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Saaltink Maarten (2016) Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Modelling of CO2-rich Brine Injection Through Sandstone Samples: Role of Flow Rate, Brine Composition, Mixing and Spreading Effects
Luquot L, Soler-Sagarra J, Gouze P, Martinez-Perez L, Saaltink M, Di Gaspari F & Carrera J

Saaltink Maarten W. (2019) Geochemical Reactions and Tritium Transport in Concrete Cells for Storing Radioactive Waste
Chaparro MC & Saaltink MW
(2019) A Procedure for Analysing the Effect of Heat on Chemical Reactions in Aquifers
Saaltink MW
(2019) Reactive Transport Modeling of Microbial-Mediated Degradation in MAR
Wang J, Carrera J, Saaltink MW & Valhondo C
(2019) Using a Simple Analytical Solution to Asses the Distribution of Radon and Radium Isotopes in a Coastal Aquifer
Diego-Feliu M, Saaltink M, Folch A, Martínez-Pérez L, Goyetche T, Alorda-Kleinglass A, Rodellas V & Garcia-Orellana J
(2019) Water Quality Challenges in Managed Aquifer Recharge
Carrera J, Valhondo C, Martinez-Landa L, Wang J, Saaltink M & Diaz-Cruz S
(2017) Portland Cement – Rock Interaction. Diffusion and Advection Scenarios
Soler J, Chaparro C & Saaltink M
(2017) Using Reactive Transport Modelling to Analyse Cement-Groundwater-Rock Interaction. The LCS Experiment at Grimsel
Chaparro MC, Saaltink MW & Soler JM

Saaltink Maarten Willem (2013) Geochemical Modelling of Salt Systems: Case Study Sebkha Oum Lekhialette
Nasri N, Bouhlila R, Saaltink M & Gamzo P
(2013) Redundant Data in Geochemical Calculations: Helpful or Not?
De Gaspari F, Saaltink M & Carrera J
(2008) Modeling the Interaction between Geochemical and Hydraulic Processes during Evaporation in Tailings
Acero P, Ayora C, Carrera J, Saaltink MW & Olivella S
(2002) Calibration of a Reactive Transport Model to Interpret a Deep-Well-Recharge Field Experiment at Langerak (the Netherlands)
Saaltink MW, Ayora C, Stuyfzand PJ & Timmer H
(2002) Multi-Component Reactive Transport Modelling at the Ratones Uranium Mine (Spain)
Marcuello A, Gómez P, Saaltink M, Ayora C & Carrera J

Saar B. (2022) SO2 Photo-Oxidation on Mineral Dust: The Missing Link to Explain Δ33S Anomalies in Urban Sulfate Aerosols
Dasari S, Paris G, Saar B, Pei Q, Cong Z & Widory D

Saar Martin (2016) Challenges and Strategies for Contextualizing Pore Scale Experimental Observations at the Field Scale
Tutolo B, Luhmann A, Kiesel T, Kong X-Z, Saar M & Seyfried W

Saar Martin (2014) High Resolution Characterization of Porosity and Permeability Evolution during Serpentinization
Tutolo B, Saar M & Seyfried W
(2014) Hydrothermal Flow-Through Experiments of Basalt Alteration: Exploring Feedbacks between Reactive Transport Processes
Luhmann A, Tutolo B, Kong X-Z, Saar M & Seyfried, Jr. W
(2013) Fluid-Mineral Reactions during CO2-Based Geothermal Energy Extraction
Saar M, Kong X-Z, Tutolo B, Luhmann A & Seyfried Jr. W
(2013) Developing Speciation Codes and Thermodynamic Data for Non-Isothermal and Non-Isobaric Systems: Applications to CO2 Sequestration
Tutolo BM, Luhmann AJ, Kong X-Z, Saar MO & Seyfried, Jr. WE
(2012) Evaluating Permeability Change due to Altered Pore Geometry in CO2 Sequestration Systems
Tutolo B, Luhmann A, Kong X-Z, Saar M & Seyfried W
(2012) Permeability Change from CO2 Injection: Experimental Considerations
Luhmann A, Tutolo B, Kong X-Z, Ding K, Saar M & Seyfried W

Saar Martin (2015) Integrating High Resolution Characterization of Hydrothermal Flow-Through Experiments into Reactive Transport Simulations of CCUS in Sedimentary Reservoirs
Tutolo B, Luhmann A, Bagley B, Kong X-Z, Saar M & Seyfried W

Saar Martin O. (2019) Coupled Geochemical-Mechanical Evolution during Injection of CO2-charged Brine into Sandstones
Kong X-Z, Ma J & Saar MO
(2019) The Contribution of Nanoscale Pores to Anomalous Trace Element Release during Dolomite Dissolution
Tutolo B, Luhmann A, Kong X-Z, Bagley B, Saar M & Seyfried W
(2019) Accelerating Chemical Kinetics for Geochemical Modeling
Kyas S, Saar MO & Leal AMM
(2017) How Much can We Interpret Mineral Surface Area with Distributions of Minerals and Pores?
Kong X, Ma J, Webster D & Saar M
(2017) Why are Reactive Transport Simulations Computationally Expensive and What can We do About it?
Leal AMM & Saar MO

Saari H-K. (2007) Short-Lived Naturally Occurring Radioisotopes (234Th, 7Be, 210Pb) as a Tracer for Particle Transport in the Gironde Fluvial-Estuarine System (France)
Saari H-K, Schmidt S & Blanc G
(2007) Residence Time of Suspended Particles in the Dordogne River: Indications Derived from 7Be and 210Pb
Lanoux A, Schmidt S, Etcheber H, Condom T & Saari H-K

Saari S. (2022) Landscape Change and Metal Transport in Arctic Watersheds
Liddle Broberg K, Barker A, Sullivan T, Barbato R, McInturff G, Saari S, Douglas T, Gallaher S & Smith J

Saarikoski S. (2013) Primary and Secondary Biomass Burning Aerosols Determined by Factor Analysis of H-Nmr Spectra
Paglione M, Decesari S, Giulianelli L, Tagliavini E, Hillamo R, Carbone S, Saarikoski S, Swietlicki E, Fuzzi S & Facchini MC

Saarinen T. (2021) Phosphorus Burial in Vivianite in Three Boreal Lake Sediments in Finland
Laakso J, Jilbert T & Saarinen T
(2009) 10Be and Climate Variability during 1900-2006 AD Reflected in Varved Lake Sediments
Berggren AM, Aldahan A, Possnert G, Haltia-Hovi E & Saarinen T

Saathoff H. (2007) Monitoring of Atmospheric Particulate Matter Around Raipur Central India
Patel KS, Jaiswal NK, Saathoff H, Schurath U & Leisner T

Saathoff Harald (2013) Enhanced Ice Nucleation Activity of Soil Dust Particles
Steinke I, Funk R, Danielczok A, Höhler K, Hiranuma N, Hoffmann N, Hummel M, Kirchen S, Kiselev A, Leue M, Möhler O, Saathoff H, Schnaiter M, Schwartz T, Sierau B, Stetzer O, Toprak E, Ulrich A, Hoose C & Leisner T
(2013) Direct Measurements of Isotopic Fractionation Factors of Water Vapor over Ice for Temperatures Below 235 K
Lamb K, Clouser B, Sarkozy L, Stutz E, Kühnreich B, Landsberg J, Habig J, Hiranuma N, Wagner S, Ebert V, Kerstel E, Möhler O, Saathoff H & Moyer E
(2013) Water H218O Isotope Studies in the AIDA Cloud Simulation Chamber
Kühnreich B, Landsberg J, Habig J, Wagner S, Moyer EJ, Saathoff H, Ebert V & Kerstel E
(2013) Applications of Absorption Spectroscopy for Water Isotopic Measurements in Cold Clouds
Moyer E, Sarkozy L, Lamb K, Clouser B, Stutz E, Kuhnreich B, Landsberg J, Habig J, Hiranuma N, Wagner S, Ebert V, Kerstel E, Moehler O & Saathoff H

Saavedra J. (2009) Environmental Geochemistry of Volcanic Ashes from the Southern Puna, NW Argentina
Ruggieri F, Fernandez-Turiel J-L, Gimeno D, Garcia-Valles M & Saavedra J

Sabacka M. (2016) Are high-Arctic Glacial Forefields CO2 Sinks or Sources?
Blacker J, Bottrell S, Anesio A, Šabacká M, Barker G, Bradley J, Tranter M & Benning L
(2016) Modelling Microbial Processes during Soil Formation in a High-Arctic Glacier Forefield
Bradley J, Anesio A, Arndt S, Sabacka M, Barker G, Benning L, Blacker J, Singarayer J, Tranter M & Yallop M

Sabadel A. (2019) Climate Change Impact on Coastal Particulate Organic Matter Cycling and Nutritional Value, Using Amino Acid Concentrations and Stable Isotopes
Sabadel A, Luan Q, Northcote L & Law C

Saballos José Armando (2021) A Combined Petrological and Numerical Approach to Investigate Basaltic Plinian Eruptions at Masaya Caldera, Nicaragua
Bamber EC, Arzilli F, Burton MR, Polacci M, La Spina G, de' Michieli Vitturi M, Hartley ME, Petrelli M, Fellowes J, Chavarría D & Saballos JA

Saballos Jose Armando (2020) Understanding Basaltic Plinian Activity at Masaya Caldera, Nicaragua
Bamber EC, Arzilli F, Polacci M, La Spina G, Petrelli M, Hartley ME, Di Genova D, Fellowes J, Chavarria D, Saballos JA, De' Michieli Vitturi M & Burton MR

Sabanayagam C. (2017) What Makes Biogenic Sulfur Special? Insights into Surface Chemistry and Mineralogy of Sulfur Globules
Marnocha C, Henri P, Sabanayagam C, Modla S, Powell D, Hanson T, Steele A & Chan C
(2015) Cba. tepidum-S(0) Interactions: Some Attachment Required
Marnocha C, Hanson T, Powell D, Sabanayagam C & Chan C

Sabanina I. (2019) Hydrogeochemical Conditions of the West Siberian Megabasin
Abdrashitova R, Salnikova Y & Sabanina I

Sabari Prakasan M.R. (2013) Evaluation of Different RNA Preservation Methods to Study the Active Microbial Communities in Oil Sand Tailings Ponds
Sabari Prakasan MR, Loick N & Weisener C

Šabarić J. (2016) Sulphur and Heavy Metal Pollution of the Coal-Based City Soil (Labin, Croatia)
Medunić G, Šabarić J, Krivohlavek A, Divjak D, Rađenović A, Kampić Š & Šeparović A

Sabata i Villardell N. (2019) Geochemistry of the Coccoliths: Proxy of Surface Water Conditions or of Resilience of Coccolithophores Facing Climate Change ?
Boye M, Sabata i Villardell N, Guéguen B, Schmidt S, Gardin S & Beaufort L

Sabaté P. (2002) Nb/Ta Geochemical Reservoirs
Bodinier J-L, Kalfoun F, Godard M, Barsczus HG & Sabaté P

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