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Quantin Cathy (2013) What can Spectral Properties of SNCs and Martian Surface Tell us About Crust-Mantle System Evolution?
Ody A, Poulet F, Baratoux D, Bibring J-P, Toplis M & Quantin C

Quantin Cécile (2015) How can We Quantify the Contribution of Each Ni Bearing Phase to the Total Ni Exchangeable Pool? An Isotopic Exchange Kinetic Model
Zelano I, Sivry Y, Quantin C, Gelabert A, Tharaud M, Maury A, Nowak S, Phalyvong K, Abollino O & Benedetti M
(2015) Nickel Isotope Fractionation during Smelting and Refining: A New Way to Trace the Sources of Ni in Soils
Ratié G, Garnier J, Jouvin D, Ettler V, Sivry Y & Quantin C
(2014) Nickel Isotopes Fate in an Ultramafic Complex
Ratié G, Jouvin D, Garnier J, Rouxel O, Miska S, Guimaraes E, Sivry Y, Emmanuelle M-P, Zelano I & Quantin C
(2013) Ni availability/Ni Solid Phases in Soils and Waters from Ultramafic Complexes in Brazil: A Narrow Relationship
Zelano I, Sivry Y, Quantin C, Gélabert A, Tharaud M, Jouvin D, Montarges-Pelletier E, Garnier G, Pichon R, Nowak S, Miska S, Abollino O & Benedetti M
(2012) Combining µSXRF, EXAFS and Isotopic Signature to Understand the Ni Cycle in Impacted Ultramafic Soils
Quantin C, Jouvin D, Gelabert A, Montarges-Pelletier E, Sivry Y, Zelano I, Pichon R, Garnier J & Benedetti M
(2011) Coupling δ34S [SO42-] and [206Pb / 207Pb]: Origin of Trace Metals in the Urban Orge River, France
Le Pape P, Ayrault S, Michelot J-L & Quantin C
(2010) Is Fossil Tooth Enamel Exempt of Diagenetic Alterations?
Dauphin Y & Quantin C

Quantin Cécile (2018) Temporal Variation of Suspended Sediment Dynamics and River Multi-Contamination Fluxes in an Urbanized Catchment
Froger C, Ayrault S, Evrard O, Monvoisin G, Bordier L, Lefèvre I & Quantin C

Quantin Cécile (2017) Nickel-Hyperaccumulating Plants from the Serpentine Soils of Brazil: Vegetation Control on Ni Isotope Fractionation
Quantin C, Ratié G, Garnier J & Maia de Freitas A
(2017) Chromium Mobility in Ultramafic Areas: An Isotopic Study
Bolanos V, Sivry Y, Garnier J, Quantin C, Tharaud M, Lens P & van Hullebusch E
(2017) Contamination Sources and Dynamics in an Urban Catchment Using Metal Isotopes and Radionuclide Measurements
Froger C, Ayrault S, Quantin C, Evrard O, Monvoisin G & Bordier L

Quantin Cécile (2019) XAS Assessment of Cr Release from Sukinda Mining Overburden
Quantin C, Gelabert A, Ratié G, Bolanos-Benitez V, Vantelon D, Subramanian S & Sivry Y
(2019) Cenozoic Weathering Record within Suriname Laterites
Ansart C, Calmels D, Gautheron C, Monvoisin G, Coueffe R, Roig J-Y & Quantin C
(2019) Source, Transport and Fluxes of Particulate Organic Carbon in the Yellow River, China
Ke Y, Calmels D, Massault M, Bouchez J, Noret A, Cai H, Chen J, Gaillardet J, Chetelat B & Quantin C

Quantin Cécile (2016) Availability and Release of Chromium from Barro Alto and Crominía Mining Areas (Goiás State, Brazil)
Bolanos Benitez SV, Sivry Y, Garnier J, Quantin C, Tharaud M, Lens P & van Hullebush E

Quantin-Nataf C. (2019) Hydrated Silica in Alluvial Fans and Deltas on Mars
Pan L, Quantin-Nataf C & Carter J
(2019) Felsic Rocks on Mars
Flahaut J, Brustel C, Payet V, Allemand P & Quantin C

Quanyou L. (2018) Oil and Gas Formation Under Organic-Inorganic Interaction in Crust-Mantle System
Quanyou L, Dongya Z, Qingqiang M, Jiayi L, Xiaoqi W, Qi F, Bing Z & Zhijun J

Quaranta G. (2019) Detection of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles (TiO2 NPs) in Natural Aquatic Environment
Schulz A, Quaranta G & Loyaux-Lawniczak S
(2013) Combining Life Cycle (LCA) and Risk (RA) Assessments of TiO2 Nanomaterials: Use of a Bayesian Network
Adam V, Quaranta G & Loyaux Lawniczak S

Quaranta V. (2013) Detoxification of Milk Contaminated by Aflatoxin M1 Using Clay Minerals and Effects on Milk Quality
Carraro A, De Giacomo A, Giannossi M, Medici L, Palazzo L, Quaranta V, Summa V & Tateo F

Quarashi A.A. (2017) Centennial Tree-Ring Records over North Kashmir, India in the Context of Recent Climate Change
Gandhi N, Quarashi AA, Chandra R, Romshoo SA & Borgaonkar HP

Quarles C.D. (2015) Elemental Analysis of Basalt Samples by Multivariate Analysis of Tandem LIBS and LA-ICP-MS Data
Gonzalez J, Sylvester P, Souders K, Quarles CD, Colucci M & Russo R

Quartieri S. (2013) Fluorenone dye – Zeolite L Hybrid: A Novel Optical Material
Gigli L, Arletti R, Quartieri S & Vezzalini G
(2013) Regeneration of Organophilic Zeolites after Sulfomethoxazole Antibiotic Adsorption
Leardini L, Martucci A, Braschi I, Blasioli S, Arletti R & Quartieri S

Quas-Cohen Alex (2019) Halogens in Garnet Eclogites from Western Norway: Implications for Subcontinental Mantle Metasomatism
Burgess R, Hughes L, Quas-Cohen A, Pawley A, Droop G & Cuthbert S

Quas-Cohen Alexandra (2011) Diamond-Facies Fluid Flow during Subduction: Evidence & Consequence
Quas-Cohen A, Cuthbert S, Droop G, Ballentine C & Burgess R

Quatrini P. (2013) Investigation of the Methanotrophic Activity in the Soils of a Geothermal Site of Pantelleria Island (Italy)
Gagliano AL, D'Alessandro W, Quatrini P & Parello F

Quattrocchi F. (2013) GMS2 Type Station for Geochemical Continuous Multi-Parametric Monitoring on Etna Volcano
Galli G, Quattrocchi F, Di Stefano G, Giammanco S, Longo V & Pongetti F
(2013) Comparison of PFLOTRAN and TOUGHREACT Numerical Codes for Reactive Transport Modelling of CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers
Cantucci B, Orsini P & Quattrocchi F
(2013) Geochemical Characterization of Thermal Springs in the Tete Province, Northern Mozambique
Sciarra A, Procesi M, Quattrocchi F & Cinti D
(2009) Overview of the Geochemical Modeling on CO2 Capture & Storage in Italian Feasibility Studies
Cantucci B, Montegrossi G, Buttinelli M, Lucci F, Vaselli O & Quattrocchi F

Quattrochi D. (2011) Estimating Ground Level PM2.5 Concentrations in Atlanta Metro Area Using Spatial Statistical Models
Liu Y, Hu X, Waller L, Al-Hamdan M, Crosson W, Estes M, Estes S & Quattrochi D

Quay P (2003) Isotopic (δ13C, δ15N) Fractionation of Organic Matter during Sorption to Minerals
Aufdenkampe A, Hedges J, Quay P & Richey J

Quay Paul (2019) Biological Control of δ53Cr in the Surface Ocean
Janssen D, Rickli J, Quay P, White A & Jaccard S

Quazi S. (2011) Origin of Iron Layer in Sediment of Lake Superior: Abiotic vs. Biotic
Dittrich M, Gordon J, Raoof B, Chesnyuk A, Quazi S, Fulthorpe R, Bollmann J & Katsev S
(2010) The Fate of Phosphorus in Biosolids Treated Soils: Speciation, Transport and Accumulation
Quazi S, Toner B & Bloom P

Que Y. (2017) REE Geochemistry and Analysis of Sedimentary Aqueous Media in Lower Part of Kelimoli Formation, Middle Ordovician, Zhuozishan Area
Li X, Huan Y & Que Y

Queiroga G. (2017) B Isotopic Composition (LA MC-ICP-MS) of Tourmaline from the Quadrilátero Ferrífero (SE Brazil): Constraints on Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluid Evolution
Albert C, Lana C, Gerdes A, Schannor M, Narduzzi F, Queiroga G & Jordt-Evangelista H

Queiroz G. (2008) Terceira Lavas Isotopic Signatures and Multi-Scale Mantle Heterogeneity at the Azores Archipelago
Madureira P, Mata J, Mattielli N & Queiroz G
(2007) Dynamics and Longevity of the Magmatic System of Furnas Volcano, São Miguel, Azores
Gertisser R, Gaspar J, Pacheco J, Queiroz G, Self S & Thomas L
(2004) Multiple Olivine He Isotopic Signatures from a Single Rock Sample
Madureira P, Moreira M, Mata J & Queiroz G

Queiroz H. (2013) Classification of Gemstone Tourmalines from Central Brazil by Chemistry Nomenclature
Queiroz H & Botelho N

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