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Otter Laura M. (2017) Submicron Architecture of Bivalve Shells Revealed by Microbeam Techniques
Otter LM, Konsik MA, Kilburn MR, Sorowka A, Hoppe P, Williamson JE & Jacob DE
(2015) Highly Resolved Mn/Fe Microanalyses in Desert Varnish for Paleoclimate Reconstruction
Jochum K, Macholdt D, Otter L, Pöhlker C, Weber B, Stoll B, Weis U, Al-Amri A, Müller M, Kappl M & Andreae M
(2015) Microanalytical Investigations of Rock Varnish from Different Regions
Macholdt DS, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U, Otter LM, Pöhlker C, Weber B, Müller M, Kappl M, DiGregorio BE, Al-Amri A & Andreae MO
(2015) Desert Varnish and Dust: Nano- and Femtosecond LA-ICP-MS Studies of Major and Trace Elements
Otter LM, Macholdt DS, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U, Weber B, Scholz D, Al-Amri A & Andreae MO

Ottesen R.T. (2013) Regional Urban Geochemical Baseline for Heavy Metals and Persistent Organic Pollutants in Dublin, Ireland (SURGE Project)
Glennon M, Scanlon R, O'Connor P, Harris P & Ottesen RT

Ottley C. J. (2009) Coexistence of Abyssal and Ultra–depleted SSZ Type Mantle Peridotites from the Muğla Area, SW Turkey
Uysal I, Karsli O, Sadiklar MB, Tarkian M, Meisel T, Ottley CJ & Stutz P
(2009) Developing Ni as a Geological Tracer: A New Method for Ni Separation
Porter S, Selby D, Ottley C & Nowell G
(2009) Geochemical Dissection of a Kimberlite: What Makes up a Whole Rock Analysis?
Malarkey J, Pearson DG, Davidson J, Nowell G, Kjarsgaard B & Ottley C
(2008) Lithosphere Stabilization Ages beneath SW Greenland
Wittig N, Webb M, Pearson DG, Dale CW, Ottley CJ, Luguet A & Jensen SM
(2008) Origins of Diamond Forming Fluids – Constraints from a Coupled Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope and Trace Element Approach
Klein BenDavid O, Pearson DG, Nowell GM, Ottley C & Cantigny P
(2006) Detailed histories of magma transfer and contamination in a flood basalt province – a Sr isotope micro-sampling study of Skye basalts
Font L, Davidson JP, Pearson DG, Nowell G & Ottley C
(2005) Dating Mantle Melting Using the Lu-Hf Isotope System
Pearson DG, Nowell G & Ottley C

Ottley Chris (2019) Carbonate Assimilation by Sunda Arc Magma at Sumbing Volcano, Central Java, Indonesia
Macpherson C, Dempsey S, Nowell G, Ottley C, Thirlwall M & Hall R
(2018) The Textural and Chemical Records of Mushy Magma Dynamics
Humphreys M, Cooper G, Zhang J, Loewen M, Kent A, Metcalfe A, Macpherson C, Ottley C & Davidson J
(2017) Erosion and Weathering Drive Net CO2 Drawdown in the Mackenzie River Basin over Geological Time
Horan K, Hilton R, Dellinger M, Galy V, Gaillardet J, Tipper E, Selby D, Ottley C & Burton K
(2017) Diogenite Highly-Siderophile-Element Systematics Do Not Provide a Direct Record of the Vestan Mantle
Riches A, Burton K, Nowell G & Ottley C

Otto-Bliesner Bette (2019) New Views of Warm Worlds from Paleoclimate Data Assimilation
Tierney J, King J, Malevich SB, Bhattacharya T, Feng R, Zhu J, Li M, Poulsen C, Haywood A, Otto-Bliesner B, Ridgwell A, Hakim G, Tardif R & Kump L
(2018) Modeling the Oxygen Isotope in the Early Eocene Hothouse Climate Using an Isotope-Enabled Earth System Model
Zhu J, Poulsen C, Liu Z, Brady E, Otto-Bliesner B & Noone D
(2017) Mechanisms of Tropical Hydroclimate Change during the Late Quaternary: New Frontiers at the Intersection of Proxies, Models, and Observations
Konecky B, Noone D, Di Nezio P, Nusbaumer J, Otto-Bliesner B & Cobb K
(2013) Improved Dust Representation in the Community Atmosphere Model
Albani S, Mahowald N, Perry A, Scanza R, Zender C, Heavens N, Maggi V, Kok J & Otto-Bliesner B

Otto-Bliesner Bette, L (2010) Surface Mass Balance and Geochemical Constraints on the Laurentide Ice Sheet Contribution to Meltwater Pulse 1A
Carlson A, Ullman D, Anslow F, He F, Clark P, Liu Z & Otto-Bliesner B
(2010) North Atlantic Melting Water Forcing of Early Deglacial Warming in the Southern Ocean and Two-Step North Pacific Ventilation: A Transient GCM Study with CCSM3
He F, Liu Z, Otto-Bliesner BL, Clark P, Carlson A & Brady E
(2008) Water Isotopes during the Last Glacial Maximum: New GCM Calculations
Lee J-E, Fung I, DePaolo D & Otto-Bliesner B

Ottofuelling S. (2010) Testing Nanoparticles for their Environmental Behaviour
von der Kammer F, Ottofuelling S & Hofmann T

Ottolini L. (2017) Amphibole as a Proxy for the Volatile Content of the Archean Mantle
Sessa G, Tiepolo M, Fiorentini M, Moroni M, Deloule E, Ottolini L, Langone A & Ferrari E
(2009) Delaminated North China Craton Lithosphere Preserved in Xugou Massif Peridotite, E China
Spengler D, Obata M, Hirajima T, Ottolini L, Tamura A & Arai S
(2008) Xenolith Evidence for Anatexis of Hydrothermally Modified Mafic Crust (Hyblean Area, Italy): Implications for Primary Origin of Some Trachytoid Magmas
Viccaro M, Scribano V, Cristofolini R & Ottolini L
(2005) SIMS Analysis of Chlorine at Low Contents in Silicates: A New Tool for Upper-Mantle Geochemical Studies
Le Fèvre B & Ottolini L
(2004) Mantle Source Heterogeneity Recorded in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from the FAMOUS Zone, Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Laubier M, Schiano P, Doucelance R, Laporte D & Ottolini L
(2002) Boron and Chlorine Cycling in the Subducted Hydrous Oceanic Mantle
Scambelluri M, Muentener O, Ottolini L, Pettke T & Vannucci R

Ottonello G. (2005) REE Distribution in Grandites from the Crown Jewel Gold Skarn Deposit: A LA-ICP-MS Study
Gaspar M, Knaack C, Meinert L & Ottonello G
(2005) Chromium Isotopic Fractionation during Cr(VI) Reduction in Groundwaters
Petrini R, Slejko FF, Ottonello G, Marini L, Vetuschi Zuccolini M & Accornero M
(2002) The Solubility and Speciation of Sulfur in Silicate Melts: Development of the Conjugated Toop-Samis-Flood-Grjotheim (CTSFG) Model
Moretti R & Ottonello G

Ou Y. (2018) Comparison between Two Different Thermal-Release Mercurometric Surveys of Soil and Ore-Search Prediction in Jielagepu Gold Deposit, Longzi Country, Tibet
Zheng C, Luo X, Wen M, Ou Y & Liu P
(2018) Application of Factor Analysis on Prospecting for Concealed Lead-Zinc Deposit Based on the Geo-Electrochemical Method in Zhijin Area, Guizhou
Luo X, Ou Y, Gao W & Liu P

Ouabadi Aziouz (2019) Witness of UHP Metamorphism in the Western Mediterranean
Bruguier O, Bosch D, Caby R, Vitale-Brovarone A, Fernandez L, Hammor D, Laouar R, Ouabadi A & Abdallah N

Ouabadi Azziouz (2017) Ultramafics in the Western Mediterranean: A Geochemical Perspective from the Collo Area (NE Algeria)
Bosch D, Bruguier O, Costa S, Abdallah N, Ouabadi A, Laouar R & Abbasene F
(2017) Age and Geochemical Characteristics of Kinzigites from the Collo Area (NE Algeria)
Bruguier O, Bosch D, Costa S, Abdallah N, Ouabadi A, Laouar R & Abbasene F

Ouabid M. (2019) Evidence for Cambro–Ordovician Bimodal Magmatism in the Moroccan Meseta: Geodynamic Implication
Ouabid M, Garrido CJ, Ouali H, Acosta-Vigil A, Marchesi C, Dautria J-M, Román-Alpiste MJ, Hidas K & Harvey J

Ouadahi S. (2019) A Window into Neoproterozoic Mantle Evolution: Insights from Serpentinites in the Tuareg Shield, North Africa
Ouadahi S, Bodinier J-L, Bendaoud A, Dautria J-M, Vauchez A & Fettous E-H

Oualha M.

Ouali H. (2019) Evidence for Cambro–Ordovician Bimodal Magmatism in the Moroccan Meseta: Geodynamic Implication
Ouabid M, Garrido CJ, Ouali H, Acosta-Vigil A, Marchesi C, Dautria J-M, Román-Alpiste MJ, Hidas K & Harvey J

Ouamer-ali K. (2019) Depth-Specific Modeling of Lansdcape-Scale Soil Dynamics Using Bulk Electrical Conductivity Measurements
Donahoo M, Ouamer-ali K, Daoud Y, Djili K & Harvey O

Adingra M, Ouattara Z, Coulibaly Y, Coulibaly I, Koffi S & Kouamélan A
(2018) Geochemistry of the Granodiorite from the Intrusion-Controlled Gold Deposit of Bonikro, Fettèkro Greenstone Belt, Côte d’Ivoire
Ouattara Z, Coulibaly Y & Boiron M-C

Ouchi T. (2016) Aqueous Chemistry of Formaldehyde and Ammonia in the Early Solar System
Kebukawa Y, Misawa S, Kawai J, Mita H, Nanbu K, Ouchi T, Muramatsu Y, Yoda I, Tachibana S & Kobayashi K

Oudone P. (2018) Factors Affecting Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations in Groundwater
McDonough L, Oudone P, Rutlidge H, Meredith K, Andersen M, O'Carroll D, Chapelle F & Baker A

Ouellet A. (2012) The Rusty Sink: Iron Promotes the Preservation of Organic Matter in Sediments
Gelinas Y, Lalonde K, Mucci A & Ouellet A

Ouellette G. (2018) Corals are not Thermometers – How to Extract a Geochemical Time Series from a Complex Skeleton
DeLong K, Ouellette G & Vara M

Ouerfelli N. (2018) Characterization of the Organic Matter Mineralisation in Paralic Aquatic System in the Southern Mediterranean Coast (the Northeast of Tunisia)
Essifi M, Ouertani N, Toukabri A, Ouerfelli N & Mtimet A

Ouertani N. (2019) Urban Influence on Organic Matter Preservation in Different Mediterranean Paralic Ecosystem
Ouertani N & Hamouda R
(2018) Characterization of the Organic Matter Mineralisation in Paralic Aquatic System in the Southern Mediterranean Coast (the Northeast of Tunisia)
Essifi M, Ouertani N, Toukabri A, Ouerfelli N & Mtimet A
(2018) Significance of the Identification of Methylhopane Biomarker Hydrocarbons in the Holocene Sediments. Case of the « Lac sud de Tunis »
Ouertani N, Hamouda R & Belayouni H
(2016) Evolution of Lipid Biomarkers as Indicators of Environmental Changes in an Anoxic Lagoon: "Lac de Tunis"
Ouertani N, Hamouda R & Belayouni H
(2016) Early Diagenesis and Preservation of Organic Matter in Anoxic Aquatic Environments: Lagoon of Bizerte – Tunisia
Essifi M, Ouertani N, Dhaoui S & Yahyaoui S
(2007) Evolution of Anoxic Aquatic Systems Under Urban Environments: Case of 'Lac Sud' Tunisia
Ouertani N, Hamouda R & Belayouni H
(2007) Diagnosis of Pollution State of the Coasts in the Vicinity of an Oil Terminal: Bioremediation Effect
Hamouda R, Ouertani N & Belayouni H

Oufqir S. (2014) Scanning Transmission X-Ray ‎Microscopy Analysis of the ‎Composition and Distribution of the ‎Organic Matter Chemically Stabilized ‎by Soil Clay Minerals
Oufqir S, Bloom P & Toner B

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