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Nabyl Z. (2019) REE-Rich Carbonatites Immiscible with Phonolitic Magma
Nabyl Z, Massuyeau M, Gaillard F, Tuduri J, Iacono-Marziano G, Rogerie G, Le Trong E, Di Carlo I, Melleton J & Bailly L
(2019) The Effects of F, Cl, P and H2O on the Immiscibility and Rare Metals Partitionning between Carbonate and Phonolite Melts
Gaillard F, Nabyl Z, Tuduri J, Di Carlo I, Melleton J & Bailly L
(2017) Experimental Simulation of Rare Metal Enrichments during the Fractionation of Alkaline Magma
Nabyl Z, Gaillard F, Bailly L, Melleton J, Tuduri J & Iacono-Marziano G
(2017) Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Fluid Composition with Increasing Deformation in the Vicinity of a Major Detachment Fault, Betic Cordillera (Spain)
Verlaguet A, Agard P, Nabyl Z, Bouat L & Jentzer M

Nachez Y. (2017) Land-Ocean Processes Traced by Rare Earth Elements in the Solomon Seas (Pandora, GEOTRACES Cruise GP#12)
Pham V, Catherine J, Belhadj M, Nachez Y & Grenier M

Nachimuthu P. (2010) Adsorbate Effects on Aqueous Aging of Nano-Sized Zerovalent Iron (nZVI) Particles
Amonette J, Nachimuthu P, Russell C, Baer D, Tratnyek P, Dohnalkova A, Wang C & Nurmi J

Nachit H. (2010) Upper Mantle and Metasomatic Processes on Eastern Moroccan Anti-Atlas
Ibhi A, Nachit H, Ait Touchnt A, Abia EH & Vaccaro C

Nacho A. (2017) Reaction between Olivine and Nitrogen Fluids at High Pressure and High Temperature
Kagi H, Kubo T, Shinozaki A & Nacho A

Nachtegaal M. (2009) Hourly-Size Segregated Sampling of Trace Elements and Subsequent Source Apportionment
Richard A, Furger M, Bukowiecki N, Lienemann P, Nachtegaal M, Prevot A & Baltensperger U
(2004) Ni Immobilisation by Al-Modified Montmorillonite: A Novel Uptake Mechanism Deduced by P-EXAFS
Nachtegaal M, Scheidegger A, Dähn R & Furrer G

Nadalig T. (2002) Diversity of Microorganisms Mediating Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane
Knittel K, Lösekann T, Boetius A, Nadalig T & Amann R
(2002) Structure and Diversity of Microbial Communities at Two Methane Seep Sites (Gulf of Guinea)
Nadalig T, Caprais JC, Loesekann T, Cambon-Bonavita M-A, Knittel K & Olu-Leroy K

Nadaoka K. (2016) Tracing the Sources and Evaluating the Cycling of Phosphate Using δ18Op in a Eutrophic Tropical Mariculture Area
Ferrera C, Miyajima T, Watanabe A, Umezawa Y, San Diego-McGlone ML, Morimoto N & Nadaoka K

Nadeau L. (2015) Mapping Regional Metamorphic Events in Poly-Metamorphosed Plutonic Domains Using Recrystallized Zircon: An Example from the Paleoproterozoic Thelon Tectonic Zone and Adjacent Queen Maud Block, Northwestern Canada
Davis W, Berman R & Nadeau L

Nadeau Marie-Josée (2008) Changes in MOC Revealed by Chronostratigraphic Correlation of Ocean Sediment Cores via 14C Plateau Tuning
Grootes PM, Sarnthein M, Kennett JP, Holbourn A, Nadeau M-J & Kühn H

Nadeau Matthew (2018) Mg Isotope Tracing of Paleofluid Migration during Dolomite Formation in the Williston Basin
Nadeau M, Holmden C & Kimmig S

Nadeau O. (2017) Magmatic and Meteoric Fluids in the Italian Apennines: Geochemistry of the Epithermal Environments of Vulcano and Campi Flegrei Volcanoes
Nadeau O, Mick E, Robidoux P, Grassa F & Brusca L

Nadeau Olivier (2015) Volatile Phase Variations in Metal Concentrations and Redox States during Merapi Volcano Eruptive Cycles: Insights into the Genesis of Porphyry Systems
Nadeau O, Stix J & Williams-Jones AE

Nadeau Olivier (2014) Mantle Melting and Hydrothermal Fluids at the Montviel Alkaline-Carbonatite System (REE, Nb), Abitibi, Canada
Nadeau O, Stevenson R & Jébrak M
(2012) Depleted Mantle as the Source of Gold in Archean Alkaline Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
Nadeau O, Stevenson R & Jebrak M

Nadeau Olivier (2013) Petrosomatic Evolution of Montviel Alkaline System and Rare Earth Carbonatites, Abitibi, Canada
Nadeau O, Stevenson R & Jébrak M

Nadeau Patricia (2019) Aerosol Chemistry of the 2018 Kīlauea Lower East Rift Zone Eruption – From Source to Exposed Communities
Mason E, Ilyinskaya E, Whitty RCW, Wieser P, Liu E, Edmonds M, Mather T, Elias T, Nadeau P, Kern C, Schneider DJ & Oppenheimer C

Nadeau Patricia A. (2012) SO2 Emissions and their Role in Eruptive Activity at Fuego Volcano, Guatemala
Nadeau PA, Waite GP & Palma JL

Nadeau S. (2013) Guyana: The Lost Hadean Crust of South America?
Nadeau S, Wei C, Reece J, Lachhman D, Ault R, Faraco MT, Fraga LM, Reis NJ & Betiollo L

Nadeem N.A.B. (2014) Hydrogeochemical and Isotope Fingerprinting of Major Karst Springs of Bringi Watershed, NW Himalayas, India
Nadeem NAB & Jeelani GJ

Naden J. (2019) Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Arc-Like Post-Subduction Magmas: Apuseni, Romania
Ene V-V, Smith D, Tapster S, Rosu E, Munteanu M & Naden J
(2017) Igneous Framework of the South Apuseni Mountains, Romania
Ene V-V, Smith D, Naden J, Munteanu M & Rosu E
(2015) Temporal Constraints on Magma Dynamics Resulting in Porphyry Copper Deposit Formation
Tapster S, Smith D, Naden J & Condon D
(2014) Are Re Concentrations in Porphyry Copper Deposits the Result of Hydrothermal Fluid-Country Rock Interactions? Evidence from Stable Isotope Analyses (δ34S, δ18O, δD) of the Muratdere Au-Cu (Mo-Re) Porphyry Deposit, Turkey
Sullivan K, Roberts S, Naden J, Lusty P, McDonald I & Boyce A
(2011) Fractionation of a Hydrous Arc Magma: The Origin of Adakitic and Alkaline Signatures at Savo Volcano, Solomon Islands
Smith D, Petterson M, Saunders A, Jenkin G & Naden J
(2006) Origin of fluids in the shallow geothermal environment of Savo, Solomon Islands
Smith DJ, Jenkin GRT, Boyce AJ, Naden J & Petterson MG

Nader F. (2010) Effects of Fe and Mn on Stoichiometric Characterization of Dolomites by Cell and Rietveld Refinements
Kohler E, Turpin M & Nader F

Naderi M. (2017) Speleothem Records of Glacial/Interglacial Climate from Iran Forewarn of Future Water Availability in the Interior of the Middle East
Mehterian S, Pourmand A, Sharifi A, Lahijani H, Naderi M & Swart P

Naderi N. (2012) Alteration and Isotopic Vectoring at the Syenite-Hosted Young-Davidson Gold Deposit, Matachewan, Ontario
Naderi N, Martin R, Linnen R, Zhang J, Lin S & Banerjee N

Nadhir A. (2016) Multi Geosciences Approach at Blawan-Ijen Volcano-Geothermal Complex, East Java, Indonesia to Understand It Utilization and Hazard
Maryanto S, Wicaksono A, Santoso D, Nadhir A, Gunawan H, Suantika IG & Prasodjo E

Nadimikeri J. (2005) Trace Element Geochemistry of Tambaraparni Deltaic Sediments, East Coast of India
Nadimikeri J

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