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P P. (2023) Petrogenesis of Amphibolites from the Bhavani Shear Zone, South India
Pv A & P P

P. T. (2013) Future Calamity of Arsenic Poisoning in the Groundwater of Thoubal and Bishnupur Districts of Manipur (India)
Kashyap CSA, Syed HF, Chandrasekharam D & P. T

P. Sánchez-Cañete E. (2023) Evidence of Favored Coupled Gypsum Dissolution – Calcite Precipitation during Nocturnal CO2 Uptake in a Biocrusted Dryland Soil: An Overlooked Carbon Sink?
Lopez-Canfin C, Ruiz-Agudo E, Lázaro R & P. Sánchez-Cañete E

Paar W.A. (2006) Fluid inclusions of lower Triassic sea water in halites of the Röt evaporites from eastern Netherlands
Schramm M, Bornemann O & Paar WA

Paaso N. (2017) Microbial Degradation of Low-Level Radioactive Waste in Repository Conditions
Vikman M, Marjamaa K, Itävaara M, Nykyri M, Small J & Paaso N
(2017) The Biogeochemistry of Gas Generation from Low-Level Nuclear Waste: Modelling After18 Years Study Under in situ Conditions
Small J, Nykyri M, Vikman M, Itävaara M & Paaso N

Paatero J. (2023) Modifying the Hydrological Model SWAT+ to Include 137Cs Dynamic Processes
Nilsson E, Kim M, Jakabová V, Andersson Sundén E, Lantz M, Gustavsson C, Salminen-Paatero S, Paatero J & Barker AK
(2012) Long Term Trend in the Aerosol Black Concentrations in the Arctic Region
Hopke P, Husain L, Dutkiewicz V, Ahmed T, DeJulio A, Laing J & Paatero J

Paaver P. (2020) Development of Cement Free Binders: Activation of Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Boilers Fly Ash
Paaver P & Kirsimäe K

Pabalan R. (2005) Deliquescence Relative Humidity and Characterization of Dusts from the Vicinity of Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Juckett M, Yang L & Pabalan R
(2003) Deliquescence Relative Humidity of Salt Mixtures: An Experimental and Thermodynamic Study
Pabalan R & Yang L
(2002) Computer Simulation of Uranyl Adsorption on Montmorillonite Clay
Zaidan O, Greathouse J & Pabalan R
(2002) Effects of Salt Formation on the Chemical Environment of a High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository
Pabalan R, Yang L & Browning L

Pablo-Corella J. (2014) Endospores in Sediment as a Proxy for 20th Century Environmental Lake History
Wunderlin T, Junier T, Pablo-Corella J, Beuche M, Loizeau J-L, Girardclos S & Junier P

Pabst S. (2008) B- and Li-Rich Fluid Pulses in the Mariana Mantle Wedge
Pabst S, Zack T & Savov IP
(2007) In situ Geochemical Data from Metamorphic Rocks in the Active Mariana Subduction Zone
Pabst S, Zack T, Savov I, Rost D & Vicenzi E

Pabst T. (2022) Assessment of Water Quality Evolution in Filtered Tailings Storage Facilities
Elkhoumsi I, Pabst T & Neculita CM
(2021) Reclamation of Old and Partially Oxidized Tailings: Performance of Oxygen Barrier Covers
Dublet-Adli G, Pabst T, Breedveld G, Sætre C, Kumar N & Okkenhaug G
(2019) Use of Mining Materials in Covers to Reclaim Acid-Generating Mine Sites
Bussière B, Larochelle C, Kalonji Kabambi A, Ethier M-P, Rey N, Boulanger-Martel V, Lessard F, Pabst T & Isabelle D
(2018) Pore Water Quality at an Abandoned Tailings Site after Reclamation: A Case Study of the Manitou Mine Site, Quebec, Canada
Ethier M-P, Bussière B, Pabst T, Plante B, Aubertin M & Broda S

Pacáková I. (2011) Arsenic and its Compounds in Plants Growing in Soils Contaminated by Mining Activities
Pacáková I, Száková J, Goessler W & Tlustoš P

Pace A. (2015) Distribution and Morphologies of Modern Microbialites of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Bouton A, Vennin E, Pace A, Bourillot R, Thomazo C, Visscher P, Dupraz C, Boulle J, Désaubliaux G & Brayard A
(2015) Factors Controlling Development of Microbialites in Past and Ancient Environments
Vennin E, Bouton A, Raphaël B, Pace A, Brayard A, Olivier N, Thomazo C, Visscher P, Dupraz C & Désaubliaux G
(2015) Microbial and Physicochemical Steps Leading to the Mineralization of the Great Salt Lake Microbialites
Pace A, Bouton A, Bourillot R, Vennin E, Visscher P, Dupraz C, Thomazo C, Galaup S & Kwasniewski A

Pace Carla (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Na-X Zeolite Using a Diatomitic Rock from Albacete (Southern Spain)
Pace C, Novembre D & Gimeno D

Pace Carla (2013) Synthesis and Characterization of K-Zeolites by the Use of a Diatomite
Pace C, Novembre D & Gimeno D

Pace H. (2009) Advanced Methods to Characterize Nanomaterials for Environmental Toxicity Studies
Ranville J, Pace H, Lesher E & Lee BT

Pace L.A. (2015) Diversity and Evolution of Nitric Oxide Reduction
Pace L, Hemp J, Murali R, Ward L, Sanford R, Gennis R & Fischer W
(2015) Evolution of Anoxygenic Phototrophy
Hemp J, Ward L, Shih P, Pace L, Johnson J & Fischer W
(2013) Evolution of Photosynthesis
Hemp J, Pace L, Johnson J & Fischer W
(2013) Environmental Diversity of Denitrification
Pace L, Hemp J, Murali R, Gennis R & Fischer W
(2013) Sedimentary and Genomic Insights into the Evolution of Iron Oxidation
Fischer WW, Johnson JE, Hemp J, Pace LA, Planavsky NJ & Webb SM

Pace M. (2005) Uranium Hydrogeochemistry of the Hanford Caliche Layer
Mayes M, Pace M, Fendorf S, Jardine P & Yin X

Paces J. (2018) Sr and U Isotopes Reveal the Influence of Lithologic Structure and Weathering on Surface-Groundwater Interaction along a Mountain Stream (Hyalite Canyon, MT)
Miller F, Ewing S, Payn R, Paces J, Leuthold S, Michalek T & Custer S
(2012) Combining U and Sr Isotope Tracers to Evaluate Water Sources and Mixing Relations in Freshwater and Estuarine Wetlands
Paces J, Drexler J, Wurster F & Neymark L
(2010) SIMS U-Pb Dating of Alluvial Deposits Using Authigenic and Detrital Opal
Neymark L, Paces J & Wooden J
(2005) Ion Microprobe U-Series Dating and Cathodoluminescence of Secondary Opal at Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Paces J, Neymark L & Wooden J
(2005) Unsaturated-Zone Water/rock Interaction and U-Series Isotope Mobility at Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Neymark L & Paces J

Paces Tom (2023) Mg/Ca/Sr Isotope Systematics in a Weakly Acidified Headwater Catchment Near the Czech–Austrian Border Underlain by Base-Poor Paragneiss
Erban Kochergina Y, Novak M, Andronikov A, Holmden C, Stepanova M, Paces T, Kachlík V, Veselovský F, Hruska J & Curik J

Pačes Tomáš (2017) Characterising the Waters of the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic Utilizing Geochemistry and Stable Halogen (Br, Cl) Isotopes
Gwynne R, Pačes T, Frape S & Přechová E

Pacevski A. (2021) Occurrences and Processes of Precious Metal Enrichment in Sulphides Assessed by Combining LA-ICP-MS, HR-Tem and Fe Isotope LA-MC-ICP-MS Analyses
Pačevski A, Lazarov M & Zavašnik J
(2020) Tracing the Formation of Polymetallic Deposit Using Fe and Cu Isotopes
Lazarov M, Pačevski A & Weyer S
(2016) Ore Formation Processes in Porphyry Cu Deposit Revealed by in situ Cu Isotope Analyses
Lazarov M, Pačevski A & Weyer S
(2013) In situ Measurements of Cu Isotopes in Cu Sulphides
Lazarov M, Horn I, Weyer S & Pacevski A
(2011) Cu Isotope Fractionation in Primary and Secondary Copper Minerals from the Coka Marin and Bor Mining Areas (East Serbia)
Lazarov M, Weyer S, Pacevski A & Horn I

Pacey A. (2013) Arc Lithosphere Imposes Segmented, Great Circle Volcano Distribution in the Central Sunda Arc, Indonesia
Macpherson C, Pacey A & McCaffrey K

Pachalieva A. (2022) Scale-Bridging Using Machine-Learning: Nanoconfinement Effects in Porous Media
Viswanathan H, Santos J, Pachalieva A, Kang Q & Germann T

Pacheco Â. (2017) Characterization of Soils from North and Central Portugal for Forensic Purposes
Gomes J, Moreira I, Pacheco Â, Ribeiro H, Sant'Ovaia H, Assis A & Guedes A
(2017) Characterization of Soils from Central and South Portugal for Forensic Purposes
Moreira I, Gomes J, Pacheco Â, Ribeiro H, Sant'Ovaia H, Assis A & Guedes A
(2017) Characterization of Soils from the Region of Lisbon (Portugal) for Forensic Purposes
Pacheco Â, Moreira I, Gomes J, Ribeiro H, Sant'Ovaia H, Assis A & Guedes A

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