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Ma Xiangxian
(2016) 57Fe Mössbauer Study on Iron Redox State in Serpentinized Periotite from Darbut Ophiolite, Western Junggar, NW China
Ma X, Zheng G, Wang X, Zheng J, Xu W, Li Y & Fan Q
(2016) Iron Speciation of Mud Breccia from Dushanzi Mud Volcano in Xinjiang Province, NW China
Xu W, Zheng G, Ma X, Li Y, Fan Q & Liang S
(2016) Mantle-Derived Helium along the Tancheng-Lujiang Fault Zone in Eastern China
Zheng G, Xu S, Sano Y, Xu W, Wang H, Zhang M, Ma X & Cao C

Ma Xiaogang (2016) Constraints on the Mineral Evolution of Planetary Crusts Using Statistical Correlations and Anti-Correlations Among the Mineral-Forming Elements
Hummer D, Hazen R, Ma X, Golden J & Downs R

Ma Xinghua (2013) Origin of Highly Differentiated Granites from South China: Implications for W-Sn Deposits
Chen B, Ma X & Wang Z

Ma Xinghua (2016) Origin of the Youmapo Granitic Complex and Implications for the Polymetallic Mineralization
Ma X, Chen B & Wang Z

Ma Xinghua (2012) Petrogenesis of the Aolunhua Igneous Complex, Eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Geochemical, and Sr-Nd-Hf Isotopic Constraints
Ma X, Chen B & Wang Z
(2012) Petrogenesis of the Guposhan Granitic Complex, South China
Wang Z, Chen B & Ma X

Ma Xingzhi (2016) Quantitative Analysis for Affecting Factors of Gas Adsorption Capacity Measurement on the Shales
Ma X
(2014) Origin and Evolution of Waters in the Hancheng Coal Seams, the Ordos Basin, as Revealed from Water Chemistry and Isotope (H, O, 129I) Analyses
Ma X, Song Y, Liu S, Jiang L, Hong F & Hao J

Ma Xinhua (2016) A Preliminary Discussion on Some Important Advances of the Rare Metal Deposit
Zhou Z, Che H, Ma X & Gao X

Ma Y. (2003) Kinematics and Timings of Two NNE-Trending Ductile Shear Zones from the Yanshan Intraplate Orogen, North China Craton
Zhang X, Wang H & Ma Y
(2001) Environmental Impacts of Mining the Giant Panzhihua V-Ti Magnetite Deposit, SW China
Ni S, Zhang C, Teng Y, Ma Y, Zhou M-F, Sun M, Malpas J, Li Y & Wang Z
(2000) Strontium Isotope Systematics during Chemical Weathering of Granitoids: Importance of Relative Mineral Weathering Rates
Ma Y, Liu C & Huo R

Ma Y.-J. (2001) Geochemical and Mineralogical Indicators of Paleoclimate in Lateritic Profiles: A Case Study from Jiangxi, China
Ma Y-J & Liu C-Q

Ma Yan (2019) Extracting Paleo-Erosion Records from Sedimentary Archives Sunk in Basin by Using Stable Cosmogenic 21Ne
Ma Y, Wu Y, Pang J & Wang Y
(2017) Using Cosmogenic Nuclides in Sediments to Have an Insight into the River Landscape Evolution of Altay Area in Northern Xinjiang, NE China
Ma Y, Pang J, Wang Y, Zhang H & Zheng D

Ma Yanming (2019) A Possible Reservoir for Primordial Helium in the Lowermost Mantle
Redfern S, Feng X, Zhang J, Lv J, Li H, Lu C, Liu H, Chen C & Ma Y

Ma Yi-Fei (2014) Abiotic Synthesis of Disordered Dolomite at Ambient Temperature
Ma Y-F, Yao Q-Z & Zhou G-T

Ma Yifei (2018) Water Exchange Rates and Reaction Pathways on Mg2+
Ma Y & Wallace A

Ma Ying (2017) Geochemistry and Fluid Evolution of the Liyuan Gold Deposit, Northern Shanxi Province, Central North China Craton
Ma Y, Li H-L & Jiang S-Y

Ma Ying-Jun (2002) Speciation and Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements in a Lateritic Profile from Southern China: Identification of the Carriers of Ce Anomalies
Ma Y-J

Ma Yingjun (2008) Importance of Carbonaceous Materials on Sorption of Phenanthrene by Sediments
Ma Y & Huang W

Ma Yu (2018) Natural Gas Genetic Types in the Western Part of Qaidam Basin, NW China
Zhou S, Li J, Li Y, Ma Y, Chen K, Zhang C & Zhang Y
(2016) Compound-Specific C- and H-Isotope Compositions from Carboniferous and Permian Source Rocks in the Junggar Basin
Zhou S, Li J, Fu D & Ma Y

Ma Yuetao (2019) Learn from Nature by Linking Earth Science to Natural Materialogy Development
Ma Y

Ma Yun-Qi (2015) Boron Isotope Geochemical Study of the Huanghe River: Source of the Abnormally High Boron Concentration
Zhao Z-Q, Zhang L-L, Ma Y-Q, Fan B-L & Tao Z-H

Ma Yunlu (2019) Mg-Al Cation Exchange in MgAl2O4 Spinel and its Short-Range Ordering
Liu X, Ma Y, Zhao X & Zhang Z
(2018) Influence of Peridotite Xenolith-Magma Interaction on Geochemical Diversity of Alkali Basalts: Evidence from Spinels
Ma Y, He M, Liu L & Liu X
(2018) Random Si Distribution between the T-Site and M-Site of MgAl2O4-spinel at High P-T Conditions
Liu X, Liu L, Bao X, He Q, Yan W, Ma Y, He M, Tao R & Zou R
(2017) Coesite, Some of its IR Features (SiO4 and OH), and Dehydration
Liu X, Ma Y, He Q & He M

Ma Yuxiao (2008) Petrology, Geochemistry and Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of Turbidites from the Neoproterozoic Yanbian Group in the Yangtze Block, SW China: Implications for Provenance and Tectonic Setting
Sun W-H, Zhou M-F, Yan D-P, Li J-W & Ma Y

Ma Zhaohui (2019) Organosulfur Evidence for the Ocean Redox in South China during Ediacaran-Cambrian Transition
Wang C, Xu B, Dai F, Lan T, Ma Z & Meng F

Ma Zhenhui (2017) Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Volcanic Rocks and OIB Type Basalts from the Lajishan Mélange in the Central Qilian, NW China
Wang T, Wang Z, Wang D & Ma Z

Ma Zhenling (2017) Automatic Detection of Hadal Macro Biological Using Machine Learning Method
Deng J, Ma Z, Luo R & Yang Q

Ma Zhenmin (2018) The Chemical and Isotope Characteristics of Geothermal Fluids in Shandong, China
Zheng T, Stefánsson A, Kang F, Yang X, Shi M, Ma Z, Sui H & Jiang H

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