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Pyle L. (2016) Density Changes of Black Carbon Particles and Effects on Particle Movement and Storage
Pyle L, Masiello C & Clark K

Pyle R. (2005) Solar Modulation and Scaling in situ Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rates
Lifton N, Bieber J, Clem J, Duldig M, Evenson P, Humble J & Pyle R

Pyles H. (2021) Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of CaCO3 Revealed by in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy
Jin B, Chen Y, Pyles H, Legg B, Wang Z & De Yoreo J

Pymer A.K. (2007) Reconciling Potentiometric Titration and Second Harmonic Generation Measured Diffuse Layer Potential of an Aqueous Silica Suspension
Campen RK, Pymer AK, Nihonyanagi S & Borguet E

Pyrak-Nolte L. (2022) Interactions Across Interfaces between Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Paste and Oil Shale
Gruber C, Taylor AD, Brown KG, Delapp R, Brown L, Mitchell C, Pyrak-Nolte L, Matteo EN, Klein-BenDavid O, Bar-Nes G, Meeussen JCL, Ayers J & Kosson DS
(2016) Modeling Geomechanical Deformation in Reactive Fractures
Spokas K, Peters C & Pyrak-Nolte L
(2016) Permeability Evolution in Fractured Carbonates Exposed to Reactive Flow
Peters C, Spokas K, Pyrak-Nolte L & Fitts J

Pyrayev S. (2016) Natural Carbon Micro- and Nanostructures: Products of Natural Nanoengineering
Ponomarchuk V, Pjabov V, Moroz T & Pyrayev S

Pyrgaki K. (2019) Groundwater Pressures in Cr(VI) Impacted Aquifers of Central Greece
Argyraki A, Pyrgaki K, Kelepertzis E, Megremi I, Botsou F & Dermatas D
(2019) Assessing the Natural Background of Cr(VI) Impacted Aquifers in Central Greece
Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Megremi I, Karavoltsos S & Dassenakis E
(2019) Linking N Cycle to Contamination of Groundwater by Geogenic Cr(VI)
Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Boeckx P & Megremi I
(2017) Geogenic Occurrence of CrVI in Groundwater of Northeast Peloponnese, Greece
Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Paraskevopoulou V, Mitsis I & Dassenakis E

Pyryaev Aleksandr (2021) Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of the Carbonates from the Laterite and Hydrothermal-Sedimentary Ores of the Tomtor Ultramafic Carbonatite Complex (Russia)
Zhmodik S, Ponomarchuk V, Lazareva E & Pyryaev A

Pyryaev Alexandr (2013) Carbon Isotopes and Microelements Distribution in Fractions of Brown Coals
Pyryaev A, Ponomarchuk V & Semenova D
(2013) Whether Graphites is Able to Reflect an Economical Aspect of Metalliferous Strata
Ponomarchuk V, Moroz T, Pyryaev A, Ponomarchuk A & Semenova D
(2013) Isotopes of Elemental Carbon in the Chelyabinsk Meteorite
Ponomarchuk V, Podgornykh N, Pyryaev A & Ponomarchuk A

Pystin A. (2014) Typification, the Genesis, and Main Age Boundaries in the Evolution of the Ural Lower Precambrian
Pystin A & Pystina Y
(2013) Polymetamorphic Complexes of the Urals as Indicators of Formation of the Ural Part of the East European Craton
Pystin A
(2011) The Lower Pre-Cambrian, the Urals
Pystin A & Pystina Y
(2010) Uralian Eclogites as Exhumed Ultrahigh-Pressure Paleoproterozoic Rocks
Pystin A & Pystina Y

Pystina Y. (2014) Typification, the Genesis, and Main Age Boundaries in the Evolution of the Ural Lower Precambrian
Pystin A & Pystina Y
(2013) Zircon as an Indicator of Metamorphic Conditions
Pystina J
(2011) The Lower Pre-Cambrian, the Urals
Pystin A & Pystina Y
(2010) Uralian Eclogites as Exhumed Ultrahigh-Pressure Paleoproterozoic Rocks
Pystin A & Pystina Y

Pytharouli S. (2018) Tracing Groundwater Flow Paths in Fractured Rock Using Naturally-Occurring Organic Biomarkers
Stillings M, Shipton Z, Lord R, Lunn R, Kinali M, Pytharouli S & Thompson S

Python A. (2022) Interpretable Machine Learning to Predict Mantle Metasomatism Worldwide
Qin B, Huang F, Huang S, Python A, Chen Y & Zhang Z

Python M. (2016) Origin of Orthpyroxene in Primitive Gabbros Generated at East Pacific Rise
Chatterjee S, Python M, Godard M & Akizawa N
(2015) Melt Extraction and Metasomatism Recorded in Basal Peridotites, Oman Ophiolite
Yoshikawa M, Python M, Tamura A, Arai S, Takazawa E, Shibata T, Ueda A & Sato T
(2014) Hydrothermal Alteration at the Hess Deep Rift
Gillis K, Marks N, Faak K, McCaig A, Nozaka T, Python M, Wintsch R, Snow J & Klaus A
(2014) Static and Fault-Related Alteration In The Lower Ocean Crust, IODP Expedition 345, Hess Deep
McCaig A, Titarenko S, Faak K, Harigane Y, Marks N, Nozaka T, Python M, Wintsch R & Gillis K
(2013) Similarities between Discordant Chromitites from Northern Oman Ophiolite and Chromitite Xenoliths from Takashima Alkali Basalt, Southwest Japan Arc
Miura M, Arai S, Python M & Tamura A
(2012) Petrographic and Geochemical Characteristics of the Oman Ophiolite Lower Crust
Abily B, Ceuleneer G, Grégoire M, Python M & Benoit M

Pyzola S. (2016) Coupled Processes Involving Nitrate Reduction and Iron(II) Oxidation in a Surface Soil
Pyzola S, Matocha C, Coyne M & Grove J

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