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Ryu Ji-Hoon (2015) The Degree and Kinetics of Chlorite Dissolution at Various Conditions
Kim E, Jo HY & Ryu J-H
(2015) Evaluation of Water-Mineral Interactions Focused on Uranium Retention Using Microfluidic Tests on Thin Sections
Oh YS, Jo HY & Ryu J-H

Ryu Jiyeon (2009) Single-Particle Characterization of Summertime Arctic Aerosols Collected at Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard
Ryu J, Jung H, Kim H & Ro C-U

Ryu Jong-Sik (2018) Li Isotope Fractionation during Biotite Dissolution
Ryu J-S, Vigier N & Choi H-B
(2018) Lithium Isotope Geochemistry of Hot Springs in South Korea
Choi H-B, Ryu J-S, Lee S-G & Ko K-S
(2017) Effects of CO2(g)-soil-Water Interactions on the Leaching Behaviors of Major Metals at the Atmospheric PCO2(g) of 1 Bar
Jeon S, Namgung S, Han WS, Ryu J-S, Yun S-T & Lee G
(2017) Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks from Jeju Island, South Korea: Implications for Petrogenesis and Mantle Source
Kim J-I, Choi SH, Koh GW, Park JB & Ryu J-S
(2017) Behavior of Mg Isotopes during Structural Transformation of Biotite
Ryu J-S, Cheong AC-S & Jeong GY
(2017) Geochemical Characteristics Across the River-Sea Interface: A Case Study in the Geum and Sumjin River Systems, South Korea
Song H, Ryu J-S & Kim J-H
(2017) Mg Isotope Geochemistry in the Middle to Late the Cambrian Machari Formation by Various Diagenesis
Lee SW, Kim MS, Chung GS, Ryu JS, Lee KS & Choi JW
(2017) Inference on Geochemical Reactions to Control the Pore Fluid and Gas Properties in the Southern Ulleung Basin
Kim J-H, Choi J, Park M-H & Ryu J-S
(2016) Zircon O and Biotite Mg Isotopes of Granitoids from the Gyeongsang Arc System in Southeastern Korea Indicate Crustal Self-Cannibalization
Jo HJ, Cheong AC-S, Ryu J-S & Yi K
(2016) Lithium Isotope Geochemistry in the Barton Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica
Choi H-B, Ryu J-S, Lim H-S, Lee J & Yoon H-I
(2016) Experimental Investigation of Mg Isotope Fractionation during Mineral Dissolution and Clay Formation
Ryu J-S, Vigier N, Decarreau A, Lee S-W, Lee K-S, Song H & Petit S
(2016) Mg Isotope Geochemistry of Glacial Streams in Svalbard, Norway
Song H, Ryu J-S, Lim H, Lee K-S & Yoon HI
(2016) Chemical Weathering of Soils in the King George Island, Antarctica: Evidence from Lithium Isotopes
Yu J, Ryu J-S, Lim H & Yoon H
(2016) Effect of Natural and Anthropogenic Sources on Water Chemistry in the Nakdong River Before Implementation of the Four Rivers Restoration Project of South Korea
Choi S, Shin W-J, Ryu J-S, Bong Y-S & Lee K-S
(2016) Mo Isotopic Analysis of SRM Using Anion Exchange Chromatography
Jo Y, Kil Y, Ryu J, Seol J, Cong NT & Jung W
(2016) Mg Isotope Geochemistry during Carbonate Diagenesis in the Cambrian Machari Formation, South Korea
Lee S-W, Chung GS, Ryu J-S & Lee K-S
(2016) Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials in Filters of Drinking Water Plants
Park M, Jeon S, Shin W, Han J, Ryu J-S, Choung S & Chang B-U
(2016) Migratory Behaviors of Japanese Eel Anguilla Japonica Using Trace Elemental Distributions in Otolith by LA -ICP -MS
Jeon S, Lee TW, Hong JM, Ryu J-S & Park C-S
(2016) Determining the Geographical Origin of Beer Using Isotopes and Multielements
Bong Y-S, Ryu J-S, Choi S & Lee K-S
(2015) Nitrogen Isotope Composition of Dissolved Nitrate and Chemical Characteristics in Wet Deposition of Seoul, Korea
Kim Y, Lee I & Ryu J-S
(2015) Multi-Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Carbonate Cements in Sandstones: A Natural Analogue of CO2 Mineral Trapping in CCS Sites
Lee D, Ryu J-S & Lee K-S
(2015) Ecotoxicities Evaluation of Antifouling Agents Application for Lithium Adsorbents in Seawater
Kim J-A, Chung K-S, Ryu J-H & Yoon H-O
(2014) Seasonal Characteristics of Marine Biofouling on the Lithium Adsorbents in Okgye Harbor, Korea
Yoon H-O, Kim J-A, Kong M, Chung K-S & Ryu J-H
(2014) Influence of Biofouling on the Lithium Manganese Oxide and its Dissolution Characteristics Near the Sacheon Harbor, South Korea
Kim J-A, Kong M, Chung K-S, Ryu J-H & Yoon H-O
(2014) Paleo-Variation of Lithium Isotope Geochemistry during Basalt Weathering in Hawaii
Ryu J-S, Vigier N, Lee S-W, Chadwick OA & Lee K-S
(2013) Determination of Boron Using Isotope Dilution MC-ICP-MS
Shin HS, Choi MS, Ryu J-S & Hong KS
(2011) CO2 Evasion from the Greenland Ice Sheet: A New Carbon-Climate Feedback
Jacobson A & Ryu J-S
(2011) The Elemental and Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Korean Bottled Waters: Characterization and Identifying their Origins
Kim G, Ryu J-S, Shin W-J, Choi M & Lee K-S
(2009) Comparison of the Stable Isotopes in the Juices of Fast-Growing Vegetables and Slow-Growing Fruits
Bong Y-S, Lee K-S, Shin W-J & Ryu J-S
(2008) Chemical Weathering of Carbonates and Silicates in the Han River Basin, South Korea
Ryu J-S, Lee K-S, Chang H-W & Shin HS
(2007) Chemical Weathering in the Han River Basin, South Korea: Carbonate and Silicate Weathering
Ryu J-S, Lee K-S, Shin HS & Chang H-W
(2007) Characteristics of Trace Elements in Groundwater from Basaltic Aquifers with Natural Land Uses in Jeju Island
Koh D-C, Ryu J-S, Kang B-R, Chae G-T, Koh G-W & Park K-H
(2006) Application of U isotopes as tracers of water-rock interaction in the Han River Basin, Korea
Ryu J-S, Lee K-S & Chang H-W
(2002) Isotopic and Elemental Geochemistry of the Han River, Korea: Implications for Water-Rock Interaction
Lee K-S, Ryu J-S & Chang H-W

Ryu K.R. (2016) Quantifying Gas Composition and Yield from the 946 CE Millennium Eruption of Paektu Volcano, DPRK/China
Iacovino K, Kim JS, Sisson T, Lowenstern J, Ri KH, Jang JN, Song KH, Ham HH, Oppenheimer C, Hammond J, Donovan A, Weber-Liu K & Ryu KR

Ryuh Y-G. (2016) The Use of Stable O-H Isotope Data to Evaluate Groundwater Recharge in Jeju Volcanic Island, Korea
Ryuh Y-G, Kim K-H, Moon S-H & Yun S-T

Ryzhenko B. (2011) Solubility and Species of Zn and Pb in Water-Chloride Fluids at T-P Conditions of Granite Magmas Degassing
Lukanin O, Kurovskaya N & Ryzhenko B
(2011) Natural Water Contamination Under Chromite Deposit Mining
Cherkasova E & Ryzhenko B
(2009) Modeling of Formation of Uranium Ore Deposits Related to Granitoids
Cherkasova E & Ryzhenko B

Rzepa G. (2015) Thermal Transformation of Si-rich Ferrihydrite to Hematite via Three (γ, ε, and β) Fe2O3 Polymorphs
Rzepa G, Pieczara G, Gaweł A, Zelek S, Zubko M, Zalecki R & Tomczyk A
(2013) The Rate of Iron Compounds Precipitation from AMD Waters in the Łęknica Region (the Muskau Arch, Western Poland)
Bożęcki P & Rzepa G
(2013) Sub-Sea Tailings Deposition Leach Modeling
Rzepka P, Walder I, Bożęcki P & Rzepa G
(2011) Weathering and Pore Water Evolution in the Foreland of Retreating Glacier, SW Spitsbergen
Kwaśniak-Kominek M, Manecki M, Rzepa G & Czerny J
(2011) An Attempt to Set the Relation between Chemical Composition and Microbiological Activity in AMD Reservoirs in the Łęknica Region (the Muskau Arch, Western Poland)
Bożęcki P & Rzepa G

Rzepka P. (2013) Characterization of the Effects of Grain Size to Mine Water Quality and Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) Production in Kinetic Testing
Embile Jr. R, Walder I, Madai F, Moricz F, Walder P & Rzepka P
(2013) Sub-Sea Tailings Deposition Leach Modeling
Rzepka P, Walder I, Bożęcki P & Rzepa G

Rzeźnikiewicz K. (2015) Submicron Particulate Matter in Urban Atmosphere in Kraków (S Poland)
Pietras B, Wilczyńska-Michalik W, Samek L, Rzeźnikiewicz K, Łatkiewicz A & Michalik M

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