Tomography: New Insights from ~100 Mineral Analyses
White L, Langelier B, Moser D, Darling J & Tait K
(2018) Unravelling Chronological Complexities in Lunar Materials with Baddeleyite (ZrO2)
Tait K, White L, Moser D & Darling J
(2018) A Petrologic Investigation into NWA 7059
Tirona C, White L & Tait K
(2014) Mn-Rich Apatite from Cross Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Tait K, Hawthorne F, Ball N & Abdu YA
(2013) Atomic Views of Martian Evolution
Moser D, Reinhard D, Clifton P, Larson D, Darling J, Tait K, Bugnet M, Gault B & Barker I
(2013) The Shocking State of Baddeleyite in Basaltic Shergottite NWA 5298
Darling J, Moser D, Barker I, Tait K, Chamberlain K & Schmitt A
(2012) Weathering & Heterogeneous Phase Distribution in Brachinite NWA 4872
Hyde B, Day J, Tait K, Ash R & Holdsworth D
(2012) Polymict Eucrite NWA 5232: Composition of Clasts
van Drongelen K, Tait K, Gorton M & Nicklin I
(2012) Reconstructing a Young Martian History with Igneous Microbaddeleyite Rimmed by Metamorphic Zircon
Moser D, Chamberlain K, Tait K, Schmitt A, Barker I, Hyde B & Darling J
(2012) A Textural and Mineralogical Assessment of NWA 3118
Barlet G, Davis D, Moser D, Tait K, Hyde B & Barker I
(2012) Electron Microprobe and LA-ICP-MS Analyses of Ilmenite from Lunar Samples
Morisset C-E, Jackson S, Williamson M-C, Hipkin V & Tait K

Taitson Bueno G. (2017) Dating Fe-Duricrusts of Central Amazonia (Brazil) by (U-Th)/He and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Methods
Allard T, Gautheron C, Balan E, Bressan Riffel S, Morin G, do Nascimento N, Pinna-Jamme R, Selo M, Soares FernandesSoares Fernandes B & Taitson Bueno G

Taiyagupt M. (2003) Seasonality in Arsenic Biogeochemistry: Pak Panang Bay, Southern Thailand
Utoomprurkporn W, Millward G, Foulkes M, Rattanachongkiat S, Taiyagupt M & Tantichodok P

Taiyi L. (2007) Distribution of Mineral Potassium in the Luochuan Loess Section, China
Wenbo R & Taiyi L

Tajbakhsh G.R. (2008) Central Iranian Volcanic Belt: Implication of the Transtensional Basin System
Monsef R, Emami MH, Rashidnejad Omran NA, Pirouz M & Tajbakhsh GR
(2005) New Field Observations on the Uraniume Veins in Intrusive Rocks as the Natural Contamination Source, NE of Tehran
Monsef R, Moinvaziri H, Emami M & Tajbakhsh G
(2005) Mylonitic Granites in NW of Iran: Characteristic, Genesis and Tectonomagmatic Implications
Tajbakhsh G, Emami M & Monsef R

Tajcmanova Lucie (2013) P-T Evolution of Neoproterozoic and Ordovician Metamorphic Rocks in the Iberian Massif, Central Portugal
Henriques SBA, Ribeiro ML, Neiva AMR, Dunning GR & Tajcmanova L
(2013) Pressure Variations in Metamorphic Rocks: Implications for the Interpretation of Petrographic Observations
Tajcmanova L
(2011) Constraining the P-T Conditions of Melting in Stromatic Migmatites from Ronda (S. Spain)
Tajcmanova L, Bartoli O, Cesare B & Acosta-Vigil A

Tajcmanova Lucie (2018) From Chemical Zoning to the Long-Term Stress-State in the Continental Lithosphere
Tajcmanova L, Moulas E & Podladchikov Y

Tajcmanova Lucie (2012) Grain Scale Pressure Heterogeneity Produced Through Volume Change Associated with Mineral Reaction
Tajcmanova L, Powell R, Podladchikov Y, Vrijmoed J & Moulas E

Tajika E. (2017) Climatic Consequences of Methane Boosting by Photoferrotrophs in the Archean Atmosphere
Ozaki K, Tajika E, Hong P, Nakagawa Y & Reinhard C
(2016) Stability and Dynamics of Proterozoic Oceanic Euxinia
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2015) Towards a Quantitative Understanding of the Mid-Proterozoic Redox State of the Atmosphere and Oceans
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2014) Dynamics of Proterozoic Ocean Euxinia
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2013) Conditions for Proterozoic Anoxic and Non-Sulfidic Ocean: Constraints from a Marine Biogeochemical Cycle Model
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2012) Modeling Ocean Acidification and De-Oxygenation: Testing the Linkage between Large Igneous Province and Ocean Anoxic Event
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2012) Development of a Process-Based Model of Chemical Weathering with Consideration of the Effective Surface Area
Nozu T & Tajika E
(2012) Modeling a Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen Induced by Paleoproterozoic Snowball Earth Event
Harada M, Tajika E & Sekine Y
(2011) Modeling Oceanic Anoxia/Euxinia Induced by Massive CO2 Injection
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2009) Osmium Evidence for Relationship between Atmospheric Oxygenation and Paleoproterozoic Glaciation
Sekine Y, Suzuki K, Senda R, Tajika E, Tada R, Goto K, Yamamoto S, Ohkouchi N & Ogawa N
(2004) The Evolution of CO2 System on Mars: Transport from Atmosphere to Subsurface
Kurahashi T & Tajika E
(2000) Global Carbon Cycle Model in the Cenozoic
Kashiwagi H, Shikazono N & Tajika E

Tajima H. (2016) Measurement of Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Breath and Urinary Acetone
Yamada K, Gilbert A, Ohishi K, Akasaka M, Mineta Y, Tajima H, Kawakami N, Yoshimura R & Yoshida N

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