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Lu R (2000) Evidence for Ice VI as an Inclusion in Cuboid Diamonds from High P-T Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Kagi H, Lu R, Davidson P, Goncharov AF, Mao H & Hemley RJ

Lu Renchao (2019) A New Mechanistic Model of Pressure Solution Creep
Lu R, Kolditz O & Shao H

Lu Ronghui (2010) Permian Basalts and Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions in the Northeastern of Tarim Plate (NW China): Insights into a Large Igneous Province
Xia Z, Jiang C, Xia M & Lu R
(2008) Petrogenesis and Mantle Dynamics of Kalatongke Mafic Rock Bodies, Northwestern China
Jiang C, Qian Z, Yu X, Jiao J, Yan H, Lu R & Xia Z
(2008) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Hulu Ni–Cu-Bearing Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions, Eastern Xinjiang, Northwest China
Xia M, Jiang C, Qian Z, Sun T, Xia Z & Lu R

Lu Senlin (2016) Studies on Difference of Chemical Constitutes of Ambient Particles Emitted from Xuanwei Coal Combustion, Bottom Ashes and Raw Coal Samples by Using of ATOFMS
Lu S, Liu P, Chen P, Liu M, Zhang W, Wang Q, Wang Q & Yonemochi S
(2013) Preliminary Studies on Physicochemical Characterization of PM2.5 Collected in Underground and Ground-Level Rail Systems Shanghai Metro
Lu S, Hao X, Liu D, Zhang R, Yi F, Gu Y, Luo W, Lin J & Yonemochi S

Lu Shan (2015) Chronology and Structural Properties of Magmatic Rocks in Eastern Xinjiang
Lu S, Li D & Zhao Z
(2014) New Insights from Gas Accumulation Mechanism in Tight Sandstones
Zhao Z, Hou L & Lu S

Lu Shan-Song (2015) Evolution of Archean Continental Crust in Nucleus of the Yangtze Block, South China Block
Qiu X-F, Ling W-L, Liu X-M, Lu S-S & Yang H-M

Lu Shang Shong (2011) Early Neoproterozoic Arc Magmatism along the Northwestern Margin of the Yangtze Craton and its Connection with the South China Block Evolution during the Rodinia Assembly
Berkana W, Ling W, Lu SS & Qiu XF
(2011) Recognition of the Archean High-Grade Terrain in the South Qinglin Orogen and its Conection with the South China Block Tectonics
Ling W-L, Lu S-S, Chen Z-W, Liu X & Duan R-C

Lu Shipeng (2016) Sticking Together: Inter-Species Aggregation of Bacteria Isolated from Iron Snow is Controlled by Chemical Signaling
Mori JF, Ueberschaar N, Lu S, Cooper RE, Pohnert G & Küsel K
(2015) Microbial Metabolic Activities Shaping Pelagic Iron-Rich Aggregates (Iron Snow)
Lu S, Huang S, Gaspar M, Miot J, Neu T, Overman J, Marz M, Benzerara K, Küsel K & Cooper R
(2011) Elucidating the Functions of the Active Microbial Community of Iron Snow in an Acidic Lake
Lu S, Chourey K, Reiche M, Ciobotă V, Nietzsche S, Hettich R & Küsel K
(2010) Taking the Iron Snow Shuttle to the Microbial Iron Cycle in Acidic Lake Sediments
Lu S, Reiche M, Neu T, Gischkat S & Küsel K
(2009) Diversity of Fe(III)-Reducing Prokaryotes in Acidic Coal Mining Lake Sediments
Lu S, Reiche M & Küsel K

Lu Shuangfang (2019) Silica-Rich Hydrothermal Activity and its Effect on Organic Matter Enrichment during the Earliest Cambrian
He T, Li W & Lu S
(2018) Investigation of Shale Gas Adsorption Mechanism
Chen G, Lu S, Liu K & Xue Q
(2018) Heterogeneous Depositional Environment of Lower Cambrian Organic-Rich Shale in Yangtze Platform: Evidences from Fe-Mo Geochemistry and Microorganisms
Zhang Y, He Z, Jiang S, Lu S & Xiao D

Lu Sidan (2016) Advanced Effect of Water Treatment via Changing the Reaction Steps in a Sequencing Batch Reactor Treating Coal Chemical Industry Wastewater
Wang L, Sun Y, Zheng D, Lu S & Zhang H

Lu Siming (2011) Early Cretaceous Bimodal Magmatism in Tonghua Area, Jilin Province, China: Implications for the Destruction of the North China Craton
Pei F, Xu W, Wang F, Cao H & Lu S
(2010) Heterogeneity of the Lower Continental Crust beneath Southern Jilin Province, NE China: Evidence from Geochemical and Sr–Nd–Pb Isotopic Compositions of Early Cretaceous Granitoids
Pei F, Xu W, Yang D, Lu S & Feng H

Lu Taijin (2017) Carbon Isotopes of Nephrite-Hosted Graphites: Implications for the Origin Discrimination of Nephrite Jade
Zhang Y, Qiu Z, Stern R, Lu T, Yang J & Li L
(2014) Inclusions of Diamonds from Hunan, the Yangtze Craton and their Revealing for Forming Environment
Qin S, Qiu Z, Lu T, Chen H, Sun Y, Wang Q, Zhang J & Li L

Lu Tianyi (2016) Decay Constant Uncertainties in Isochron
Liu Y & Lu T

Lu Tianyun (2019) Water Activity and Modeling of Ternary Solutions of the Systems CsCl-Mcl-H2O and Cs2SO4-MSO4-H2O (M=Na, K, Mg) at 25 to 90℃
Hagemann S, Bischofer B & Lu T

Lu Tiecheng (2019) Structural, Interfacial, and Energetic Evolutions for Defect-Fluorite Gd2Zr2O7 Ceramics Under He Irradiation
Huang Z, Qi J, Lu T, Guo X & Wu D

Lu W. (2019) Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Mantle Melting and Ca Isotope Composition of Earth’s Upper Mantle
Wang Y, He Y, Lu W, Meng X & Teng F
(2017) Behavior of Calcium Isotopes during Slab Subduction
Lu W, He Y, Ke S & Li S

Lu W. (2017) Carbon Isotope Fractionation in Phytoplankton as a Potential Proxy for pH Rather Than for [CO2(aq)]: Observations from a Carbonate Lake
Wang S, Yeager K & Lu W

Lu Wanjun (2019) Co-injection of Alcohols and Carbonated Water to Reduce the Risk of Downward Migration of DNAPLs during the Remediation
Guo H, Yang P & Lu W
(2015) Quantitative Raman Spectroscopic Measurements of the Solubility and Diffusivity of Water in CO2 Under Reservoir Condition
Guo H, Lin L & Lu W

Lu Wanyi (2018) Foraminiferal I/Ca Results from the Benguela Upwelling System
Lu W, Dickson A, Thomas E, Rickaby R & Lu Z
(2016) Mineralogical Iron Species in Clay-Sized Fractions of the Chinese deserts:Implications for Iron Bioavailability to the North Pacific Ocean
Zhao W, Lu W & Ji J

Lu X (2006) Desorption sequence of organic matter from organo-clay complexes in source rocks
Lu X, Liu Q, Zhang L & Liu X
(2006) A thermodynamic understanding of clay-swelling inhibition of interlayer potassium ion
Liu X & Lu X
(2006) Organic geochemistry of a potential precursor for petroleum generation: Devonian Liptobiolith in Luquan, southwestern China
Liu W, Lu X, Qin J, Zhiming L & Kai H
(2005) Monte Carlo Simulation of Surface Energetic Heterogeneity of Goethite
Liu X & Lu X
(2005) Variation in Surface Energy Heterogeneity of Crude Oil-Smectite Complexes with Different Content of Organic Matter
Lu X, Liu Q, Liu X, Zhang L & Hou Q
(2004) Discussion on Geochemical Characteristics and Genesis of Magma in Shizishan Orefield, Tongling Area, Anhui Province, Eastern China
Xu Z, Lu X, Ling H, Huang S, Hua M & Gu L
(2004) Study on the Heterogeneity of Surface Energy of Titania Nanoparticles by Means of Probe Gas Adsorption Isotherms
Liu X, Lu X, Lu Z, Hou Q & Zhang H
(2004) Imprint of Primary Migration of Hydrocarbon on the Nano-Scaled Pore Structure of Source Rocks and Surface Properties of Organoclay Complexes
Lu X, Liu Q, Zhang L, Lu Z & Liu X
(2004) Study on the Surface Chemistry and Oxidation Mechanism of Pyrite Mediated by Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans in the Supergene Environment
Zhu C, Lu J, Lu X, Wang R & Chen X
(2003) Characteristics and Evolution of Ore-Forming Fluid in Dongguashan Copper Deposit, Anhui Province, China
Xu Z, Lu X, Huang S, Ni P, Hua M & Lu J
(2003) Surface Microtopographic and Chemical Behaviour of Dissolved Zircon at 180℃
Wang R, Lu H & Lu X
(2003) Variation in Surface Characteristics of Clay Minerals in Diagensis Processes and their Relationship to the Generation and Primary Migration of Hydrocarbon
Lu X, Li Y, Liu Q & Zhang L

Lu X. X. (2008) Re-Os Dating from Dongou Molybdenum Ore Deposit in East Qinling Orogenic Belt, North China
Lu XX, Yang XY, Du XW & Li ML

Lu X.-N. (2010) Petrological and Geochemical Evidence for the “Hot” Exhumation of UHP Metamorphic Rocks in Continental Subduction Zones
Lu X-N, Xia Q-X, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F

Lu Xia (2018) Formation, Size, and Dissolution Behavior of HgS Nanoparticle: Implications for Release from Diffuse Source Zone Soils
Pierce E, Eskelsen J, Chiu M, Leonard D, Lu X & Gu B
(2018) Methylmercury Sorption, Uptake, and Degradation by Methanotrophs
Gu B, Lu X, Gu W, Zhao L, Haque MF, Dispirito A & Semrau J
(2016) Anaerobic Mercury Methylation and Demethylation by Geobacter Bemidjiensis Bem
Lu X, Liu Y, Johs A, Zhao L, Wang T, Elias D, Pierce E, Liang L, Barkay T & Gu B
(2016) Coupled Interactions between Mercury (Hg), Organic Ligands, and Microorganisms on Hg Reduction, Oxidation, and Methylation
Gu B, Lu X, Lin H & Liang L

Lu Xian Cai (2017) Association Constants of Fe(III)-As(V) Complexes in Solution and Solubility Product of Scorodite up to 90℃
Zhu X, Nordstrom K, McCleskey B, Wang R & Lu X
(2017) Structural Alteration of Iron Oxides of Manganese Substitution and Potential Application for Pb(II) Removal
Lu X, Liu H, Li M & Zhang R
(2017) Changes in Valence State and Spatial Distribution of Iron on Pure-Cultivating Acidothiobacillus Ferrooxidans Cells
Xiang WL, Lu XC, Zong MR & Li J
(2017) Fate of Arsenic during the Interaction of Dissolved Fe(II) with Mn Substituted Iron Oxides
Liu H, Lu X, Flynn E & Catalano J

Lu Xian-Cai (2014) Origin of the Beilou Cu-Bearing Intrusive Rocks, North China Craton: Elemental and Sr–Nd–Pb–Hf Isotopic Constraints
Xu Z-W, Wang H, Lu X-C, Lu J-J, Zuo C-H & Zhao Z-X

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