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Qu C (2006) Experimental Study of Trace Element Coprecipitation in Marine Carbonate Minerals: reexamining current proxies and identifying new potential ones
Zhong S & Qu C

Qu Chenchen (2019) Cd Sorption to Goethite-Humic acid-Bacteria Composites: Combined ITC, EXAFS and SCM Study
Qu C, Chen W, Cai P, Rong X, Dai K & Huang Q
(2019) Size-Dependent Bacterial Toxicity of Hematite Particles
Qu C, Huang Q, Chen W, Cai P, Dai K & Rong X

Qu Chengkai (2018) The Occurrence of OCPs, PCBs, and PAHs in the Air of Naples, Southern Italy
Qu C, Albanese S, Lima A, Hope D, Fortelli A & De Vivo B
(2015) Heavy Metals in Soil of Campania Region (Italy): Sources and Risks
De Vivo B, Albanese S, Lima A, Buccianti A, Cicchella D, Minolfi G, Rezza C & Qu C

Qu Hong Ying

Qu Hongjie (2010) Late Triassic Volcanic Activities at the Northwest Margin of Junggar Basin, Xinjiang, China
Ren M, Hu J, Qu H & Yong J

Qu J. (2019) Nanoscale Organic Matter Expulsion and Molecular Fractionation within Unconventional Petroleum Source Beds
Jubb A, Hackley P, Hatcherian J, Qu J & Nesheim T

Qu S. (2019) Source Tracing of Heavy Metal Elements in the Upper Reaches of the Pearl River: A Comprehensive Study from Multi-Isotopic Systems
Wu W & Qu S

Qu W (2003) Re-Os Dating of Arsenopyrites from the Maoling Gold Deposit, Northeast China
Chen J, Yang G, Yu G, Du A & Qu W

Qu Wenjun (2019) Os Isotopes and Mo in Paleoproterozoic Black Shales at Talvivaara, Finland: Implication for Atmospheric Evolution
Yang S, Hanski E, Kontinen A, Li C & Qu W
(2013) Elemental and Os Isotope Variations Across the K/T Boundary in a Marine Fe-Mn Crust
Fu Y, Peng J, Qu W, Hu R, Shi X & Yang J
(2009) Certification of Os Concentration and 187Os/188Os for Co-rich Crust MCPt-1 Reference Material:Central Pacific Seamount Zone
Du A, Qu W, Holly S, Yang G, Judy H, Yang S & Li C
(2007) Re-Os Study of the Polish Kupferschiefer: Implications for Source and Timing of Metal Enrichment
Pašava J, Vymazalová A, Qu W & Korzekwa W

Qu Xian (2011) Importance of Syntrophic Acetate Oxidation during Thermophilic Municipal Solid Wastes Anaerobic Digestion
Mazeas L, Grossin-Debattista J, Qu X, Guenne A, He P, Budzinski H, Le Munier M & Bouchez T

Qu Xiaodong (2019) Responses of Microbial Community and Functional Properties to Water Level Fluctuations in a Seasonal Lake
Liuyang Y, Qu X & Peng W

Qu Xiaofei (2009) Ordered Chain of Nanomagnetite: Implication for Magnetosome Mineralization
Zhou G-T & Qu X

Qu Xun (2015) High Carbon Isotopes of Neoproterozoic Carbonates from the Ailiankate Group, Tarim Craton, China
Tang H-S, Chen Y-J & Qu X

Qu Y. (2011) Nanoscale Structural Variation in Pyrobitumen of the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation, Karelia, Russia
van Zuilen M, Fliegel D, Wirth R, Lepland A, Qu Y, Schreiber A, Romashkin A & Philippot P
(2011) Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Heterogeneous Carbonaceous Matter in the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Fm, Karelia, Russia
Qu Y, van Zuilen M & Lepland A

Qu Z. (2014) Spatial and Temporal Variations of Dust Elemental Composition in Patagonia
Qu Z, Losno R, Monna F, Vaillant M, Quisefit JP, Journet E, Quesne A, Heimburger A, Salvador J, Bulnes D, Ristori P & Quel E

Quaas J. (2011) Estimating Aerosol Forcings Using the MACC Aerosol Reanalysis
Quaas J & Bellouin N
(2011) Ship Emissions and their Influence on Large Scale Cloud Fields
Peters K, Quaas J, Stier P & Grassl H

Quaas N. (2006) Improvements in high precision multicollector isotope ratio measurements for small sample sizes using 1012 Ohm current amplifiers and Faraday cup detectors
Schwieters J, Tuttas D, Bouman C & Quaas N

Quade J. (2003) Testing Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rate Scaling Models Using in situ Cosmogenic 14C from Surfaces at Secular Equilibrium
Lifton N, Pigati J, Jull A, Quade J, Bierman P & Kober F
(2001) Carbonate Weathering in the Himalaya, Climate Change and the Marine 87Sr/86Sr Record
Quade J, English NB & DeCelles PG

Quade Jay (2019) Measuring the Clumped Isotopic Composition of Carbon Dioxide with Mid-Infrared Laser Spectroscopy
Nelson D, Wang Z, Dettman D, McManus B, Quade J, Huntington K & Schauer A
(2018) Oxygen Isotope Variation in Pedogenic Carbonates and the Potential to Constrain Paleoaridity
Beverly E, Levin N, Passey B & Quade J
(2018) Quantitative Reconstructions of Past Lake Level Changes from Tufas and Paleoshorelines in the Central Andes
Chen CY, Rao Z, McGee D & Quade J
(2018) Geochemical Inferences from Bimodal Afar Volcanism
Basu A, Ghosh N, Ghatak A, Gregory R, Richards I, Georg B, Ebinger C, Quade J, Zou H & Chakrabarty P
(2014) Merging Lake and Cave Archives of Past Climate Change in the U.S. Great Basin
McGee D, Steponaitis E, Andrews A, Quade J, Edwards L, Broecker W & Cheng H
(2014) Clumped Isotope Records of East African Paleosol Carbonate as Climate Proxy for the Last 4.5 Ma, Implications for Human Evolution
Bedaso Z, Levin N, Passey B & Quade J
(2012) The Clumped Isotope Geothermometer in Soil and Paleosol Carbonate
Quade J, Eiler J, Daeron M & Breecker D
(2012) Lacustrine Cave Carbonates: Novel, Absolute-Dated Paleohydrologic Archives in the Bonneville Basin (Utah, USA)
McGee D, Quade J, Edwards RL, Broecker W, Cheng H & Steponaitis E
(2012) The Source of Carbon in Cave Air CO2 Under Mixed Woodland and Grassland Vegetation
Breecker D, Quinn A, Quade J, Banner J, Ball C & Meyer K
(2009) Hyperarid Extremophiles: A Comparison of Bacterial Communities from Distinct Locations in the Core of the Atacama Desert
Neilson J, Quade J, Betancourt J & Maier R
(2009) Revised Phanerozoic Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations from Paleosol Carbonate
Breecker D, Sharp Z, McFadden L & Quade J
(2008) The Temperature Dependence of Global Rainfall Patterns
Broecker W & Quade J
(2002) Altitudinal Variation of in situ Cosmogenic 14C Production Rates: Preliminary Results from the Southwestern U.S
Lifton N, Pigati J, Jull AJT & Quade J

Quadir Z. (2019) Apatite: A Nanoscale Story-Teller of Lunar Geological History
Cernok A, Anand M, White L, Darling J, Whitehouse M, Fougerouse D, Rickard W, Reddy S, Saxey D, Quadir Z, Tait K & Franchi I
(2019) Trace Element Heterogeneities at Twin Boundaries: A Combined Atom Probe Tomography and Transmission Electron Microscopy Study
Verberne R, Reddy S, Saxey D, Fougerouse D, Rickard W, Quadir Z, Evans N & Clark C

Quake S. (2016) Envirnomental Genomics of Fervidibacteria, a "Microbial Coelacanth" from a Hot, Primitive Earth?
Hedlund B, Dodsworth J, Murugapiran S, Jarett J, Ivanova N, DeVlaminck I, Quake S, Li W-J & Woyke T

Quan H. (2003) Geochemical Evidence for the Provenance of Kosa Aerosols in Beijing, Republic of China
Nakano T, Yokoo Y, Nishikawa M & Quan H

Quan Tracy (2018) Effects of Redox Conditions on Organic Matter Accumulation in the Mississippian Limestone, Anadarko Shelf, Oklahoma
Adeboye O, Riedinger N & Quan T

Quan Tracy M. (2010) Nitrogen Isotope Profile from the Cambrian SPICE Event: Comparison with Mo and Other Redox Proxies
Quan TM, Gill BC & Lyons TW

Quante M. (2015) The Impact of Shipping on Nitrogen Deposition in North Sea Coastal Areas
Matthias V, Aulinger A, Bieser J & Quante M

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