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Ly C. (2003) Geochemical Approach to the Determintion of the 100 Mo Double Beta Decay Half-Life
Ly C, Hiroshi H & Suzuki K

Ly J. (2012) Sorption of uranium(VI) and radium(II) at Trace Level onto Kaolinite and Montmorillonite
Reinoso-Maset E, Hainos D & Ly J
(2007) Is There a Reversible Step in 45Ca Sorption onto Pure Calcite?
Ly J, Tertre E, Beaucaire C & Mevellec V

Lyakhovsky V (2000) Penetration Rates of Pb in the Soil Calculated by a Numerical Model
Teutsch N, Lyakhovsky V & Erel Y

Lyakhovsky Vladimir (2002) Bubble Nucleation as Trigger for Dike Initiation in the Mantle
Lensky NG, Niebo RW, Holloway JR, Lyakhovsky V & Navon O

Lyaskovskaya Z. (2007) P-T Conditions and Oxygen Fugacity Estimates Suggest Suprasubduction Setting of Voykar Ophiolites, Polar Urals
Lyaskovskaya Z, Batanova V & Balousov I

Lyautey E. (2016) Life Under the Ice: Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemical Cycling in the Seasonally-Covered Lake Onego, Russia
Lyautey E, Ariztegui D, Bouffard D, Dubois N, Frossard V, Tofield-Pasche N, Perga M-E & Thomas C

Lybrand R. (2018) Soil and Critical Zone Evolution in the Coastal Temperate Rainforest of Alaska
D'Amore D, Dere A, Lybrand R, Trainor T & White T
(2018) Ice Nucleation and its Role in the Incipient Stages of Physical Weathering
Lybrand R, China S, Qafoku O, Veghte D & Zaharescu D
(2016) Perchlorate, Nitrate, and Iodate Co-occur in Four Deserts on Earth
Lybrand R, Bockheim J, Ge W, Graham R, Hlohowskyj S, Michalski G, Prellwitz J, Rech J, Wang F & Parker D
(2013) Climate and Topographic Controls on Soil Organic Carbon Cycling in Southern Arizona, USA
Lybrand R, Heckman K & Rasmussen C
(2012) Do Critical Zone Carbon and Water Fluxes Control Chemical Denudation?
Perdrial J, Brooks P, Chorover J, Condon K, Harpold A, Holleran M, Huckle D, Lybrand R, Troch P, McIntosh J, Meixner T, Minor R, Mitra B, Pohlmann M, Rasmussen C, Swetnam T, Vasquez-Ortega A & Zapata-Rios X
(2011) Integrating Climate and Landscape Controls on Regolith Depth, Chemistry and Mineral Assemblage
Rasmussen C, Lybrand R, Jardine A, Pelletier J, Troch P & Chorover J

Lydie B. (2013) Multi-Wavelength Raman Survey of IOM from Primitive Meteorites
Quirico E, François-Regis O-D, Pierre B, Lydie B, Rosario B, Emmanuel D, Thomas P, Gilles M, Jean-Noel R, Cecile E & Jean D

Lykoudis S. (2009) Spatial Distribution of Isotopic Composition of Precipitation and Brackish Water in Greece: Evidence of Seawater Intrusion
Dotsika E, Lykoudis S, Poutoukis D & Psomiadis D

Lyle M (2005) Climate Change and Organic Carbon Deposition in Eocene Marine Sediments
Olivarez Lyle A & Lyle M

Lyle M (2005) The Stuttering Greenhouse and Cenozoic Carbonate Compensation Depth
Lyle M, Olivarez Lyle A, Rea D & Backman J

Lyle M. (2017) Iron Fertilization of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Linked to Heinrich Stadial Events
Marcantonio F, Loveley M, Wisler M, Hertzberg J, Schmidt M & Lyle M

Lyle Mitchell (2011) Dissolved 230Th-232Th Dynamics in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean
Singh A, Marcantonio F & Lyle M
(2011) Paleoproductivity Controls on Microbical Abundance in Marine Subsurface Sediments
Kallmeyer J, Liebrand D, Lyle MW & Westerhold T
(2011) Testing Boundary Exchange of Nd Isotopes in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean
Woodard S, Marcantonio F, Thomas D & Lyle M
(2011) 230Th Inventories in New Sediment Cores from the Eastern Equatorial Pacific: Constraints on the 230Th Constant-Flux Proxy
Marcantonio F, Ibrahim R, Singh A & Lyle M
(2009) Subantarctic Pacific Stable Isotope Evidence for a CO2 Sink in the Abyssal Southern Ocean during the Late Pliocene
Waddell L, Hendy I, Moore T & Lyle M

Lyle P. (2011) Integration of the Intrusive and Extrusive Cycles of Palaeogene Igneous Activity in N.E. Ireland
McKenna C, Gamble JA, Renne PR, Ellam RM, Fitton JG & Lyle P
(2010) Tectonic Controls on the Timing and Chemistry of Palaeogene Flood Basalt Volcanism in NE Ireland
McKenna C, Gamble J, Renne P, Fitton G, Ellam R & Lyle P
(2009) The Age and Peterogenesis of Palaeogene Flood Basalt Volcanism in NE Ireland
McKenna C, Gamble J, Renne P, Fitton G, Ellam R, Stuart F & Lyle P

Lyles M. (2008) Medical Geology: Dust Exposure and Potential Health Risks in the Middle East
Lyles M, Fredrickson H, Bednar A, Fannin H, Griffin D & Sobecki T

Lyman S. (2010) RGM: What Happens When Good Analytical Chemists Breathe Toxic Vapors
Jaffe D & Lyman S

Lynch B. (2018) Intensive Pumping Impacts Arsenic Concentrations in Drinking Water Aquifers in an Inter-Montane Basin
Knappett P, Li Y, Datta S, Loza I, Majumder S, Hernandez H, Shepherd F, Aviles M, Pina V, Huang Y, Lynch B & Mahlknecht J

Lynch D. (2014) Leaf-Wax N-Alkane δ13C Appears Insensitive to Available Moisture
McInerney F, Freeman K, Polissar P, Feakins S, Lynch D & Doman C

Lynch J. (2015) Quantification and Description of As Species in Aquifer Solids with µXAS
Nicholas S, Gowan A, Knaeble A, Marcus M, Woodruff L, Erickson M, Lynch J & Toner B

Lynch K. (2014) Microbially Induced Sedimentary Structures from a Hypersaline Desert Playa: A First Look
Lynch K, Almaraz N, Rey K, Ritter S, Spear J & Munakata Marr J

Lynch-Stieglitz J. (2011) Centennial-Scale Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity Change in the Florida Straits during the Early Holocene
Schmidt M, Weinlein W, Marcantonio F & Lynch-Stieglitz J
(2011) Tropical Hydrologic Cycle Variability in the Florida Straits during Marine Isotope Stages 2 and 3
Them T, Schmidt M & Lynch-Stieglitz J
(2008) Precise Calibration of Oxygen Isotope Paleotemperature Equations for Several Taxa of Benthic Foraminifera
Marchitto T, Bryan S, Curry W, Lynch-Stieglitz J & Lund D
(2006) 232Th-derived dust fluxes as a marker of deglacial changes in ITCZ position and intensity in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific
McGee D, Marcantonio F & Lynch-Stieglitz J
(2002) Sea Surface Temperature Patterns in the Early Holocene: Global Ocean Response to Insolation Forcing
Lynch-Stieglitz J, Liu Z, Koutavas A, Marchitto T & Brady E

Lyne J. (2011) Controls on Early Biomineralisation: Oxygen and Competition
Wood R, Prave A, Hoffman C, Lyne J, Clarkson M & Kasemann S

Lyngsie G. (2017) Metabolite-Mineral Reactions as a Source of Reactive Oxygen Species
Persson P, Krumina L, Lyngsie G & Tunlid A
(2017) Fractionation and Competitive Adsorption of DOM Components at the Water-Goethite Interface
Tian Z, Wang T, Lyngsie G & Persson P
(2015) Fenton Reactions in Presence of Fungal Metabolites and Iron Oxides
Lyngsie G, Krumina L & Persson P
(2015) Natural Organic Matter Adsorption on Iron Oxides: Surface Composition as a Function of Time, pH and Concentration
Tian Z, Lyngsie G & Persson P

Lynn G. (2008) A New Approach to Quantification of Metamorphism Using Ultra-Small and Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Anovitz L, Lynn G, Cole D, Rother G, Allard L, Hamilton W, Porcar L & Kim M-H

Lynn J. (2005) Microbial Selenate Reduction in a Selenium-Contaminated Watershed
Lynn J, Nair B & Childers S

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