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Othmane Guillaume (2011) Uranium Speciation in Opals from the Nopal I Deposit (Mexico)
Othmane G, Allard T, Menguy N, Vercouter T, Morin G, Calas G & Fayek M

Othmane Guillaume (2013) Bacterial Formation of Fe-Phosphates in the Water Column of Meromictic Ferruginous Lake Pavin (Massif Central, France)
Cosmidis J, Benzerara K, Morin G, Busigny V, Jézéquel D, Lebeau O, Noël V, Dublet G & Othmane G

Otlu N. (2002) Some Textural and Geochemical Evidences on Mixing and Mingling in the Genesis of Karamagara Volcanics, Saraykent-Yozgat, Central Anatolia, Turkey
Alpaslan M, Otlu N, Ekici T, Temel A & Boztug D

Otofuji Yo-Ichiro (2002) Pb Isotopic Characteristics of the Tertiary Volcanic Rocks Observed in the Japan Sea Side of Northeast Japan
Nohda S, Kani T & Otofuji Y-I

Otofuji Yoichiro (2016) Excess Argon in Contact Aureoles
Hyodo H, Miki M & Otofuji Y

Otomo K. (2007) Mechanism of Cr6+ Immobilization in Different Soils
Otomo K & Shikazono N

Otosaka Shigeyoshi (2017) Evolution of Surface Concentrations of 90Sr and 137Cs Through 2016 from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Accident
Kenyon J, Buesseler K, Casacuberta N, Castrillejo M, Otosaka S, Drysdale J, Pike S & Diaz X
(2017) Behavior of Radiocesium at Sediment-Water Interface off Fukushima
Otosaka S, Fukuda M & Aono T
(2016) Processes Affecting Long-Term Change in 137Cs Abundance in Seabed Sediment off Fukushima
Otosaka S & Kobayashi T
(2016) Resuspension and Lateral Transport of Radiologically-Contaminated Seafloor Sediment off Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Honda M, Buesseler K, German C, Otosaka S, Black E, Kawakami H, Manganini S & Pike S
(2016) What are the Main Sources of Fukushima-Derived Radionuclides to the Ocean off Japan Fiver Years Later ?
Sanial V, Buesseler K, Charette M, Castrillejo M, Henderson P, Juan Diaz X, Kanda J, Masque P, Nagao S, Nishikawa J, Otosaka S & Pike S

Otosaka Shighyoshi (2015) Iodine Speciation and Iodine-129 Distribution in the Chukchi Sea and Bering Sea
Obata H, Miwa K, Kondo Y, Gamo T, Otosaka S & Suzuki T
(2011) 129I as an Oceanographic Tracer in the Japan Sea
Suzuki T, Minakawa M, Otosaka S & Togawa O

Otsu E. (2013) Dissolution of Amorphous Silica in the Presence of Ca2+ and Mg2+ at pH 6 and 9
Otsu E, Etou M, Okaue Y & Yokoyama T

Otsuji N. (2015) Dissolution-Reprecipitation of Zircon in Metacarbonate Rocks in Response to Fluid Infiltration
Satish-Kumar M, Hokada T, Horie K & Otsuji N

Otsuka H. (2003) Reactivity of Enzymes to Humic Substances
Yanagi Y, Kitayama K, Suzuki T, Otsuka H & Fujitake N

Otsuka T. (2003) Thermal Stability of Dissolved Humic Acid as Revealed by in situ UV Spectroscopy
Masuda K, Ito Y, Nakashima S & Otsuka T
(2003) Long-Path Gas Cell Infrared Spectroscopy of Volatile Organic Pollutants
Otsuka T, Nakashima S, Miwa S & Sunose M

Otsuki K. (2007) Determination of PVTX Data and the Phase Change of Crustal Fluids
Uchida Y & Otsuki K
(2006) New experimental technique for P-V-T measurements of crustal fluids around critical point
Uchida Y & Otsuki K

Otsuki S. (2016) Relaxation-Induced Microstructure Transition of Magmatic Foam
Nakamura M, Otsuki S & Okumura S

Ott C. (2008) A Multi-Proxy Approach to Look at the Paleoclimatic Variability in the Upwelling Zone of NW Africa
Ott C, Steinke S, Rendle-Buehring R, Meggers H, Boeckel B, Baumann K-H & Donner B

Ott H. (2016) Impact of Wettability on Two Phase Flow at the Pore Scale
Ruecker M, Bartels W-B, Berg S, Mahani H, Ott H, Georgiadis A, Brussee N, Coorn A, van der Linde H, Hinz C, Jacob A, Wagner C, Henkel S, Enzmann F, Bonnin A, Stampanoni M, Hassanizadeh SM & Blunt M
(2015) Multiphase Flow Modelling of Unstable Calcite Dissolution Patterns from Core Scale to Reservoir Scale
Snippe J & Ott H

Ott U. (2017) Noble Gases in Indian Carbonatites
Czuppon G, Magna T, Benko Z, Rapprich V & Ott U

Ott U. (2019) Carbonate Sedimentary Rocks as Archive of Palaeoatmospheric Argon
Hopp J, Trieloff M & Ott U
(2011) Howardite Noble Gases as Indicators of Asteroid Surface Processing
Cartwright JA, Mittlefehldt DW, Herrin JS & Ott U
(2011) Solar Noble Gases in Tagish Lake
Jakubowski T, Ott U & McCausland PJA
(2008) Lithium Isotope Compositions of Chondrules and CAIs from Allende and Various Ordinary Chondrites
Seitz H-M, Zipfel J, Brey G & Ott U
(2007) Noble Gases and Nitrogen in the Isheyevo CH/CB Chondrite
Nakashima D, Schwenzer S & Ott U
(2007) Noble Gases in Frontier Mountain Ureilites
Ott U, Franke L, Löhr H-P & Welten KC
(2007) Lithium Isotopes of the Early Solar System and Terrestrial Planets
Seitz H-M, Brey GP, Zipfel J, Ott U & Weyer S
(2004) Noble Gases in Shergotty: Bulk, Pyroxene and Maskelynite
Schwenzer S, Herrmann S & Ott U
(2002) Nitrogen in the OIB-Mantle
Mohapatra RK, Harrison D & Ott U
(2002) Nitrogen and Noble Gases in Caliche from the Martian Meteorite SaU 008
Schwenzer SP, Mohapatra RK & Ott U

Ottavi-Pupier E. (2013) CSD, Crystal Shape and Connectivity in Synthetic Basalt from 3D Reconstruction by X-Ray CT Image
Ottavi-Pupier E, Dardé B, Monnier L, Nakamura M, Okumura S, Tsuchiyama A, Uesugi M & Uesugi K

Otte J. (2017) Nitrite as a Key Intermediate in N2O Formation in iron(II)-containing and Carbon-Rich Marine Sediments
Kappler A, Otte J, Ruser R, Schmidt C, Kleindienst S, Harter J & Jorgensen BB
(2016) Interrelation, Competition and Environmental Consequences of Microaerophilic, Nitrate-Reducing and Phototrophic Fe(II) Oxidation in Freshwater and Marine Sediments
Kappler A, Laufer K, Nordhoff M, Otte J, Schaedler F, Lockwood C, Schmidt C, Kleindienst S, Bryce C, Blackwell N, Roy H, Jorgensen BB & Schink B
(2015) Competition and Interrelation of iron(II)-oxidizing Microorganisms in Marine and Freshwater Sediments
Otte J, Lockwood C, Laufer K, Nordhoff M, Schädler F, Kleindienst S, Schmidt C & Kappler A
(2015) Coupling of Fe and N Cycles by Nitrate-Reducing Fe(II)-oxidizing Bacteria in Freshwater Sediments
Schaedler F, Lockwood C, Otte J, Behrens S, Schmidt C & Kappler A

Otte K. (2011) Density Functional Theory Study of the Interaction of Arsenic Complexes with FeOOH Surfaces
Otte K, Schmahl WW & Pentcheva R
(2009) First Principles Investigation of the FeOOH-Polymorphs Under Pressure
Otte K, Pentcheva R, Schmahl WW & Rustad JR

Otte T. (2012) Iron Oxidizing Bacteria: Influence of Calcium and Magnesium on Growth Rates
Eggerichs T, Jerofke S, Otte T, Opel O & Ruck W

Otten G.A. (2001) Compositional Changes of Crude Oils during Simulated Migration Through Quartz and Clay Minerals
Tseng H-Y, Gong C, Otten GA, Noke KJ, Bennett B & Larter SR

Otten W. (2013) Living in Soil Pores: Physical and Nutritional Constraints for Microbial Decomposers of Soil Organic Matter
Chenu C, Nunan N, Juarez S, Moyano F, Otten W, Schmidt S, Garnier P & Monga O

Otter L.m. (2019) Bivalve Shell Architectures: New Insights from Pulsed Sr-Labelling and Correlative Micro/Nanoanalysis
Otter LM, Trimby P, Henry H, Kilburn MR, Eder K, Agbaje OBA, Gim J, Hovden R, Cairney JM, Mazumdar S & Jacob DE

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