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Ma Yan (2017) Using Cosmogenic Nuclides in Sediments to Have an Insight into the River Landscape Evolution of Altay Area in Northern Xinjiang, NE China
Ma Y, Pang J, Wang Y, Zhang H & Zheng D

Ma Yi-Fei (2014) Abiotic Synthesis of Disordered Dolomite at Ambient Temperature
Ma Y-F, Yao Q-Z & Zhou G-T

Ma Yifei (2018) Water Exchange Rates and Reaction Pathways on Mg2+
Ma Y & Wallace A

Ma Ying (2017) Geochemistry and Fluid Evolution of the Liyuan Gold Deposit, Northern Shanxi Province, Central North China Craton
Ma Y, Li H-L & Jiang S-Y

Ma Ying-Jun (2002) Speciation and Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements in a Lateritic Profile from Southern China: Identification of the Carriers of Ce Anomalies
Ma Y-J

Ma Yingjun (2008) Importance of Carbonaceous Materials on Sorption of Phenanthrene by Sediments
Ma Y & Huang W

Ma Yu (2018) Natural Gas Genetic Types in the Western Part of Qaidam Basin, NW China
Zhou S, Li J, Li Y, Ma Y, Chen K, Zhang C & Zhang Y
(2016) Compound-Specific C- and H-Isotope Compositions from Carboniferous and Permian Source Rocks in the Junggar Basin
Zhou S, Li J, Fu D & Ma Y

Ma Yun-Qi (2015) Boron Isotope Geochemical Study of the Huanghe River: Source of the Abnormally High Boron Concentration
Zhao Z-Q, Zhang L-L, Ma Y-Q, Fan B-L & Tao Z-H

Ma Yunlu (2018) Influence of Peridotite Xenolith-Magma Interaction on Geochemical Diversity of Alkali Basalts: Evidence from Spinels
Ma Y, He M, Liu L & Liu X
(2018) Random Si Distribution between the T-Site and M-Site of MgAl2O4-spinel at High P-T Conditions
Liu X, Liu L, Bao X, He Q, Yan W, Ma Y, He M, Tao R & Zou R
(2017) Coesite, Some of its IR Features (SiO4 and OH), and Dehydration
Liu X, Ma Y, He Q & He M

Ma Yuxiao (2008) Petrology, Geochemistry and Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of Turbidites from the Neoproterozoic Yanbian Group in the Yangtze Block, SW China: Implications for Provenance and Tectonic Setting
Sun W-H, Zhou M-F, Yan D-P, Li J-W & Ma Y

Ma Zhenhui (2017) Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Volcanic Rocks and OIB Type Basalts from the Lajishan Mélange in the Central Qilian, NW China
Wang T, Wang Z, Wang D & Ma Z

Ma Zhenling (2017) Automatic Detection of Hadal Macro Biological Using Machine Learning Method
Deng J, Ma Z, Luo R & Yang Q

Ma Zhenmin (2018) The Chemical and Isotope Characteristics of Geothermal Fluids in Shandong, China
Zheng T, Stefánsson A, Kang F, Yang X, Shi M, Ma Z, Sui H & Jiang H

Ma Zhibang

Ma Zhong-Ping (2013) Tectonic Implications for Mid-Late-Neoproterozoic Rift-Related Volcanic Rocks in China
Xu X-Y, Xia L-Q, Xia Z-C, Li X-M & Ma Z-P

Ma Zhong-Zhen
(2016) Geochemical Characteristics of Crude Oil from M1ss Member in Tarapoa Block, Oriente Basin, Ecuador
Ma Z, Xie Y, Zhang Z, Yang X & Gan L
(2016) Geochemical Comparison of Source Rock and Crude Oil and the Analysis of Hydrocarbon Accumulation of T Block in Oriente Basin, Ecuador
Xie Y, Ma Z, Yang X & Liu Y
(2016) Source Rocks Variation and its Links to Sequence Stratigraphy in the Upper Cretaceous of the Oriente Basin, Ecuador
Yang X-F, Xie Y-F, Ma Z-Z, Zhang Z-W, Liu Y-M, Zhou Y-B & Wang D-D

Ma Zhonghua (2010) Ab Initio Molecule Dynamics Simulation of Hydroxide Reorientation in Water
Ma Z & Tuckerman M

Ma ZhongPing (2011) A LA-ICP-MS Chronological and Tectonic Environment Study of the Ore-Bearing Volcanics in Baiyin Orefield
Li X-M, Ma Z-P, Sun J-M & Yu J-Y
(2010) Age, Geochemical Characteristics of SSZ-Type Ophiolite in the South Tianshan, China, and Subducting Direction of the Paleo-Southern Tianshan Ocean
Ma Z
(2009) The Characteristics and Ages Study About the Yuemakeqi Mafic-Ultramafic Rock in the Southern Altyn Fault
Li X, Ma Z, Sun J, Xu X, Lei Y, Wang L & Duan X
(2007) The Paleozoic SSZ-Type Ophiolite and Subduction Rollback in the Eastern Junggar, Nothwestern China
Ma Z, Xia L, Xu X & Li X

Ma Zhongzhen (2017) Geochemical Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Heavy Oil from M1 Member, TW Block, Oriente Basin
Ma Z, Zhang Z, Yang X & Zhou Y

Maacha Lhou (2011) Gold and Palladium Mineralization at Est of Bou Azzer Ophiolite, Morocco
Elghorfi M, Ennaciri A, Maacha L & Oberthur T
(2011) Hydrothermal Co-ni Mineralization, Associated with Serpentinized Peridotites: Bou Azzer, Morocco
Ennaciri A, Maacha L, Barbanson L & Maier WD

Maacha Lhou (2015) Gold Distribution in Arseniures Ores from Bou Azzer El Graara – Inlier, Central Anti-Atlas, Morocco
El Ghorfi M, Maacha L, Zouhair M, Ennaciri A, Oberthuer T & Melcher F

Maansson S.F. (2016) Reorganization of Earth's Biogeochemical Cycles Briefly Oxygenated the Oceans 520 Myr ago
Dahl TW, Connelly JN, Kouchinsky A, Gill BC, Maansson SF & Bizzarro M

Maarouf F. (2017) The Effect of Temperature on the Structural and Optical Properties of ZnO Nanoparticles Synthesized Through a Precipitation Method
Lhimr S, Bouhlassa S, Elyahyaoui EIA, Bouhssane N, Aaouine K & Maarouf F

Maas A. (2017) New Perspectives on the Cenozoic ∂7Li Record
Henehan M, Abell R, Tsong R, Kalderon-Asael B, Planavsky N, Burke J, Elder L, Foster G, Davis C, Maas A, Elliott T, Schmidt D & Hull P

Maas C. (2015) Effects of Earth’s Rotation on the Early Evolution of a Terrestrial Magma Ocean
Maas C & Hansen U

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