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Oughton D. (2016) Fukushima and the Ocean- Five Years Later
Buesseler K, Dai M, Aoyama M, Benitez-Nelson C, Charmasson S, Delfanti R, Higley K, Maderich V, Masque P, Morris P, Oughton D & Smith J

Ouimet W. (2018) A New Approach to Measuring the Elevation History of Mountains Using Organic Molecules
Hren M & Ouimet W

Ouirghi K.

Oujja M. (2015) Bioweathering in Natural Rocks and Heritage Stones
Ascaso C, Wierzchos J, Castillejo M, Oujja M, Fort R, Avarez de Buergo M, Pérez-Ortega S, Souza-Egipsy V, Cámara B & de los Ríos A

Ould Baba Sy M.

Ouled Ameur Z. (2017) Geochemical Evolution of Oil Sands Upon Aquathermolysis during Steam Injection Processes for Oil Recovery
Michel P, Lamoureux-Var V, Ouled Ameur Z, Isabelle L, Lienemann C-P, Ayache SV & Preux C

Oulehle F. (2011) Lithium Isotope Fractionation at the Soil-Plant Interface
Myska O, Magna T, Novak M, Sikl J, Zoulkova V & Oulehle F

Oura E. (2009) Multielement Profiling Analyses of Seawater in Coral Reef Area and the Biogeocemical Processes of Trace Metals in Bivalve with Symbiotic Zooxanthellae
Itoh A, Arakaki T, Kabe N, Yamaguchi M & Oura E

Oura Y (2005) Precise Determination of Sc in Natural Waters by INAA Coupled with Preconcentration of Sc
Amakawa H, Nomura M, Sato M, Oura Y & Ebihara M
(2003) Cosmogenic Radionuclides in Large Iron Meteorites
Noguchi M, Honda M, Matsuzaki H, Oura Y & Nagai H

Oura Yasuji (2017) 129I/137Cs Ratios for Atmospheric Particular Matters Collected Just after TEPCO FDNPP Accident
Oura Y, Ebihara M, Shirai N, Tsuruta H, Nakajima T, Moriguchi Y, Ohara T, Nagakawa Y, Sakurai N, Haba H & Matsuzaki H
(2017) A New Approach for Reconstructing the 131I-Spreading Triggered by the FDNPS Accident in 2011
Ebihara M, Oura Y, Shiara N, Nagakawa Y, Sakurai N, Haba H, Matsuzaki H, Tsuruta H & Moriguchi Y
(2016) Comprehensive Retrieval of Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Atmospheric Radionuclides Just after the Fukushima Accident by Analyzing Filter-Tapes of Operational Air Pollution Monitoring Stations
Tsuruta H, Oura Y, Ebihara M, Ohara T, Moriguchi Y & Nakajima T

Oursel B. (2017) A Complemetary Approaches for Speciation of Trace Metals in the Stratified Krka River Estuary (Croatia): DGT vs. Voltammetry
Cindric A-M, Garnier C, Oursel B, Cukorv N, Pizeta I & Omanovic D

Oursin M. (2019) Determination of Reaction Rates at Crystal Surfaces Using 4D X-Ray Microtomography
Noiriel C, Saldi G, Oursin M, Daval D & Haberthur D
(2019) Nutrient (Ca, Mg, K) Behavior in Soils Located in Decline Forest (Strengbach Catchment, Vosges Mountain, NE France). Development of a New Experimental Approach
Oursin M, Pierret M-C, Legout A & Zeller B

Outrequin M. (2014) Quantitative Analysis at Low Accelerating Voltage with a WDS Electron Probe Microanalyzer Equipped with a FE Column
Saliot P, Hombourger C & Outrequin M
(2013) Quantitative Analysis with the CAMECA SXFiveFE at High Lateral Resolution. Applications to Geochronology and Mineralogy
Saliot P, Hombourger C & Outrequin M

Ouvrard G. (2016) Effect of Calcium on Kaolinite Surface Properties
Deneele D, Chemeda Y & Ouvrard G

Ouyang Bingjie (2015) Microbially-Mediated Barite Dissolution in Anoxic Brines
Ouyang B, Akob D, Dunlap D & Renock D

Ouyang Bingjie (2018) Experiments on Radium Co-precipitation into Sulfates and its Implications for Radium Removal in Wastewater
Ouyang B, Feng X, Landis J, Warner N & Renock D

Ouyang Bingjie (2013) Oxidization of Chalcopyrite Mediated by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and Secondary Minerals
Liu H, Lu X, Ouyang B, Zhu X, Li J & Lu J
(2012) Reduction of Jarosite by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 and its Geochemical Implication
Ouyang B, Lu X, Liu H, Lu J, Li J & Wang R

Ouyang D. (2019) Origin of 2.49-2.45Ga Dioritic-Granitic Gneisses in the Daqingshan Area, North China Craton
Ouyang D & Guo J

Ouyang Fei (2014) The Study and Development of CHIM Geoelectrochemical Method for Exploration of Concealed Mineralisation in China
Luo X, Wen M, Ouyang F & Liu X
(2014) The Geoelectrochemical-Extraction Measurement Method to Look for Hidden Gold Ore Deposit
Luo X, Liu X, Wen M & Ouyang F

Ouyang Fei (2017) Mechanism of Geoelectrochemical Halo-Forming and Prospecting
Luo X, Gao W, Wen M, Ouyang F & Liu P

Ouyang Fei (2019) Geoelectrochemical Methodin in Searching for Concealed Copper Deposits in Jiangsan of Zhejiang
Luo X, Gao W, Ouyang F & Wen M
(2019) Significance of a Quaternary Sedimentary Profile in Manjiang, Fusong County, Changbai Mountain Region
Gao W, Luo X, Ouyang F & Wen M

Ouyang Fei (2016) Study of an Integrated Method About Data Processing and the Prospecting for Ore Deposit by Applying Electro -Geochemical Method
Luo X, Wen M & Ouyang F

Ouyang Fei (2013) Geoelectrochemical Anomaly, Mechanism and Exploration of Copper and Nickel Deposit, Hongqiling, Jilin, China
Luo X, Wen M & Ouyang F

Ouyang H. (2018) Tungsten and Tin Deposits in China Through Geological History
Mao J, Ouyang H, Song S, Yuan S, Zhou Z & Zheng W

Ouyang W. (2019) Atmospheric Wet Depostion Fluxes of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Lake Qinghai Watershed at Qinghai-Tibet Pleatau, China
Zhang X, Guo B, Ouyang W & Lin C

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