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Owen Jeremy (2010) Of Modern Lakes and Ancient Oceans: Trace Metals and their Isotopes in an Anoxic African Rift Lake
Severmann S, McManus J, Poulson-Brucker R, Owen J, Lyons T, Anbar A & Gordon G

Owen John (2013) The Thrym Complex of Southeastern Greenland: Evolution of Ni-Cu-Sulfide Mineralization in the Lower Crust
Owen J, Bagas L, Kolb J, Fiorentini M, Stensgaard B & Thebaud N

Owen Justine (2011) Long-Term Production Rates of Cosmogenic Nuclides: Millions of Years of Rock Exposure in Antarctica and the Atacama Desert
Nishiizumi K, Caffee M, Binnie S, Finkel R, Owen J, Amundson R, Dietrich W & Faure G
(2008) Where Precipitation Matters: 10Be and 26Al-Derived Hillslope Denudation Rates in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Owen JJ, Nishiizumi K, Amundson R, Dietrich W & Yoo K

Owen L (2003) Late Quaternary Glaciation in the Himalaya and Tibet
Finkel R & Owen L

Owen Lewis (2019) Paired and Multi Cosmogenic-Nuclide Data from Two Extreme Locations with Respect to the Last Glacial Maximum Extent of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet
Linge H, Egholm DL, Knudsen MF, Olsen J, Owen L & Caffee M

Owen N. (2017) Nanoscale Study of Clausthalite-Bearing Symplectites in Cu-Au-(U) Ores from South Australian Deposits: Implications for Ore Genesis
Owen N, Ciobanu C, Cook N & Basak A

Owen Robert (2008) Early to Middle Eocene Arctic Paleoceanography from Nd-Sr Isotope Study of Fossil Fish Debris, Lomonosov Ridge
Gleason J, Thomas D, Moore T, Blum J, Owen R & Haley B
(2007) History of Seafloor Hydrothermal Activity in the SW Pacific Bare Zone Using Fish Teeth Strontium Isotope Dating of Metalliferous Sediments
Stancin A, Gleason J, Owen R, Rea D & Blum J
(2007) Water Column Structure of the Eocene Arctic Ocean from Nd-Sr Isotope Proxies in Fossil Fish Debris
Gleason J, Thomas D, Moore T, Blum J & Owen R
(2004) Downcore 40Ar/39Ar Provenance of Cenozoic Eolian Dust in the Central North Pacific
Gleason J, Hall C, Rea D, Moore T, Owen R & Blum J
(2002) Calibrating Eolian Dust Accumulation Rates in the Central North Pacific Pelagic Clay Province
Gleason J, Johnson T, Rea D, Moore T, Owen R & Blum J
(2000) Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Variations in Deep-Sea Clays, Kerguelen Drift: A 7 Ma Record of Fluctuations in the Antarctic Ice-Sheet?
Gleason J, Rea D, Joseph L, Owen R, Blum J, Klaue A & Klaue B

Owen Robert A (2016) Coupled Modelling of Speleothem Major Isotope Systems
Owen RA, Day CC & Henderson GM
(2016) Reconstructing Rainfall from Growth, Trace-Elements, and Novel Isotopes in Speleothems
Henderson G, Barrott J, Day C, Owen R, Vaks A & Mason A

Owen Robert A. (2015) Calcium Isotope Systematics of Caves: Implications for Speleothem Palaeoclimatology
Owen RA, Day CC, Hu C, Liu Y & Henderson G

Owen T. (2015) In situ Measurement of Atmospheric Kr and Xe Isotopes on Mars
Conrad PG, Malespin CA, Franz HB, Trainer MG, Wong MH, Atreya SK, Pepin RO, Schwenzer SP, Jones J, Owen T & Mahaffy PR
(2005) The Contribution of Comets to Water on Mars and Earth
Owen T
(2005) The Astrobiological Aspects of Titan: A New Vision from Cassini-Huygens
Raulin F, Israel G, Niemann H & Owen T
(2003) Isotope Ratios in the Outer Solar System
Owen T
(2002) Cometary Delivery of Water, Noble Gases and Organics to Earth
Bar-Nun A & Owen T
(2002) Noble Gases in Planetary Atmospheres
Owen T

Owen-Smith P. Role of Endophytic Fungi on Arsenic Uptake and Tolerance in Schizachyrium Scoparium
DeVore C, ElHayek E, Busch T, Long B, Owen-Smith P, Rudgers J, Ali AM, Ducheneaux C & Cerrato J

Owens G. (2009) Spatial Distribution of Arsenic in Groundwater and its Impact on Human Health
Khan NI, Owens G & Bruce D

Owens H. (2008) Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Ninetyeast Ridge, Indian Ocean: New Constraints on Paleotectonics and Hotspot Dynamics
Pringle M, Mervine E, Frey F, Nobre-Silva I, Weis D, Owens H & Gauntlett E

Owens Jeremey D. The Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events: New Geochemical Data from the Central Atlantic Ocean
Bonacina G, Previde Massara E, Scotti P, Viaggi P, Piva A, Diamond C, Newby S, Hung C, Sanfilippo A, Lyons TW & Owens JD
Quantifying Organic Carbon Burial during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
Gill B & Owens J
Trace Element Mapping in Pyrite Framboids by Atom Probe Tomography
Atienza N, Gregory D, Taylor S, Perea D, Owens J & Lyons T
Meta-Analysis Identifies Global and Regional Change during Cretaceous Ocean Anoxic Event 2
Vizcaíno M, Yurchenko I, Forkner R, Fildani A, Owens JD, Duncan LE & Sperling EA

Owens Jeremy (2013) Trace Metal Drawdown during a Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event: Implications for Global Redox Conditions
Owens JD, Reinhard CT & Lyons TW
(2013) The Cycling and Transport of Glacially Derived Iron in Arctic Fjord Sediments
Wehrmann LM, Formolo MJ, Owens JD, Ferdelman TG, Raiswell R & Lyons TW
(2012) Glacially Derived Iron as the Key Driver for Biogeochemical Processes in Arctic Fjord Sediments (West Svalbard)
Wehrmann L, Owens J, Formolo M, Ferdelman T & Lyons T
(2012) Interpreting the Trace Metal Records of Ancient Epeiric Seaways: Lessons from the Toarcian (Jurassic) Black Shales of Europe
Gill B, Lyons T, Owens J, Bates S, Brumsack H-J & Jenkyns H
(2012) Enhanced Delivery of Bioavailable Fe Through Glacial Processes in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard
Owens JD, Wehrmann LM, Raiswell R & Lyons TW
(2010) Hydrothermal Contributions to Oceanic Anoxic Event 2? – Evidence from Trace Metals
Li X, Severmann S, Owens J & Sageman B

Owens Jeremy (2015) Distribution of Bioavailable Iron in the Pacific Ocean and Relationships to Dust Delivery and Potential Continental Sources
Lee B, Owens J & Lyons T
(2014) Delivery and Accumulation of Highly Reactive Iron to the Open Ocean and Its Implications
Lee B, Owens J & Lyons T
(2014) Molybdenum Speciation in Modern and Ancient Euxinic Settings
Chappaz A, Owens J & Lyons T

Owens Jeremy (2016) Implications of Highly Reactive Iron Distributions in Long-Range Transport of Aeolian Dust
Lee B, Owens J, Severmann S & Lyons T
(2016) Tracking the Rise of Eukaryotes to Ecological Dominance with Zinc Isotopes
Tang T, Love G, Zumberge A, Reinhard C, Dupont C, Asael D, Rooney A, Owens J, Gill B, Rainbird R, McCrow J, Lyons T & Planavsky N
(2016) Ocean Oxygenation Across Global Climate Perturbations Recorded by Thallium Isotopes
Nielsen S, Ostrander C & Owens J
(2016) Uranium Isotope Variation Across the Ediacaran Shuram Excursion
Zhang F, Li C, Melezhik V, Pokrovsky B, Shi W, Cheng M, Kendall B, Romaniello S, Owens J & Anbar A

Owens Jeremy (2017) Behavior of Mo, U, and Tl Isotopes during Differentiation in the Kilauea Iki System
Gaschnig R, Reinhard C, Owens J, Planavsky N, Wang X, Asael D, Greaney A & Helz R
(2017) Iron-Rich Conditions and Molybdenum Enrichment in a Mesoproterozoic Shelf Setting: A Snapshot from the VindhyanBasin, India
Sahoo S, Gilleaudeau G, Owens J, Poulton S & Lyons T
(2017) Tracking the Local Accumulation of Free Oxygen within Archean Marine Systems Using a Coupled Fe-Mo-Tl Stable Isotope Approach
Rybacki K, Owens J, Planavsky N & Reinhard C
(2017) The Vanadium Isotope Composition of Marine Sediments
Wu F, Owens J, Nielsen S, Scholz F, Riedinger N, Peterson L & Lyons T

Owens Jeremy (2019) Bioavailable Fe Supply by Aeolian Dust to the North Atlantic
Lee B, Owens J, Raiswell R, Severmann S, Sadler P & Lyons T
(2019) Why was There no Mass Extinction during the Cenomanian-Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event 2?
Paez-Reyes M, Owens J, Carvajal-Ortiz H, Gaona-Narvaez T, Lerma I, Brandon A, Sahoo S & Copeland P
(2019) Globally Distinctive Redox Responses to Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Cao C, Liu X-M & Owens J
(2019) The Formation of Pyrite Framboids: A View from TEM and APT
Gregory D, Perea D, Taylor S, Kovarik L, Owens J & Lyons T
(2019) Depositional Control on Marine Sedimentary Trace Metal Accumulation
Abshire M, Riedinger N, Cofrancesco J & Owens J
(2019) Thallium Variations during High-Pressure Metamorphism
Rader S, Gaschnig R, Owens J & Bebout G

Owens Jeremy The Effects of Iron and Manganese Shuttles on Thallium and Vanadium Isotopes in Black Sea Sediments
Chen X, Li S, Newby S, Lyons T & Owens J

Owens Jeremy D. (2018) Vanadium Isotope a New Tool for Tracking Low Oxygen Conditions
Wu F, Owens J & Nielsen S
(2018) Toarcian Mercury Anomalies Record Terrestrial Disturbance Rather Than Volcanic Activity
Them T, Jagoe C, Gill B, Caruthers A, Grasby S, Gröcke D, Yin R & Owens J
(2018) Tracking Marine Deoxygenation during the Cambrian SPICE Event Using Thallium Isotopes
LeRoy M, Owens J, Them T & Gill B
(2018) Investigating the Sulphur Cycle during the End-Triassic Mass Extinction from Panthalassa
Marroquín S, Gill B, Them T, Owens J, Gröcke D & Caruthers A
(2018) The Tl and Cr Isotope Composition of the Upper Continental Crust from the Archean to Present
Gaschnig R, Owens J, Newby S, Reinhard C, Wang X, Asael D, Planavsky N & Rudnick R
(2018) A Thallium Isotope Record of Ocean Oxygenation during the Lomagundi Event
Li Z, Owens J, Planavsky N, Ozaki K & Reinhard C
(2018) Oxygen Oases Were Persistent and Widespread Before the GOE
Ostrander C, Nielsen S, Owens J, Kendall B, Gordon G, Romaniello S & Anbar A
(2018) Novel Isotope Systems to Better Constrain Local to Global Reduced Bottom Water Oxygen Contents
Owens JD, Them TR, Wu F & Nielsen SG
(2018) Thallium Isotopic Evidence for Widespread Oceanic Anoxia Associated with the Late Silurian Lau Extinction Event
Bowman C, Young S, Kaljo D, Eriksson M, Them T, Martma T, Hints O & Owens J

Owens R. (2013) Marine Cements and the Late Cretaceous to Cenozoic History of Magnesium, Strontium, and Calcium in the Ocean
Opdyke B, Owens R, Caves J, Wilson P & Droxler A

Owens T. (2014) Stable Isotope Evidences for Groundwater Recharge and Mixing in the Datong Basin, Northern China
Li J, DePaolo D, Owens T, Wang Y & Xie X
(2014) The Ca Isotope Composition of Altered MORB
Brown S, Antonelli M, Staudigel H, Owens T & DePaolo D

Owor M.

Owrang S. (2014) Mercury Inventories and Isotopic Signatures in Sediments from the Floodplain of the Connecticut River
Martini A, Thibodeau A, Bergquist B, Woodruff J, Yellen B, Owrang S & Varekamp J
(2014) The Urban Geochemistry of Wethersfield Cove, Hartford, CT
Varekamp J, Owrang S, Martini A, Woodruff J, Thomas E & Kruge M

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