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Pagel M. (2019) In situ LA-ICPMS U-Pb Dating of Fluorite
Blaise T, Lenoir L, Haurine F, Brigaud B, Barbarand J & Pagel M
(2013) Chemical Influence on Recoil Damage Annealing and Impact on (U-Th)/He Age in Apatite
Gautheron C, Pinna R, Ketcham R, Tassan-Got L, Carter A & Pagel M
(2012) Contribution of Natural Tracers (Cl, He) to Development of 3D Basin Model. Paris Basin, France
Rebeix R, Benabderrahmane H, Le Gal La Salle C, Lavielle B, Lavastre V, Jean Baptiste P, Fourre E, Vinsot A, Landrein P, Matray JM, Pagel M & Michelot JL

Pagès Anais (2013) Phototrophs and Ore Formation
Brocks J, Bruisten B, Pagès A & Grice K

Pages Anais (2015) Intermittent Sub-Tidal Oceanic Euxinia from 1780 Ma
Spinks S, Schmid S, Pages A & Bluett J

Pages Anais (2016) Investigation of Metal Associations in the Metal- Rich Black Shales of the Niutitang Formation in the Context of the Cambrian Explosion
Pages A, Barnes S, Schmid S, Le Vaillant M, Patterson D, Ryan C, Fan H & Wen H

Pagès Anais (2019) Sulfur Cycling in Altered Oceanic Crust of South China Sea Rift Margin from IODP Expedition 368
Hu S, Tian L, Wang X, Martin L, Schoneveld L, Barnes S, Pagès A & Ding W
(2019) Multi-Proxy Characterisation of Metalliferous Shales of the Kupferschiefer Deposit
Pages A, Tulipani S, Walshe J, Grice K, Ruebsam W, Plet C, Vuleta S, Woltering M, Pejcic B & Schwark L

Pages L. (2015) Implementation of Root System Architecture and Functions into the Reactive Transport Model MIN3P: Method and Capacilities
Gérard F, Blitz C, Moitrier N, Hinsinger P, Screpanti C, Pages L, Tambour L & Loiseleur O

Pagès L. (2017) Processes Controlling Phosphate Acquisition by Plants as Revealed by Coupled Root System-Reactive Transport Modelling
Gérard F, Bea S, Pagès L, Hinsinger P & Mayer U

Paglietti F. (2009) The Asbestos Extraction in the Balangero Mine: Environmental Consequences
Paglietti F, Gennari F & Giangrasso M

Paglione M. (2013) Primary and Secondary Biomass Burning Aerosols Determined by Factor Analysis of H-Nmr Spectra
Paglione M, Decesari S, Giulianelli L, Tagliavini E, Hillamo R, Carbone S, Saarikoski S, Swietlicki E, Fuzzi S & Facchini MC
(2013) Properties and Processing of Organic Aerosol in the Po Valley
Gilardoni S, Rinaldi M, Paglione M, Decesari S, Poulain L, Carbone S, Hilamo R, Russell L, Massoli P, Poluzzi V & Facchini C
(2011) Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Organic Aerosol by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy: Results from EUCAARI Project
Facchini MC, Finessi E, Decesari S, Paglione M, Hillamo R, Raatikainen T, O'Dowd C, Kiendler-Scharr A & Worsnop DR
(2011) Oxidized Organic Aerosol Components in Cabauw, Netherlands, during the May 2008 EUCAARI IOP: NMR Spectroscopic Characterization and Factor Analysis
Paglione M, Finessi E, Decesari S, Kiendler-Scharr A, Stocchero M & Facchini MC

Pagnone A. (2017) On the Role of Lithogenic Particles for Iron Cycling in the Tropical and Subtropical Atlantic
Ye Y, Pagnone A & Völker C

Pagnout C. (2018) A Biophysicochemical Approach for Assessing the Dynamics of Metal Biouptake at Microbial Interfaces
Rotureau E, Billard P, Pagnout C, Présent RM & Duval JFL

Pagu A. (2020) Petrological Insight into the Formation of the Mesosiderite Parent Body
Pagu A, Mac Niocaill C & Bryson J

Pahari A.P. (2019) Zircon Thermometry and Trace Element Signatures: Implications on Crustal Growth of the Western Dharwar Craton, India
Pahari A & Maningri M

Pahlevan Kaveh (2013) Loss of Volatile Elements after the Moon-Forming Giant Impact
Pahlevan K, Karato S & Fegley B
(2013) Water on the Primordial Earth
Mojzsis S, Morbidelli A, Pahlevan K & Frank E
(2010) Silicon Isotope Constraints on the Formation of the Moon
Fitoussi C, Bourdon B, Pahlevan K & Wieler R
(2009) Chemical Fractionation after the Moon-Forming Giant Impact
Pahlevan K & Stevenson D
(2008) Volatile Loss Following the Moon-Forming Giant Impact
Pahlevan K & Stevenson D
(2007) Equilibration of the Earth-Moon System Following the Giant Impact
Pahlevan K & Stevenson D

Pahlevan Kaveh (2015) Major Element Isotopic Fractionation in the Proto-Lunar Disk
Pahlevan K

Pahlevan Kaveh (2020) Primordial Magma Ocean Outgassing on Earth and Mars Recorded in D/H
Pahlevan K, Schaefer L & Hirschmann M

Pahlow M. (2015) Phosphorus Controls on Marine N2 Fixation
Oschlies A, Landolfi A, Rabouille S, Koeve W, Pahlow M & Somes C

Pahnke Katharina (2014) Dust in the Southern Hemisphere – From Source to Sink
Winckler G, Borunda A, Koffman B, Recasens C, Pavia F, Kaplan M, Goldstein S, Schwarz R, Anderson R, Lamy F, Gersonde R & Pahnke K
(2013) Distribution of Dissolved Neodymium Isotopes Across the Southern South Pacific
Pahnke K & Basak C
(2012) Neodymium Isotopic Composition of South Pacific Bottom Water
Pahnke K, Basak C & Gersonde R
(2012) Bottom Water Changes in the South Pacific over the Last 30 ka Documented by Nd Isotopes
Basak C & Pahnke K
(2011) GEOTRACES Intercalibration Results for Nd Isotopes and REE on Seawater and Particulate Samples
van de Flierdt T, Pahnke K & Geotraces Intercalibration Participants 
(2010) Intermediate Water Source Variations in the Tropical Atlantic from the Last Glacial Maximum to Present
Pahnke K, Goldstein SL & Hemming SR
(2008) A Core-Top Survey of Neodymium Isotope Ratios in the South Atlantic
Pahnke K, Goldstein SL & Hemming SR
(2008) Quantifying Late Quaternary Changes in MOC Intensity from Circum-Antarctic Nd Isotopes
Goldstein SL, Zylberberg D, Pahnke K, Hemming SR & van de Flierdt T
(2006) High resolution trace metal analysis of benthic foraminifera reveal nutrient excursions in Antarctic Intermediate Water
Cook M, Elderfield H, Zahn R & Pahnke K

Pahnke Katharina (2015) Unraveling Riverine and Eolian Supplies for a High-Resolution Holocene Sapropel S1 Record in the Central Mediterranean
Wu J, de Lange G, Pahnke K & Böning P

Pahnke Katharina (2016) High Resolution Record of Holocene Riverine and Eolian Contributions to Central Mediterranean Sediments
Wu J, De Lange GJ, Boening P, Pahnke K & Tachikawa K
(2016) Rare Earth Element Cycling in the West Pacific – Method and Application
Behrens MK, Pahnke K, Schnetger B & Brumsack H-J
(2016) Hawaiian Imprint on Dissolved Rare Earth Elements, Nd, and Ra Isotopes at Station ALOHA
Fröllje H, Pahnke K, Schnetger B, Brumsack H-J, Dulai H & Fitzsimmons J

Pahnke Katharina (2017) The Response of the Subantarctic Pacific to Climate Change: Reconstructing Dust Flux and Biological Productivity during the Last Glacial Cycle
Winckler G, Anderson RF, Park J, Schwarz R, Lamp J, Shoenfelt E, Pahnke K, Struve T, Kuhn G, Wengler M & Lamy F
(2017) Iron Cycling in Sediments from the Benguela Upwelling System (BUS)
Böning P, Pahnke K, Schnetger B & Brumsack H-J
(2017) Dissolved Rare Earth Element Concentrations from the Barents Sea to the Central Arctic
Paffrath R, Pahnke K, Schnetger B & Brumsack H-J
(2017) Dissolved Rare Earth Element Ratios Trace Hydrothermal Scavenging and Water Mass Transport
Pahnke K, Behrens MK, Rehbein M & Paffrath R
(2017) Sources of Glacial South Pacific Dust
Struve T, Wengler M, Lamy F, Winckler G & Pahnke K
(2017) Holocene Riverine vs. Eolian Contributions to Central Mediterranean Sediments: A High-Resolution Record
de Lange GJ, Wu J, Böning P, Pahnke K & Tachikawa K
(2017) Anthropogenic Impacts on the Distributions of Rare Earth Elements in Coastal Waters
Pedreira RMA, Hatje V, Böning P & Pahnke K

Pahnke Katharina (2018) Past Changes in Nutrient Supply and Utilization in the Southern Ocean from Assemblage-Specific Si Isotopes in Diatom Opal
Ehlert C, Studer A, Crosta X, Michel E, Thöle L, Mazaud A, Jaccard S & Pahnke K
(2018) The Transpolar Drift Influence on the Silicon Cycle in the Arctic Ocean
Torres Liguori Pires B, Ehlert C, Noethig E-M & Pahnke K

Pahnke Katharina (2019) Mediterranean Seawater Circulation Reconstructed for Holocene Sapropel S1 Period Using Nd Isotopes in Fish Debris and Foraminifera
Wu J, Pahnke K, Böning P, Wu L, Michard A & de Lange G
(2019) Inconsistencies between Fram Strait Water Mass Budget Assessments Based on Radiogenic Neodymium Isotopes and Nutrients
Laukert G, Bauch D, Frank M, Hathorne EC, Dreyer J, Meulenbroek K, Schaffer J, Rabe B, Paffrath R, Pahnke K, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Meyer H & Graeve M
(2019) Thallium Behavior during a Phytoplankton Spring Bloom: Biotic vs. Abiotic Drivers
Mori C, Hintz NH, Bunse C, Schnetger B, Pahnke K & Brumsack H-J
(2019) Water Mass Contributions to the Central Arctic – New Insights from Rare Earth Elements and Nd Isotopes
Paffrath R, Bauch D, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Laukert G & Pahnke K
(2019) Estimating Tide-Induced Seawater Infiltration Rates at a Meso-Tidal Beach by Modelling Reactive Transport of Si and 222Rn
Greskowiak J, Ahrens J, Ahmerkamp S, Grünenbaum N, Kossack M, Schnedger B, Ehlert C, Holtappelts M, Beck M, Pahnke K, Brumsack H-J & Massmann G
(2019) Silicon Cycling and Shelf Input in the Central Arctic Ocean: Insights from Stable Silicon Isotopes
Torres Liguori Pires B, Ehlert C & Pahnke-May K

Pai S. (2013) Near-Field Measurements of Volcanogenic Sulfur: Emissions, Oxidation, and Neutralization
Kroll J, Cross E, Pai S, L'Heureux Z, Hunter J, Croteau P, Jayne J, Waillace L, Murphy J & Heald C

Paige D. (2017) The Fuzzy Snow Line: Ice Stability on Airless Bodies Enhanced by Regolith and Roughness
Hayne P, Schorghofer N, Aharonson O, Paige D & Rubananko L
(2016) Constraints on Lunar Evolution from LRO Diviner Lunar Radiometer Thermal Emission Observations
Greenhagen B & Paige D
(2013) Dark Organic Matter in Permanently Shadowed Craters on Mercury
Harju E, Paige D, Siegler M, Delitsky M & Schriver D
(2011) Comparison of Diviner Lunar Radiometer Observations of Apollo Sites and Apollo Soils Measured in Simulated Lunar Environment
Greenhagen B, Thomas I, Bowles N, Allen C, Donaldson Hanna K, Foote E & Paige D

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