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Lu Chao (2016) Effect of Extraction Variables on the Chelant-Induced Washing Treatment of Cesium-Contaminated Soils
Rahman IMM, Sawai H, Lu C, Begum ZA & Hasegawa H

Lu Cheng (2019) A Possible Reservoir for Primordial Helium in the Lowermost Mantle
Redfern S, Feng X, Zhang J, Lv J, Li H, Lu C, Liu H, Chen C & Ma Y

Lu Chun-Hung (2017) Factors Controlling Methane Flux from Riverine Wetlands of Northen Taiwan
Lu C-H, Wang P-L & Lin L-H

Lu Chunlei (2019) Quantifying Nitrate Sources in Groundwater Using Isotopic Analysis Combined with a Bayesian Isotope Mixing Model in Northeastern Suburbs of Beijing
Ren L, Lu C, Cheng L & Ding A

Lu Chunsong (2015) Key Buffering Factors of Aerosol-Indirect Effects: Their Physical Understanding and Parameterization in Climate Models
Liu Y, Chen J, Lu C & Zhang M

Lu Dan (2010) Assessment of Predictive Uncertainty in Coupled Groundwater Reactive Transport Modeling
Ye M, Lu D, Miller G, Curtis G, Meyer P & Yabusaki S

Lu Dan Ping (2011) The Phase Equilibrium of Ternary System Cd2+, Na+//Cl--H2O at 298 K
Huang Y, Lu D & Zou F
(2010) Heavy Metal Contamination in Fluvial Sediments Caused by Dexing Cu Mine, Jiangxi, China
Ni SJ, Chen CH, Zhang CJ, Lu DP & Li ZQ
(2010) Potential Ecological Risk Assessment Model for Heavy Metal Contamination of Agricultural Soils
Li ZQ, Liu W, Lu DP & Wang JZ

Lu F (2000) Fertile Lithosphere Mantle beneath Yangtze Craton: Evidence from a Garnet Lherzolite from Dahongshan Kimberlite, Hubei, China
Zhang H, Lu F, Liu Y, Zhou X, Sun M & Zhou M
(2000) Multiphase Mineral Inclusions in Diamonds from Fuxian and Mengyin Kimberlites, Eastern China
Zhang H, Menzies MA, Zhao L, Lu F & Zhou X

Lu Feng (2015) The Application of High Resolution Chemostratigraphy to Improve Reservoir Characterization – An Example from the Shu’aiba Formation, Saudi Arabia
Lu F, Reid C, Taylor D & Shen S

Lu Fengyan (2019) The 9.2 ka Event in Asian Summer Monsoon Area: The Strongest Millennial Scale Collapse of the Monsoon during the Holocene
Zhang W, Yan H, Dodson J, Cheng P, Liu C, Li J, Lu F, Zhou W & An Z

Lu Fengyu (2011) Sulfur, Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Variation in the Drinking Water Source of Beijing
Ji H, Zhu X, Li H, Lu F & Xin X

Lu Guang-Sin (2014) Microbial Fe-S-As Cycling in a Shallow-Sea Hydrothermal System
Lu G-S & Amend J

Lu Guining (2018) A Modified Method for Determination of Sedimentary Sulfur Species and Isotopes in Mining Area
Ye H, Xie Y, Lu G & Dang Z
(2018) Arsenic Release in Paddy Soil during Applying Phosphate Fertilizer
Ji Y, Lu G, Guo C & Dang Z
(2017) Relative Roles of H-Atom Transfer and Electron Transfer in the Debromination of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers by Palladized Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron
Wang R, Lu G & Dang Z
(2017) Photodegradation of BDE-15 in Triton x-100 Micellar Solution
Huang K, Lu G & Dang Z
(2017) The Sulfate Reducing Microbial Community Succession Under Different Electron Transfer Routes in Schwertmannite Transformation
Zeng Y, Fan C, Wang H, Guo C, Lu G, Reinfelder JR & Dang Z
(2017) Promoted Dissolutoin of Schwertmannite by Siderophores: Implications for Transport of Chromium
Xie Y, Lu G & Dang Z
(2017) Mineralization and Recrystallization of Cadmium-Doped Schwertmannite Induced by Fe(II)
Fan C, Guo C, Zeng Y, Reinfelder J, Lu G & Dang Z
(2016) Dissolution Mechnism of Schwertmannite in the Presence of Dissolved Organic Matter: Implication for Chromate Dynamic Behavior
Xie Y, Lu G, Guo C & Dang Z

Lu Gung-Hsin (2011) Microbial Communities in Shallow-Sea Hydrothermal Environment of the Kueishantao Island, Taiwan
Lin L-H, Tsai W-Y, Lu G-H, Wang P-L, Cheng T-W & Price RE

Lu Guoping (2007) Kinetic Isotope Effects in Snow Crystal Growth: Lattice-Boltzman Approach
DePaolo D & Lu G

Lu H (2005) Use of Zr/Rb Ratios in Chinese Loess Sequences to Trace Paleo-Winter Monsoon Winds Strength
Chen Y, Chen J, Liu L, Ji J & Lu H
(2003) REE and C, O and Sr Isotopic Compositions of Hydrothermal Carbonate Minerals from Fankou Superlarge Lead Zinc Deposit, China
Lu H, Sun X & Ma M
(2003) Surface Microtopographic and Chemical Behaviour of Dissolved Zircon at 180℃
Wang R, Lu H & Lu X

Lu Hai (2019) Distribution and Migration Regulations of Associated Elements in Coal
Yang J & Lu H

Lu Hailong (2019) Molecular and Isotopic Characteristics of Gases Bound in Natural Gas Hydrates
Li Y, Lu H, Cai W & Shang S
(2019) The Morphological and Sulfur Isotopic Characteristics of Pyrites in the Sediments in Xisha Trough, South China Sea
Chang J, Lu H, Liu Y, Lu X & Wang X
(2010) Structure and Vibrational Spectroscopy of Hydrogen Clusters in Hydrogen Clathrate Hydrate by Molecular Dynamics Simulation and First-Principles Calculation
Lu H, Wang J & Becker U

Lu Haiping (2019) Characteristics of Pollution of the Chaoyangxi River to Groundwater in Nanning of Guangxi, China
Lu H, Zou S, Liang B & Zhao C
(2019) Content and Forms of Strontium in Typical Underground River in Karst Area:A Case Study in Dingqi, Anshun, China
Zhou C, Zou S, Zhu D & Lu H

Lu Hao (2011) Granularity and Geochemistry of Olivine in Jinchuan Ni-Cu-Pge Magmatic Sulfide Deposit
Jiao J-G, Liu M-W, Duan J & Lu H

Lu Hong (2018) Kinetics of Oil Generation by Closed-System Pyrolysis of Ximaling Shale
Zhao Z, Wang Q & Lu H
(2018) The Effect of Paleoproductivity to the Development of Organic-Rich Wufeng-Longmaxi Shale in the Middle Yangtze Region, China
Wang T, Wang Q & Lu H
(2018) The Influence of Pore Size Distributions on Gas Permeability of over-Mature Shale
Wang Q, Wang T & Lu H
(2018) Abundant 4-Methyl Diasterenes with 13C-Riched Stable Carbon Isotope Compositions in the Maoming Carbonaceous Shale, SE China
Zhang Y, Lu H, Sheng G & Peng P
(2018) Identification of Decamethyl Henicosane-Product from C1´-2-3-2´ Condensation of Isoprenoids
Liao J, Lu H & Wang Q
(2010) Effect of Brine on the TSR and Generation of H2S Revealed by Gold-Tube Simulation Experiments
Lu H, Chen T & Peng P

Lu Hongfeng (2017) The Forming Process of Authigenic Pyrite and Gypsum in Core Sediment from the Northern South China Sea and the Implications to Methane Seepage Intensities
Zhang M & Lu H

Lu Huayu (2010) Sr–Nd Isotopic Characteristics of River Sediments in the Tibetan Plateau
Wu W, Yang J, Xu S, Yin H, Lu H & Zhang K

Lu Huilin (2014) Cadmium Adsorption with Ferrihydrite Nano-Particles Under Various pH Values
Zhang W, Huang Y, Zhong L, Ni S, Chen Y, Lu H & Liu Z

Lu Huilin (2015) Characteristics of Trace Metals in PM2.5 and PM10 Particles and the Health Risk Assessment in a Typical Mining City of Dry-Hot-Valley Area of China
Cheng X, Huang Y, Lu H, Ni S, Liu Z & Wang N

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