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Myklebust R. (2004) The Initial Eocene Thermal Maximum: Global Warming Resulting from Contact Metamorphism and CH4 Venting in Volcanic Basins
Planke S, Svensen H, Malthe-Sørenssen A, Jamtveit B & Myklebust R

Mykytczuk N. (2013) Experimental Evolution of Dissimilatory S Isotope Fractionation
Pellerin A, Mykyczuk N, Austin R, Zane G, Whyte L, Wall J & Wing B
(2012) Analog Studies of Brine Cryoenvironments in the Canadian High Arctic
Mykytczuk N, Twine S, Wing B, Foote S, Fulton K, Greer C & Whyte L
(2012) Evolutionary Response of S Isotope Fractionation by Sulfate Reducing Microorganisms
Pellerin A, Mykytczuk N, Zane GM, Whyte L, Wall J & Wing B

Mykytczuk N.C. (2017) Analysing the Microbial-Mineral Interface within Sulfidic Mine Wastes
Principe E, Mykytczuk NC, Spiers G & Schindler M

Mylavarapu R. (2017) The Effect of Short-Term Inundation on Potential Nutrient Flux in a Coastal Ecosystem
Collins R, Mylavarapu R, Clark M & Osborne T

Myles L. (2010) Dry and Wet Deposition of Reduced Nitrogen to the Tampa Bay Watershed
Myles L & Robinson L

Myllykangas J-P. (2016) Impacts of Flocculation and Redox Shuttling on Iron and Manganese in Non-Tidal Estuarine Sediments
Jilbert T, Tiihonen R, Myllykangas J-P, Asmala E & Hietanen S

Mylroie J. (2008) Deglacial Climate Dynamics in the Western Pacific Ocean Measured in a Stalagmite from Guam
Sinclair D, Banner J, Taylor F, Quinn T, Jenson J & Mylroie J

Myneni S. (2018) Hg Coordination in Actively Hg-Methylating Bacteria
Thomas S, Mishra B & Myneni S
(2018) Fe and Mn Catalyzed Bromination of Soil Organic Matter from Freshwater Wetlands
Schlesinger D, Travis C & Myneni S
(2018) Metadynamics Based Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Experimental Study of the Adsorption of Phthalate Esters on Smectite Clay Surfaces
Willemsen J, Myneni S & Bourg IC
(2018) Role of Minerals in Organic Carbon Retention in the Soil Critical Zone
Myneni S, Atkinson W, Sleighter R, Hatcher P & Regier T
(2018) The Methane Paradox in Peat Systems is Linked to Redox Transitions
Wilmoth J, Liu X, Schaefer J, Shoemaker J, Myneni S & Zhang X
(2017) X-Ray Spectroscopy and Microscopy Studies on the Role of Natural Organic Matter in Elemental Cycles in Soils
Myneni S

Myneni Satish C. (2015) Dust-Iron Modifications by Natural Trichodesmium
Shaked Y, Kessler N, Sanders RL & Myneni SC
(2015) Source and Formation of Soil Humic Colloids and their Functional Groups Responsible for Metal Binding
DiDonato N, Chen H, Waggoner D, Myneni S & Hatcher P
(2015) FTIR, XAS and XPS Studies on the Stability & Reactivity of Ferrihydrite and Nano-Goethite
Myneni S, Crompton N, Majzlan J, Frith M & Bernasek S
(2014) Hg2+ Reactions at Bacteria-Water Interfaces: Implications for Hg Speciation in the Environment
Myneni S, Mishra B, Fein J & Shoenfelt E
(2014) Stability and Transformation of Amorphous Fe-Oxyhydroxides in the Presence of Environmentally Relevant Ligands
Crompton N & Myneni S
(2014) Sea Level Rise Produces Abundant Organobromines in Affected Coastal Environments
Joe-Wong C, Chow A, Wang J-J, Rhew R & Myneni S
(2013) Structures of Weakly Binding Anions at the Interfaces of Fe-Polymers and Fe-Oxides: Evidence from X-Ray and Infrared Spectroscopic Studies
Myneni S & Crompton N
(2013) Quantification and Speciation Study of the Marine Solid-Phase Iron Pool
von der Heyden B, Roychoudhury A & Myneni S
(2012) Natural Organobromine in Terrestrial and Marine Environments
Leri A & Myneni S
(2012) Determining Reactive Thiol Concentration in Naturally Occuring Organic Molecules
Shoenfelt E, Joe-Wong C, Crompton N, Jayne E & Myneni S
(2012) Speciation of Colloidal Fe in Terrestrial and Marine Environments Using Synchrotron X-Ray Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Myneni S, Roychoudhury A, Tyliszczak T, Martinez G & van der Heyden B
(2012) Chloride: The Unexpected Poison in the Growth of Crystalline Iron Oxides
Crompton N & Myneni S
(2012) Composition of SOM in the Canadian High Arctic
Sanders R, Sleighter R, Onstott T, Whyte L, Hatcher P & Myneni S
(2011) Chemical Speciation of Fe-Rich Colloids and Nanoparticles in the Southern Ocean
von der Heyden B, Roychoudhury A & Myneni S
(2011) The Fe L3-edge as a Probe for Fe Oxide Speciation
Roychoudhury A, von der Heyden B, Frith M & Myneni S
(2010) Chemistry and Mineralogy of Fe-Rich Marine Nanoparticles, West Coast of South Africa
von der Heyden B, Myneni S & Roychoudhury A
(2010) Hg(II) Adsorption and Speciation on Bacterial Surfaces
Mishra B, Fein J, Yee N, Beveridge T & Myneni S
(2009) Chemistry of Bacterial Interfaces: Functional Group Composition and Implications for Metal and Mineral Surface Complexation
Myneni S & Mishra B
(2009) Structure and Chemistry of Fe and Al Aquatic Colloids and their Influence on P Cycling in a Tropical Reservoir
Martinez G, Myneni S, Mishra B & Finkelstein G
(2008) Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Iron-Sulfate Minerals from Iron Mountain, California, U.S.A
Alpers CN, Majzlan J, Bender Koch C, Bishop JL, Coleman ML, Dyar MD, McCleskey RB, Myneni SCB, Nordstrom DK & Sobron P
(2008) Organosulfur Speciation and Dynamics in Forest Floor Leaf Litter and Dissolved Organic Matter
Hay M, Leri A & Myneni S
(2008) Structure and Coordination of Aluminum in Aqueous Solution and on Mineral Surfaces
Mishra B, Hay M & Myneni S
(2008) Molybdenum Speciation and Bioavailability in Soils
Wichard T, Mishra B, Kraepiel A & Myneni S
(2005) Local Structure of Carboxylic Acid Groups in Natural Organics
Hay M, Deshmukh A & Myneni S
(2005) Studying Ligands, Metals and their Complexes in Aqueous Systems Using Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy
Myneni S
(2005) The Structural Chemistry of Hydroxyl Moieties in Ferric Polymers
Harrington L & Myneni S
(2004) Iron and Sulfate in Acidic Waters: From Aqueous Clusters to Mineral Precipitates
Majzlan J & Myneni S
(2003) Spectroscopic Investigation of Di- and Trivalent Ion Interaction with Sulfate in Aqueous Solutions
Majzlan J & Myneni S
(2002) Probing the Coordination Chemistry of Natural Organo-Cl Compounds Using Soft X-Rays
Myneni S
(2002) Molecular Investigation of Natural Organic Molecules and their Complexes Using Soft X-Rays
Myneni S, Edwards D & Strathman T
(2001) Reanalysis of the Schwertmannite Structure and the Incorporation of Structural SO42- Groups: An IR, XAS, WAXS and Simulation Study
Waychunas GA, Myneni SCB, Traina SJ, Bigham JM, Fuller CC & Davis JA
(2001) Molecular Chemistry of Natural Organic Molecules in Aqueous Solutions and at the Interfaces
Myneni SCB

Myneni Satish C.B. (2009) Exploring the Relationship between Molybdenum and Organic Matter Through Experimental Approaches and XAS and NMR Characterization
Chappaz A, Lyons TW, Fitts JP & Myneni SCB

Myojo K. (2015) Nucleosynthetic Strontium Isotope Variability in Allende CAIs
Myojo K, Yokoyama T, Sugiura N & Wakaki S
(2013) Strontium Isotope Anomalies and 26Al-26Mg Chronology in CAIs from CV Chondrites
Myojo K, Yokoyama T, Sano Y, Takahata N, Sugiura N, Iwamori H & Uno M
(2012) 26Al-26Mg and 10Be-10B Systematics in CAIs from CO and CV Chondrites
Myojo K, Yokoyama T, Sano Y, Takahata N & Sugiura N

Myrbo A. (2018) Manganese Carbonates Linked to Methane Oxidation in Ferruginous Environments
Wittkop C, Swanner E, Lambrecht N, Grengs A, Myrbo A & Katsev S

Myriokefalitakis S. (2017) Evaluation of Labile Iron Processing in Atmospheric Models
Ito A, Myriokefalitakis S, Kanakidou M, Mahowald N, Baker A, Jickells T, Sarin M, Bikkina S, Gao Y, Shelley R, Buck C, Landing W, Bowie A, Perron M, Meskhidze N, Johnson M, Feng Y & Duce R
(2016) Human-Driven Changes in Dissolved Phosphorus Deposition to the Ocean
Myriokefalitakis S, Nenes A, Mihalopoulos N, Baker AR & Kanakidou M
(2013) Impact of Crustal Elements on Global Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen
Myriokefalitakis S, Daskalakis N & Kanakidou M
(2009) Global Sources of Organic Aerosols in the Atmosphere: Reconciling Model Results with Observations
Kanakidou M, Myriokefalitakis S, Tsigaridis K & Daskalakis N
(2009) Simplicity Versus Accuracy in Global Secondary Organic Aerosol Modeling
Tsigaridis K, Kanakidou M, Myriokefalitakis S & Perakis L
(2009) Impact of Global Emissions of Primary Marine Organic Aerosols
Vignati E, Facchini MC, Rinaldi M, Scannell C, Sciare J, Kanakidou M, Myriokefalitakis S, Dentener F & O'Dowd C

Myrold D.D. (2015) Conceptualising Carbon Turnover in the Rhizosphere
Kleber M & Myrold D
(2012) Metals and Microbes: Imaging Organic Matter-Mineral Relationships at High Resolution with STXM/NanoSIMS
Pett-Ridge J, Keiluweit M, Bougoure J, Nico PS, Weber PK, Zeglin L, Myrold DD & Kleber M
(2011) Association of Amino Sugars (Chitin) with Fe Oxyhydroxides in Mycorrhizal Mat Soils – A STXM/NanoSIMS Investigation
Pett-Ridge J, Keiluweit M, Bougoure J, Nico P, Weber P, Zeglin L, Myrold D & Kleber M
(2010) Visualizing Organic Matter Biogeochemistry at the Microaggregate Scale: Lessons from STXM-SIMS
Pett-Ridge J, Keiluweit M, Kleber M, Myrold D, Nico P & Weber P
(2010) C and N Dynamics in Soil Microstructures: A Joined STXM/NEXAFS and NanoSIMS Approach
Keiluweit M, Nico PS, Zeglin LH, Pett-Ridge J, Weber P, Myrold DD & Kleber M
(2005) Microbial C and N Assimilation in Soils and Model Systems as Revealed by TOF-SIMS
Cliff J, Gaspar D, Bottomley P & Myrold D

Myrow Paul (2014) Reconciling the Detrital Zircon Record with Continental Tectonic Histories: Case Studies from India and South America
McKenzie R, Horton B, Hughes N, Myrow P & Stockli D

Myrow Paul (2013) Evaluating the Role of Arc Volcanism on Neoproterozoic to Early Paleozoic Climate
McKenzie R, Hughes N, Gill B & Myrow P

Myrttinen A. (2016) Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer Analysis of CO2 Reveals Preferential Flow Pathways in Geological Storage Site
Van Geldern R, Nowak M, Zimmer M, Szizybalski A, Myrttinen A, Barth J & Jost H
(2011) Geochemical Monitoring of Reactive Percolation Experiments Using Carbon Stable Isotopes
Myrttinen A, Jeandel E, Ukelis O, Dimier A, Becker V, van Geldern R & Barth JAC

Mysen Bjorn (2017) New Raman Constraints on the Bisulfite Isomer Quotient: Implications for Isotope Fractionations in Aqueous Systems
Eldridge DL, Mysen B & Cody G
(2016) Mantle Melting and Volatiles: Redox-Controlled Solution Mechanisms and C-Isotope Fractionation in Coexisting Silicate Melt and COH Fluid
Mysen B
(2016) Radiation-Induced Oxidation of Fe in Hydrous Basalt Glasses
Cottrell E, Lanzirotti A, Kelley K, Newville M, Birner S, Davis F, Mysen B & Botcharnikov R
(2014) Chemical Dependence of the Structural Position of OH Groups in Silicate Glass: with Implication for H2O/OH Measurements Through IR Spectroscopy
Le Losq C, Cody G & Mysen B
(2011) P5+ and Ti4+ Solution Mechanisms of and Partitioning between Fluids and Melts at Crustal and Upper Mantle Pressure and Temperature
Mysen B
(2011) In-Situ, High-Pressure/-Temperature Experimental Determination of Structure-Property Relations in Silicate Melt-C-O-H-N Systems
Mysen B
(2010) Redox-Dependent, Diffusion-Driven Fractionation of Fe Isotopes in Silicate Melts and its Structural Controls
Roskosz M, Alexander C, Sio K, Wang J, Watson H, Dauphas N & Mysen B
(2010) In situ Characterization of Fluid and Melt Structure in H2O-Saturated Aluminosilicate Systems in the Deep Crust and Upper Mantle
Mysen B
(2010) Structure and Properties of Silicate-Saturated Fluids in the System Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O Determined in situ at High Temperature and Pressure
Yamashita S & Mysen B
(2010) Nitrogen Solubility in a Molten Assemblage of an (Fe, Ni) Alloy and a CI Chondritic Silicate up to 18 GPa
Bouhifd A, Roskosz M, Jephcoat A & Mysen B
(2010) Speciation and Solubility of Reduced C-O-H Fluids in Coexisting Fluids and Silicate Melts Determined in situ to 1.45 GPa and 800˚C
Mysen B, Yamashita S & Fogel M
(2008) From N2 to NHx Groups in Silicate Melts Governed by fH2 at High Pressure and Temperature
Mysen B, Yamashita S & Chertkova N
(2006) Effect of Redox Relations of Iron on Olivine/Melt Partitioning Behavior of Ca, Mg and Transition Metals at Ambient Pressure
Mysen B
(2006) The ‘not so noble’ behaviour of nitrogen in silicate melts at high pressure and temperature
Mysen B, Roskosz M & Cody G
(2004) Effect of P-T and Composition on Dihedral Angles in Fluid-Bearing Mantle Minerals and Fluid Migration in the Earth’s Interior
Mibe K, Adzima C & Mysen B
(2004) Melt Structural Control on Mineral/Melt Element Partitioning
Mysen B & Dubinsky E
(2004) Life in a Mars Analog: Microbial Activity Associated with Carbonate Cemented Lava Breccias from NW Spitsbergen
Amundsen H, Steele A, Fogel M, Mysen B, Kihle J, Schweizer M, Toporski J & Treiman A
(2003) Structure and Disorder of Silicate Melts at High-Pressure: 17O 3QMAS NMR, Quantum Calculations & Thermodynamic Modeling
Lee S, Fei Y, Cody G & Mysen B
(2003) Solubility and Solution Mechanism of H2O in Alkali Silicate Melts at High Pressure
Mysen B & Cody G
(2001) Investigation of Kaersutite Crystallization in SNC Basaltic Magmas
Minitti ME & Mysen BO
(2000) Solution Behaviour of H2O in Haploandesitic Melts in the Pressure-Temperature Regime of the Upper Mantle
Mysen BO & Wheeler K

Mysen Bjorn O. (2015) In situ Study of Hydrogen Isotopes Fractionation between Silicate Melts and Aqueous Fluids: Implications for Subduction Zone Processes
Dalou C, Le Losq C & Mysen BO

Myska O. (2013) Drainage Water Chemistry Reflects Monolithologic Critical Zones
Kram P, Curik J, Veselovsky F, Myska O, Stedra V, Blaha V & Hruska J
(2011) Lithium Isotope Fractionation at the Soil-Plant Interface
Myska O, Magna T, Novak M, Sikl J, Zoulkova V & Oulehle F

Myslicki N. (2014) Formation of Fe-Mo-S Solid(s): Possible Sequestration Vehicle
Vorlicek T, Chappaz A, Groskreutz L & Myslicki N

Mysore MSS

Myszka B. (2017) Interfacial Interaction of Calcium Carbonate in the Context of Biomedical Aplications
Myszka B, Schlüssler M, Harris J, Wolf S & Boccaccini A
(2017) Biomineralization Study of Calcium Carbonate Cements
Rodriguez-Sanchez J, Myszka B, Dysthe DK & Boccaccini AR

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