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Lu Yongjun Enhanced Cooling of the Mantle Caused by the Launch of Modern Plate Tectonics
Liu H, Johnson T, Chen Q, Lu Y & Sun W
Recycled Volatiles Determine Fertility of Porphyry Deposits in Collisional Settings
Xu B, Griffin W, O’REILLY S, Hou Z-Q, Lu Y, Belousova E, Chen Z-Y & Xu J-F
(2019) An SCLM Control on the Metallogenic DNA of the Continental Lithosphere
Holwell D, Fiorentini M, McDonald I, Lu Y, Giuliani A, Smith D, Keith M & Locmelis M

Lu Yuanzhi

Lu Yuehan (2018) Revisiting the Early Land Forest Hypothesis for a Late Devonian Mass Extinction Process in the Southern Appalachian Basin Using an Organic Geochemical Characterization of the Chattanooga Shale (Frasnian to Famennian)
Lu M, Lu Y, Sun Y, Ikejiri T, Sun D & Carroll R
(2014) The Impact of Oil Contamination on the Geochemistry and Microbiology of Salt Marsh Sediment and Seawater Microcosms
Donahoe R, Bej A & Lu Y

Lu YueHan Paleofire Records Reveal Possible Mechanisms of the Termination of the Late Devonian Upper Kellwasser Marine Anoxia
Lu M, Lu Y, Sun Y, Carroll R & Ikejiri T
Reconstructing Marine Anoxic Events and Associated Microbial Responses Using Organic Geochemical Proxies in the Upper Devonian New Albany Shale of the Illinois Basin
Chen J, Lu Y, Ikejiri T, Sun Y & Hogancamp N
(2019) Preliminary Geochemical Evidence of Co-evolution of First Forestation and Marine Anoxia in the Southernmost Appalachian Basin during the Late Frasnian Mass Extinctions
Lu Y, Lu M, Ikejiri T & Sun Y
(2016) Can Biomarkers in Non-Fossiliferous Chattanooga Shale (Late Devonian) Show Evidence of the Earliest Land Forest on the Southern Appalachian Landmass?
Lu M, Lu Y, Ikejiri T, Ibrahim Ç, Pashin J & Hogancamp N
(2016) Does Human Land Use Alter the Amount and Quality of Dissolved Organic Matter in Lotic Ecosystems?
Lu Y, Cohen S, Wilson H & Shang P

Lu Z (2005) Pore Water Iodine Concentrations and <+>129<$>I/I Ratios of the Hydrate Ridge (ODP 204): Implication for the Origin of Gas Hydrates
Lu Z, Fehn U & Tomaru H
(2005) <+>81<$>Kr-Dating: From Dream to Practice
Lu Z
(2004) Study on the Heterogeneity of Surface Energy of Titania Nanoparticles by Means of Probe Gas Adsorption Isotherms
Liu X, Lu X, Lu Z, Hou Q & Zhang H
(2004) Imprint of Primary Migration of Hydrocarbon on the Nano-Scaled Pore Structure of Source Rocks and Surface Properties of Organoclay Complexes
Lu X, Liu Q, Zhang L, Lu Z & Liu X
(2003) Pb and Nd Isotope Evolution of the Central Pacific Ocean over the Cenozoic: Implication for Contrasting Source Dominance
Ling H, Jiang S, Ni P, Zhou F, Lu Z & Zhou H
(2003) Implications of Fe/Mn Ratios in Fe-Mn Crusts for Paleoclimate Changes
Lu Z, Ling H, Jiang S & Zhou F
(2003) Geochemical Anomalies Possibly Indicating Occurrence of Hydrate in the Northeast of the South China Sea
Lu Z, Wu B, Qiang Z, Zhou Y, Wang Z & Zhang F

Lu Zheng-Tian The Hydrogeochemical Evolution of Basinal Fluids in the Paradox Basin: Implications for Sources, Flowpaths, and Residence Time
Kim J-H, Noyes C, Dell'Oro A, Tyne R, Ferguson G, Person M, Ma L, Lu Z-T, Jiang W, Yang G-M, Ballentine C, Reiners P & McIntosh J
(2018) New Developments at the Laboratory for Radiokrypton and Radioargon Dating at USTC
Jiang W, Yang G-M, Ritterbusch F, Chu Y-Q, Dong X-Z, Gu J-Q, Hu S-M, Landais A, Lipenkov V, Lu Z-T, Stenni B & Tong A
(2018) Determining the Absolute Abundance of Atmospheric 81Kr
Zappala J, Baggenstos D, Bishof M, Gerber C, Jiang W, Kennedy M, Lu Z-T, Mueller P, Purtschert R & Visser A
(2017) A New Laboratory for Radiokrypton and Radioargon Dating
Jiang W, Yang G-M, Ritterbusch F, Dong X-Z, Gu J-Q, Hu S-M, Liu J-L, Lu Z-T, Sun L-T & Tong A-M
(2017) Underground Production of 81Kr Detected in Subsurface Fluids
Purtschert R, Onstott T, Lu Z-T, Jiang W, Müller P, Zappala J, Yokochi R, Van-Heerden E, Lau M, Kieft T, Brennwald M & Cason E
(2017) Sampling and Sample Preparation for Radiokrypton Dating of Groundwater, Glacier Ice and Ocean Water
Ritterbusch F, Yang G-M, Zhao L, Dong X-Z, Gu J-Q, Hu S-M, Jiang W, Lu Z-T & Tong A-M
(2016) Atom-Trap Method for Radio-Krypton and Radio-Argon Dating of Water and Ice
Lu Z-T
(2016) Noble Gas Radioisotope Constraints on Age of Ice Cover of West Lake Bonney, Taylor Valley, Antarctica
Cronin K, Doran P, Purtschert R, Jiang W, Lu Z-T, Mueller P & Sturchio N
(2016) Field Degassing as a New Sampling Method for 14C Analyses in Groundwater
Bernier R, Yokochi R, Yechieli Y, Purtschert R, Adar E, Jiang W, Lu Z-T, Mueller P, Ram R & Zappala J
(2016) Towards Kr-81 Dating with 20kg of Water
Yang G, Jiang W, Gu J, Hu S & Lu Z
(2014) 81Kr: A New Tracer of Old Groundwater Flow
Lu Z-T, Jiang W, Zappala J, Bailey K, Mueller P & O'Connor T
(2014) Dating Groundwater in the Western Great Artesain Basin, Australia
Love A, Purtschert R, Shand P, Jiang W, Lu Z-T, Tosaki Y, Fulton S, Wohllng D, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Broder L & Kipfer R
(2013) Radiometric 81Kr Dating Reveals 120, 000 Year Old Ice at Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
Buizert C, Baggenstos D, Jiang W, Purtschert R, Petrenko V, Brook E, Lu Z-T, Mueller P & Severinghaus J
(2013) 81Kr Concentrations in Deep Fracture Waters of the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa
Purtschert R, Onstott T, Jiang W, Lu Z-T, Müller P, van Heerden E, Erasmus M, Borgonie G, Linage B, Kuloyo O, Kipfer R, Brennwald M, Visser B, Maphanga S & Joubert L
(2012) Dating Old Groundwater by Multiple Tracers Including Krypton 81
Love A, Purtschert R, Lu Z-T, Fulton S, Shand P, Jiang W, Mueller P, Yang G-M, Wohling D, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Broder L, Kipfer R, Priestley S, Gueutin P & Tosaki Y
(2012) 81Kr-Dating is now Available
Lu Z-T, Jiang W, Sharma A, Bailey K, Mueller P, O'Connor T, Hu S-M, Purtschert R & Sturchio N
(2012) Noble Gas Radionuclides in Yellowstone Geothermal Gases
Sturchio NC, Yokochi R, Purtschert R, Jiang W, Yang G-M, Mueller P, Lu Z-T, Kennedy BM & Kharaka Y
(2011) Reaching Part-Per-Quadrillion: Detection of 39Ar in Environmental Samples Using ATTA
Lu Z-T, Bailey K, Davis A, Hu S-M, Jiang W, Mueller P, O'Connor T, Purtschert R, Sturchio N, Sun Y & Williams W
(2009) Noble Gas Radionuclides and ATTA in Hydrology: State of the art
Sturchio N, Yokochi R, Lu Z-T, Purtschert R, Bailey K, Cheng C, Davis A, Ding Y, Dunford R, Hu S-M, Jiang W, Mueller P, O'Connor T, Williams W & Young L
(2008) 81Kr Dating and 85Kr Dating
Ding Y, Lu Z-T, Davis A, Dunford R, Hu S-M, Jiang W, Mueller P, Purtschert R, Sturchio N, Young L, Bailey K, O'Connor T & Yokochi R
(2006) Radiokrypton Analysis in the 21st Century: Development and Application of a Laser Atom Trap
Sturchio N, Lu Z-T, Mueller P, Bailey K, O'connor T, Yokochi R & Probst P
(2002) Residence Time of Nubian Aquifer Water, Western Desert, Egypt
Sturchio NC, Sultan M, Lu ZT, Du X, Lehmann BE & Purtschert R

Lu Zhengquan (2009) Subsurface Gas Geochemistry and its Implication to Possible Gas Hydrates in the Qinghai-Tibet Permafrost
Lu Z, Wu B, Rao Z, Zhu Y, Luo X & Bai R

Lu Zhitong (2019) Influence of Sulfide Mineralization on the Oceanic Sulfate Reservior during the Early Cambrian, South China
Han T, Fan H, Wen H, Mo B, Murowchick JB & Lu Z

Lu Zunli (2010) I/Ca Ratios in Marine Carbonate as a Palaeo-Redox Proxy during Oceanic Anoxic Events
Lu Z, Jenkyns H & Rickaby R
(2009) Occurrence of Iodine and Methane in Active Margins: A Potential Link to Past Climatic Changes
Fehn U, Lu Z & Tomaru H
(2009) Organic Matter Diagenesis, Methane Oxidation and their Relation to Ikaite Precipitation in Antarctic Sediments
Lu Z, Pancost R, Aquilina A & Rickaby R

Lu Zunli (2009) 129I Dating of Hydrocarbons in Gas Hydrate Deposit, off Shimokita Peninsula, Japan
Tomaru H, Fehn U, Lu Z, Takeuchi R, Inagaki F, Imachi H, Kotani R, Matsumoto R & Aoike K

Lu Zunli (2015) Iodine Records of Local Surface Seawater Redox Conditions from Ediacaran to Early Cambrian in South Yangtze Basin, South China
Li D, Lu Z, Zhou X & Ling H
(2015) Records of Organically Bound Iodine during the Cenomanian–Turonian OAE 2
Zhou X, Jenkyns H & Lu Z
(2014) An Oceanic Oxidation Event Coincident with the Shuram Carbonate-Carbon Isotope Excursion
Hardisty D, Lu Z, Osburn M, Planavsky N, Jiang G, Zhou X, Ling H-F, Li D & Lyons T
(2014) Application of the I/[Ca+Mg] Proxy to Interpreting Early Neoproterozoic δ13C Anomalies
Wörndle S, Lu Z, Halverson G & Kunzmann M
(2013) A Record of Paleoproterozoic Surface Ocean Redox from Iodine-To-Calcium Ratios
Hardisty D, Lu Z, Planavsky N, Bekker A, Zhou X & Lyons T
(2013) I/Ca Evidence for Upper Ocean Deoxygenation during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Lu Z, Thomas E, Zhou X, Rickaby R & Winguth A

Lu Zunli (2017) Reconstructing the Variability of the SE Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone Using Geochemical Proxies in Benthic Foraminifera
Reyes Macaya DA, Hebbeln D, Hoogakker B, Martínez Méndez G, Mohtadi M, Lückge A, Lu Z, Kuhnert H & De Pol Holz R
(2017) The Mesozoic Seas Incarnadine: Trace Metal Availability and the Transition from Green to Red Algal Dominance
Rickaby R, Zhang Q, Snow J, Shafiee R, Eggins S & Lu Z

Lu Zunli (2018) Foraminiferal I/Ca Results from the Benguela Upwelling System
Lu W, Dickson A, Thomas E, Rickaby R & Lu Z
(2018) Reconstructing Seawater Oxygen Concentrations Using Novel Foraminiferal Proxies
Hoogakker B, Lu Z, Umling N, Jones L, Zhou Z, Rickaby R, Thunell R, Cartapanis O & Galbraith E

Luaces D. (2015) Geochemical Behaviour of Amorphous Iron Oxides Occurring in Copper Mining Environments
Antelo J, Fiol S, Otero A, Baleeiro A, Luaces D, Gago R & Arce F

Luais B (2004) Isotopic Systematics of the Southwest Indian Ridge, 30-69ºE
Meyzen C, Ludden J, Humler E, Luais B, Baker J, Storey M, Toplis M & Mevel C
(2000) Primary Metal-Silicate Differentiation of Planetesimals: Isotopic Fractionation of Germanium in Iron Meteorites and in the Earth Crust
Luais B

Luais Béatrice (2019) Metal Formation in Ordinary Chondrite
Florin G, Alard O, Luais B & Rushmer T
(2019) Application of the Re-Os and Sm-Nd Isotope Decay Couples to Dating of Unconformity-Related U Deposits
Chernonozhkin S, Reisberg L, Luais B, Chemillac R & Mercadier J
(2019) An Experimental Study of the REEs Solubilities in Carbonate-Bearing Aqueous Solutions Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Kokh M, Truche L, Luais B, Boiron M-C, Peiffert C, Schumacher A & Bychkov AY
(2019) Experimental Germanium Isotopic Fractionation Under HT, fO2-controlled Conditions of Core Formation and Accretion
Luais B, Phelipeau A, Toplis M, Cividini D, Tissandier L, Florin G & Alard O
(2017) Germanium Isotopic Variations in Metals in H Chondrites: Implications for Metal-Silicate Segregation
Florin G, Luais B & Rushmer T
(2017) Origin of Pallasites from Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Siderophile and Volatile Element
Luais B, Gondoin D, De Gournay T & Cividini D
(2017) An Experimental Study of REE Solubility in Carbonate-Bearing Aqueous Solutions Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Kokh M, Truche L, Luais B & Boiron MC
(2013) Ge, Related Trace Elements, and Ge Isotopes in Sphalerite from the Saint-Salvy Deposit (France) by LA-ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS
Belissont R, Boiron M-C, Luais B & Cathelineau M
(2013) Iron Isotope Systematics of the Baima Magmatic Fe-Ti-(V) Oxide Deposit, SW China
Liu P-P, Zhou M-F, Luais B, Cividini D & Rollion-Bard C
(2011) Preliminary High-Resolution Ge/Si Data in Early Archaean BIFs
Luais B, Lach P, Thomassot E, Chaussidon M & Boiron M-C
(2011) What Real Constraints do Cherts Bring on Precambrian Surface Temperatures ?
Chaussidon M, Lach P, Robert F, Boiron M-C & Luais B
(2011) Nd and Hf Model Ages in the Western Gneiss Region, Norway: A New Way to Better Understand Mantle-Crust Evolution
Martin C, Duchêne S, Luais B & Deloule E
(2007) REE and HFSE Mobility from Eclogite to Amphibolite Metamorphism (Vårdalsneset, Norwegian Caledonides)
Martin C, Duchêne S, Luais B & Deloule E
(2007) Carbon and Iron Isotopic Evidence for Photosynthesis in a 3.5 Ga Old Shallow Marine Depositional Environment
van Zuilen M, Thomazo C, Luais B & Philippot P

Luan F. (2011) Schwertmannite and Fe Oxides Formed by Biological Low-Ph Fe(II) Oxidation Versus Abiotic Neutralization
Larson L, Luan F, Troyer L, Borch T & Burgos W
(2011) Uranium Valence Cycling with Iron-Rich Phyllosilicates
Burgos W, Luan F, Boyanov M, Kemner K & Dong H
(2010) Bioreduction of Nitrobenzene, Natural Organic Matter and Hematite by Shewanella putrefaciens CN32
Luan F & Burgos B

Luan Q. (2019) Climate Change Impact on Coastal Particulate Organic Matter Cycling and Nutritional Value, Using Amino Acid Concentrations and Stable Isotopes
Sabadel A, Luan Q, Northcote L & Law C

Luan T.X. (2014) Transportation Process of Arsenic in Red River, Vietnam
Masuda H, Inoue R, Shintani T, Chikaoka F, Luan TX, Hang DT, Yonezawa G & Nakano T

Luan Z. (2019) Huge Underestimation for the Implication of Hydrothermal Gas Species on Ocean and Atmosphere
Li L, Zhang X, Luan Z, Du Z, Xi S & Yan J
(2019) Laser Alteration on Minerals from Hydrothermal and Cold Seep System by Raman Spectroscopy
Xi S, Zhang X, Luan Z, Du Z, Li L, Liang Z, Lian C & Yan J
(2019) A New Insight into the Geochemical Analysis of Cold Seeps in the South China Sea
Du Z, Zhang X, Luan Z & Yan J
(2019) Exploration and Application of Confocal Laser Raman Spectroscopy in Marine Microplastics
Liu J, Du Z, Zhang X, Luan Z & Yan J

Luana Lenz R. Effect of Secondary Alteration on Biomarkers Protected by Structures of Asphaltenes from Brazilian Crude Oils
Alves Jural P, Batista de Lima AL, Blanco Gonzáles M, Ruaro Peralba MDC, Freitas da Silva T, Luana Lenz R & Dubois D

Lubansky A. (2011) Alkaline Particle Size and Delivery for Settling and Dissolution: Optimising Ocean-Based Enhanced Weathering Geoengineering
Lubansky A, Tannennberger M, Kruger T & Darton R

Lubarsky M. (2004) Extremely Perseverant Microbes Isolated from a Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent System
Laduc M, Benardini J, Lubarsky M, Newcombe D & Venkateswaran K

Lubbers J. (2018) Understanding the Long-Term Thermal Conditions of Magma Storage in the Crust: Are We There Yet?
Kent A, Bradshaw R, Lubbers J, Cooper K & de Silva S

Lube G. (2019) Genesis of Recent Mafic Magmatism in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand: Insights into the Birth and Death of Caldera-Forming Systems?
Zellmer G, Kimura J-I, Stirling C, Lube G & Shane P

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