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Suter J. (2013) Catalytic Structure of the Hammerhead Ribozyme in a Clay Mineral Environment
Swadling J, Suter J, Wright D & Coveney P

Suter Marc J. F. (2009) Mechanisms of Protein Adhesion to Bare and Carbonate-Coated Silver Nanoparticles
Wigginton NS, de Titta A, Nesatyy VJ, Suter MJF & Bernier-Latmani R

Suter Martin (2011) Most Recent Developments in AMS Technologies
Synal H-A, Schulze-König T, Seiler M, Suter M, Vockenhuber C & Wacker L
(2002) New Developments in AMS – What is the Impact to Earth Sciences?
Suter M & Synal HA

Sutherland D. (2012) Exclusive Use of a Soil Gas Hydrocarbon Geochemistry to Vector Towards Mineral Deposits
Sutherland D

Sutherland F. (2006) Oxygen isotopes for gem corundums, eastern Australian basalt fields: results and genetic implications.
Sutherland F, Giuliani G, Fallick A & Webb G

Sutherland J. (2018) Applying Biosorption for Rare Earth Element Recovery from Low-Grade Sources
Jiao Y, Park D, Jin H, Brewer A, Chang E, Lammers L, Reed D & Sutherland J
(2018) Sulfidic Anion Concentration on Early Earth for Surficial Origins-Of-Life Chemistry
Todd Z, Ranjan S, Sutherland J & Sasselov D

Sutherland Kevin
(2017) Developing an Interpretive Framework for the Oxygen Isotope Record in Ferromanganese Crusts
Sutherland K, Wankel S, Hansel C & Hein J

Sutherland Kevin M (2022) Investigating the Complexity in the Marine Oxygen Cycle with Oxygen Isotopologues
Sutherland KM, Ward CP, Hemingway JD & Johnston D
(2021) The Influence of Reactive Oxygen Species on “Respiration” Isotope Effects
Sutherland KM, Hemingway JD & Johnston DT
(2021) Theoretical Estimates of Sulfoxyanion Triple-Oxygen Equilibrium Isotope Effects and their Implications
Hemingway JD, Sutherland KM, Goldberg M & Johnston DT

Sutherland L (2005) Gas-Streaming in Trachyte Lava, Mount Melbourne, Antarctica
Hoskin P, Sutherland L & Browne P

Sutherland Lin (2013) LA-ICP-MS Trace Element and Oxygen Isotope Variation of Vanadium-Rich Ruby and Sapphire within Mogok Gemfield, Myanmar
Zaw K, Sutherland L, Yui T-F, Meffre S & Thu K

Sutherland N. (2008) The Distribution of Dissolved Iron and Aluminum in the Beaufort Sea
Giesbrecht T, Sutherland N, Johnson WK & Cullen J

Sutherland P. (2017) Urban Geochemistry in the Australian Capital Territory: Natural vs Anthropogenic Anomalies
McQueen K, Sutherland P & Krikowa F

Sutherland R. (2020) Provenance of Volcaniclastic Detritus from Sites U1507 and U1508, Zealandia Continent
Li H, Sutherland R & Mortimer N

Sutka R. (2004) Environmental Limits of the Circumneutral Iron-Oxidizing Bacterial Isolate ES-1: Field, Culture, and Kinetic Results from Voltammetric Analyses
Druschel G, Emerson D, Glazer B, Kraiya C, Sutka R & Luther G

Sutley S. (2005) Using Imaging Spectroscopy to Map Ultramafic Rocks, Serpentinites, and Tremolite-Actinolite-Bearing Rocks in California
Swayze G, Higgins C, Clinkenbeard J, Kokaly R, Clark R, Meeker G & Sutley S

Sutliff-Johansson S. (2020) Tracing Anthropogenic Sources of Tantalum in Bothnian Bay Sediments, Sweden
Sutliff-Johansson S, Ponter S, Engström E, Rodushkin I, Peltola P & Widerlund A
(2019) Forensic Investigation of Contaminated Groundwater Combining Multivariate Statistical Techniques and Screening Analyses
Sutliff-Johansson S, Ponter S, Widerlund A, Mäki A, Engström E & Peltola P

Suto K. (2011) Geochemical Behavior of As Originated from Acidic Thermal Water during River Transport and Sedimentation Mechanism
Ogawa Y, Shikazono N, Iwane K, Takahashi Y, Suto K & Inoue C
(2011) Experimental Study on As and Cd Releases from Anoxic Sedimenary Rock Under Anoxic and Aerobic Conditions
Masuda S, Ogawa Y, Suto K & Inoue C

Sutou S. (2016) The JAEA Thermodynamic Database for Reactions between Groundwater, Cement, Clay, Zeolite and/Or Rock Forming Minerals
Walker C, Arthur R, Wakiya A, Sutou S, Sasamoto H, Oda C, Mihara M & Honda A

Sutrisno S. (2016) Mineralogy and Geochemistry of in situ Araucarioxylon Wood Fossil from Mengkarang Formation Jambi Indonesia
Sutrisno S & Bemis R

Sutter B (2006) Pedogenic evidence for climate change and aridification on Mars
Amundson R, Ewing S, Owen J, Dietrich W, Nishiizumi K, Chadwick O, Sutter B & McKay C

Sutter Brad (2022) Searching for Mineralogical Evidence for the Clay-Sulfate Transition Region in Gale Crater, Mars Using the Sample Analysis at Mars-Evolved Gas Analyzer (SAM-Ega) Onboard the Curiosity Rover
Clark J, Sutter B, Wong G, Lewis J, McAdam A, Archer D, Mahaffy P, Franz H, Eigenbrode J, Freissinet C, Stern J, Glavin DP, Steele A, Knudson C, House C, Malespin C & Ming DW
(2020) Clay Minerals and the Ancient Martian Carbon Cycle
Bristow T, Rampe E, Vaniman D, Blake D, Sutter B & Grotzinger J
(2016) MSL Chemistry and Mineralogy of the Bagnold Dunes, Gale Crater
Ehlmann B, Achilles C, Bridges N, Conrad P, Cousin A, Edgett K, Fraeman A, Johnson J, Lapotre M, Litvak M, Rowland S, Schroder S, Sutter B, Stein N, Thompson L, Vaniman D, Vasavada A & Yen A
(2016) Constraining Hesperian Martian PCO2 from Mineral Analysis at Gale Crater
Bristow T, Haberle R, Blake D, Vaniman D, Grotzinger J, Siebach K, Des Marias D, Rampe E, Eigenbrode J, Sutter B, Fairén A, Mischna M & Vasavada A
(2016) Oxychlorine Detections on Mars: Implications for Cl Cycling
Sutter B, Jackson A, Ming D, Archer D, Stern J, Mahaffy P & Gellert R
(2016) The Nitrate/Perchlorate Ratio of Martian Surface Materials: Implications for the Nitrogen Cycle on Mars
Stern JC, Sutter B, Jackson WA, Navarro-Gonzalez R, McKay CP, Ming DW & Mahaffy PR

Sutterasak T. (2011) Sequestering of Phosphorus during Freshening of a Silled Marine Basin; Role of Manganese
Ingri J, Sutterasak T, Widerlund A & Elming S-Å

Suttle C. (2003) Adsorption and Precipitation of Iron on Marine Bacteriophage PWM3a-P1
Daughney C, Chatellier X, Chan A, Kenward P, Fortin D & Suttle C

Suttle M.D. (2021) Assessing the Analytical Potential of Optical Tweezers for Sample Return Missions
Musolino A, Magazzù A, Bronte Ciriza D, Suttle MD, Rotundi A, Brucato JR, Polimeno P, Saija R, Iatì MA, Foti A, Donato M, Gucciardi PG, Maragò OM & Folco L

Suttner T. (2017) Looking for the Kellwasser Anoxia Event in all the Wrong Places: The Role of Submarine Groundwater Flow (Junggar Basin, NW China)
Carmichael S, Wang Z, Waters J, Batchelor C, Coleman D, Suttner T & Kido E
(2012) Geochemistry Across the Frasnian / Famennian Boundary, Hongguleleng Formation, Xinjiang Province, China
Waters J, Carmichael S, DeReuil A, Suttner T, Kido E, Chen X, Talent J & Mawson R

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