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Qing Hairuo (2015) Geochemical Evidence for Burial Dolomitization of Upper Permian Reservoir Rocks in Northeastern Sichuan Basin, Southwestern China
Zhai X, Luo P, Qing H & Xu A

Qingqiang M. (2018) Oil and Gas Formation Under Organic-Inorganic Interaction in Crust-Mantle System
Quanyou L, Dongya Z, Qingqiang M, Jiayi L, Xiaoqi W, Qi F, Bing Z & Zhijun J

Qingzhu Y. (2002) Isn‚t the Moderately Volatile Element Depletion in the Inner Solar System Inherited from Interstellar Dust?
Qingzhu Y

Qiu C. (2015) Research on Trace Elements within Urinary Calculi from Patients in Southern China
Qiu C & Wang Z

Qiu C. (2017) Formation of Zr(IV)-nanoparticles on Muscovite (001): Effect of Background Electrolyte
Qiu C, Eng P, Hennig C & Schmidt M

Qiu G (2005) Mercury Emissions from Artisanal Zinc and Mercury Smelting in Guizhou, PR China
Feng X, Qiu G, Li G, Li P & Wang S
(2004) Mercury Speciation in Waters of Wanshan Hg Mines in Guizhou, China
Feng X, Qiu G & Wang S
(2003) Total Gaseous Mercury Emissions from Soils in Mercury Mineralization Belt, Southwestern China
Feng X, Wang S & Qiu G

Qiu Guangle (2012) Mercury Contamiation to the Environment and Health Impacts by Small and Large Scale Hg Mining Activties in China
Feng X, Qiu G, Li P, Zhang H & Larssen T
(2010) A Preliminary Study on the Mechanism of Methylmercury Accumulation in Rice at Abandoned Mercury Mines in Guizhou, China
Feng X, Meng B, Qiu G, Zhang H, Li P & Shang L
(2010) Inter-Comparison of Methods to Detect Methylmercury in Porewater of Rice Paddy
Liu J, Feng X, Shang L, Qiu G, Yan H & Yao H
(2008) Mercury Isotopic Ratios of Soil and Sediment Samples Collected from Contaminated Areas in China
Feng X, Foucher D, Hintelmann H, Qiu G, Li G, Yan H & He T

Qiu H (2006) When did amphibolite-facies overprinting occur in Dabieshan?
Qiu H & Wijbrans JR
(2006) Dabieshan Uhp Garnets Dated By 40ar/39ar Stepwise Crushing: More Early Paleozoic Ages
Wijbrans JR & Qiu H
(2003) 40Ar-39Ar Mineralization Ages of the Dongchuan-Type Layered Copper Deposits, Yunnan, China
Qiu H, Wijbrans J & Li X

Qiu Hua Ning (2015) Direct Dating of Wolframite by 40Ar/39Ar Progressive Crushing
Bai XJ & Qiu HN
(2015) 40Ar/39Ar Crushing Technique
Qiu HN, Bai XJ & Wijbrans JR
(2013) 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Phengite from Blueschist Facies Rock of the Myanmar and its Implication
Qi M, Zhang Z, Xiang H, Zhong Z & Qiu H
(2012) 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Fluid Inclusions
Qiu HN, Wu HY, Feng ZH, Yun JB, Wang M, Hu RG, Jiang YD, Bai XJ & Wijbrans JR
(2011) Precise 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Gas Migration and Accumulation
Qiu H & Yun J
(2009) The Retrograde History of Eastern Dabieshan Revealed by 40Ar/39Ar Laser Incremental Heating, Ablation and Stepwise Crushing
Wijbrans JR, Qiu H-N, Brouwer FM, Yun J-B & Xu Y-G

Qiu Huaning (2018) 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronological Constraints on the Retrogression of UHP Metamophic Rocks from North Qinling, China
Hu R, Wijbrans J, Brouwer F, Bai X, Qiu H & Feng Z

Qiu J (2005) Fluid Inclusion Study on the Ore-Forming Fluid of Rutile Occuring in Eclogite from CCSD Main Hole
Ni P, Wang R, Ling H, Jiang S, Qiu J, Zhu X & Xu Q
(2005) Early J2 Basalts in SE China: The Incipience of Large-Scale Late Mesozoic Magmatism
Xie X, Xu X, Zou H, Jiang S, Zhang M & Qiu J
(2005) Rutile in the UHP Eclogites from the Sulu Terrane, China: An Electron Microprobe Study
Wang R, Wang S, Qiu J & Ni P
(2004) Formation Mechanism of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Related to Igneous Rocks in Meso-Cenozoic Basins of Eastern China
Wu C, Gu L, Ren Z, Chen Z, Zhao M & Qiu J
(2004) Geochemistry of Neoproterozoic Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks from Northern Guangxi, South China: Implications for Arc Magmatism along Continental Margin
Zhou J, Wang X & Qiu J

Qiu Jian-Sheng (2013) Petrology and Geochemistry of the Mesozoic Potassic and Sodic Volcanic Rocks in the Yishu Deep Fault Zone, Shandong Province, Eastern China: Petrogenesis and Inferences on the Evolution of the Mantle Sources
Qiu J-S, Liu L & Li Y-L
(2011) The Relationship between Gabbros and I-Type Granites in the Southeast Coast of Fujian, South China: Evidence from in situ Zircon U-Pb Dating, Hf Isotopes and Whole-Rock Geochemistry
Qiu J-S & Li Z
(2010) Geochronology and Geochemistry of Peralkaline Metagranites in the Dabie-Sulu Terrane, Eastern China: Constraints on Neoproterozoic Tectonism along the Northeastern Margin of Yangtze Block
Qiu J & Hu J
(2009) A-Type Gneissic Metagranites from Donghai in the SW Sulu Terrane, Eastern China: Geochemical Constraints on the Nature of Protoliths and Tectonic Significance
Qiu J-S, Hu J & Xu X-S
(2009) Annular Crustal Accretion and Reworking Around the Yangtze Nuclei during Neoproterozoic: A Link to the Initiation and Termination of Annular Subduction of Oceanic Crust
Wang X-L, Zheng Y-F, Zhou J-C, Qiu J-S & Zhao G
(2008) Geochronological and Geochemical Constraints on Petrogenesis of Late Mesozoic I- and A-Type Granites from the Coastal Area of Northeastern Fujian Province, SE China
Qiu J-S, Jiang S-Y, Xu X-S, Xiao E & Hu J
(2007) Geochemistry and Genesis of the Qibaoshan Gold-Copper Deposit in Shandong Province, Eastern China
Qiu J-S, Jiang S-Y & Xu X-S
(2005) Petrology and Geochemistry of Shoshonitic Volcanic Rocks from Luzong in the Lower Yangtze Region, Eastern China: Petrogenesis and Inferences on the Nature of the Mantle Sources
Qiu J, Jiang S, Wang R & Lo Q
(2003) Geochemistry of K-Rich Volcanic Rocks along the Middle-South Parts of Tancheng-Lujiang Deep Fault Zone, Eastern China: Constraints on Mantle Source and Petrogenesis
Qiu J, Jiang S, Xu X & Lo C

Qiu L (2006) Dissolution of loess-paleosol samples in 3M HCl at 80oC, and its paleo-climatic implication
Qiu L & Li G

Qiu Lei (2010) Sm-Nd Dating of Whole Rock and Mineral Separates from Dangqiong Gabbro, Yarlung–Tsangpo Suture
Zhou S, Mo X, Qiu R, Zhao Z, Zhang S, Guo T & Qiu L

Qiu Liang (2018) The Mixture of Rhyolite and Carbonate: Deciphering the Mystery of So-Called “Lamprophyre” Dike in Xikuangshan, South China
Ren M, Qiu L, Yan D-P, Wells M & Chen F

Qiu Lin (2013) Experimental Study of the Reaction Kinetics between CO2-Bearing Solution and Olivine
Qiu L, Wang Z, Zhang S, Karato S-I, Ague J, Oristaglio M, Bolton E & Bercovici D
(2012) Experimental Study of the Kinetics of CO2-sequestration by Olivines and Hawaiian Picrites
Qiu L, Wang Z, Karato S-I, Ague J, Oristaglio M, Bolton E & Bercovici D
(2010) Lithium and Oxygen Isotopes and Oxidation State of Lower Oceanic Crust: Atlantis Massif, 30°N
Reynolds V, Crapster-Pregont E, Dyar D, Jawin E, McDonough W, Qiu L, Rumble D & Tucker J
(2010) A Li Isotopic Study of an Accretionary Prism, the Low-Grade Otago Schist, New Zealand
Qiu L, Rudnick RL, Ague JJ & McDonough WF

Qiu Liwen (2013) Triplite in Baxiannao W Deposit, Southern Jiangxi, and its Geological Significance
Qiu L & Li G
(2010) Concentration and Dissolution of Some Ore Elements in Oil-Field Water from the Jiyang Depression, China
Qiu L
(2008) Carbonate Weathering in Response to Monsoon Changes
Qiu L, Li G, Chen J & Yang X

Qiu Rong Liang (2012) Zn Isotopes Variation in Field Hyperaccumulator Plant Species
Tang YT, Cloquet C, Sterckeman T, Morel JL, Carignan J, Qiu RL & Echevarria G

Qiu Rong-Liang (2018) Rare Earths Elements Cycling in Reclaimed Ion-Adsorption Mine Tailings
Janot N, Huot H, Leguédois S, Séré G, Tang Y-T, Morel J-L, Qiu R-L & Groenenberg JE

Qiu Rongliang (2014) Nickel and Zinc Isotope Fractionation in Hyperaccumulating and Non-Hyperaccumulating Plants
Deng T, Cloquet C, Sterckeman T, Tang Y, Echevarria G, Morel J-L, Qiu R & Estrade N

Qiu Ruizhao (2010) Sm-Nd Dating of Whole Rock and Mineral Separates from Dangqiong Gabbro, Yarlung–Tsangpo Suture
Zhou S, Mo X, Qiu R, Zhao Z, Zhang S, Guo T & Qiu L
(2009) Variation of Spatial and Temporal of Miocene Ultrapotassic Volcanism in Interior Gangdese, Tibet and its Petrogenesis
Zhou S, Mo X, Zhao Z, Xie G, Qiu R, Zhu D & Liao Z

Qiu S. (2013) Quantitative Analysis of High Resolution Isotope and Concentration Data from a Toluene-Pulse Experiment by Reactive Transport Modeling
Eckert D, Qiu S, Elsner M & Cirpka O

Qiu T. (2017) Trace Element Mobility in Shear Zones within the Sartohay Ophiolite, West Junggar, Xinjiang (NW China): Implications from CO2-metasomatism of Peridotite and its Shearing Deformation
Qiu T, Zhu Y & Yang J

Qiu Xiao Fei (2011) Early Neoproterozoic Arc Magmatism along the Northwestern Margin of the Yangtze Craton and its Connection with the South China Block Evolution during the Rodinia Assembly
Berkana W, Ling W, Lu SS & Qiu XF
(2011) A New Recognition of Grenvillian Volcanic Suite in the South China Block and its Connection with Rodinia Assembly
Qiu XF, Ling W-L & Liu X
(2011) Recycling Subcontinental Plagioclase-Rich Lower Crust in the North China Craton
Zhang J-B, Ling W-L, Liu Y, Gao S, Kusky T, Chen Z-W, Qiu XF & Chen M

Qiu Xiao-Fei (2015) Evolution of Archean Continental Crust in Nucleus of the Yangtze Block, South China Block
Qiu X-F, Ling W-L, Liu X-M, Lu S-S & Yang H-M

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