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Taetz S. (2015) Fluid-Rock Interaction along a HP/LT Vein System (New Caledonia)
Taetz S, John T, Bröcker M & Spandler C

Tafforeau P. (2017) New Tooth Growth Model for Studying Ancient Climate
Green D, Colman A, Green G, Bidlack F, Tafforeau P & Smith T
(2015) Fluids, Melts and Minerals in Pannonian Peridotites – Quantitative Petrography Using Synchrotron X-Ray Microtomography
Creon L, Rouchon V, Rosenberg E, Youssef S, Guyot F, Szabo C, Tafforeau P & Boller E

Taffs R. (2011) In Silico, Physiological, and Proteomic Cost-Benefit Analysis of Resource-Limited Microbial Growth
Carlson R, Folsom J & Taffs R
(2009) Molecular Level in Silico Analysis of Mass and Energy Flows in Microbial Communities
Carlson R & Taffs R

Tagami K. (2016) Analytical Methodology and Potential Applications of a New Geochemical Tracer of 135Cs/137Cs Isotope Ratio
Zheng J, Cao L, Bu W, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Study on Soil to Crop Transfer Factor of Plutonium by Literature Review and Field Investigation
Wang Z, Zheng J, Cao L, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Effective Half-Lives of 137Cs in Some Terrestrial Plants Observed after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Radiocesium Accumulation and Plutonium Source Identification in Sediments from Lake Inba after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Cao L, Ishii N, Zheng J, Tagami K, Uchida S, Kagami M & Pan S
(2016) Cesium-137 Concentrations in Freshwater Fishes Collected in Lake Inba
Ishii N, Kagami M, Furota T, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2016) Consideration of the Marine Kd and the Exchangeable Fraction: The Case of 90Sr and 137Cs
Uchida S & Tagami K
(2008) Distributions of Rare Earth Elements in Japanese Estuaries
Takata H, Aono T, Tagami K & Uchida S
(2008) Concentrations and Behaviors of I and Br in Soil-Plant Systems
Uchida S & Tagami K
(2008) Use of LC-IRMS for the Direct Determination of Stable Carbon Isotope Ratios in River Waters
Tagami K & Uchida S
(2003) Concentration Levels of Rhenium in Japanese River Waters
Tagami K & Uchida S

Tagami T. (2016) A New Fault Dating Project on the Nojima and Arima-Takatsuki Active Fault Zones–opportunities for Integrated Geo- and Thermochronology Studies
Lin A & Tagami T
(2016) Low Temperature Thermochronology of Fault Zones: An Overview and Examples
Tagami T
(2016) K-Ar Dating for Fault Gouges within the Arima-Takatsuki Tectonic Line, Southwest Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Niwa M & Tagami T
(2013) Intermethod Comparison for K-Ar Dating of Clay Gouge
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H & Tagami T
(2013) Thermochronological Investigation of Seismogenic Fault Zones: An Overview and Examples from Japanese Islands
Tagami T
(2013) Relationship between Modern Speleothem Formation and Surface Weather in an Asian Tropical Cave
Hasegawa W, Watanabe Y, Matsuoka H, Ohsawa S, Brahmantyo B, Maryunani KA & Tagami T
(2012) Brittle Fault Dating from the Mesoproterozoic to the Neogene
Zwingmann H, Mancktelow N, Viola G, Pleuger J, Yamasaki S & Tagami T
(2012) New Time Constrains on Brittle Faulting in the Toki Granite, Central Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Yamada K, Umeda K & Tagami T
(2011) Constraining Timing of Brittle Deformation – A Case Study from Fault Zones in Toki Granite, Japan
Yamasaki S, Zwingmann H, Todd A, Yamada K, Umeda K & Tagami T
(2009) (U-Th)/He Thermochronologic Analysis of the Median Tectonic Line and Associated Pseudotachylyte
Yamada K, Hanamuro T, Tagami T, Shimada K, Takagi H, Iwano H, Danhara T & Umeda K
(2009) Precipitation Variation for the Last 140 Years Recorded in Stable Isotope Ratios from Indonesian Stalagmite
Watanabe Y, Matsuoka H, Sakai S, Yamada M, Ohsawa S, Kiguchi M, Satomura T, Nakai S, Brahamantyo B, Maryunani K, Tagami T, Takemura K & Yoden S
(2009) Isotopic Geochemistry of the Shield-Stage Lavas of Hualalai Volcano, Hawaii
Yamasaki S, Kani T, Hanan B & Tagami T
(2008) New (U-Th)/He Dating Systems and Ages in Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Yamada K, Hanamuro T, Tagami T, Yamada R & Umeda K
(2007) New 40Ar/39Ar and K-Ar Ages from Macolod Corridor, SW Luzon, Philippines: Implication of its Volcanic History
Sudo M, Listanco E, Ishikawa N, Tagami T, Kamata H & Tatsumi Y
(2006) (U-Th)/He thermochronology of the Tanzawa Tonalite complex, Japan.
Yamada K & Tagami T
(2006) Nojima and MTL fault zone gouge dating, Japan
Zwingmann H, Yamada K & Tagami T
(2003) Argon Isotopic Composition of Historical Lavas of Hawaii
Ozawa A, Tagami T & Kamata H
(2003) Measurements of Thermal Neutron Flux from Rocks with Fission Track Method
Yamaguchi M, Tagami T & Kudo A
(2003) New Unspiked K-Ar Ages of Shield and Postshield Lavas from the West Maui Volcano, Hawaii
Murai T, Tagami T & Sherrod D
(2003) Fission Track Thermochronology of an Ancient Seismogenic Zone in the Shimanto Accretionary Complex, Southwest Japan
Satoh T & Tagami T
(2003) Source and Thermal Evolution of High Himalayan Rocks in the Makalu Region Interpreted from U-Pb and Fission-Track Dating of Zircon
Svojtka M, Tagami T, Kosler J, Mikova J & Buriankova K
(2003) Zircon Fission Track Annealing: Short-Term Heating Experiment Toward the Detection of Frictional Heat along Active Faults
Yamada R, Murakami M & Tagami T
(2003) Thermal Sensitivities of Zircon (U-Th)/He and Fission-Track Systems
Tagami T, Farley K & Stockli D
(2003) Comparison between (U-Th)/He and K/Ar Ages from Layered Young Rhyolites in Kyushu, Japan
Yamada K, Tagami T & Farley K
(2003) Pseudotachylyte Dating by Zircon Fission Track Thermochronology
Murakami M, Tagami T & Takagi H
(2002) Detection of Frictional Heating of Fault Motion by Zircon Fission Track Thermochronology
Murakami M, Yamada R & Tagami T
(2002) Experimental Study on Hydrothermal Annealing of Fission Tracks in Zircon
Yamada K & Tagami T
(2002) K-Ar Age Determination on Honolulu Unit, Oahu, Hawaii
Ozawa A, Garcia M & Tagami T
(2002) Zircon Fission-Track Thermochronology of the Nojima Fault System
Tagami T, Murakami M, Hasebe N, Kamohara H & Takemura K

Tagawa S. (2019) Liquid Immiscibility in the Fe-S-H System at High Pressure
Yokoo S, Hirose K & Tagawa S
(2016) Ab Initio Simulations of Light Elements in the Earth’s Core
Militzer B, Tagawa S, Hirose K & Wahl S

Taggart R. (2017) Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Combustion Residuals by Leaching and Membrane-Based Separations
Taggart R, Smith R, Hower J & Hsu-Kim H

Taghadosi H. (2018) Geology, Alteration, Mineralization, Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusion Studies in Namegh Prospective Area, Northeastern Kashmar
Taghadosi H, Malekzadeh A, Karimpour MH & Karimi H
(2018) Komatiite !?
Karimi H, Homam M, Topuz G & Taghadosih H

Taghavi S. (2010) Structure-Catalytic Activity Relationship of Biogenic Pd Nanoparticles
Fitts JP, Chidambaram D, Hennebel T, Taghavi S, Boon N, Verstraete W & van der Leile D

Taghipour Batool

Taghipour Batoul Critical Metals, Provenance and Palaeoclimate in the Upper Cretaceous Loodab Bauxite Deposit, Zagros Mountain, Iran
Taghipour B & Taheri M
(2016) Ghader_Abad Nickel Laterite Occurrence, Zagrous Folded Belt, Iran
Taghipour B & Valiey R
(2014) Biogeochemical Studies of the Sungun Porphyry Deposit, Iran
Taghipour B, Mackizadeh MA & Taghipour S
(2014) Pectolite Genesis from Deh-Shir Ophiolite, Central Iran
Mackizadeh MA, Taghipour B & Taghipour S
(2013) Alunite-Turquoise Occurrence from Ali-Abad Porphyry Copper Deposit, Central Iran
Mackizadeh MA, Taghipour B & Gorji L
(2013) Geobotany and Biogeochemistry of Sungun Copper Deposit, Northern Iran: An Implication to Mineral Exploration
Taghipour B & Hemati M
(2011) The Origin of Darreh-Zanjir Lead-Zind Deposit, Central Iran
Moore F, Sajedian E & Taghipour B
(2011) Geology and Mineralogy of Bidakhavid Industrial Soil
Mahdavi A & Taghipour B
(2011) Skarn Bearing Clintonite from Kuhe-Dor, Shirkuh, Yazd Province, Iran
Mackizadeh MA & Taghipour B
(2010) REE Behaviour in Hydrothermal Altered Rocks from Karkas Mountains, North of Isfahan
Taghipour B & Mackizadeh MA
(2010) Advanced Argillic Alteration in Tarom Zone, Central Alborz, Iran
Ghasemi A & Taghipour B
(2010) Geology and Mineralogy of the Altered Rocks in the Choghart Deposit, Bafq Area, Central Iran
Taghipour S, Kananian A & Taghipour B
(2010) Skarn Mineralization in Damak Cu-Porphyry Deposit (Shir-Kuh), Central Iran
Mackizadeh MA & Taghipour B
(2009) Mineralogical Studies of Blue Vein Amphibole in High Zagros Salt Domes (Chaharmahal and Bakhtiary Province)
Taghipour S, Taghipour B & Mackizadeh MA
(2009) Advanced Argillic Alteration in the Karkas Mountain, Central Iran
Taghipour B, Moore F & Mackizadeh MA
(2009) Skarn Mineralization and Related Hydrothermal Alterations in Aliabad Cu-Porphyry Deposit (Taft-Yazd)
Mackizadeh MA, Daliran F & Taghipour B
(2008) Mineralogical and Petrological Studies of the Igneous-Evaporite Rocks with in Salt Domes, High Zagros, Iran
Taghipour S, Taghipour B & Mackizadeh MA
(2008) Mineralogical Evidence of Advanced Argillic Alteration, Ghaleh Dar Area, in the Central Iranian Magmatic Belt
Taghipour B, Mackizadeh MA, Kasson A, Delegado Huertas A & Taghipour S
(2007) Mineralogy of Zaroo Ilvaite Bearing Skarns, Central Iran
Mackizadeh MA, Rahgoshay M, Noorbehesht I, Daliran F & Taghipour B
(2007) The Occurrences of Turquoise in Advanced Argillic Alteration of Darreh-Zerresk and Ali- Abad Porphyry Copper Deposits, Taft-Yazd Province, Central Iran
Taghipour B & Noorbehesht I
(2007) Geological and Mineralogical Studies of Hydrothermal Alterations (Alunitization and Kaolinitization) in North of Isfahan (Kesheh Area)
Taghipour B, Noorbehesht I & Mackizadeh MA

Taghipour N. (2009) Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry at the Miduk Porphyry Copper Deposit, Kerman Province, Iran
Taghipour N & Aftabi A

Taghipour S.
(2017) Geology, Mineralogy and Chemistry of Apatite-Magnetite Mineralization in Se-Chahoun Hydrothermal Alteration Rocks Related to Kiruna-Type Magnetite-Apatite Ore Deposits, Bafq Area, Central Iran
Taghipour S & Valizadeh SV
(2014) Biogeochemical Studies of the Sungun Porphyry Deposit, Iran
Taghipour B, Mackizadeh MA & Taghipour S
(2014) Pectolite Genesis from Deh-Shir Ophiolite, Central Iran
Mackizadeh MA, Taghipour B & Taghipour S
(2014) Cu-Pb Contamination, Using Remote Sensing; South of Kashan
Taghipour S, Farahmandian M, Afshari S & Tabatabaei H
(2011) Mineralogy of the Sodic-Calcic Hydrothermal Alteration Host Rocks of the Esfordi, Choghart and Chadormalu Magnetite-Flourapatite Deposits, Bafq Area, Central Iran
Taghipour S, Kananian A & Donovan J
(2011) Mineralogical and Geochemical Studies of the Metasomatic Rocks within Gachin, Kalat, Pohl and Hormuz Island Salt Plugs, Iran
Kananian A, Taghipour S, Nemati R & Mackizadeh MA
(2010) Geology and Mineralogy of the Altered Rocks in the Choghart Deposit, Bafq Area, Central Iran
Taghipour S, Kananian A & Taghipour B
(2009) Mineralogical Studies of Blue Vein Amphibole in High Zagros Salt Domes (Chaharmahal and Bakhtiary Province)
Taghipour S, Taghipour B & Mackizadeh MA
(2008) Mineralogical and Petrological Studies of the Igneous-Evaporite Rocks with in Salt Domes, High Zagros, Iran
Taghipour S, Taghipour B & Mackizadeh MA
(2008) Mineralogical Evidence of Advanced Argillic Alteration, Ghaleh Dar Area, in the Central Iranian Magmatic Belt
Taghipour B, Mackizadeh MA, Kasson A, Delegado Huertas A & Taghipour S

Tagirov B. (2018) The Coupled Chemistry of In and Au in Sphalerite Studied by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Synthetic Crystals
Tonkacheev D, Filimonova O, Tagirov B, Trtigub A, Kvashnina K, Lafuerza S & Chareev D
(2017) Chemical State and Geochemical Behavior of Au in the Synthetic Crystals of Fe, Fe-In, and In-Bearing Sphalerite
Tonkacheev D, Chareev D, Abramova V, Kovalchuk E & Tagirov B
(2016) XAS Study of Speciation and Valence State of “Invisible” Gold in Synthetic Base Metal Sulphides
Trigub A, Tagirov B, Chareev D, Shiryaev A & Kvashnina K
(2015) Ni and Co Chloride Complexing in Hydrothermal Fluids: Spectrophotometric Experiment (to 450℃, 1 kbar) and Thermodynamic Model
Tagirov B, Zotov A, Shvarov Y, Akinfiev N & Averin A
(2015) Experimental Study of Zr- and Hf-Oh-Cl Complexing in Supercritical Fluids by Solubility Method
Shikina N, Tagirov B, Volchenkova V & Bychkova Y
(2015) The Chemical State of Gold in the Fe-As-S System Studied via Analysis of Synthetic Minerals
Kovalchuk E, Chareev D, Abramova V, Mokhov A & Tagirov B
(2015) Sphalerite as a Matrix for Noble, Non-Ferrous Metals and Semimetals: A EPMA and LA-ICP-MS Study of Synthetic Minerals
Tonkacheev D, Chareev D, Yudovskaya M, Minervina E & Tagirov B
(2014) A Spectrofotometric Study of Pressure-Temperature Induced Changes in the Structure and Stability of Ni and Co Chloride Complexes to 450℃, 1 kbar
Tagirov B, Zotov A, Shvarov Y & Koroleva L
(2008) Gold and Silver in Hydrothermal Fluids and Vapors: Insights from in situ XAFS Spectroscopy
Pokrovski G, Tagirov B, Schott J, Hazemann J-L, Proux O & Roux J
(2006) First in situ XAFS determination of gold solubility and speciation in sulfur-rich hydrothermal solutions
Schott J, Pokrovski GS, Tagirov BR, Hazemann J-L & Proux O
(2004) Experimental Study of Palladium-Hydrosulphide Complexing in Hydrothermal Fluids
Tagirov B & Seward T
(2004) Stability of Acetate Complexes of Eu and Y from 25 to 175℃ and 1 to 1000 Bars: A Potentiometric Study
Zotov A, Tagirov B & Koroleva L
(2002) Experimental Determination of the Standard Thermodynamic Properties of Solid Phases in the Au-Ag-S System
Baranova N, Osadchii E, Gurevich V, Tagirov B, Zotov A & Schott J
(2002) Experimental Study of Au(HS)2- Stability in Hydrothermal Fluids Using Mineral Buffers
Tagirov B, Salvi S, Baranova N, Schott J & Harrichoury J-C
(2002) Experimental Determination of the Stability of Aluminum-Borate Complexes in Hydrothermal Solutions
Fouquet S, Tagirov B, Schott J, Harrichoury J-C & Escalier J
(2000) Experimental Determination of the Stability of Aluminum-Fluoride Complexes to 300 ºC in Near-Neutral and Alkaline Solutions
Tagirov B, Schott J & Harrichoury J

Tagle R. Homogeneity Test on a Candidate Microanalytical Mn-nodule Reference Material Using Micro X-Ray Fluourescence Spectroscopy (µXRF)
Nordstad S, Tagle R & Reinhardt F
(2007) Chondrite Volatility Trends Revisited
Tagle R & Berlin J

Tagliabue A. Metals, Models, and Isotopes: Insights into the Biogeochemical Cycling of Trace Nutrients in the Ocean
John S, Conway T, Weber T, DeVries T, Tagliabue A, Liang H & Pasquier B
(2019) Impact of Hydrothermal Venting on Iron and Chromium Supply to the North Atlantic Ocean
Wang W, James R, Lough A, Goring-Harford H, Lohan M, Connelly D & Tagliabue A
(2018) Iron Fuels Vast Phytoplankton Bloom along 40°South in the Atlantic Ocean
Schlosser C, Henderson G, Tagliabue A, Klar JK, Woodward EMS & Achterberg EP
(2018) DFe(II) Variability Across Hydrothermal Vents in the Mid Atlantic Ridge
González-Santana D, Artigue L, Lough AJM, Tagliabue A, Planquette H, Sarthou G & Lohan MC
(2017) Organic Complexation of Copper along the GEOTRACES GA01 Section
Gourain A, Salaun P, Tagliabue A, Vanden Berg C, Boutorh J, Cheize M, Contreira-Pereira L, Lherminier P, Menzel J-L, Sarthou G & Shelley R
(2017) A Potential Source of Fe Binding Organic Ligands to the Surface Ocean from Wet Deposition
Cheize M, Baudoux A-C, Bucciarelli E, Tagliabue A, Desboeufs K, Baker AR & Sarthou G
(2015) Manganese in an Ocean General Circulation Model
van Hulten M, Dutay J-C, Roy-Barman M, Tagliabue A, Sterl A, Middag R & de Baar H
(2013) Aluminium in an Ocean General Circulation Model and Observations
van Hulten M, de Baar H, Middag R, Sterl A, Dutay J-C, Gehlen M & Tagliabue A

Tagliavini E. (2013) Primary and Secondary Biomass Burning Aerosols Determined by Factor Analysis of H-Nmr Spectra
Paglione M, Decesari S, Giulianelli L, Tagliavini E, Hillamo R, Carbone S, Saarikoski S, Swietlicki E, Fuzzi S & Facchini MC

Tagma T. (2013) Investigation of Groundwater Salinity in the Ziz Basin, Southeastern Morocco, by Using Hydrochemical and Isotopic Tools
Lgourna Z, Bouchaou L, Boutaleb S, Tagma T, Hssaisoune M & Ettayfi N
(2009) Water Quality and Radium Isotope Results from the Souss-Massa Basin, Morocco
Tagma T, Bouchaou L, Warner N, Vison D, Hsissou Y, Boutaleb S, Dywer G, Lgourna Z, Ettayfi N & Vengosh A

Taguchi K. Abundance of 13C-13C Bonding in Biotic and Abiotic Ethane Measured by a New C2F6 Method
Taguchi K, Yamamoto T, Nakagawa M, Gilbert A & Ueno Y

Taguchi S. (2003) Long-Range Transport of Enhanced Carbon Monoxide in Winter Season at the Summit of Mt. Fuji, Japan
Sawa Y, Matsueda H, Taguchi S, Tsutsumi Y, Igarashi Y & Sekiyama T

Taguchi T. (2003) Ultrastructure of the Magnetite Crystal Chains in Magnetospirillum Magneto-Tacticum (MS-1): Evidence from TEM Tomography for Cytoskeletal Supporting Structures
Kobayashi A, Bertani E, Nash C & Taguchi T

Tague Jr. T.J. (2018) Biogenic Mineral Transformations of Fe(III) (Oxyhydr)oxides at High Temperatures
Kashyap S, Sklute EC, Wang P, Tague Jr. TJ, Dyar MD & Holden JF

Taha N. (2016) Evidence for Aragonite Deposition in Flood Plumes of the Dead Sea
Belmaker R, Taha N & Bookman R

Tahar H. (2017) Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Chondrites Relative to the Earth: The Debate over the 146Sm-142Nd Systematics
Maud B, Audrey B, Tahar H & Marion G

Tahara S. Geochemical Characteristics of Mafic and Felsic Igneous Rocks (1.9-1.75 Ga) in the Lesser Himalaya: Regional Variation and its Implications for Tectonic Setting
Shinjo R, Amuro T, Omura K, Oshiro K, Tahara S & Sakai H

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